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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 18

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







[Silver House]


Mona Lisa couldn’t wait for 11pm to clock.


She needed to talk about her friendship with Leo to Jeff and tell him everything that he needs to know, including the birthday party.

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She headed to the pool and getting their, she settled down at the same spot and dropped her legs in the water.


She was in a bulky yellow polo and blue shorts.


Her beautiful blonde hair packed up in two bonds and her fringe combed nicely on her forehead.


She was with her phone and decided to just keep herself busy with it until he comes.


She couldn’t go to her blog cos she was scared about the readers comments about her not posting anything for weeks.


The critics would be too much so she just decided to play a comic game.


About thirty minutes later, she felt someone behind her and when she turned, it was Jeff.


He wore a black spark5 sweater with the hoodie on and a yellow short.

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When Mona Lisa looked at him, he smiled and removed his slippers then sat beside her and dropped his legs in the water.


“Aw it’s pretty cold,” he said.


“Yes it is,” she agreed.


In his hands were two glass of orange juice and he stretched one to her.


“Here,” he said and she took it.


“Thank you,” she said and took a sip.


Both stared at the water then Jeff transfered the glass of juice in his right hand to his left hand and gently took Mona’s hand and she looked at him and him at her.


“How do you feel?” he asked her.


“How?” she asked him.


“About what happened today,” Jeff said.


Mona shook her head. “I don’t know how I actually feel but I know I’m ready to say everything to Xspark,” she said.


“You don’t have to worry about Xspark,” Jeff said.


“But why?” Mona asked.


“Trust me,” Jeff said.


“Really?” she asked.


“Yeah and don’t you worry about Michel,” he said.


She shrugged and said, “But I have to still be ready for whatever that comes.”


Jeff squeezed her hand playfully and she gasped. “Ouch!”


“That’s for having a doubting mind about fully trusting me,” Jeff said.


“I have no doubting mind about trusting you,” Mona said and Jeff squeezed her hand again, Harder this time and she gasped again. “That hurt.”


“That’s for lying,” Jeff said and laughed. Mona joined him.


Mona stopped laughing and asked him, “How did you know that I doubt trusting you?”


Jeff sipped from his glass and with his eyes on hers, he answered, “Because I read people’s mind.”


Mona laughed and kicked his leg through the water and Jeff raised his brows at her, astonished.



“That’s for lying,” she said and Jeff couldn’t help the laughter that took over him. Mona smiled and faced the water. She let him get through with the laugh then she said, “I know it feels wrong seeing me with Leo Bethel.”


Jeff exhaled and released Mona’s hand. “Yes it is. None of us expected that.” he said.


“Actually I met him at Thailand. I was looking for Blue and then I found her with him. I was shocked and excited when I immediately recognized him as Actor Leo Bethel. We talked and spent few hours touring round the city. Then few days later, he helped me out when my reservation date expired. Like every one else, I knew he and Michel and Xspark are having issues.


The day I found out that Michel was in the same hotel I was, I was stranded and needed money for my flight back to Seoul and when I saw him, I felt like he is my savour not minding the mess I did to him at the airplane.


Actually Leo met him and it didn’t end well cos Michel was so enraged.


The next day, I went to Michel and begged him for money and after a little fight, he finally have it to me..”


“Little fight?” Jeff asked.


“Yes, actually he refused giving it to me and tried pushing me out of his suite which I refused and ended up biting him on his hand..”


“Oh that injury he had,” Jeff said, recalling.


“Yes but I was glad he finally gave me the money and I left. Leo and I never saw each other until few days ago when I went in search of my brother and I met him at an area where a movie shoot was going on and he was a special cast and since then, I’ve been going out with him and the reasons are because he found out I write and wanted to help me with my writing skill and also find someone who would buy my stories,” Mona said.


“Is that all?” Jeff asked.


Mona looked at him. “I..don’t..get?”



“Is that the only reason why you are seeing him?” Jeff asked.


