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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 19

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Semi Finale



Season 2 {MISS COOK


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At her private moment with Jeff in the kitchen, she had also told him that she wouldn’t be going to the party and she was going to Leo to ask some questions.


All the idols had breakfast except Michel who Mona didn’t find at the sitting room again when she returned to the dinning to serve the meals.


She was glad that none of them gave complains about the meal.


She went upstairs with Blue and to the bathroom to have her bathe.

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As she was busy in the bathroom, her thought were on all she was going to say to Leo Bethel and what he might say in return.


There’s nothing else she can to but to go him and talk things out.


Hurting spark5 is what she would never dream to.




Jeff got done with his breakfast then carried Michel’s meal and headed upstairs.


If there’s anyone among the four members who Michel would at least listen to, it’s Jeff.


They share a strong bond of friendship.


Michel was the reason behind Jeff’s success and Jeff had never stopped being appreciative…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


He got to Michel’s door and knocked but got no a swear so he slowly opened the door and went in.


Michel sat on the recliner chair in his room, opposite the sofa with his legs stretched out and his headphone on his ears.


His head was relaxed at the seat back rest and he had his eyes closed with a glass of wine beside and five green apples in a plate close to the wine.


Jeff sighed. ‘He acts like he don’t get hungry!’



He walked to the table and dropped the tray of covered meal.


“I won’t eat that,” Michel said without opening his eyes making Jeff wonder how


he knew that he came with a meal.


‘Oh maybe the aroma’ he guesses.


“You have to eat it Michel,” Jeff said and settled down on the sofa, facing Michel.


Silence took over but Jeff broke it a minute later.


“I talked with Mona Lisa and she assured me that there’s nothing to be scared about her friendship with Leo..”


Michel cut in with a scoff, “You say afraid? She think I am or that Xspark is afraid of her friendship with him?”


“That’s not what she mean and isn’t it even the truth. Leo was a great misfortune to us. He nearly ruined Xspark with everything he did but Xspark was so strong and many had our back that he never succeeded. The truth is that, we all are scared of him and don’t want to have anything to do with him never again…”


Michel opened his eyes. “And that is the reason why that girl shouldn’t have anything to do with him. Don’t tell me you trust that manic so fully?”


Jeff shook his head, “Michel I trust Mona Lisa. She had our back. She lied just to protect Spark5. It wasn’t an easy thing to do. She deserve our trust.”


“Don’t forget we don’t trust anybody. We don’t give anybody any chance. We don’t speak secrets to anyone, no matter who! It seem that you are forgetting all of this. You are forgetting about Leo Bethel. It was last two years. It could happen again if we give anyone chance,” Michel said.


“I’m aware of all that and I can never forget. I know how much Spark5 mean to you and to us all and we want to try our best to protect it and get it to the topmost which we haven’t failed to do but Mona Lisa can’t hurt spark5. She is a very fragile human.. You might not believe because of how bold and strong she might appear



but deep inside her, she is so emotionally fragile and won’t hurt not even a fly,” Jeff said.


Michel picked an apple and began eating.


“Don’t eat just that when I brought you your meal,” Jeff said and tried collecting the apple from his hand but Michel took his hand up. “What are you doing?” he asked Jeff who laughed.


“Trying to make you eat and I think I just heard your stomach cry out of hunger,” Jeff said.


Michel chuckled. “Why will my stomach do that? Just leave.” But this time his stomach grumbled louder and Jeff erupted into laughter.


“I didn’t heard wrong after all,” Jeff said amidst laughter.


Michel rolled his eyes and continued eating the apple.


Jeff stood up. “I should leave you with the meal. Please eat it, thank you,” he said and walked out of the room.


Michel glanced at the meal, looked away and continued with the apple.


But then the door opened and Jeff returned with curious eyes.


“We are supposed to get a call from Xspark by now right?” Jeff asked.


“For what?” Michel asked.


Jeff raised his brows. “You haven’t told them about it right?”


