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Drama Queen – Season 3 – Episode 11

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(Semi finale







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Mona Lisa’s pov



Bruno made a call to whoever telling him or her that their Boss is on his way to the house and I did guess it could be Michel’s employees working in the house.


His House.


Yes I know he has a house but I’ve never seen it and I couldn’t wait to but why are we going to his house rather than going to his house rather than going to silver house?


There’s another thing I know about Michel.


He’s the richest member of Spark5 but his wealth doesn’t only come from being a kpop singer. He’s also a businessman.


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A shareholder in a Wine and beverage co. company who comes next after the CEO.


Could that be the reason why he love to drink wine all the time?






Michel laid his head on my shoulder through out the ride. The earphone still in his


ears and his eyes close


each time I glance at him.


I couldn’t stop glancing cos I his handsome face was irresistible.


His manager may have noticed but I don’t care about that.


I know Michel isn’t sleeping tho or maybe he is but he never opened his eyes.


His hair brushing with mine and his cologne all over my nostril.


It’s so amazing to be so close to Michel.


I couldn’t stop thinking about that act he pulled there at Xspark.



I have so many questions I want to ask him and the first question is; why he was speeding to Xspark last night.


But right now, I’m more curious because this isn’t the road to his father’s house. Could he be talking about his own house?


Whatever it is, I’m not scared because I believe he can’t hurt me.


Whatever it may be, I don’t think I could ever stop loving Michel. He may be a jerk and an arrogant scumbag but my heart still beats for him, every day by say.


I pretend in front of him but behind him, my cheeks are burning with blush.


He has no idea how my heart sank with excitement by all he told me at the Xspark lobby.


I know it’s going to be hard but whatever he wants me to be for him, I’m ready to be for him.


Fake girlfriend or real, I am ready to be.


And this is a declaration which I summoned enough courage to say. It might sound funny and impossible but here it is.


I’m going to make him fall for me.


I can’t forget what he told me a day ago.


‘I’m not trying to use you


I’m just trying to fall in love with you


So I don’t loose you..


It’s the truth..’


I exhaled.


I’m going to make him fall in love with me. Whatever it means, I’m ready to make him love me and bring him back to his real self again.


I can do it!


I glance at him and his eyes are still closed.


‘Mr Cute jerk’ I said within.










Leo’s POV



“..I have nothing much to say Director Xian. I’m just here to reconcile with Xspark and everything about it which includes Spark5,” I said.


He looked shocked and a bit frightened but tried hard in controlling them but of course I see them.


“What?” he asked, raising his brows.


I smiled. “Should I repeat it then if you didn’t hear me right Director?”


“You, Leo Bethel want to reconcile with Xspark.. Why?” he asked.


I shrugged and answered. “I’m just sick and tired of the fights and enmity between me and such a great company like this. It’s been hunting me for some months now and I finally made up my mind to accept it and surrender myself.”


He relaxed back on the couch and crossed his leg.


“Really Leo Bethel? Do you think we are going to accept your reconciliation letter just like that?”… Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“Of course you have to. It’s a reconciliation letter asking us to put everything that happened behind us and become good friends again,” I said.


“Well Leo Bethel, you can come back some other time with this reconciliation letter not today, not tomorrow or soon and when you come, don’t forget your apology letter too,” he said causing me to laugh.


“Apology letter?” I asked with a scoff.


“Yes. You are to make three apologies, one to Xspark, two to Spark5 and three to Michel. You know what wrong you did to this three so you are going to make a very long apology message for them. After that, you are to make a mass confession of speaking lies against Spark5. This is the only way we reconcile with you Leo Bethel.”


I bursted into laughter and after Laughing to my satisfaction, I adjusted on the seat. “Really?” I asked. “Oh.. That’s going to be something really hard to do. Can I do all that?” I shook my head. “No I don’t think..what are we going to do about this Director Xian? I’m a very busy man and won’t have time to write three apology letters and make a mass announcement too. You have to be fair with the punishment, will you?”


“You should leave my office then,” he said.


I chuckled. “Really?”


“Yes Mr Bethel.”


I chuckled, slowly stood up and slid my hands into my pants pockets.


“Well I think there’s someone who would help me with the long writing,” I said with a smile.


He seem less curious but I’m going to shock him.


“She’s very good at writing and she knows the right words to use at every sentence which lures one into reading more and more.. And for me, she’d be willing to help and she will,” I said.


He was still not interested and focused on the tea he was sipping.


“Mona Lisa Silver Chan” I said and he looked up at me with astonished eyes.


“What are you talking about?” he asked.



