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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 17

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







[At the restaurant]


“Here we are,” Leo said as they settled on a table.


Mona looked around. “Finally I entered this restaurant. I Never thought I would,” Mona said with an excited smile.

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“Why?” Leo asked, looking at her.


“Because it’s a VIP restaurant. You know that, everything about it is expensive,” Mona said.



Leo chuckled, just loving her outspokenness.


She’s just not the shy type.


She says whatever that is in her mind…. but except the one he really want to know.


Why she lied about selling silver house with her brother.


He wanted to tell her about finding out the truth but he felt like he should wait a little bit.


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“You know Mona Lisa,” Leo said and she looked at him directly.




“I love how lively you are. Anyone with you would never get bored,” he said.


Mona smiled. Feeling blessed by that. “Thank you,” she said.


A waiter walked to them, welcomed them and requested what they want via a menu.


Leo picked what he want and Mona said she would have same.


The waiter bowed and walked away to get their requests.


“You..you don’t talk about the instant noodles again,” Mona said.


Leo laughed. “Of course you still owe me that. Let’s have that next time. No excuse again,” he said.


Mona nodded even though she had no money with her. She will think of a way to get the money.


“Let’s eat,” he said.


But there was another thing on Mona’s mind.


“What about my…my story?” she asked.


“After the meal,” he said.


She nodded.


As they ate,


Leo broke the silence and asked. “Can you really cook?”


That was un expecting for Mona Lisa and luckily she had second thoughts of what to answer.


‘If she is an a*ssistant cook to the spark5 then she should know how to cook cos no one would employ someone who doesn’t know how to cook perfectly.. or should she tell him the truth that she isn’t really a good cook?’


“Are you thinking of what to answer?” Leo asked.


Mona cleared her throat. “I..do, I do but sometimes I make some little errors. That’s why I got employed as an a*ssistant cook,” she said and grabbed water to drink.


Leo smiled, understanding everything but he had to tease her a little. “I was once like a member of Spark5 and I know ninety percent of their inside and out.” he paused for a second to observe her facial expression and he saw she was a bit confused about where he was going.


“Yeah, everyone knew that,” she said, dropping the gla*ss of water.


Leo smiled, “I know Xspark very well and I know they would never employ a 90%. They would go for the 99.9% and so… I doubt if Xspark really employed you… Well if so, then they really did change,” he said.


Mona cleared her throat again.


Why’s he bringing this up?


Is he trying to test her or what?


“Yes yes…they did, if so and besides you said Spark5 and not Xspark.” Mona said.


“There’s no difference. It’s a company and it workers.” Leo said.


Mona inhaled.



“Well, let’s eat. We have your book to go over,” he said.


Mona nodded. “Yes”



“””””””” Three Hours Later “””””””””””””



“So the birthday party is from 7pm tomorrow. Sorry I won’t be able to pick you up but I know you would be able to get there, right?” Leo asked.


“Yes, I will,” Mona said excitedly.


She perfectly understood why he won’t be able to pick her up.


He pulled to a stop a bit far from silver house gate.


“You should go now, Blue must have really missed you,” Leo said.


“Yes she has,” Mona said.


He opened the glove box, took out some money and stretched it to her. “Have this for your transport fare tomorrow to the party,” he said.


Mona thought for a second.


Should she take the money or just leave it?


There’s no way she would find money for transport to the party and she has to be there.


She have to drop the whatever sudden pride and take the money…..but the money


seem too much for a transport fare.


“Take it, you don’t need to think twice. You will need it,” he said.


Mona chuckled and collected it. “Thank you. I really appreciate,” she said.


“It’s nothing. You should go now, and make them dinner,” he said.



Mona chuckled. “Yes, that’s right. And thanks for liking my book. It’s like a dream come true for me,” she said.


“There’s more coming Mona. Just trust me. You are with the right person.” Leo said.


Mona smiled. “Thank you Leo Bethel.”


Getting out of the car, she waved at him and headed to the gate. Leo watched her press on the bell button and the next minute, she was in.


“She’s just the type that I want. Beautiful, funny, talented.” he said and breathed out as fantasies filled up in his head.




At the third floor, the lights in the studio were dim and Michel could be seen sitting next to the window with a gla*ss of his favorite wine.


He tied multiple coloured bandana around his head and had his headphone on, listening to his favorite American singers – The Weekend and Justin Bieber. His eyes were focused outside the window.


He checked the time on his wristwatch from time to time. Then he heard the gate bell and he turned off the music. He waited, his eyes at the gate.


The gate opened and Mona Lisa in her blonde ponytail hair walked in.


He dropped the headphone to his neck making it curve around his neck, he dropped the wine gla*ss, stood up and walked out of the studio.




Mona walked into the sitting room and met the four flower boys, Jeff, TedyA, Best and J guy.


They sat on different couch and watching the a movie on the television screen with different snacks and drinks close to each of them.


She suddenly wondered who must have opened the gate for her and well her mind concluded it would be Jeff.


The four of them glanced at her as she entered but Jeff’s glance was longer.