“Yes, there’s nothing more. I can never discuss about Xsoark and Spark5 with him. I even lied to him about my brother tricking me and selling off silver house, I couldn’t tell him the truth,” Mona said.


Jeff took her hand again and faced her. “Mona Lisa, I appreciate your kindness towards Spark5 and I believe every of your word. I know you can’t hurt spark5. You have so much humanity and conscience in you which amazes me. Everything about you is adorable Mona…”


Mona inhaled. Why’s he praising her so much.


“…You are a strong, smart, kind lady and exceptional good. You are my friend Mona and I wouldn’t want to see you hurt or betrayed by anyone again after your brother did..”


Mona looked at him. “Betrayed by anyone again?” Mona asked, wondering where he was heading to.


“Yes.. Leo Bethel isn’t what you might think he is. Yes, he was nice to you and had been all this times, promising you all that you dream of but Mona, Leo isn’t someone you should trust and surrender all of your pain and happiness to. Leo is cunning and also dangerous. I’m not telling you so you can avoid him or stop being his friend or because Xspark wouldn’t want you seen with him but because I care about you and won’t keep quiet when I see danger lurking around you. Leo isn’t someone who would be very kind to you without having an intention and a way which you have to pay him back for his kindness and those ways are not always good..”… Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“What do you think he would ask from me in return?” Mona interrupted.


Jeff breathed out. “I can’t tell what it would be but it might turn out to be something you can’t give and you will be stuck! Mona, you have to be very careful with Leo Bethel and please never let him on whatever that have to do with Xspark no matter how hard he try to know..”



“Is he so dangerous?” Mona asked.


“He always find a way to come out right and decent but he is never so. He betrayed Michel by speaking ill about Spark5 and then sent the girl who tried seducing Michel so he could have his way with Li Sugar which he succeeded anyway. He always succeed in his evils and everyone still think he was right. Leo has the magic of getting people’s mind with his words. He would get yours and when you must have found out, he has done whatever he wanted to do with you..”


Mona breathed out. “That’s okay but what about my dream… I’m close to making it a reality with his help. How can I let this opportunity slide off my palm because of who Leo has been to Xspark and Michel.. He must have been bad to you guys but I don’t see him being bad to me. He just want to help me and that’s all,” Mona said.


“So you are not really going to be careful of Leo Bethel?” Jeff asked.


“I will.. I will be careful and I wouldn’t let anything go wrong,” Mona said.


“Just be careful Mona Lisa. Don’t let Leo do so much for you without asking him what he want in return. And if you want someone who would help lecture you in your writing skill and get your books to be sold, I can get someone for you Mona,”


“Who?” Mona asked.


“Do you know Kang Jae Nana?” Jeff asked.


“Yes.. She’s the writer of ‘Another Partner, Last Lover, A City Called Gura and others, I can’t keep calling them all,” Mona said.


“Won’t you like her to help you on your writing skill, she’s my good friend and a good friend to Spark5 too,” Jeff said.


Mona faced the water. “I would really love to be lectured by Kang Jae Nana and if you say that Leo Bethel is very dangerous then I think I will have to talk with him more about him wanting to help me with my dreams. I think nothing is actually free in this world..” She said.



Jeff smiled and squeezed her hand playfully. “I’m glad you reason things so well Mona. You aren’t ignorant.” he said.


“But if you also want to help me then what do you want in return?” Mona asked him and Jeff smiled.


“I just want you to be determined about achieving your dream and never stop being my friend and never stop being spark5 fan. Just this three things. Can you do them?” he asked.


“Three things sound too much but I will do them all,” she said.


Jeff smiled and raised his glass of juice. “Cheers to our friendship,” he said.


Mona laughed and raised hers too. They cheered.


“You are the nicest and most understanding among them all,” Mona said after taking a sip.


“All of us having our own good sides,” Jeff said.


“Yes I agree with you. Even Michel too!” Mona said with a roll of her eyes.


“Yes, Michel too,” Jeff said.


