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[Silver House]



“Really?” Jeff finally asked something after a long exchange of stares between him and Michel.


“Yes really,” Michel answered him boldly.


“But she’s not here, you should be telling her that,” Jeff said.


“That’s why I’m gonna find her..” Michel said.


Jeff shrugged. “Okay”


“So what are you going to do Jeff?” J guy asked Jeff who looked at him and asked. “What?”


“You love Mona Lisa too. What are you gonna do?” J guy said.


Best hit J guy. “Was that necessary to ask?”


Michel and J guy stared at each other again and Michel wasn’t surprised by what J guy said. He was curious on the answer Jeff would give.


There was grave silence and tension. Jeff wasn’t giving an answer then tedyA broke it.


“J guy that question wasn’t necessary because Jeff had already said he has Nana and can’t be greedy.”


“Oh yes he said that.” Best concurred.


“He should say it again. Michel wasn’t with us when Jeff said that,” J guy said.


“Yes I said it and I’m going to repeat it.” Jeff said and Michel narrowed his brows at him. “..I can’t be so greedy to love another girl when I have Nana but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna sit back and let you hurt Mona Lisa.”


“Ohww!…” J guy exclaimed.


Michel exhaled and took a step closer to Jeff.



“I’m gonna prove to her how much I love her and I’m sure you know that she love me too,” Michel said.


Jeff smiled. “I hope you do. If you love her, let her see it and feel it too.”


“I’m working on that,” Michel said, turned and ascended back upstairs.


“Wow.. That was a shocking confession,” Best said.


“I’m hurt..” TedyA said looking like he was about to cry.


“I wonder how he’s going to do this, Xspark and the media.. That would be a great fight.” Best said.


“Xspark would have no choice. Michel love her, they’ll have no choice,” J guy said.


“Michel fell for Mona? I still can’t believe it,” Best said.






[Zan’s residence]


“Hyung, are you really going to do this?” Kel asked Zan who was staring at his laptop screen.


“The pay is worth,” Zan said.


“But I’m really curious. Why would he want an anonymous person to send it to Xspark and why should it be sent there?” Kel asked.


“Stop being curious. I think he want to surprise them,” Zan said.


“If I announce at the training tomorrow about us having a call conversation with Michel. Everyone would want to become my friend,” Kel said with a smile.


“Don’t you dare it. It’s a secret,” Zan told him.



Kel rolled his eyes. “Fine fine I know but what about Toni, you think he’s going to keep it a secret too? That guy is a loudmouth and won’t keep it away from Nathan and his girlfriend, Vera.”


“He assured us that he won’t so he won’t.” Zan said.


Kel scoffed. “Alright”







[Leo’s residence]


Leo scrolled through the news and scoffed.


“What was he speeding to Xspark for at such an hour? Something isn’t right. Does it have to do with Mona Lisa?” he wondered.


He clicked on Mona’s number and was about to call when he sighed and dropped the phone.


“She isn’t the one picking and the scumbag won’t pick either. I’m gonna deal with him..” he said.


A call came on his phone.


He took the phone and seeing the caller, dropped it back, stood up from the bed and went into the ensuite.


He returned a minute later and the phone was ringing again.


He picked up the phone and answered the call.



Leo, you are ignoring your sister’s call? The gentle feminine voice said.



You should be calling your dad, not me Luna Leo said.



What are you talking about Leo? It’s been such a long time we communicated and we’ve not seen each other for years. Why are you hating on everyone?


You can see, I’m perfectly doing great without your help or anybody so I don’t need to see anyone.. Leo said.


Even your only sister Leo.



You ignored my hatred for that old bastard and got married to him just because you wanted to please your father


He is your father too Leo. He is our father, our dad and I told you countless times that I married Choi Williams because I wanted to and not because dad wanted me to.


How could you become a third wife to a man with two wives. Because of his money. It’s been eight years of marriage and you don’t have a child yet..


I’m pregnant Leo.. I’m two months pregnant.



As if it’s gonna stay Leo said.



Leo!! How dare you say that!



Of course I did Luna. You’ve lost so many pregnancies and you don’t wanna just get it. You aren’t supposed to be in that marriage. That old bastard don’t deserve you.


I love Williams and I’m his wife and this pregnancy is going to stay okay. I know you are doing fine Leo. I gotta hang up now. Bye


The call ended.



