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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 8

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }








[Next Day| The Jones House ]



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The door opened and Mrs Jones walked into the room she had let Mona sleep in. It was Rose’s room.


Mona Lisa was up already, sitting quietly at the edge of the couple bed but stood up immediately Mrs Jones came in.


“Good morning ma,” she greeted.


“Good morning dear, how do you feel now?” Mrs Jones asked.


“I’m fine, thank you. Thank you for last night. I’m sorry I drank a little much.” Mona said.


“That’s okay. Come out and have your breakfast.” Mrs Jones said.


“Thanks ma.”


They walked out and got to the dinning room


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“Sit,” Mrs Jones said and Mona sat down with her eyes searching about.


“What about Uncle Jones?” Mona asked.


“He’s gone to work about an hour ago. He had no idea that you are here. If he did, he would have gotten very upset.” Mrs Jones said.


“Why would he?” Mona asked.


“Cos he said he doesn’t want to see Rose, you or your brother here ever again. I’ve been talking to him. I know he’ll change his mind” Mrs Jones said.


Mona got saddened by that. How could Tenten cause all these?


She almost caught them yesterday but Leo Bethel showed up.


She have to go in search of them again.


“Take your tea,” Mrs Jones said.


“Thanks ma.” Mona said.


Just then, Blue came out from wherever she was.


Mona carried her. “Blue, I missed you. I know aunty took very care of you.” Mona said.


“Meow” Blue cried.


Mona dropped her on the floor and faced her breakfast.


“So about Tenten and Rose, you didn’t find them right?” Mrs Jones asked.


Mona sighed. “I searched hours for them and finally, I saw them and chased after them. I almost caught them but that man showed up and they escaped.” Mona said.


“Really? Where did you find them?” Mrs Jones asked.


“They came out from a Babies Shop in Lan street. They saw me coming and picked a race and I Chased after them. We ran through streets but they escaped at Dangan Area 1.” Mona narrated.


“Because of the man who showed up? You mean the one I saw last night?” Mrs Jones asked.


“Yes, but not to worry. I will go in search of them again today around Lan street to Dangan Area 1. I’m sure they live around there.” Mona said.


Mrs Jones placed her hand on Mona’s and looked into her eyes.


“I miss my daughter. Being pregnant is never a bad news. I once got pregnant and gave birth to her and her elder brother, King. Your brother and my daughter would make a good couple cos they love themselves so well. They will cherish each other and I would do everything within me to see that they build a family in a very comfortable state, married and living happily. I would go with you to find my daughter and bring her home. After all, your father built a beautiful home where



she and Tenten would live happily and very comfortably. I don’t want to see my daughter and her child suffer.”


Mona Lisa sighed.


How do she tell her about silver house being sold out by the same Tenten who eloped with her daughter.


What would she say if she let her know the occupants right now?


She wouldn’t want to do anything that would be an attack on Spark5.


“About the man I saw last night. He look very just like Actor Leo Bethel. But I don’t want to believe it’s him.” Mrs Jones said.


“It’s him.” Mona answered.


Mrs Jones raised her eyebrow, “What? How did you met him?”


She can’t tell her that she met him in Thailand. She have to come up with something else.


“Well About two weeks ago, I was in a restaurant when he came, while he was passing, his pen fell and I picked it up for him. And yesterday, I guess he recognized me and came to me. He was there because they were shooting a movie at Dangan.” Mona said.


Mrs Jones smiled. “That’s really nice. But it wasn’t nice That he made you drink that much.”


“He didn’t. He left to answer some call and I drank the wine. I was in thoughts and had no idea I was taking much.” Mona said.


Mrs Jones exhaled.







[Silver House ]



Michel opened his eyes and looked at the room he was with a confused eyes.


He knew immediately that it was Jeff’s room cos of the wallpaper in front of him with Jeff’s picture and blue lights blinking from the four lines of the wallpaper.


But how the heck did he end up in his room?


He sat up and rolled off the white duvet.


Jeff wasn’t in but he could hear the shower running which means that Jeff was in the en-suite.


“How the heck did I slept in here?” Michel questioned himself before getting out of the bed. He saw his white slippers, Fancied with gold chains. Wearing it, he touched his hair and finding it unpacked, he sighed.


Seeing his two phones on the bedside table, he picked them and walked out of the room.


Once he came out to the corridor, his thought went to Mona Lisa.