“What’s that?” Michel asked, pretending he didn’t know what he asked about.


“Come on Michel, about Mona and Leo,” Jeff said.


Michel stared at the apple in his hand.. “Yeah, I haven’t but I will,” he said.


Jeff smiled. “Thank you Michel.”



“What are you thanking me for?” Michel asked, looking at him.


“For having a little trust in Mona Lisa,” Jeff said and before Michel could say anything, Jeff ran out of his room.


Michel scoffed. “Little trust on who..That maniac?”


Then he narrowed his brows. “But why haven’t I called Xspark?”


He picked his phone to make a call to them but then dropped it back, next to the tray. His hand brushed on the plate and it uncovered.


The Aroma filled up his nostril and his stomach grumbled with hunger.


The Apples didn’t help matters. He have no choice!


Soon, he was munching on the meal.


It wasn’t bad at all, but there’s no way he would admit that.


“Totally sour,” he muttered but didn’t stop eating.




Mona Lisa descended down the staircase with her purse across her shoulder and Blue in her hands.


J guy, Jeff and TedyA were at the sitting room, busy with Television but they all to her when she got to the sitting room.


She was on a cream colored skirt which stopped before her knees and a pink short sleeved top. Her hair was packed in a ponytail with a pink hair band. On her feet were pink sandals.


The flower boys stared at her, waiting for her to say were she was going.


Her eyes met with Jeff’s and he gave her a sign to tell them the truth.


“I’m going to meet with Leo and ask him questions about his friendship with me..


I want to know why he’s trying to help me and know what he’d want in return.


His answers would determine if I would still be friends with him or not,” She said.


“Call off your friendship with Leo Bethel, that is what we want to hear,” J guy said.


“You don’t need to go see him. You can use your phone,” TedyA said.


“No, I have to meet with him. I’m sorry, but I have to… ” she said and began heading to the door.


When she got to the door, she stopped and turned to them.


“I want to earn your trust and you should trust me. I will not do anything to hurt Spark5,” she said and with that, she walked out.


Jeff smiled.


“I feel something odd,” J guy said.


“Me too,” TedyA said.


They both turned to Jeff.


“We should trust her,” Jeff said.


“Do you like her?” Both asked Jeff and Jeff widened his eyes at them. “What??”


“Do you like Mona Lisa?” TedyA asked.


“Please don’t, she’s mine,” J guy said.


“Yes, I like her,” Jeff said.


Both looked at him with smirky face.


“What about Nana?” J guy asked.


“And Nana?” TedyA asked.


Jeff laughed out. “I don’t mean that kind of likeness,” he said.


“Ohhh …good..” TedyA said.


“Nice, better!” J guy smiled. “So I can actually have my way.”


“Stop being a jerk,” Jeff said.


Just then, Best was seen rushing down the staircase with a face cap and a nose mask on. He was on black and white.


“What’s the matter B?” Jeff asked.


“I gotta see Angel. She’s damn hurt and if I don’t act fast, she’s breaking up with me,” Best said and rushed out of the house.


“Well, I think I forgot that Best is actually dating blinkQueen Angel,” J guy said.


“Me too,” TedyA said “Don’t you think it’s been months since Best mentioned her?”


“Yes, sure and he haven’t spoken about any other lady,” J guy said.


“Everyone isn’t you J guy,” TedyA said.


“Let’s wait for his return. We will ask him about it,” Jeff said.


“So Michel didn’t call Xspark?” J guy asked.


“I’m not surprised, Michel had always been a sweet and nice person,” TedyA said and J guy rolled his eyes at him.


Jeff smiled at that. “Yes you are right Michel.”


“Well you are right about the nice but you can’t add sweet, duh.. He’s turn totally cold,” J guy said.


TedyA sighed. “I agree with you J guy.”







[Lia’s residence]


Yora walked into Lia’s room and met Lia dressed up and applying makeups.