“Why’s she always calling when a new pregnancy shows up? As if it’s gonna stay,” Leo scoffed and dropped the phone a far distance from him.







A phone began ringing beside Mona and Mona is surprised that it was her phone but she picks up the phone from the bed and saw it was ‘My boyfriend’ calling.


“Michel?” she muttered and answered the call.



Jerk! she spoke first.



Maniac, I’m outside waiting for you. Don’t waste time I’m here to take you back to silver House. You can’t leave when our deal isn’t over yet Michel said.


What deal? Mona asked.



Our relationship deal. You are my girlfriend and I need you in order to prove to Li Sugar that I don’t still love her he said.


You are crazy! Mona yelled and hung up.


A knock came on the door immediately and it opened the next second. Michel walked in.


“Jerk! What are you doing here?” she shouted at him.


“You are my girlfriend and I’m here to take you back to silver house,” Michel said and walked to her,trying to drag her out of the bed.


“Don’t touch me Jerk. I can never be your girlfriend!” she shouted at him but the next thing, he had carried her in a bride style and was taking her out of the house.


“I’m not going back with you jerk! Let me go! I’m not going back with you!” she shouted at him but he didn’t let go…



“Mona…Mona wake up! Wake up Mona!” Rose’s voice suddenly filled up the whole place and everywhere went blank…


Mona struggled her eyes open and saw Rose standing in front of her in her night wear. A saucer and tea cup in her hand…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“You’ve always been a deep sleeper Mona. Sit up and have a tea,” Rose said.


Mona rubbed her eyes clear and managed to sit up. “Hey Rose why did you put yourself in the stress of making a tea for me,” Mona said.


Rose smiled.”It’s getting to 10am and you were still sleeping,”


“Really!?” Mona gasped and checked the wall clock and it was ten already.


“Oh my…” she sighed.


“I understand. You slept late,” Rose said.


“Yeah I did. Thank you for this,” Mona said and took the cup of tea.


“There are enough good stuffs in the kitchen so I prepared a good breakfast. Come to the dinning after you freshen up,” Rose said.


“Yeah thanks, what about Tenten?” Mona asked.


“He’s at the sitting room, watching a movie.” Rose answered. “..uhm it seem you were dreaming.”




“You were actually saying it out, telling someone that you aren’t going back with him or her,” Rose said.


Mona sighed.. “Oh.. Kind of.. It’s nothing..”




“What about those two men?” Mona asked.


“They are outside. I wanted to give them breakfast but they declined. I think they are being cautious so we don’t put something in their meal. I also think it’s an order from Xspark director.” Rose answered.


Mona scoffed. “We came here without anything so why would they be cautious about the food you cooked. Whatever…”


Rose left and Mona after taking the tea went to the bathroom to brush and have a bathe.


There, she thought about the dream which made her laugh, scoff and smile.


“He’s always being a jerk even in my dream,” she said and chuckled.


“But he can’t do that.. I don’t want him to. He shouldn’t come for me because he have no feelings for me. He just want me as a fake girlfriend. He clearly told me that I’m not his type,” she scoffed. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


But she was worried if he was doing alright.


He had been sick because of her and hit a car while speeding to Xspark for her. Why??


Could a guy really go that extent for his fake girlfriend?


Maybe.. If he’s so desperate to make her his fake girlfriend and make a revenge on his ex.


“He’s so desperate even in the dream!” she scoffed.


But deep down in her heart, she wish to see him come for her and to be that fake girlfriend but she doesn’t want to accept it.


She tried her best to take Michel or whatever related off her mind and take her bath.







[Silver House]



Michel is awoken by the buzzing of his phone. Still half asleep, he searches for it with his hand and found it, picks up the call and placed it over his ear.



Is that you Mona? he asked in a half asleep voice.


There was a little hesitation before an answer came.


Michel, you don’t sound alright. I was worried about you.. Are you feeling better now? Do you mind if I come see you? I’m worried.


Li Sugar.


Michel sighed..



Don’t call me again Michel said and ended the call before she could say something.


Dropping the phone, he rubbed his eyes open and sat up.


“Shit!” he gasped when he saw the time.


He got off the bed and ran into the bathroom.


He rushed his bath, dressed up, picked his car keys with his phone and rushed out.


“Hyung!” TedyA called behind him. “Where are you going?”


“I’m fine Tedy,” Michel said and descended down the staircase but halted on seeing Manager Kim and Park at the sitting room. Jeff, J guy and Best were there too.


