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Drama Queen – Season 3 – Episode 5

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He closed his eyes and said nothing again. She guessed that he raised the volume of the music too.


She turned her eyes back to the window.


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The rain was pouring really hard and there were lightening and thunder strokes and there was cold too.


Even with the muffler, the cold was pretty much and getting colder minute after minute.


Mona sighed and hugged herself.


About fifteen minutes later, she looked at Michel and guessed he had fallen asleep already.


“Jerk.. He’s fallen asleep already. He’s not a bit worried or scared. Relaxed like he’s inside the house and on his bed! Duh!” she snorted then breathed out, dropped her back on the seat backrest while still hugging herself.


“After acting like you don’t need it,” Michel suddenly said and Mona looked at him, surprised. He’s eyes were closed tho.


“I thought you’re asleep?” she asked with wide eyes at him.


She saw how his pink hair curled-drop at the sides of his smooth face and how his long dark lashes beautified his closed lids. His perfectly pink lips closed but there was a little opening making it appear really sexy. He looked just like a Greek god.

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‘Could he be?’ Mona wondered.


His eyes opened and his brown hazel eyeballs gave her an instant chill. A chill different from the one the cold was giving her.


“I’m damn handsome, right?” he asked her with a smirk on his lips.


Mona quickly got back to her senses and blinked her eyes twice, then rolled them at him.


“What?” she sneered at him.


“I understand. You feel so excited to be stuck in a car with me. You can’t just take your eyes off me. Are you crushing on me that much?” he said, looking into her eyes.


‘Why’s he looking into my eyes?’ she wondered. It made her uneasy and she quickly looked away and scoffed. “Scum. Why not be a novelist. You’ll make good lines.”


“You don’t need to pretend. I know you do, it’s written all over you,” he said.


She looked at him. “What?”


“I know you’re just trying to be the maniac that you are but deep down, you are so excited to be my fake girlfriend,” he said.


Mona sat up. “I’m not your fake girlfriend and would never be! Stop being so annoying. Duh!” she hurled at him.


Michel chuckled. “You are not even pretty nor are you my type plus you are a maniac. You are a total turn off. I can’t date you. I can only get you a good pay job as my Fake girlfriend. Fine I’ll reduce the months to five months.”


Mona scoffed. “You are so full of yourself. I would never dream of being your fake girlfriend. I’m sure I’m going wake up from my sleep before I do. You are a total jerk and who says you are handsome? Plastic surgery, that sucks. ewwwww!!” she hurled angrily.


She knew he did no facial plastic surgery but she just wanted to piss him off.


Michel erupted into laughter. “Oh this is quite funny. A maniac is trying to retaliate but doesn’t know how to. Do you need me to lecture you on that?” he said.


“Get lost!” Mona sneered at him and turned her eyes to the window.


“I can’t. If anyone should get lost, then it should be you ’cause this is my car,” Michel said.


“Whatever! Duh!” Mona scoffed.


“And…if I recall, I’m your boss and you just hurled at me. Don’t you need your salary complete?” Michel asked.


Mona turned to him. “You aren’t. I only worked for Xspark because of silver house and if you’ve forgotten let me remind you that I’ll stop being your cook whatever from tomorrow,” she said.


“You become my fake girlfriend. But that won’t stop you from…”


“Hold it there Jerk. I’m leaving for Miami. Duhhh” Mona cut in.


“You know no one has ever called me that,” Michel said.


“Good for you!” Mona said and laid back on the seat backrest.


“But I’m sure you’ve been answering a maniac since you were little,” he said.


“Yes… Don’t think you are the first person so I’m not pissed off one bit but I bet jerk pisses you off,” she said.


Michel took his time before replying. “Yeah it does.”


“You deser–”


“I need to sleep. You sleep too. I just put back the music,” he said and closed his eyes.


Mona turned and stared at his face. A minute later, she exhaled and looked away, facing up.



‘Why do I feel like there’s another reason why he refused to sleep over at their house? And why did he say that it isn’t his house?


That car that drove in… It must be his dad and they drove pass each other without saying hello.


Isn’t that suspicious?’


She sighed. ‘Why I’m I even bothered about this.. His matter isn’t mine. All I need now is some sleep because tomorrow is going to be a long day’


The thunder strikes had stopped and the rain had calmed down a bit.


Mona closed her eyes to welcome sleep.







[Lia’s residence]


“Lia can you stop singing that loud. It’s late and you’ve been eating chocolates. Don’t you feel sorry for your stomach? Just leave my room if you keep doing this. You know you have your own room where you can do this.. You don’t even have a nice voice,” Yora said.


Lia laughed out…


“Dear friend. Don’t blame me, I’m so excited! So excited that I want to jump off a cliff but ha ha, I can’t do that. My God has finally answered my prayer..”


“Did you say your God? Which one? Do you go to church or the temple? You are neither a christian nor a Buddhist, don’t let that God give you punishment this night. He’s already punishing the whole city with flood,” Yora said.


Lia laughed. “Stop dear friend and share in my happiness… You see,” she jumped on the bed, sitting in front of Yora and collected the phone in Yora’s hands. “..look at me.”


