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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 2

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EPISODE 2 (unedited)


Season 2 {MISS COOK }







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“Seho see this..” Gu Jack gave the camera to his partner, Seho.


“What’s that? Is it about Actor Kang seo Bin?” Seho asked.


“Just check and quit asking questions. Kang Seo Bin is proving stubborn. I think he really want those pictures spreading, it won’t be healthy at all once it does.” Jack said.


“30million won is a small cash, why’s he proving stubborn.” Seho said.. “..maybe he has written a death wish already.”


“He negotiating.” Jack said.


“Public the photos then.. That guy is annoying.” Seho said.



“I think I will.. check the photos while I give him a call.” Jack said, stood up and went a bit away to put a call through their prey, Actor Kang seo Bin.


Seho went through the pictures and gave a lopsided smile.

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“Li Sugar caught at flower boys house. Have she dumped Leo Bethel again and ran back to Kim Michel. Hmm quite interesting.. Big hit.”



Kang Seo Bin, I see that you take me for a joke. I’m publishing those photos in the next hour if you take me for a joke.” Jack said into the phone.


No, don’t.. Wipe out the photos permanently. Send your account details, I will make the transfer in the next twenty minutes.” Kang Seo Bin’s said.



Jack gave a wicked lopsided smile. Good. You made the right decision after all.”

He dropped the call, scoffed and walked back to Seho.


“We are expecting 20million in the next twenty minutes.” Jack said as he sat down and began sending his account details to him.


“Oh..I thought he had a death wish. He’d end up hanging himself. Anyways, these pictures look interesting.” Seho said.


“Yeah I think so.” Jack smiled.









Mona Lisa got to the gate of silver house and stopped. She had to think of weather to use the this gate or use the secret door.


She thought for awhile and shook her head in affirmative.



“Yes I will use this gate or they will suspect this time around and question me. I would just say that I’m here for my pet.”


She stood in front of the gate security button and pressed on the button.. then being aware that whoever that has gone to see her face would also hear her, she said, “I’m here for my cat. Im sure it’s in there.




It was TedyA who went to the gate security monitor to see who’s at the gate.


“She’s back for her cat.” he announced to the rest.


Jeff’s face lightened up at that.


Michel stood up and headed upstairs.


“I’m opening the gate, anyone saying no?” TedyA asked. No one answered. He pressed the automatic Gate Unlock and the gate opened.


Mona Lisa walked in and her eyes went to the swimming pool.


She sighed. “I rarely took care of the swimming pool but now, it’s looking so beautiful and clean..”


Her eyes went to the play ground and she exhaled. “Dad, what do I do. I’m back here just for Blue. I can’t do anything about the house without getting to Tenten.”


She climbed up to the door porch and pressed on the doorbell.


The door opened and it was opened by TedyA who gave her a monstrous and left the door. Mona sighed and walked in.


She wasn’t expecting to be let in but here she is in front of four of the flower boys. Seeing Jeff felt like seeing her savior but where is Michel? It’s nice that he isn’t here with them.



“Hey, that’s your cat over there.” Jeff said to her and just then, Blue came running to her. Mona carried it and patted the head.. “I’m sorry Blue..did you wait for so long? You must be very hungry, I’m so sorry.”


“It had enough milk.. I don’t think it’s hungry tho.” Jeff said.


TedyA, Best and J guy stared amusingly at Jeff as he seem to be conversing with Mona Lisa.


Mona bowed at Jeff. “Thank you so much for feeding her.”


Jeff shook his head. “I didn’t do that.. It was one of the maids.”


Mona raised her brows. “Huh..oh..okay. I..will take my leave now. I have to find my brother.. I don’t mind going through every street in this city. I have to find him to confirm my truth and to get silver house back.” she said and turned to leave.


The four boys gave each other eyes on who to stop here. Then the eyes ended up at Jeff.


“Go on..” Best whispered


“Go on..” J guy gave his eyes..


“Stop her.” TedyA whispered.


Mona Lisa was only a step away from the door when Jeff’s question halted her.


“You must be hungry, right?”


Mona tilted her head, not wanting to believe her ears.


‘Was that just Jeff’s voice asking if she’s hungry?’