“Hey Michel.. Where are you going?” Manager Kim asked.


“Manager Park, are you here to take me to Mona Lisa?” Michel asked Manager Park.


“No, we are here to take you to Director Xian,”


Michel walked to him. “Take me to Mona Lisa.”


“Sorry Michel but I don’t even know where Mona Lisa is,” Manager Park said.


“You do. You fucking do!” Michel said.


“Hold on Michel. You are going to meet with Director Xian and he’s going to tell you where she is. Let’s go” Manager Kim said.


Michel headed out and the two managers followed.


“This looks like a drama, one of the Romance dramas I’ve watched,” J guy said.


“You can’t be ever serious ’cause you know nothing about being in love,” Best told him causing J guy to laugh.


“He’s really going to bring Mona back?” TedyA asked.


“He will bring her back or he might do something silly. Michel would go extra mile for anyone he love. His type of Love is beyond explanation. He loved Li Sugar that same way,” Jeff said thus causing the three others to look at him.


A silence followed and TedyA broke it.


“Yeah you are right Jeff. I still remember how much he loved Li Sugar. I wondered if there’s any man who could ever love his girlfriend that way.”


“Yeah he even broke his Law of being a virgin until marriage. I remember being shocked that T or D that night. Li Sugar broke two things, his virginity, his heart.. So unfair..” J guy said.


“Always talking irrelevant things!” TedyA glared at J guy.


“I’m sorry T. I forgot he’s your Oppa,” J guy said with a smirk smile.


“If Michel is being this serious with Mona’s absence then he’s saying the truth about having feelings for her. It would be great if Michel falls in love again ’cause it would bring back the real him which was gone from the day Li Sugar broke his heart,” Best said.


“You are right Best. I want the real Michel back. He was the best,” TedyA said.


“If we really want this then we can’t just fold our hands and watch him fight this alone..” Jeff said. “..We need to join hands together and make Director Xian and the world know that no matter who you are, your personality or what you do, you have the right to love and associate with whoever you want to. Be in a relationship with the person you choose to love. The status of your partner isn’t supposed to change who you are.” Jeff said.


“That’s right…” J guy said.


“So are we going to support Michel’s decision?” Jeff asked.


“Yes – Yes -Yes!” They said in unison.







[Xspark Ent]


“What are we going to about this song sir? We can’t get hold of any detail about the sender,” Xspark manager, Manger Yong asked.


“This is clearly a female’s voice and it’s the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. The lyrics flow very beautifully with the voice, even without the instruments. If we grab hold of this singer we are going to achieve our plan of creating a female band.” Director Xian said.


“You are right sir. This is the kind of voice we need to make the female band a success. Whoever that sent this wants to work with Xspark but the confusing part here is that she made herself anonymous and the question is why?” Manager Yong said.


“We can’t be sure if it’s a female’s voice yet though it’s obvious even from the lyrics of the song. Uhm, we can’t waste time on this. We are going to organize a talent hunt show which would begin from tomorrow, For each day, a hundred contestants. Only the lyrics is to be revealed and the constants are to sing it… I guess this anonymous singer would show up.” Director Xian said.



“This is a perfect idea sir. But this Talent hunting should last for how many days?” Manager Yong asked.


“From Wednesday to Sunday. Five days and each say should be a hundred contestant,” Director Xian said.


“Okay sir… I will go to the media board. We will make a perfect name and graphic for it and announce the Show.” Manager Yong said.




Manager Yong stood up and was heading to the door when it opened and Manager Kim, Manager Park and Michel walked in.


They exchanged greeting and Manager Yong walked out.


“My Michel.. It’s so nice to see you,” Director Xian said.


“Where’s Mona Lisa?” Michel asked.


“Ohh forget about that girl will you? We all know that she’s not your type and she can’t be. You can’t be in a relationship with someone like that, come on have a seat. We found something here today,” Director Xian said.


“I’m gonna leave here this minute and I’m going to leave forever if you don’t take me to her now,” Michel said.


Director Xian smiled at him. “Woah is that a threat?”


“It’s not a threat. It’s what’s gonna happen,” Michel said.


“So what are we going to do now?” Director Xian asked.


Michel walked to him. “You are going to choose between the two. Bring Mona back or loss we both.”


“What do you mean by you both?” Director Xian asked.


“Are you going to do one?” Michel asked.


“Michel calm down..” Manager Kim said walking to him.