Yora raised her brows at Lia, “What’s the matter? I’m seriously playing my candy crush and you just collected my phone from me.”



Lia grinned and took Yora’s hands. “Don’t panic. I’m not gonna swallow it. You see, don’t you feel anything?”


“Anything like what?” Yora asked.


“Like my dream is finally becoming a reality,” Lia said.


“What dream. You have so many dreams, which one?” Yora asked.


“My dream of Leo and I together as couple, in love,” Lia said.


Yora sighed. “Seriously Lia this is not funny. Hand me back my phone OK.”


Lia stood up and jumped down from the bed with Yora’s phone.


“Like, this is wonderful and one of the most beautiful news I’ve ever heard.” she swing around laughing with her hands spread. “Leo took Mona Lisa to the party. Probably he wanted to announce that he loves her or something similar. Then voom….comes a devil incarnate who came to add her sugar to the perfectly planned


plan but like they say…” she turned to Yora who was just looking at her with an amused face. “…anything can happen at anytime. So boom! Comes the savior of the day. Angel Michael who descended with his flawless wings, walked up to the main table and tah dah! Picked his Cinderella and matched out. Oh what a beautiful story..”


“You are going insane. Give me my phone Lia,” Yora said.


“Yes this is driving me excitedly insane. In fact, I’ve never really been a fan to band groups but from today, I Stan Spark5! I Stan Michel till I grow old and for that girl, Mona Lisa, I’m gonna make her a close friend. Oh yes,” Lia said and laughed out happily. “Oh I wish them a happy couple life.. Now Leo is all mine..”


“Have we spoken with him today?” Yora asked.


“That’s true!” Lia said and jumped back on the bed. “I haven’t called him and I want to. I want to console him and be there for him. I want to be the shoulder he cry on. I want to be the tissue to wipe his tears off..”


“Call him tomorrow morning..” Yora said.


“What I’m I going to say?” Lia asked.


“Now you are really acting like a high school nerd in love.”


“I don’t mind…”







[Inside Michel’s car]


Mona opened her eyes and sighed.


She wasn’t getting a sleep. The cold was getting unbearable and making sleep difficult to come.


She sat up and woke up her phone screen and the time said ’10:15pm’


Exhaling, she blew air into her palms, rubbed her palms together to get a little warm then placed her warmed palm’s on her cheeks.


“It’s really cold..” she muttered then looked at Michel who’s eyes were closed.


“He’s really sleeping now…” she said then slowly leaned closer and waved her hand close to his eyes to see if he’d blink but he didn’t.


“He’s really sleeping this time.. I bet he’s not really cold ’cause he’s putting on a coat. Poor me. If only I knew it would rain,” she sighed and hugged herself, sighed again and laid back on the seat backrest.


She looked at him and when she couldn’t look away, she called. “Hey Jerk… Michel? Michel? Are you really sleeping so comfortably?”


“Do you have a problem with that?” he asked without opening his eyes and Mona felt surprisingly happy that he wasn’t sleeping after all or did she wake him up?


“Did I…wake you up?” she asked him.



He opened his eyes, their eyes collided and Mona quickly looked away.


“And you expect my answer on that Maniac?” Michel scoffed and Mona rolled her eyes and focuses her eyes up.


A silence followed but Michel broke it.


“I wasn’t sleeping, couldn’t sleep cos I’m uncomfortable being in here with you,” he said.


“Me too!” Mona sneered.


A longer silence followed and again Michel broke it.


“Why are you a maniac?” he asked.


“If being strong, bold and beautiful is being a maniac, then I am,” Mona said with a smirk at him.


Michel scoffed. “Tell yourself some truth.”


“I just did. You tell yourself the truth about yourself. I heard that you turned a jerk two years ago. Where did you keep the cool guy and fun type that you were and decided to become a jerk?” Mona asked.


“You are not in that level to know about my privacy. You just mind your business,” he said.


“And what level are you talking about?” she asked.. “oh I get it, you mean the level of Li Sugar?”


He sat up immediately.


“Shut it!” he snapped at her.


Mona scoffed and faced the other side. ‘I can’t forgive myself from crushing on someone like you.’ she said within.



“I don’t wanna hear that name ever from your mouth,” he said in English which Mona didn’t understand but she didn’t bother to ask him what he said. She just closed her eyes and hugged herself tightly.


‘If only sleep would come. Mom please help me out. I need to sleep right now’ she pleaded within.


Silence followed but Michel broke it minutes later.


“A boring movie could help bring sleep,” he said.


“What do you mean?” Mona asked with her eyes still shut.


“I mean let’s watch a boring movie together dummy. I want to sleep too,” he said then a sound followed.


Mona opened her eyes and saw Michel’s phone fixed to a phone stand and stood at the brake side.


“Really? Do it work on you?” Mona raised her brows at the phone.


“Yeah…I heard from TedyA that it’s a boring movie,” he said.


“The title?” Mona asked.


“What do you need the title for. Just watch.” He said.


Mona rolled her eyes and then fixed them on the phone screen.








( 20mins later)


“It’s boring….. It’s really boring..” Mona said.