“You know already. We are good friends, very good friends. Well I wanted more than just friends but Michel showed up with that well practiced act…but it doesn’t matter, we are still good friends, very good friends,” I said with a smirk smile.


I think he got infuriated by that and got on his feet with his scared puppy eyes at me.


“Leo Bethel, you can’t cause more trouble to Xspark!” he said. His voice was calm but I think he wanted to shout but maybe fear took his voice.


I smiled.


“Of course if I wanted to cause trouble I won’t be here for reconciliation letter. You don’t worry, I don’t wish to cause any more trouble. I’ll be off now. I’ve got a busy schedule in the afternoon,” I said, turned and walked away.


‘That bastard Michel. How dare he hug, kiss and say rubbish in front of me. I feel like ending his silly life!’




Soon, I was in my car, heading back home.


I’ve got my plans.


Xspark and Michel should wait for me!


I’m gonna show them what I can do!


My phone began ringing and I took it out.


It was Luna.




Why the hell is she calling back for?


Well I gotta to pick it to hear the rubbish she has to say.


I picked the call and the voice that spoke was a man which I was sure wasn’t her husband but what he said pierced hard into my soul and shattered it instantly.







Mona Lisa pov



We arrived at the gate of a house I could only describe as a beautiful luxury. A two storey and beautifully white painted including the fence and the gate.


The gate opened and we drove in.


Wow, this house was very beautiful.


A large swimming pool was right at the center with chairs by the left and also in the the portico too.


Four men in the same uniform of white shirts and black trouser ran over. They must be the workers here.


The car pulled up and one of them opened the car door and they bowed.


“We’ve arrived sir,” Bruno said and Michel finally opened his eyes and raised his head off my shoulder.


The four men bowed again and said in unison. “Welcome sir!”


Michel turned to me with that smile that always give me the chills.


“Come with me,” he said and came down from the car. I slowly did too. He took my hand and we headed to the house.


The four men followed ahead of us and Bruno drove the car to the garage.


I could perceive the refreshing scent of the atmosphere there. It was a pure scent of richness and expensiveness.


It smelt just like Michel, only him.


“Your shoulder hurts right?” he asked me and I wasted no time in answering.


“Yes!” Even though that was a lie.


“I’m sorry about that,” and giving my hair a seconds stroke, he added, “girlfriend.”


That made me blush and I looked down, not wanting him to see it.


He’s being so sweet that I’m starting to doubt it’s the petty jerk that I know.


The door was opened and we walked into the interior.


Ninety percent of the furniture in the sitting room were white and the ten percent were black.


This was a typical man’s house.


We didn’t stop at the sitting room but he took me upstairs and to his room.


Why’s he bringing me to his room?


My heart jumped a little and my head got filled with silly things which I tried to wave off my head.


“Sit,” he said and made me sit at the edge of his bed.


My heart was pounding. I wondered why I’m getting nervous about being in his room?


Maybe because this isn’t silver house and maybe because he’s acting so weird.


He leaned close, closer and closer and I had no idea when I closed my eyes thinking he want to kiss me. My heart was about to explode.


But he placed his hand on my left shoulder and asked. “It doesn’t hurt much right?”


I quickly opened my eyes and he was still close. His face so close to mine and his eyes staring deep into mine.


I swallowed hard






Seeing her nervous eyes excited me. Her beautiful eyes made me felt sensation run through my spine.


She’s just not beautiful but amazing.



“No I’m not, it’s fine..” she replied.


Strings of hair were close to her eye and while I tried shifting them behind I could see how nervous she was and I couldn’t believe the Maniac who would hurls at me, bit and beat someone down could get so nervous by just a touch of my hand on her hair.


This is what love do to someone and I feel bad for hurting her all this while and trying to make myself believe that I can’t love someone like her and she doesn’t deserve me.


It’s all in the past now and from this moment I’m going to show her that I mean all I said there at Xspark. I’m going to love her like she’s been never loved before.


I know she still doubts me but I’m going to make her believe me.


“Stop leaning so close to my face,” she said and looked away.


I smiled and kissed her on her forehead and standing straight, I told her. “We’re spending the night here.”


She raised her brows, feeling shocked. “What! Why?” she asked.


“Uhmmm… We have a date tonight,” I told her.


“Date night?” she asked.


“Yes. I’m sorry I’m just telling you now. You don’t have to worry about anything.


Everything will be taken care of,” he said.


“I’m worried about Blue, I need to go back to her,” Mona said.


Wow, really? Is that the only reason which means she doesn’t mind sleeping over.


I’m relieved.


‘Ms Oh is taking good care of her,” I said.



“I’m also worried about Tenten and Rose, they were still at Xspark when we left,” she said.


I brought out her phone and stretched it to her.