“No Manager Kim, don’t tell him to. I want to see if he’s really in love with that trash.” Director Xian said.


Michel balled his palm into a fist. “Mona isn’t a trash! She’s worth more than you can ever imagine!” he yelled at Director Xian.


Director Xian slammed his hand on the table and stood up. “Get back to your senses Michel! You are not to be in relationship with an ordinary girl! Idols do not date such girls. They date TV stars, they date models, they date reality stars. Choose one from that three and date not some local girl. What do you want the world to see you as? They are gonna Laugh at Xspark and at you. It’s worse more than a heart break!”


“I don’t give a damn about whatever anyone would say about her and you have no idea what Mona Lisa is. She’s not just an ordinary girl.” Michel said.


“I Can’t let you date her and she doesn’t want to date you. She’s not so dummy not to understand that she’s not any close to who you should have as your girlfriend Michel. She accepted the offer and left.. You should be curious about what we found out today,” Director Xian said.


“I gave you two options to choose one Director Xian and I expect you to choose one,” Michel said.


“Should I tell you something? Leo Bethel will be here today. I don’t know why but we couldn’t cancel it because we have to hear what he has to say and we are being very careful of him. And I’m sure he’s coming because of Mona Lisa. The truth is that he always want what you want Michel. We know his story with Mona Lisa from Thailand. If you don’t want what happened to happen again, you have to let him have Mona Lisa,” Director Xian said.


Michel chuckled. “Really? I should let him have her? Why? Why should I?”


“Because an ordinary girl can not bring up another fight between Xspark and Leo Bethel,” Director Xian said.


“I’m not bothered because he can’t try that again,” Michel said.


“Oh he will and he would get away with it. He always do. You can’t fight Leo Bethel and expect to win. He’s dangerous Michel,” Director Xian said.


“I don’t give a damn about that Director and for the last time, I gave you two options, choose one,” Michel said.


“An anonymous person sent us an audio this morning and we are making-”


“Answer me!” Michel hit his fist on the table, interrupting Director Xian.


“Well I don’t choose any. Relax and in few days she’ll be out of your mind,” director Xian said.


“Fine.. I’m gonna find her and it’s gonna be over..” Michel said and headed towards the door.


“Michel don’t do this.. Calm down,” Manager Kim said but Michel was already at the door and and about to walk out when Director Xian halted him. “I have an option. The first one,” Director Xian said.


Michel exhaled.


The next minute, Director Xian was making a call.


Bring them back immediately.



Michel turned back to face him and Michel saw clearly that Director Xian wasn’t happy about the option he choose but he has no choice.


“How many minutes till they get here?” Michel asked him.


“In an hour, if they are fast enough forty minutes,” Director Xian said.


Michel walked back to him. “Let me have her phone… sir”


Director Xian stared at him for awhile before taking the phone out of a drawer and handing it to him.


Michel bowed. “Thank you sir.”


“You are putting us in trouble Michel,” Director Xian said.


“You won’t regret it, trust me sir,” Michel said.


“Manager Park drive him back and Manager Kim would let on you on whatever we discussed.” Director Xian said. “Michel Mona would return to Silver House in an hour time.”


“I will wait here for her,” Michel said, walked to a couch, sat down and crossed his legs.






[Inside the car]


“Why are we going back to Xspark or is it two weeks already?” Mona asked for the fifth time.


“I have no idea miss. We were ordered to bring you back,” Rex said.


The other security by name Lucas was driving.


“Why do I think this has to do with Michel?” Tenten said.


“I think so too,” Rose said.


“Stop talking nonsense. I think that man just want to send us somewhere far away,” Mona said trying to sound stiff but deep down she was thinking the same thing.



‘Could this be Michel? But how?’


“Ah Mona why are you so mean to him. He’s adorable!” Rose said.


Mona scoffed. “Whatever he’s a jerk. I’m only going back cos I miss my cat. I just hope Ms Oh takes care of her..”









It was already an hour but there was no sign of them yet.


Michel was getting impatient.


He finally lost it and stood up. “It’s an hour already Director!”


But just then the door opened and Mona, Rose, Tenten and the two securities walked in.


Mona and Michel’s eyes met and Mona halted on seeing Michel.


‘What’s he doing here?’ she thought not wanting to believe he was here for her.


Rose and Tenten were surprised too but it seem their thoughts were actually right.