“I’m sure you are..Why not get something to eat?” he added, confirming her thoughts.


Mona swallowed hard her saliva. Of course she is hungry but there’s no way she can eat here… wait a second..



This sound like an opportunity to stay an hour in silver house and maybe she can plead with them more.


No.. she shook her head.


There’s no way they would listen to her especially that…that….annoying.. What


name should she give him?


“The cook isn’t around yet… You can get something in the fridge.” Jeff said.


“Why using food? Do you know if she isn’t hungry?” TedyA whispered to Jeff.


“That’s the only thing I thought of.” Jeff whispered back.


Monalisa swallowed her saliva again… Sincerely, her stomachs was totally empty and even if it’s just one spoon of food. She’d rush at it but…


She turned to them.


“I’m.. not hungry, thank you.” she lied but her stomach choosed that very moment to expose her. It grumbled loudly which lasted for seconds. Mona sighed and placed her hand on her stomach.


“I will… leave now..I’m not hungry ” she said with embarrassment.


“I’m sure I heard that sound.. Is it from you Best?” Jeff asked.


Best eyed Jeff.. “My stomach can never cry that loud.


“It’s obviously the one who’s not hungry.” J guy said.


“I’m hungry too. It’s twelve already. Mr Park should be here soon.” TedyA said.


“Simple Ramen you can’t cook. Such a jerk from a rich family.” Jeff said and turned to Mona Lisa who’s face was down with embarrassment.


“If you can make noodles. There’s a lot of it in the cupboards.” Jeff said to her.



Mona sighed.. “No, I’m totally fine..I will just leave. I have someone to look for.” she said but Blue slipped out of her hand and ran off.


“Blue.. Where are you going?? Come back here. Blueee” she called and went after it.


“Seems the pet doesn’t want to leave.” J guy said.


“That old man should get here soon. I’m freaking out with that girl in here.” Best said.


“Im starting to think that she’s pretty.” J guy said.


Jeff gave him a cold glance. J guy raised his brows. “What’s that look?”


“What look?” Jeff asked.


“Ah, you two jerks. No one remember that we should call Manager Park huh..” Best said and picked his phone to call Mr Park.


“Argh I’m hungry.. Where did that psycho girl go?” TedyA said.



Hello Manager Park. The girl is back. When are you coming and we should be having our lunch by now. What’s that noise about?” Best said into the phone.



I’m tightly surrounded by reporters right now. They are asking about spark5 relocation. Don’t worry, I’m careful with the answers I give. I will get to you guys in the next hour or two. Don’t let her leave. Tell the others. Bye for now.” He said and the call dropped.


He turned to the others.


“What’s that? Is he on his way already?” TedyA asked.


“No.. our relocation has gotten to the public.. Manager park is surrounded by reporters right now and he might be arriving late.” Best answered.


TedyA sighed. “Ahhhh…I’m so hungry.”


“Michel should get informed about this.. We will start getting calls soonest.” J guy said.


“I will go do that.” Tedy said and ran upstairs.


J guy shook his head.


Mona Lisa came out from wherever she had been looking for Blue and wiped sweet off her face.


“I can’t find her..” she said.

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“Can you cook?” Best asked her.


“Huh? Me?” Mona Lisa asked.


“Yes, you.”


Mona cleared her throat.. “Well..” she scratched her blonde hair.. “…uh..I..”


“It’s ramen.. Just make Ramen.” Best said.


“I..said that I’m not hungry..” Mona said but her stomach came crying again. This time Best couldn’t hold back his laughter.


Mona shut her eyes in embarrassment. ‘Ahhhsh what’s this.. It’s embarrassing.’


“Go on..” Best said.


Mona opened her eyes and sneered at Best. “Why? Why should I?”


“I have no idea. I’m hungry.. Our manager might be arriving late.. You are the only lady in here now, so go on.” Best said.


“Please.” Jeff said.



Mona’s eyes caught with his and she exhaled. “I will. Sincerely, I’m hungry, much more than all of you.” she said.. “..but how much should I make?” she asked looking at their faces.


“Four of us… I don’t think Michel would want to eat.” Best said


“Plus me, five.” Mona said with a smile.


But why won’t Michel eat? Whatever.