“You must have his number by heart, call him and I’m sure they are fine,” I said.


“It won’t go through. It haven’t been for weeks,” she said.


“Well give it a try,” I said. She took the phone, dialed, called and it rang. She looked surprised.





Hello Tenten I said.



Sis how are you? The videos about you and Michel at Xspark first floor is all over the social media. Are you alright? Tenten asked.


I exhaled. Yes I am



I could hear Rose saying He was so sweeeet awwwwn…



Are you at silver House? Tenten asked.



I hesitated before saying No, I’m not.



So where are you? he asked.



I inhaled and glancing at Michel who was staring at me. With Michel at his house


Michel smiled and went to his wardrobe. I wonder why.



To his grandmother? Tenten asked.



No, his house, not his dad’s I said.



Really? Oh.. That’s a really good news sis. You both should spend a lot of time together. Rose and I are fine and we are back to our apartment. Go go, we will talk later. Have a lot of fun. he said and ended the call before I could say anything else.




Michel turned to me, holding a black tracksuit pants and white polo shirt with the ‘shape of Love’ drawn at the front.


“You put on these,” he said and threw them into my hands.


“What? Why?” I asked, looking at the clothes and imagining how bulky it would look on me and how small I would look in it. Why would I wear his clothes.


“Cause I’d love to see you in my clothes,” he said.


“Why?” I asked.


“Cos you are my girlfriend,” he said, smiled and faced the wardrobe again.


I stared at the clothes for awhile then looked at him and asked what I felt was a silly question but I couldn’t help myself. “Did Li Sugar wore your clothes?”




It took him almost a minute before he answered. “Yes but once because she hates to be in men’s clothes and she says it doesn’t fit her. Well she was right. It doesn’t fit her.”


Really? I had to wonder if it would fit me.


Yes I think. Well when I was little, I do wear my brother’s clothes and sometimes he’d wear mine.


It was fun and my parents always said it fitted me really well but that stopped after elementary school.

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Michel took out a white polo and grey colored tracksuit pants. The wardrobe was filled clothes and I wondered why so many clothes when he doesn’t even live here. He closed the wardrobe door which is made of a transparent glass.


Then he squatted down at the bottom and picked out two room slippers, both are white in color.


Standing up, he turned and walked back to me.


He had the best walk style ever.


“Wear these,” he said, dropping the slippers beside my legs. It was a really cute looking slippers with a a line of tiny gold lace perched on top it.


This slippers would be really expensive.


“I’m going to change too cos this clothe look a bit heavy on me,” he said as he walked to the other side of the bed.


He’s going to change?






I gasped when he was about taking off his shirt and I instantly turned my back and closed my eyes.


“What are you doing?!” I asked.


“What do you think I’m doing, I’m changing my clothes,” he said.


“Why would you do that when I’m right here?” I asked. My heart was pounding.


“Tch…Are you scared to see my abs. It’s like you’ve not seen it in my pictures,” he said.


“I haven’t see anything,” I snapped.


“You should see it, I’m taking off the trouser too,” he said.


I tightened my eyes. “Stop being a jerk!”





“I’m sorry. I’m done too,” I said with a smile.


“Sure?” she asked.


I chuckled and walked to her front.


She shut her eyes so tight and that was so funny.


She never cease to be a drama queen.


“I am” I answered and I saw how must have gotten shocked to hear my voice very close and she’d know I’m standing in front of her.


“Why are you standing in front of me?” she asked.


“Just open your eyes Mona, I’m all dressed,” I said and then she slowly opened her eyes.


I smiled.


“You can’t do that again,” she said.


“I can’t promise my girlfriend that.” I said and using the black bangle on my wrist, I packed up my hair.


“I’ll be at the sitting room. Come down after you change or do you want us to go together? I can wait for you here,” I said with a smile.


“No!” she snapped immediately covering her body with the clothes in her hands.


I chuckled and took a step closer, then closer and leaned


“What’s that?” she asked.


“Nothing there’s something on your hair, stay still,” I said.


“Really? What’s that?” she asked.


I took my hand to her hair but that was to pull her face close to mine and place my


lips on hers.


Which I did.


It was a three seconds kiss and I withdrew and said. “This is it.”


She just stared at me with her lips shit agape.


“I will be waiting for you, girlfriend,” I said, turned and headed to the door.


“Is it true?” she asked, halting me.





I stared at him.


It was time for me to let out all the questions in my heart.


He turned and asked. “What truth?”


“That you..you love me,” I said.


He took his time before answering. “I know you are doubting this Mona but I truly love you and there’s something that you need to know. Yesterday, I told you that I’m trying to fall in love with you because I don’t want to loose you. Well that was a lie..”