“Hey girl, where are you going?” Yora asked.


“Guess where?” Lia said as she was applying red lip gloss to her lips.


“Leo’s place of course” Yora said.


Lia smiled, “yes you are right.” she dropped the Lip gloss. “..but I’m going to see him without him telling me to,” she said.


Yora raised her brows. “Really? Why? I always knew that Leo calls you before you go to his house.”


“Yeah but today I need to break that rule because I want to let him know about my feelings for him,” Lia said.


“And you think it’s the right thing to do?” Yora said.


Lia turned to her. “Really? Yora you are always the one telling me to let him on about my feelings for him.”(Topster Stories) Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“Yeah I am but you going to his house without him calling, what if it turns out wrong. At least if you wanna let him know about your feeling, it should be on a good time,” Yora said.


“I don’t care about that. I have to show him that I broke the rule just to let him know my feelings for him,” Yora said.


Yora patted her shoulder. “Do whatever you want to do dear friend but be careful, I got your back anytime.”… Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


Lia smiled and hugged her. “Thank you baby girl. I gotta go now, see you later.” She grabbed her hand bag and left.



[Written by Rejoice Jeremiah✅]






The cab pulled to the front of Leo’ gate and Mona went down and closed the door.


The cab drove away and Mona walked to the gate.


Just then, a white car that was a distance away, driving towards stopped.


Mona took out her phone and checked the house address again and it matched. She then pressed on the gate bell button and waited.


Lia watched from her car windscreen as Mona Lisa waited for the gate to be opened.


She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel as the whole of her system was filling up with anger.


A black tiny screen at the gate bell suddenly came on with a green light, announcing to Mona that the gate had been unlocked. Just the same as Silver house.


Mona opened the gate and went in, closing it back.


She looked around and marveled at the beautiful place.


It was beautiful but can’t be compared to silver house.


There’s small pool by the left and a driveway that lead to the building.


The building is painted dark grey and white and it’s just single storey but big enough.


As she was heading to the building, the entrance door opened and Leo in a white sweater and black trouser appeared.


Her heart suddenly began beating on seeing him but he was smiling sweetly at her or wasn’t it sweetly?


She felt scared. Scared that he has something bad in his mind or maybe not.


She just don’t know what was in his mind and that scared him.


She doesn’t want Spark5 hurt the second time.




Lia made a call to Yora and Yora picked up at the fifth ring.



Sorry girl I was in the toilet, what’s that?” Yora asked.



I saw that girl, Mona Lisa enter Leo’s house. Lia said.



Wow, this doesn’t sound like a good news. Where did you see her?



I was driving towards his gate when I saw her already standing by the gate. I had to stop my car and watch her enter. She’s still there


Geez! So what are you gonna do? You can’t go in there when she’s in there. You have to leave or something.


I can’t. I will stay right here and watch her come out, whatever time it would be.


I must see Leo today.



Girl, I hope you making the right decision. Be careful okay,



I will. Bye Lia dropped the call and relaxed back on the seat.




“Hey Mona, you look beautiful as always,” Leo said as she got to him.


Mona inhaled and exhaled, trying to calm her nervousness down.


“Hi Leo,” she said with a bow.



“I’m glad you brought Blue along,” Leo said and carried Blue. “She will be glad to make new friends.”


Mona smiled nervously and Leo could see that she was nervous or rather scared.


She wasn’t relaxed.


“Come in,” he said and she nodded.


He let her in and he closed the door.


Kit and the two others rushed to Leo and Mona marveled at how many cats he has.


Leo laughed and squatted down to introduce Blue to them and vise versa.


“Hey cuties, meet my friend, Blue.. She’s very pretty and friendly… And Blue, meet Kit, Boo and Tinker. I hope you all become friends. You guys be good to Blue okay,” Leo said and dropped Blue. “Alright, shake each other,” he said and began making each one touch Blue and was laughing as he did so.


Mona stared at Leo and liked what he was doing.


