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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 7

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







[Restaurant ]



“What would you like to eat?” Leo asked Mona Lisa after they settled down in the restaurant. There was no crowd in there at that moment.


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“Ehm, noodles.” Mona said.


“You don’t eat expensive meals?” Leo asked with a smile.


Mona chuckled. “I don’t want to, since I owe you for helping me at Thailand.”


Leo laughed out. “Oh my? Well, if you say so then you pay me with something.”


Mona looked up at him. “What’s that?”


“Pay for the meal,” he said with a smile.


Mona coughed.


“Are you okay?” Leo asked her.


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She nodded. “Yes, i’m very fine”


A waitress came at that moment with a Menu.


“Welcome sir. What would you like?” she said and gave the Menu to Leo.


The meal he selected for both of them were very expensive that Mona tried rejecting.


“No, I said noodles..” she said to him.


Wait, she have no money with her anyways. How would she even pay for an instant noodles?


The waitress looked at Leo.


Leo chuckled. “That’s okay. I’m paying for this one. You owe me a plate of noodles next time.” he said to Mona who sighed in relief. Leo waved at the waitress and she went to get their order.


“You looked scared when I said you pay for the meal.” Leo said.


Mona Lisa gave a chuckle and stuttered, “I..I.. Actually I have no money with me here…so I was..I..”


Leo cut in with a smile. “That’s okay. I pay for this one but you owe me a plate of instant noodles next time, okay?”


Mona nodded. “That’s fine. At least I can buy that one.”


Leo smiled.


Looking at her eyes and lips gives him wild thoughts. Things he’d wanna do with this beautiful lady sitting with him.


Even though he can’t wait for all the moments, he doesn’t have to rush about it. He knows how to get what he wants and he will surely make her his. Whatever it takes.



Well, it doesn’t have to take much anyways.. Not like she’s some wealthy daughter of a billionaire or a superstar.


Once he showers her with a little care, money and gifts. He’s sure she’d do whatever he wants.


The thoughts gave him an exciting chill and he couldn’t help the smile that showed up on his handsome face.


“I just remembered that you have a sweet looking cat named blue. What about her?” he asked.


“Oh, ehm.. Actually…” What do she say? She cant tell him about her situation right now. Not when it involves Spark5.


“What’s that?” Leo asked.


The waitress decided to show up that moment with their oder.


She placed them on the table, opened the wine.


Mona swallowed at the type of rich delicacy in front of her.


She would have eaten this type in the morning but lost appetite when the flower boys complained about it being spicy.


She tried thinking if she had ever tasted such meal in her life.


Maybe when she was young and her parents were still alive and wealthy. When her dad wealth crumbled, nothing similar to this meal was eaten in silver house.


She remembered that one morning, when her mom told her dad to sell silver house so they can survive and that day was hell. Her dad almost beat her mom for mentioning such.


To her dad, silver house is a priceless treasure that can’t be bought with money.


“We will survive without selling silver house!” he had barked at her mom.


“Please enjoy,” said the Waitress and then she left.


“Eat up and have a drink,” Leo said to Mona with a smile.


Mona picked up the fork and stared at the five dishes.


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“Thank you,” she said and began eating.


‘Oh my! delicious..!” she gasped within.


“So I asked about your cat, Blue?” Leo said.


“She’s fine. She’s with an aunt,” Mona said.


“Oh Okay. I wish to see her. When we meet next, bring her with you please.” Leo said.


“Okay, I will,” Mona said.


Leo noticed the way she was eating the meal.


She she very hungry.


“You like it?” he asked.


Mona nodded. “Yes I do.”


“You should try the wine, you haven’t taken any.” he said and poured wine into her glass.


“Okay,” she said, grabbed the glass and gulped it down.


It was too sweet.


“You like it?” Leo asked. He wasn’t surprised she gulped down all the wine in the glass.


“Yes, it’s very sweet.” she said.