( 10mins later)


“Ahh I’m sleepy already… This is like a great sleeping pills,” Mona said.



( 5mins later)


“No I can’t help it… I’m going to sleep,” Mona said and laid back down.


“I bet you feel sleepy too, let’s just sleep” she said to Michel before closing her eyes..


“But it still feel so horribly cold. I wish I heard a sweater on, you’re so lucky jerk, you have a coat on.. ” she muttered before drifting to sleep.


Michel sighed and took his phone, removed the movie and went back to music.


‘Boring movie make him sleep… Funny..but it just worked on the Maniac,” he chuckled and wore back his earphone.


As he laid down, he noticed Mona’s shaking body and exhaled.


“I’m I really going to do this?” he asked himself before sitting up and then taking his overcoat off. He spread it over Mona’s body, making sure it covered her well enough.


“Now I feel really cold,” he said and rubbed his palms together.


Right now he was only on a tight white shirt with long sleeves. He laid back, wore back his earphone and hugged himself.


Even in her sleep, Mona felt the warmth on her.





“Mona!! Mona!!” Mrs Silver called from the kitchen.


“Yes mom, I’m coming!” Mona yelled and hurried to the kitchen.


“Where are you coming back from, you look drenched and all white from cold!” Mrs Silver said.



Mona smiled. “I went on a date with Michel. It was getting really beautiful but the rain decided to spoil it all…”


“Really? Then the overcoat on you must be his right?” Mrs Silver asked.


Mona looked at herself and smiled. “Yes mom, it is. Isn’t it cute?”


Mrs Silver smiled “Yes it is but you should go to your room and chance… Put on something warm and come back downstairs for dinner.”


“Okay mom….” Mona said and ran out…


She got to her room and quickly pulled off the shirt and smelt it…


“Hmmmm smells just like him…” she said with a smile.


She smelt it again and again…and again…








Mona perceived a scent which seem very familiar. It was just right at her nose.


She struggled her eyes open and then saw what it was.


She was holding to Michel’s overcoat and was snuffing it right in her nose.


Shocked, she screamed and threw it out of her body and it landed on Michel’s face whom had been staring at her sniffing session.


She gasped and covered her agape mouth with her palm.


Her eyes quickly did a run down on his abs covered in tight shirt and she widened her eyes more.

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‘What happened!’ she wondered, frightened.


Michel pulled down the coat from his face and he was really in a pissed off state.



“Is that the ‘Thank you’ that I get?” he asked her with a scorching face.


“Pardon?” Mona asked, confused.


Michel scoffed. “Really? I just caught all the cold last night because I was trying to be nice and all you would do is throw my overcoat on my face?”


“Huh?” Mona asked. She was still confused.


Michel scoffed, glanced at the coat and flew it over to the backseat “I just dumped a favorite overcoat,” he said.


“Why?” Mona asked.


“I can’t wear what another person wore,” he said.


“Who wore what? I don’t get?” Mona said, looking at him curiously.


“Are you so dumb to get it? I covered you with it so you don’t blame when you fall sick from cold,” he half yelled at her face.


Mona looked at him closely. “Really, did you really did that?” she asked.


Michel scoffed and turned to the side view mirror.


“It’s early enough and the road is getting cleared. We’re leaving now,” he said and wore his face cap.







(Thirty minutes later )



Michel was on the steering now and it was only fifteen minutes left to reach silver house.



“But… Are you really not going to wear that overcoat again?” Mona asked. She couldn’t hold back the annoying thing.


“It’s none of your business. That isn’t the thank you that you haven’t said to me,” Michel said.


“Well Thank you. I’m not like you who doesn’t know about the Five Magic


words…but I never asked you to do that. Why pressuring me to thank you..” Mona said.


“Are you being ungrateful right now?” Michel asked.


“I’m not. I’m a total opposite of you.. But I just can’t believe you did it..really… And the coat, are you really going to dumb it cos you covered me with it… Like I didn’t even wear it and even if I did, I don’t stink!” Mona said.


“Well I don’t give a damn about that. No one wears my clothe and I wear it again, especially maniacs.” Michel said.


Mona scoffed. “Who cares, Jerk!”


Michel ignored that and just focused on the steering but Mona has a question.


“What about Li Sugar, haven’t she worn your cloth before?”


“I told you never to mention her again,” Michel said.


“Well I didn’t hear that and why wouldn’t I mention her? She’s Koreans crush and I like her. She’s your ex too. ”


“She haven’t worn my cloth before. No more question. I’ve been talking a lot since yesterday and I’m tired. I’m getting irritated as well” Michel said.


“One more question,” Mona said.


Michel said nothing and Mona went on.



“When you both were dating, did she visit your home? Your parents, your grandmother?”


“Yeah and my grandmother really liked her but. My mom too except my….dad. But


Li Sugar didn’t like that my grandmother was always talking about the farm garden. Okay I’m not really answering any other damn question.” Michel said.


“I was just about asking about the farm garden. Your grandmother mentioned something like that to me.. Anyway, I don’t have to know about it..” Mona said.


Michel’s phone and Mona’s phone began ringing at the same time.


Michel’s from Silver House and Mona, from Leo.







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