She bowed at them. “Good evening sirs. I’m sorry I returned a bit late. I would head to the kitchen now,” she said and with that she began heading towards the kitchen.


“Ohh thank goodness the main cook is resuming tomorrow!” Best said out.


Mona sighed and because she heard no sound of someone who descended down the staircase, she never saw Michel coming towards behind her and her mind skipped when a hand grabbed her tightly.


All her thought was that it’s Jeff but when she turned, she was shocked to see it was Michel.


With wide opened eyes and dropped jaw, she starred confusedly and astonishingly at him.


The others also stared at him the sand way, they all forgot about the movie and stared at Michel as he began dragging Mona up the staircase and Mona was too confused and shocked to say anything. She just watched him dragging her upstairs.


“What’s really going on today between that two?” Best was the first to speak.


“When I thought today was something else, now this!” J guy said.


“We can’t sit here and know what is wrong?” Jeff said and the next second, they were all rushing upstairs with Jeff in the front, TedyA following, Best behind TedyA and J guy as the last.


Mona was finally able to utter something as they got to the corridor.


“Let go off my hand!” she said.


And he did after turning her around to face him. He made sure she was pretty far from him.


“What is this about?” Mona asked, nursing her wrist.



She was totally lost and confused about his action. Does it in any way have to do with what happened in the morning?


The four flower boys decided to hid behind the wall and eavesdrop. The idea was brought up by J guy which Jeff really didn’t want to do but he did anyway.


“Explain where you went to,” Michel said to Mona. His voice was loud enough for the other boys to hear.


‘What do he mean by that?’ Mona thought then she looked directly at him as a sudden fear gripped her. ‘Did he in anyway see her come out from Leo’s car few minutes ago?’


“You aren’t dumb, are you?” Michel asked impatiently. He looked seriously mad.


Mona Lisa faced down. She had no idea how he saw her but she knew that it must be about her with Leo and there’s no need to lie or deny anything.


But she would have her own way of defending herself.


Whatever problem they have, it’s none of her business and she won’t be questioned about who she is friends with.


“Do you want to lie as the perfect liar that you are or act just as the perfect drama maniac that you are?” Michel asked.


Mona looked at him directly, taking off all fear or shyness that tried building up inside her.


She saw how mad he was. His pretty dark eyes appeared like they were turning red. His thick eyebrows were narrowed like an angry bird but even at this, his handsomeness couldn’t fade even a little bit.


Goodness! Why’s she complementing his handsomeness in such situation!


She blinked her eyes, shook her head and cleared her throat, looking at him directly again.



“I’m not denying anything! There’s no need to and I have no reason to. Whoever you saw me with is my business and I have the right to be with whosoever I want to. One thing you should know is that, I would never speak ill about spark5,” she said without stuttering.


That made her pretty proud of herself.


Michel chuckled, getting so irritated by her right claim.


“Really? You had been seeing Leo Bethel for how long now. Have you no idea who he is to Spark5?”


The four boys gasped, including Jeff.


Leo Bethel! Mona had been seeing Leo Bethel?!


Mona inhaled. “And that is why I told you that I would never speak ill about Spark5,” she said…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“You are a goddamn liar. You have been seeing Leo Bethel and there are more to it. I thought you were only a maniac but no you are also a liar and a devil!” Michel said causing a strong pain and anger to run through Mona’s vein.


“Don’t call me that, you have no right to!” Mona screamed at him.


“You are going to explain that to Xspark,” Michel said and with that, he walked to his room, went in and banged the door close.


Mona saw the flower boys all out and starring at her with questionable and disappointed eyes including Jeff.


She stood there, without knowing what to do?


What is so wrong about befriending an Xspark enemy.


They were friends before! They were!


And she isn’t meeting him for what they are thinking but because of her dream!


She was lost in thought that she didn’t notice the idols now only a step away from her.



“Mona is it really true?” TedyA asked.


“How could it be Leo Bethel? I thought you were really an Spark5 fan and mean good like you claimed!” Best said.


“I was liking you already Mona but it has suddenly disappeared,” J guy said.


Mona and Jeff made eye contact and Mona waited for his own. She wondered what he would say.


“Tell us the truth Mona Lisa,” he said.


Mona exhaled. At least he didn’t say something similar.


“What truth is there to hear? She had been meeting with Leo Bethel like Michel said and you are telling her to tell the truth,” Best said and walked away, into his room.


“I should just go and be with hyung, he must be really be upset and disappointed,” TedyA said and went into Michel’s room.


“There’s a movie I really need to watch,” J guy said, turned and headed downstairs.


Only Jeff was left with her.


“You can go to… I will talk with Xspark. I will tell them the reasons why I’m friends with Leo and that it has nothing to do with Xspark or silver house,” Mona Lisa said.


“I believe you Mona Lisa,” Jeff said and smiled at her. “I know you are being truthful to Spark5.”


Mona nodded. “Yes I am.”


“It has to do with your dream of becoming an actress right?” he asked.


She nodded. “Yes it is.”


He took out his right hand from his pants pocket, took a step closer and placed the hand on her shoulder and leaned a bit since he was really taller than her. She glanced at the hand and then back at him.