“You can have more,” he said and poured more into her glass.


Mona nodded, drank a little and continued with the meal.


Leo’s eyes were on her.


He is just too interested in this lady in front of him.


He can’t wait to have her as his.


Then he got a phone call. His manager, Bryan.


He picked up.


“What’s that Bryan?” he questioned.


“The director wanna have a word with you. He needs your presence for a few minutes.” Bryan said.


“Alright, I will be out in a minute.” Leo said and ended the call.


He checked the time on his wristwatch. ‘6:35pm’


Dropping his fork, he said to Mona, “Pardon me, I’ll be back in three minutes.”


“Okay,” Mona said.


Leo left and Mona relaxed more to finish up her meal.


She finished up in few minutes and yet Leo haven’t returned.


She have to wait for him anyways, it was dark already.


She didn’t have her phone with her.


She began drinking the wine. Glass after glass.


She totally forgot what wine did to her on the plane to Thailand.


The wine was really sweet, so she kept drinking.


And then it began getting to her head.


“Where’s this guy? Don’t he know that I’m a frustrated lady, looking for how to get what belongs to her huh!? Ahhhhgh!” she said with a long sigh.


She poured another glass and drank.


“Ahh my eyes are turning. I feel like sleeping on a queen sized bed, on a very comfy and smooth sheet, covered in rose pink duvet with Blue sleeping beside me,” she said out that people close to her heard her.


Eyes fell on her but she had no idea.



She slapped her head.. “Ohhhhh.. I better find him. I Can’t keep sitting in this place. Waiting for…what’s his name? Have I forgotten? Oh Leo, yes Leo Bethel.”


Gu Jack heard the name Leo and looked at her.


He had come into the restaurant about ten minutes ago and his table was after Mona’s.


‘Leo Bethel? Do she mean Leo Bethel?’ he wondered as he looked at her. He watched her gulp the last glass, drop the class noisily on the table and stood up. First, she staggered back but caught her self.


‘Leo Bethel? He had a movie shoot today in this area. Could it be him that this lady just mentioned? If it’s him, what would he be doing with this type of lady when he has Li Sugar? I have to find out.’ With that, he stood up and headed towards her, while Mona was managing her steps, Gu Jack intentionally bumped into her and as she tried falling, he caught her.


“Oh.. Pardon me, I’m very sorry.” he said.


Mona who was now dizzy and drunk and still in his arms chuckled.


“No wonder you wear glasses.. Now get your hands off me, I need to find Leo. I need to tell him that I’m leaving and thank him for the meal he bought and oh..the sweet wine as well.” she said in a drunkard state.


‘This is interesting’ Jack said within.


“No, you need to sit down and wait for him. I’m sure he will be back in no time.


Come on. I will help you.” he said and helped her back to the seat.


“Ahhhhsh.” Mona sighed.


Gu Jack grabbed a seat opposite her and sat down, facing her.


“I must confess, you are a very beautiful woman. And doesn’t deserve to be kept waiting. Your man should hurry up before another man grabs you.” Gu Jack said.



“He’s not my man!. We are just friends. Why are you even here? Who are you to talk to me huh?” Mona said rudely.


“He’s not your man? I heard you call him Leo Bethel. Is he actor Leo Bethel? If he is, then you must be very lucky to have him as a friend. Is he?” Gu Jack asked.


Mona was about to say something when she heard Leo’s voice. “Miss Mona Lisa, I’m so sorry for staying an hour.”


‘Wow, it’s him. Leo Bethel’ Gu Jack smiled and turned to Leo.


Leo saw him and sighed. ‘This a**hole wizard’


Why’s he sitting here with Mona Lisa?


“Hello Leo Bethel, you kept your beautiful friend waiting..” Jack said to Leo with a smile.


“Gu Jack, it’s been a while.” Leo said and they shook hands. Leo went to Mona and noticing her state of drunkenness, he placed his hands on her shoulder.