‘He seem so cool, nice and amazing. Why would someone like this be dangerous?


Xspark said that he betrayed them. What of his own side of the story?


What if in anyway, he was hurt in someway by them and then he had no choice but to revenge?


He seem so cool and so handsome too. He doesn’t appear like he can even hurt a fly’


He stood up and turned to her with a smile.


“They are already friends,” he told her and Mona looked at the four cats and saw how they were already playing with each other.


She looked back at him and nodded. “Yes they are, th…thanks to you.”


Leo chuckled and slide his hands into his pocket as he walked to where she sat.


“What would you like to have?” he asked her.


“Any…anything that isn’t alcoholic,” she said.



“Alright.. Give me a minute,” he said and walked away, using a door which looked like the kitchen door.


Mona looked around the sitting room and admired how beautiful it was even though it’s not any close to the Spark5’s, it was beautiful. His pictures and the pictures of his cats were everywhere on the wall but something was missing, family pictures and pictures of Li Sugar.




Leo returned with a juice, a wine and two glasses.


He dropped them on the table and poured the juice into one of the glasses and passed it to Mona.


“Thank you,” Mona said and held the glass with two hands.


Leo sat down on another couch beside and poured himself a wine.


He looked at her and decided to ask. “You look tense, why?”


Mona shook her head. “I’m not. I..I just want us to talk…about, you know.. about what you told me earlier,” she stuttered and caused herself within for sounding so nervous.


‘Mona be strong and do this.’ She told herself.


Leo took a sip from the glass and shrugged. “Alright, but relax and take the drink. There’s nothing that you need to be tensed about. We are friends and we would talk things out besides I should be the one tensed here for knowing what I shouldn’t know without you even telling it to me,” he said and took another sip.


Mona began gulping down all the juice in the glass and Leo watched her, amused.


She finished it up and dropped the glass noisely on the table.


“Now, let’s talk about it!” she said like someone who suddenly got possessed by a morale spirit.


She looked at him and asked, “First, how did you find out?”



Leo was amazed by the way she was acting. “Wow Mona, you will never stop amazing me. Why not pour yourself another drink and relax?”


“I’m relaxed,” she said.


Leo shrugged. “Alright then. I will tell you..”






[Tenten’s residence, Busan]


“Wow, this is really delicious. You are very good cook Mr Tenten,” Gu Jack said as he munched on the delicious meal prepared by Tenten.


“Of course, I’m a very good cook. I’m always preparing meal in the house. My sister isn’t a good cook. She either add too much spice or salt. She’s only good at eating and cleaning up,” Tenten said.


Gu Jack smiled and looked at Rose who was busy eating.


“You are a very lucky lady Rose, your fiancé is really taking care of you,” Gu Jack said.


Rose smiled. “Yes he is.”


“But you should do this sometimes too. It’s good if you cook sometimes too,” Gu Jack said and Rose rolled her eyes.


Tenten laughed. “No no I have no problem with being the cook at all. My girlf….”


Rose hit her leg on his and he changed what he was about to say, “…my wife only need to relax and I can’t let her stress herself at all.”


Gu Jack smiled. “That’s very nice of you Tenten. Anyway, I want you to tell you that I will be traveling to Nam-gu to see my family. I might spend a week or so there since my mother is very ill,” he said.



“Oh… We are very sorry about your mother’s illness. I and my wife will be praying for her quick recovery,” Tenten said and Rose eyed him.


“Thank you so much, I appreciate your kindness.” Gu Jack said and smiled triumphantly within.






[Leo’s residence]


Mona couldn’t believe what Leo Bethel told her.


She was beyond shocked and was only staring at him with wide eyes.