“Oh she’s here…” Director Xian said.


Michel rushed to Mona, grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the office.




“Hey Jerk what’s wrong with you?” Mona yelled as Michel dragged her along. “Let go off me you are hurting my wrist!” she told him.


Michel said nothing and pulled her into an elevator and not letting go of her hand.


“Why are you here?” Mona asked him.



“For you. Did you forgot you are my girlfriend. How could you leave without letting me know?” he asked her.


“I clearly told you that I can’t be your girlfriend? She told him.


Okay..” Michel said


Mona looked at him. “Huh?”


They descended to the first floor, the elevator opened and they walked out.


They were a lot of people at the first floor and Michel halted at the centre of the lobby thus causing Mona to stop too since he was holding her.


Mona wondered why he stopped but didn’t see any reason.


Screams broke out.



Oh my God! It’s Michel!



Oppa! I love you



It’s Michel!! God he’s so breathtaking





Phones were up taking shots after Shots of Michel and Mona. Mona faced down.



Oppa! Is she really your girlfriend?



Why are you here with her?



Why did you choose to date an ordinary girl?



How did you met her?


‘Those scums!’ Mona cursed within.


Michel let go of her hand and pulled her to his shoulder this time.


Mona looked at him.


“She’s my girlfriend and I love her with all my heart. She’s very dear and very special to me. Whoever that hurts her, hurts me too so please be good to her. She’s all I desire in a woman” Michel said making Mona’s heart sink and butterflies danced inside her belle. She just watched him, not believing how his lies made her feel.


He glanced at her with a sweet smile that sank her heart more.



Why did you fall for her. Does she have any hidden talent? someone asked.


“Yes she do..” Michel said and Mona narrowed her eyes at him.


What’s he taking about’… Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“She knows how to love me without stopping. That’s a special talent,” Michel said.


‘This guy’s a real jerk!’ Mona cursed within.


Their eyes met again and Mona gave him signs to get her out of the place.



She’s lucky to be your girlfriend someone said.



Michel smiled and said, “No, I’m lucky to have her and I have something to tell her,” he turned to Mona and people moved closer to get the capture very well but securities rushed over and halted them.


“What are you doing Jerk! Why are you lying so much?” Mona asked him in a whisper.


Michel smiled and whispered back, “Do I look like I am?”





“I love you Mona and it’s a true confession,” Michel said it out to everyone’s hearing.


Mona swallowed hard. She could feel a lump of anxiety in her throat.


“I love you with the whole of my heart and I will love you forever,” he said.


Mona could feel her heart pounding hard, heating and about to explode.


“Thank you for loving me too, my girlfriend,” he said then he kissed her forehead and pulled her into him.


“Thank you for coming back Mona,” he whispered into her ears.


Mona couldn’t breathe.


His words were too breathtaking to be lies.


“I’ve loved you from weeks ago,” he whispered then pulled down the ribbon holding her hair and said. “I told you that you look more beautiful with your hair unpacked.”


He withdrew the hug and took her hand and when his eyes caught with Leo again, he smiled at him and pulled Mona with him.


Leo scoffed. ‘Annoying jerk!’



Oh my.. It’s Leo Bethel! He’s here.. Leo Bethel is Here



Half faced Leo while Half followed Michel and Mona as they headed out to the car.


He had called on his Manager, Bruno earlier on and Bruno had arrived with his car, waiting.


Soon, the car was on the road.


“What…what was that about?” Mona couldn’t hold back the question.


Michel deep his earphones into his ears and played on a song which filled his ears.



Mona scoffed. “Really! I can’t believe this..”


But the next minute, he suddenly leaned his head on her shoulder. She looked at him.


“I’m still sick, allow me to stay this way for awhile please,” he said and closed his eyes.


Mona was astonished. For the very first time, Michel said ‘please’ to her.


She felt her heart sinking with her love for him and the way he’s making her feel right now.


Right now she doesn’t care if he lied there at the lobby. She doesn’t mind being his girlfriend. If being a fake girlfriend could turn him into being this sweet then she’s ready to become his fake girlfriend.


“Bruno drive to my house,” he told Bruno.


“Oh..okay..” Bruno answered.


‘His house? What are we going to his grandmother for?’ Mona wondered but didn’t bother to ask him.


They could go anywhere he want to take her to. She doesn’t mind anymore.


“You have a really nice shoulder for a pillow, girlfriend..” he mumbled.










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