“I was waiting and waiting.” Mona said.


“I’m very sorry. Come, you took a lot of wine. I will take you home.” Leo said and helped her up.


“Be careful. She’s pretty much drunk. You can just take her to your house and then tomorrow morning she leaves.” Gu Jack said.


Leo eyed him. ‘You jerk! Why are you even here’


“No, I will take her home.” Leo said and off they headed out of the restaurant.


Gu jack shrugged with a smile as he watched them leave.


He had already taken two pictures of them with his phone without their notice.


“This one look interesting. Things are becoming interesting.” he muttered with a curious smile.





Leo and Bryan helped Mona into the car and soon they were on the road with Bryan driving and Leo at the backseat with Mona Lisa.


“Can you tell me your address? I will take you home.” Leo said.


Mona’s head was on his right shoulder.


Mona was almost sleeping off but she heard what he said and knew there is no way she was going to tell him silver house address.


What would she do?


Ohhh that wine. She would reject it a thousand times if it ever show up in her face again!


“Mona Lisa? Can you hear me?” he asked.


‘I can, but I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t give you silver house address.’


“If you don’t wanna tell me, I can take you to my house then you leave in the morning OK.” Leo said, wishing she’d say ‘Okay’ or nothing at all, or just sleep off but his wishes never came as she suddenly said. “House 105 Cha AH, street.”




He sighed within.


Bryan awed.


He wasn’t expecting that. Every lady would die to have a night with Leo Bethel.


Just like they do.


Leo Bethel would never get a lady in his car without getting her on his bed that night.


“Okay,” Leo said. He wasn’t so disappointed and upset about it.


He had promised himself to take this slowly.


Mona herself that her head was on his shoulder and she pulled away.


How did her head get there?


She knows she is drunk but not to the extent of her head laying on his shoulder.


“Pleased take me to House 105 Cha AH street” she repeated.


“I will,” Leo said.


Mona tried her best not to sleep off.







[Silver House ]



All the flower boys except Michel were at the sitting room with their first manager, Mr Kim. Mr Park their assistant manager had gone to find Mona.


Jeff was restless. He kept looking at the time.


It was 7:40pm.


He had wanted to go with Mr Park but he wasn’t allowed to.


The other flower boys were worried as well even though they acted like they weren’t but it was all written on Jeff’s face and even his body that he was deeply worried about Mona Lisa.


Manager Kim kept making calls with the industry and with Mr Park.



I haven’t found her. She is no where around this area. Mr Park said.



Where could she be? What if she had gone to the police to make reports! Manager Kim said.



We hope not. I should look for her for another one hour. If I don’t see her then we have to wait until tomorrow. We get contact with the agent and we get Mr Tenten. Mr Park said.


Let me speak with Director Thomson.


Manager Kim said and ended the call. Then made a call to Director of Xspark.


When the call ended, he came back to the flower boys.


“Where’s Michel?” he asked.


“He’s been at the studio room for hours now.” TedyA said.


“Spark just confirmed this Miss Mona Lisa as the same lady that he had a bad encounter with on his flight to Bangkok.” Manager Kim said.


Well all the flower boys already knew that.


“He had a bad encounter with her, not only on the plane but also at the same hotel that Michel lodged. This lady could be an insane woman, a stalker or worse, a spy. How could she get the same seat with Michel at the plane and then the same hotel and now, this house. Xspark are trying to get Mr Tenten and the agent. Once they give a confirmation that the lady is lying, she’s going to be arrested.” Manager Kim said.


“She isn’t lying. She’s telling the truth.” Jeff said.


“How do you know she is telling the truth Jeff?” Manager Kim asked.


“There’s a family picture of her, her brother, Tenten and her parents.” Jeff said.


“That’s not a proof.” Manager Kim said and walked away to make another call.


Jeff sat down with a sigh.




Michel had pulled an office chair close to the window and sat there.


He haven’t left the studio room since he went there.