“Look Mona, I apologize for doing such thing but if you look at it, you will see that I wanted to know the truth and help you. My instincts kept telling me that Xspark might have forced you to keep quiet in one way or the other. Xspark is very dangerous and is capable of doing anything. I never sent the person to your brother to get the truth and hurt Xspark but to help you, get silver house back. You can’t blame your brother for whatever he did. He was confused on what to do at the situation and when he couldn’t think of anything else, he tricked you and sold the house and he did that because he knows you will never accept to sell silver house. You can’t fight your brother now but fight to get silver house back and it’s very simple, just pay them back their money and silver house is yours again,” Leo said.


“Where is my brother right now since you know where he is?” Mona asked.


“Well I can’t tell you unless you accept to do something for me,” Leo asked and Mona raised her brows at him .


She immediately remembered what Jeff had told her ‘Leo never help anyone without wanting something in return.


He just told her that doing something for him will make him tell her about her brother’s whereabout.


Mona inhaled. “What is it?” she asked.



“It’s nothing bad… just make yourself present in the Seoh Dani’s party,” he said and Mona widened her eyes.


“Why should I really be there? What’s really special about me being in the party?” Mona asked.


“Nothing is going to happen… What I mean is that whatever that is going to happen has nothing to do with Spark5. I wouldn’t want to put them into troubles again. It has to do with just you and no other and that is why I want you there but if you say no…” he stood up and slid his right hand in his pocket and the left holding the glass wine. Mona watched him. “…then Spark5 will get involved.” he completed in a soft but threatening tone.


Mona’s heart skipped at that and she stood up.


“What do you mean by Spark5 will get involved if I don’t show up at the party?”


“It’s simple to understand. Show up in the party and I will do whatever you ask but don’t show, then you put Spark5 in a very big trouble,” he said and Mona slumped back on the couch, her head suddenly banging with severe headache. She placed her hands on the sides of her head with closed eyes.


Jeff was right!


Leo smiled and dropped the glass on the table.


“Are you okay?” he asked her.


She opened her eyes looked up at him. Leo could see the disappointment and sadness in her eyes.


“What have you been wanting from me all this while you’ve been promising to help me out with my dream?” Mona asked him.


Leo laughed. “Of course nothing. Well…” he removed his hand from his pants pocket and sat next to Mona and Mona stood up instantly.



Leo smiled. “..well… I like you Mona Lisa and I would never want to hurt you or anyone that you love. Please whatever Spark5 told you about me, you don’t have to believe and you can ask me anything and I will tell you. I’m not a monster,” he said.


“I have to leave now, I need to make lunch for the spark5. I’m leaving, bye…” Mona said and carried Blue that was playing with Leo’s cats.


“Meow..” Blue cried.


Leo stood up. “Let me get my car keys. I gotta drive you back,” he said.


Mona shook her head. “No! I can go by myself just like I came myself,” she said and headed to the door but Leo appeared in front of her and she moved back.


Leo sighed and scratched his right brow, “Relax Mona,” he said then placed his two hands on her shoulder.


“One thing I don’t want you to do is to be uncomfortable with me. I told you that I can not hurt you Mona Lisa cos you are very special to me..”


“Special to you?” Mona asked…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


He nodded. “Yes Mona, you are very special to me and you occupy the deepest place in my heart and of course I can’t hurt you because that would mean hurting my heart too. Just listen to me and be at the party and everything will be alright okay?”


Mona heart was beating so fast.


“I should go now,” she said.


Leo exhaled. “Alright. You can, thanks for coming to my house. I will be expecting you at the party,” he said.


She walked out and once she got out of the gate, she stopped to catch her breath.



“What is happening to me, what did I get myself into. What do Leo want me in the party for, what does he want from me!” she asked herself.


Lia sat up on seeing Mona.


She could see how uneasy Mona was and she wondered what must have happened in there.


She watched as Mona Lisa, with her cat in her hands walked toward, walked pass her car and headed down the road.


Lia waited for awhile then started the car and pulled up in Leo’s gate. She came down and pressed on the gate bell.


Leo got alarmed and raised his brows when he saw Lia’s face on the screen.


“What’s she doing here when I never called her to come?”







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