“Look at her claiming she wasn’t hungry earlier.” Jeff said.


“I will go ask him. He might.” Best said and headed upstairs.


“I will go now.” Mona said and hurried to the kitchen.


She got to the kitchen and exhaled..


“Ah I shouldn’t be doing this but… I have no choice, I’m hungry.. Where’s the damn noodles.” she opened the cupboard and jerked back when she saw Blue in there.


“Blue.. What.. You were in here and I was looking for you huh.. You are being naughty, isn’t it.”


She carried her out and knocked her on the head. Blue cried out.


“Don’t be like this again, understood?”




J guy picked the remote and turned on the TV and a Livenews channel came on, showing a live report of Spark5 manager being surrounded by reporters throwing questions after questions.


J guy sighed. “The old folk has so many to answer.”







“Did she say she can cook it well enough?” TedyA asked Best.


“Why should I answer that. I’m off.” Best said and turned to Michel.


“Are you sure you don’t want to eat? Manager Park might be arriving late and you know we can’t make orders now.” Best said.


“Not anything made by that maniac.” Michel said and faced his laptop.


TedyA took Michel’s hand.”, Im sorry Hyung but i can’t go your side on this one..


When it comes to food. Do I have to care if the maniac made it or not.” he said.


Michel gave him a serious gaze “It’s good that you aren’t.”


“Hyungggg.. Don’t be upset with me.. I promise to always be on your side after this one.” TedyA said making a baby face.


Best sighed and walked out.








“You are here, Leo.” Director Kay said.


Leo nodded and sat down with a crossed leg and glanced at the man standing beside Director Kay.


The man bowed at him in greeting.


“This is Director Chae. He will be working with us on the new movie.” Director Kay said.


Leo stood up and stretched his hand to Mr Chae


They shook hands. Then Leo sat back down, Director Chae did too.


“Alright let’s begin..” Director Kay said.







Mona Lisa served the dishes on the dinning table including hers.


“The meal is ready..” She announced and settled down first.


TedyA was the first to get a seat and was already eating..


“Hmm you are so good on this.. You should live here and cook Ramen every day.” TedyA said.


“Stop talking trash.” Best said.


“This taste different.. Totally different. You must be a good cook, not just pretty.” J guy said.


‘What pretty?’ Mona thought.


Jeff gave J guy eyes.


“What’s that look about?” J guy asked.


“What look?” Jeff asked.


“This taste awesomely good.” TedyA said.


Best looked at Mona eating her meal.. “But.. wait, why is she eating on the dinning with us?” he asked.


They never thought of that.



“That’s true.”


“I was so enjoying the meal. I didnt even think of that.”


They all turned to Mona except Jeff who focused on his meal.


Mona Lisa wanted to say something but got choked.


“Here.” Jeff gave her water.


She drank and got better. “Thank you.” she said.


“I wonder when Manager Park will be here.” Best said.







Leo was going through the script when a particular scene made him remember the girl he met at Thailand.


In this scene, he acting the character of Lee Ahn will meet the female main character, Maya on a beach where she harasses him due to some reason, then later on, she looses her purse and he pays for her transport on a condition.


He has no idea why this reminds him of the girl. Maybe he just have to find her by any means.


He doesn’t usually think of women for too long but this particular woman has been on his mind..




He has to find out..








“That was over delicious.. Mona Lisa. Can you make it again tonight?” TedyA asked.


J guy hit his head. “Does she in anyway look like the cook in the hospital?


“I wish she do.” TedyA said.


“Thanks Mona for the food.” Jeff said.


Mona smiled. “You don’t have to..thank me.”




Michel’s phone began ringing.


He picked it up. It was Manager Park.



Hello, Michel.. I can’t get to you guys until tomorrow morning. The girl, I’m certain she’s a good cook. Let her make you guys lunch and dinner.”


“What? Why?” Michel asked.



Director Xio said so.. he said I’d be followed and the girl might see them and spit things if reporters trace me. I will see you guys tomorrow morning. Tell the others. Please remember don’t order foods.”


“What? That maniac?”


The call dropped.



Manager Park.. Hello?”



“What… That annoying girl..! Ahhrgh.. I’m so hungry.. I was expecting him already. Argh this is annoying..”








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