“There’s something else I haven’t told you,” Mona said.


“What’s that?” Jeff asked.


“Leo invited me to a birthday party. Seoh Dani’s,” she said.


Jeff exhaled.


“You could go if you want to. Michel would be there too,” he said and gulped down the rest of the juice in the glass.


“Only Michel?” she asked.


“Yeah,” Jeff answered.


Mona gulped down the rest of her own juice.




It was getting to 1am when they finally retired to their bedrooms.


Mona get into her room and dropped on the bed.


‘I’m I really going to go to this party.. There are so many things which would go wrong that I didn’t think about. What if reporters recognize me and start asking about how I got an invitation to the party? How would Michel feel when he sees me in the party and finds out that Leo got me the invitation card. What do I do because I really want to be there. Jeff said I could go if I want to but he really didn’t sound good when he said it. Maybe I shouldn’t go. I don’t think I should…..I’m so confused’





I don’t think I can make it to the party, Mona said into the phone.



She had woken up in the morning and calling Leo was the first thing she did. She had thought deeply about it last night and saw that a lot of questions would arise if she attends the party which was strictly on invites.


How was she able to get an invitation from Seoh Dani when she isn’t an actress or a friend to Seoh Dani or even related.


If she says that it was Leo Bethel then what would the next questions be?


How she is a friend to Xspark enemy?


So many thoughts ran through her mind that she concluded on not attending the party.



Why Mona?” Leo asked.



I don’t have the actual personality to be there. I don’t know what answers I’m going to give if reporters start asking me questions of how I was able to be in Seoh Dani’s birthday celebration party, Mona said.


Do you have to worry about that? I will be right beside you to answer all that Mona. I thought we are friends and I got you an invitation card because my friend wanted to be in the party, Leo said.


Mona sighed.


I just don’t want to be in the party anymore. I’m sorry I can’t make it, she said.


There came a silence which Leo broke.


You told Spark5 about it? Leo asked.



Yes I did because I’m an employee and need to have permission to leave the house, Mona said.


Mona Lisa you are letting them control you and this wasn’t what I expected. This people wronged you and should be pampering you instead of you bowing before them. I know everything Mona Lisa. I know you lied to the mass and me too to protect Xspark but how have they been protecting you?


Mona raised her brows, astonished. What are you talking about?



Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about Mona Lisa. You never sold silver house with your brother but got scammed by your brother and he sold the house in your absence. I know everything Mona and i’m here as a friend to help you get back what belongs to you but I’m confused on what you really want. Leo said, shocking Mona Lisa.


Ho..How…did you.. you know? Mona stuttered.



Leo chuckled, Nothing is hidden under the sun Mona.


From how I met you at Thailand and every other time we’ve spent together, talking… I used all that to find out the truth.


Mona rushed down from her bed, suddenly scared.


Her heart began beating fast and she couldn’t just tell why Leo knowing about the truth was getting her so scared.



You were stalking me? Did you pay anyone to stalk me? she asked as she slid into her slippers.


Blue rushed to her feet.



Ofcourse I can’t do that. But trust me Mona, you don’t need to panic. Everything is going to go great if you let me help you out, he said.


Mona suddenly remembered what Jeff told her about him last night.



And what if I tell you not to? she asked.



Of course you can’t say no, no one would be willing to do that for you but I’m here as a friend to help you out of every of your troubles, he said


Mona heart skipped. She wondered why his voice sound so deep and scary all of a sudden.


Just as a friend? she asked.



Of course or don’t you need my help as a friend? he asked.



I …I do. Mona stuttered.



Mona, listen to me. If you really want to get silver house back, then start that by coming to the party Leo said.



But…how does that has to do with me getting silver house back? she asked.



Just trust me and do what I say. Remember how your father trusted you with silver house. He won’t be happy if silver house isn’t returned to you. Think about it Mona Lisa and stop trying to protect Xspark but strive to get silver house back


We will talk later please, Mona said, ended the call and threw the phone on the bed.