He glanced at her room door and wondered if she was back but why should he bother about that?


That’s none of his business.


He used the staircase leading to the last floor, packed up his hair as he climbed the stairs.


He entered the studio room and met TedyA and Jguy.


TedyA rushed to him immediately, and took his right hand. “Are you okay? You didn’t sleep in your room last night? Why did I see you in Jeff’s room?”


“I’m fine Tedy. Where are Best and Jeff? We can’t miss rehearsing this morning.


The show is tomorrow.” Michel said.


“I will call them,” TedyA said and took out his phone immediately.



“But there’s nothing more to rehearse on, we are very good to go. Manager Kim and assistant manager had already confirmed that via the records.” J guy said. He was seriously typing on his phone with a smiling face.


Michel knew already that it’s one of the girls he’s always messing about with.


TedyA finished making the calls and returned back to Michel. “They will be here in a minute”


Michel went to a corner where he had left his snickers, sat down on the single sofa there and began wearing them.


TedyA secretly took a picture of him. Well he wanted it to be secret but had no idea that the caption sound was on.


Michel looked up at him with a glaring eye and TedyA immediately put his hands together in plea.


“I’m so sorry hyung. My bad, I thought the caption sound was off.”


J guy chuckled. “Oh my goodness, this girl’s hot as f**k!”


TedyA went over to him to see and widened his eyes. “Cristie Wester?”


“Yes, she’s goddamn sexy.” J guy said.


“Yeah but she’s a half black.” TedyA said.


“Yeah, that’s what makes her more sexy,” J guy said.


“You talking with her. We know she’s a great fan of Spark5.” TedyA said.


“Yeah but I’m not talking with her. Just going through her pictures. I wish to kiss those sexy lips of hers, place my hands on those big b**bs and rub my hands on her big booty”


“Not Cristie Wester. Don’t even dream of that J guy.” TedyA said.



“I’m not sure you know J guy. Not when we have a concert in London in a month time. Wait for it.” J guy said and jumped down from the table he was sitting.


The door opened and Best with Jeff and Manager Kim walked in.


“Sorry we are late,” Best said.


Jeff and Michel exchanged eye contact.


Jeff looked away and chuckled within while Michel just got up and walked past him.


*** That morning as they sang and danced, Jeff’s mind were on Mona Lisa.


He hope she comes home that morning.


He hope that nothing bad had happened to her.


She could have just stayed back.


Michel had nothing running on his mind.


He made sure that nothing was but deep within him, he knew he was feeling worried which he will never want to admit…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com







“Thanks aunty for looking after me. I promise to find Rose and Tenten soon. Don’t worry about going with me. You have to go to work this morning. It’s okay. I will do this alone.” Mona said as she was ready to leave Mrs Jones house with Blue.


“Are you sure that you can do this alone Mona?” Mrs Jones asked.


“Yes ma. I almost succeeded yesterday if not for Leo who showed up. Today, I must succeed.” She said.


“Be careful Mona, call me if anything comes up or go wrong okay?” Mrs Jones said.


“I will, take care of yourself Mrs Jones.” Mona said, bowed and left.



Heading to Silver House.


One thing is that she want to see Jeff and all the Spark5 members.




She wondered what he wore that morning?


He always look arrogantly hot even in the early mornings.


Why’s such a guy arrogant and handsome at the sake time. It’s so annoying.


Mona hit her forehead. “Ah, why I’m I thinking about Michel.. That proud jerk!”


She touched Blue’s ear. “You okay?”


“Meow” answered Blue.




She got to the gate and peeped through the holes.


She knew that Zara and her colleague would be in already.


She pressed on the gate bell and soon the gate unlocked automatically and she went in





“She’s back!” Announced Mr Pack owers boys all looked at the window.


Michel who was still upstairs in the studio was the first to see her and immediately he did, he felt really annoyed and relieved at the same time.


Jeff had no idea when he rushed to the entrance door, opened it and came out.


“Are you okay Mona?” he asked.


Mona nodded, “Yes, I’m fine”




Michel suddenly felt like not staying in the studio anymore so he left downstairs and went straight to his room.


Zara and Mi soo were happy to see Mona except Shin hye.


Just as Mona was about going in, they heard noises at the gate.


The reporters finally came.


Mona looked at the faces of the people in front of her; Jeff, Best, J guy, TedyA, Mr Park, Manager Kim who just emerged from wherever, Zara and her colleagues.


She exhaled.

















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