His eyes had been at the window, he’s been drinking wine and chewing- his best companion, and staring out the window.



He wasn’t feeling hungry but dejected.. Something far from his pain and heartbreak was making him uncomfortably unhappy.


He had tried leaving the studio room but he couldn’t.


The flower boys should be having their practice right now but none of them was in there, just him and that was what he wanted. Just him, staring at the window for hours. Like a little child waiting for his mother to come home.


What does that mean?


It Can’t be. He’s sure it’s one of those bad days that he’d sit by the window and stare out for hours. He’s just having a bad day like usual.


He removed the blue hair band on his wrist and packed up his blue hair with it.


[Written by Rejoice Jeremiah✅]







[House 105, Cha AH]


Bryan pulled up at Rose’s house which is House 105.


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“This is your House?” Leo asked.


“No..no..My aunty.” Mona said amidst dizziness.


“Oh, the one who’s with Blue?” Leo asked.


“Yes.. Thanks..for the ride and the meal. I would leave now.” Mona said and managed to open the car door with half closed eyes.


“You can’t walk alone in this state, I will help you.” Leo said.


“No, I’m fine. Thank you” Mona said and came down from the car. Leo came out too and was able to catch her when she staggered back.


Rose’s mom who was returning from dropping bins saw them and rushed towards.



“Mona Lisa are you okay?” Mrs Jone (Rose mom) asked.


Mona nodded.


“She got a little drunk from taking much wine. Are you her aunty?” Leo asked.


“Yes I am. It’s okay, I will help her in from here.” Mrs Jone said.


Leo let go. “Alright ma’am. Thank you.” he said with a bow.


“It’s okay. Thank you for bringing her here.” Mrs Jone said.


Leo nodded.


“Goodnight Mona Lisa.” he said and went back into his car.


“Don’t drive until they are in.” he said to Bryan.


“Unfortunate that I couldn’t get her contact. Well I know where to find her next time.” he said with a smile.


Once the door closed, Bryan drove off.


Leo took out his phone and made a call to Lia, his call girl.


She picked up on the third ring.



Who are you busy f**king? he asked.



No one, you need me? Lia asked.



Why would I call you if I don’t? Leo said.



Damn you, I’ll be at your door in twenty minutes she said.


He ended the call.


“Is that Lia?” Bryan asked.


“Yeah.. That girl’s too good to get sacked off my bed.” Leo said and they both laughed.


“And what about her, Mona Lisa?” Bryan asked.


“She’s gonna be on my mind all through the night.” Leo said.


Bryan smiled.







Everyone came to the studio room to check Michel and when they met him in that usual state, they left.


Once he is in that state, he doesn’t love to be disturbed.


Thirty minutes later, Jeff returned to the studio room with a bottle of wine and glass.


He got a chair close to Michel and sat down.


“The wine you have had finished up. You should have more if you want.” Jeff said after pouring himself a glass and poured into Michel’s empty glass too. Then joined Michel ad they stared out the window, watching the stars in the sky and the empty streets beautified with streetlights.


Michel took the glass and took a sip from it.


None of them said nothing as they took glass after glass of wine until it ran down.


Then suddenly Michel broke the silence. “Are you still waiting for Sung Nana??”


“She’s returning in few months time. I can’t wait to see her. It’s been ages,” Jeff said without taking his eyes off the window.


Silence took over.


When the bottle finally finished, Jeff glanced at Michel and smiled when he saw him sleeping.


“You know you have a lot of weight,” he said, exhaled and returned his eyes to the window.







Ten minutes later


[In Jeff room]


Jeff dropped Michel on his king sized bed and placed his hands on his knee to catch enough breath.


“Oh my.. It felt like I carried a full bag of grain.” he said.


After catching enough breath, he walked over to the other side, laid down and covered both of them with the duvet.


“Don’t be too surprised when you get up. I couldn’t move any further. You were just too heavy,” Jeff said before turning off the lights.















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