That was a lie?


What do he mean?


He walked back to me with his hands in his pants pockets.


“..I was already in love with you.” he said and my heart sank with happiness. I felt relieved too.


He has his unique way of blending words into perfection and making you go insane.


He leaned close again.



“You don’t have to worry about anything okay. Just stay by me and love me. That’s all I want.” he said and stood straight. “I will be waiting for you downstairs,” he said, turned and and headed to the door.


He was about to open the door when I said out.


“I won’t stop loving you, Oppa.”I couldn’t help myself from saying it. The words took control of me and jumped out of my throat.


He looked at me with a smile.


“I’m happy to hear that, my girlfriend,” he said, opened the door and walked out.


I immediately breathed out all the breath I’ve been holding.


After my long breathe out, I couldn’t help my excitement.


I stood up, jumped high and dropped heavily on the bed, spreading my hands as a big smile engulfed my face.


I ended up bursting into an overjoyed laughter for so long.


I felt happy and shy at the same time.


This beautiful feeling was too much for me.


As I dressed into his clothes, I kicked up a song.



Kim Michel has a new girlfriend.


And that’s me, myself and I.


Oppa Michel has a girlfriend


And it’s me, me, just me.


That was a silly song but I was too excited to stop.


I got done and walked to the full length mirror to see if it fitted me and uhmmm, I guess but I would have loved to pack my hair.


I took off a bangle on my wrist and packed it up but Michel says he love to see me with an unpacked hair.


I inhaled and I removed the bangle.


But then the two memories of him taking off my hair band at Seoh Dani’s party and at Xspark first floor lobby today made me tie my hair back.



Well I want him to take it off again.


I smiled and picking my phone from the bed, I walked out.


Soon, I was at the last few risers and I couldn’t help but halt to take a few seconds stare at the handsome guy sitting at one of the couches, holding a throw pillow on and his eyes on the television.


His side face was a perfection and whatever he was watching on the TV at that moment caused his lips to part in a cute smile.


He had the best smile ever with a box teeth that are so rare to find.


One of the servants who had an apron on suddenly walked up to him and bowed.


I heard what he told him.


“The food is ready sir.”


And that was when Michel looked at the staircase and saw me.


I guess it was the usual feeling of waiting for someone that you constantly check the door.


I walked down immediately, not wanting him to find out that I’ve been staring at him.


He stood up and when I got to him, he took my hand.


“You must be hungry, let’s eat,” he said and took me to the dinning where delicious meals and chicken filled my nostril.


We sat opposite each other and looking at the table, I wondered which one to go first.


There was drinks too.


“I hope there’s no strawberry in any of these?” Michel asked the cook.


“No sir,” the cook answered.


That got me.


I can’t believe he remembered that I’m allergic to strawberry.


“You can leave,” Michel told the cook and he bowed and left.



“You..you remembered that,” I said.


“I can’t forget it when it was just two days ago that you told me. I don’t forget things in a long time too,” he said.


But that was surprising and sweet as well.


“Eat up,” he said.


“Oh yeah,” I mumbled and took a spoon of rice and sauce.


It was delicious and I ate more.


“You should eat the chicken too,” he said, took from his and dropped into my plate.


“Oh.. yes,” I mumbled, picks it and ate.


He smiled and I blushed.


I wondered if he saw but I prayed he doesn’t.


“You look good on that,” he said referring to what I wore.


It made me chuckle. “I don’t think,” I said.


“You look good on my clothes,” he said.


I faced down, feeling so shy.


I couldn’t believe that could make me shy.


I needed something to take this shyness away so I decided to look up at him and tell him about my brother and I switching clothes when we were kids.


“Tenten and I do switch clothes when we were kids. He’d wear mine and I would wear his. My parents especially my dad always tell me how good it looked on me but that ended after our elementary education.”


He let out his sweet smile.


“You had a great childhood. It must have been so fun,” he said then dropped another meat into my plate. “Eat,” he said.



I nodded and did.



( An hour later)



We were sitting on a couch at the portico. Michel had a wine in his hand I do too but I didn’t want to end up getting tipsy so I was taking just a little.


The air was refreshing and the sight was beautiful to stare at.


“Don’t take too much or you are gonna end up throwing up on me,” Michel said and I looked away, embarrassed.


“It’s fine.. I don’t mind if you throw up on me again but I can’t let you get drunk because of our date tonight,” he said then he pulled my head to his shoulder and I stayed that way.


“You were sick and got into trouble last night. Also you left to Xspark today. You must be tired and you need a lot of rest, you should go up and get some rest,” I said.


“I’m not sick anymore. I’m fine with you here,” he said.


I smiled.










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