“Just few days that I’ve known you Mona, I’ve known how much you love spark5.


Your kind is rare to find Mona,” he said.


Mona inhaled.


“But in as much as I believe you, we would have to talk tonight, by 11pm at the pool,” he said.


“Okay,” Mona said.


“Don’t worry about Michel. Like I told you before, he’s a really nice person but something’s are really getting on him and causing him to act the wat he do. Now you should go and say hello to your pet. She must have missed you, don’t you think?”


Mona smiled. “Yes I have to.”


“Go now. I will fix the dinner.” he said.


“No, I will.” Mona said.


“Well you can come help me out then, though I don’t think some people would have the appetite to eat tonight,” Jeff said.


“I take the blame,” Mona said.


“You don’t have to,” Jeff said.




Mona walked into her room and rushed on Blue who curled herself under the bed.



She carried Blue and pecked her. “I’m so sorry for going for too long Blue. I missed you.” she said.


“Meow,” Blue cried out happily.







[Leo’s residence]


Leo drove into the compound and couldn’t help the chuckle when he saw Li Sugar’s car parked.


“What’s the crazy little a*s doing here just after returning from wherever they went to.”


He turned off the car, pulled out the keys and alighted, locking the doors.


Li Sugar still had the pa*sskeys to his house and he didn’t really care about that. He once liked her, really but not anymore.


Since he’s live alone so she’d be be alone depending how long she had been in.


Big Big announced three hours ago of their return and she rushed over here.


Well, did she miss him that badly?


He opened the entrance door and went in.


She was sitting crossed leg on the couch with a wine gla*ss in her hand and on her other hand was Kit, one of his cats.


“Hey Leo,” she called immediately he walked in. She let the cat drop and rush to it owner.


Leo carried him and caressed his body.


“Did you miss me that badly?” he asked her.


The two other cats, Boo – and Tinker – Female rushed and moved around his legs.



Li Sugar laughed at his question. “Miss you indeed. If you cab recall, I was the one who broke the relationship and not you.” she said.


“So, why didn’t you wait for the night to be gone before you rushed over here?” Leo asked.


She sipped from the gla*ss. “Well, I saw some images about you and this new girl who happens to be also the girl who sold her father’s house to Xspark and now work in there as well. So I think I need some gist from you, don’t you think?” Sugar said.


Leo chuckled and headed to the kitchen. Sugar got up and followed him.


“Are you curious?” Leo asked.


“I am.” Sugar admitted.


Leo dropped Kit on the kitchen floor with the other two.


“Well, she’s the girl… I want next,” Leo said and Sugar erupted into laughter.


“And I’m gonna have her,” Leo said, ignoring her laughter.


“Really?” Sugar asked after being done with the laughter.


She walked to the counter and dropped the wine gla*ss.


“Then does that mean, I can be finally free to have my Michel without your stupid conditions?” She asked.


“Well I thought about it and yes, I drop the condition but on another condition,” Leo said as he collected the cats food from the cabinet.


“Good..but there is something I want you to do for me and I would repay by doing whatever you ask me to,” Sugar said.


“What’s that?” Leo asked as he poured the foods into each of the cat’s bowl.


“Get the girl away from Spark5,” she said.


“I’m on it already,” Leo said.

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Sugar looked at him. “Really? Well I’m not surprised since you are in enmity with them.”


“Now this is my own condition,” Leo said.


Sugar listened, hoping it isn’t something similar to having s*x with him. It can’t be since he said he’d drop it.


“Confess publicly to Michel at Seoh Dani’s party tomorrow,” Leo said.


“What?” Sugar asked with raised brows at Leo.


“Do that and I will drop the condition of you giving me s3x and also take Mona away from spark5,” Leo said.






[Silver House ]


Jeff and Mona prepared the dinner together and also served it.


“You go eat yours. I will go call each of them to the table,” Jeff said.


“Would there really come?” Mona asked.


She was worried about them, especially TedyA who loves to eat.


“Well TedyA would definitely,” Jeff said with a chuckle and Mona chuckled too.


“I think J guy would too,” she said.


“Why do you think so?” Jeff asked.



“He’s…he’s..he seem to forget about worries for a moment and just do what’s he want to do,” Mona said.


“How?” Jeff asked, pretending not to understand but he knew that was who J guy is really and he was surprised that Mona had noticed that.


“Like earlier at the corridor, he didn’t abandon the movie because of what happened. He went back to continue unlike Best and TedyA,” Mona said.


Jeff smiled. “You are right Mona. Just like I told you, you are a really smart lady.”


Mona smiled.


“I will be right back. Stay in the kitchen okay,” he told her.


She nodded. He left to upstairs and she went back to the kitchen.


About tthree minutes later, Mona heard noises and she hid behind the wall and peeped to see TedyA walk to the dinning, pull out a dinning chair and sat down.


Then followed by J guy.


Then it took a while before she saw Best join them and then Jeff joined.


Mona smiled and wondered how he was able to talk to them and it worked but whatever magic he had worked on the three others must have not worked on Michel cos he never showed up at the dinning.


Mona felt bad about that.














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