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“He was stalking me. He was stalking me,” she said as she slapped her forehead and rushed out of her room straight to Jeff’s room. She knocked but there was no response.


She turned the doorknob and the door opened, she peeped in but there was no one in. She withdrew her head and closed back the door.


She went down the staircase but no one was in the sitting room but then she saw him and J guy through the windows. They were jogging outside.


She to rush to the door to head outside to him but then she halted on a second thought.


‘I can’t tell him this now. I have to sort it out with Leo. If Spark5 get to know that Leo knows the truth then they would finally hate me and even if Jeff believe me, the rest won’t believe that I never told him anything. I can’t hurt spark5 not even in my next world. I have to talk with Leo’


As she turned to head back upstairs, she saw Michel quietly climbing down the staircase. Not even a tiny noise of his slippers was heard.


He packed his pink hair in a ponytail and had a black hair band around his head. No much jewelry was on him except the tiny gold wrist chain on his right wrist and a tiny pink dot earrings on his ears.


He wore a black polo with a white and black sides strip tracksuit trouser. In his feet were white ankle socks and white slippers.



His eyes were focused on his phone as he slowly came down the staircase and Mona stood at her spot, lost staring at him.


He was the most handsome man she had ever saw so close to her but yet so far.


She was so lost in his beautiful presence that she totally forgot about her trouble and forgot herself too.


She imagined him coming towards her with his sweet smiles on and his dimples deep.


The wind suddenly begin and he shakes off the rubber holding his hair and his hair falls down to his neck in a very slow and sexy way.


The phone in his hands turns into a red rose as he matches romantically to her.


Her lips parts in a beautiful smile as he gets to her and she couldn’t wait to be handed the flower and be blessed with a soothing kiss from him which she licked her lips in anticipation.


“Get out of the way,” his cold voice suddenly said and Mona travelled back to reality and jumped off the way immediately. He opened the door and walked out.


Mona sighed and slapped her forehead. “What got into me? What got into me? What was I thinking!!”


She hurried upstairs, went into her room and collapsed on the bed, totally embarrassed.


Blue climbed on top her and Mona grabbed her.


“I’m so stupid to keep crushing on that cold jerk!” she cried out and hugged Blue tightly causing the pet to cry out.




“”Minutes later after she got herself, her thoughts went back to Leo Bethel and she picked her phone and called him again which he picked at the third ring.


Hello Mona, have you thought about it? Leo asked.



Can we meet today? Mona asked.



Sure. But it have to be in my house, Leo said.



Your house? Mona asked, with raised brows.



Yes. Don’t have a negative thought. You should trust me, I would never try to hurt you and there’s nothing wrong about you coming to my house, Leo said.


I..I just thought we should meet the place we’d meet,I just want to talk to you about something, Mona said


I know what you want to talk to me about Mona and believe me it would be better if we talk about it in a quiet place where no one would be around to hear us. You are very smart Mona and should get me, Leo said.


Mona inhaled.



Alright. I would come to your house. Please drop your address Mona said.



Don’t you worry, I have always come to pick you up and I won’t stop that today, Leo said.


No, no Please give me your address and I will come, Mona said, afraid that he will be seen by any of the flower boys especially Michel.


Alright. I will text it to you now,


Leo said.



Thank you, Mona said and dropped the call.


The next second, her phone beeped of a new SMS and opening it, it was Leo’s address.



She sighed. “I can do this, I can do it. Fighting!” she encouraged herself as she left the phone in her room, carried Blue and left the room.


She have to make breakfast.


At the corridor, she met TedyA and Best. She bowed to them and headed downstairs where she saw J guy and Jeff sitting together, staring at the laptop screen which J guy was operating and Michel sitting on a different couch with his eyes glued to his phone.


The television was on but no one was watching.


Mona quickly hurried to the kitchen to avoid Michel looking up and seeing her.


She was still embarrassed about what happened earlier.







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