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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 16

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







Mona Lisa walked out of her room with Blue in her arms.


She was glad enough that none of theflower boys were at the corridor.


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She headed to the staircase and just getting there, she met Zara who was ascending towards.


“Hey Zara,” she called.


“Mona, I was coming to call you. I’ve come twice and you were still asleep,” Zara said.


“Oh you should have woke me the first time,” Mona said.


Zara collected Blue from her hands.


“Actually, It seem like you slept late last night so I wanted you to have enough rest besides none of them called for your presence but right now, they do,” Zara said.


“Is it because of breakfast?” Mona asked, kinda scared.


“No, it isn’t. Jeff did the breakfast and I was ordered to help out which I did with all pleasure. It was so sweet cooking with him..” Zara said with a dreamy smiles


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Mona faked a quick smile which faded immediately.


She got surprised with herself.


Maybe Zara noticed it and chuckled. “Your smile doesn’t look good,” she said.


Mona raised her brow? “Really?”


Zara laughed. “Yes. Anyways, There’s a xspark worker -A camera lady actually and it seem the spark5 are going to shoot a home video and you are going to be in it,” Zara said.


Mona’s eyes went wide open. “And why would I be in their video?”


“No idea girl. Why not go down there and let them tell you about it,” Zara said and handed Blue back to Mona.


They both headed downstairs.


“So what made you slept late last night?” Zara asked her.


“Well, I was waiting for spark5 to come back and I ended up sleeping around 2am or so,” Mona said.


“Really, you could have just slept off since they have the gate password,” Zara said.


“If only I remembered, it skipped my mind,” Mona said.


“Were you like concerned?” Zara asked.


Mona glanced at her. “What do you mean by that?”


“Nothing, never mind that,” Zara smiled.


They got to the sitting room and Zara turned towards the kitchen and Mona slowly walked to the center of the men with one lady.


“Good morning!” she greeted with a bow.


Michel was present too. He wore a white face cap and didn’t pack his hair this time.


His back was resting on the couch back rest. His face was up and his eyes closed.


He had his hands inside his jean pullover jackets and he was chewing gum too.


‘Duh… So arrogant’ Mona thought but then she asked herself. ‘Ewww! Why I’m her noticing just him, where’s Jeff?’


And she looked at Jeff.



He wore a black and white stripe tracksuit and his eyes was on his phone but then he looked up at her and smiled.


“Your eyes are swollen Mona, what time did you sleep?” Jeff asked.


Mona quickly touched her eyes.


‘Is it? Why didn’t I notice ?”


“I’m just kidding with you. How are you Mona?” he asked her and she removed her hand from her eyes.


She had no idea why her eyes went to Michel and he had opened his eyes and was looking at her. Their eyes met and she looked away sharply.


Jeff saw it.


“I’m fine, thank you…sir,” Mona answered.


“Miss Mona Lisa,” Mr Park called and she turned to him. “We are going on a little tour around silver house and you are going to be the leader and all you have to do is tell us more about silver house and tell us about whatever we come across and whatever we ask. We will be video recorded so you have to do your best,” he said.


“Seriously?” she asked with a raised brow.


“Yes.. This doesn’t have to do with whether you want to do it or not. It’s something that should be done and we have no much time,” Mr Park said.


“But….I’m not ready for that. I mean I cant do it. Maybe tomorrow and I will be


ready for it,” she said.


“I’m sorry Mona but it has to be done today and right now,” Mr Park said.


Mona glanced at Jeff and breathed out. “Fine. You said something about me doing my best,” she said.



“Yes.. But in your best. Be positive and act like you really want to do it,” Mr Park said.


“Oh…just like he always do his best when on camera?” Mona asked.


All the boys looked at her.


“Who?” Mr Park asked.


“Michel,” she answered, acting like someone suddenly possessed. She glanced at Michel with the corner of her eyes and saw him looking at her without a wild expression on his face. He was acting normal to what she just said.


“Michel?” Mr Park asked.


“Yes, everyone here knows that Michel when off camera isn’t what he claims to be when on camera.. He’s the most annoying jerk I’ve ever set my eyes on.” she said.


Michel sat up and Mona turned to him.


“Tell me what I claim to be on camera ?” Michel said to her and she walked closer to him.


“Stop being a jerk and be a little nicer and quit an introvert. You sucks in the reality!” she hurled at him.


What has gotten into her?


Was it the dream?


“Mona Lisa..” Mr Park called.


“No, I’ve got to talk some senses into this Mr handsome jerk skull. You can’t frustrate me like you want to. I’m a strong woman. I can’t give up. If you try me, I will make sure that I bite of your arm, bet me on that. Why not be the real you on cameras too! And stop making people fall for your fakeness.”



A hand suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her away. It was Jeff… He pulled her upstairs.


Once they got to the corridor, he turned her to face him.


“Mona what was that about? Why did you let your emotion get a control of you? All you said there was so bad.. Damn bad. What could have made you to act that? ” Jeff asked in a pissed tone. For the first time Mona had seen him do so.


She faced down in shame. “I…I don’t know what came over me,” she said.


“You know who Michel is to the world, even though everyone claims to be fans, we are aware of those called ‘anti fans’ if this was recorded and got leaked, are you aware of the disaster you would cause him and every one of us. As a great fan to Spark5, I wasn’t expecting this reaction from you.” Jeff said in a more pissed tone.


Mona had no idea what to say, she just turned and rushed into her room, banged the door close, dropped Blue and fell heavily on her bed with tears in her eyes.


Not because of all she said about Michel but how upset Jeff was.


It made her shed tears.


Jeff went back downstairs and everywhere was silent.


He stood right where Mona had stood and sighed out.


Michel was resting his back on the couch back rest again with his eyes closed.


TedyA who sat next to him had his hand resting on Michel’s.


“Please whatever Mona said shouldn’t get to our hearts. She only said all out out of annoyance on Michel. We all know what the lady had done for Spark5. Her previous encounter with Michel must have been really bad that she let it all out on him.” he turned to Michel. “Michel I apologize on her behalf.” he said to Michel.


“She owe me an apology,” Michel said.


“Really?” Jeff asked.


“Yes, I owe you an apology,” Mona said as she walked to them.


Everyone turned to her. Michel opened his eyes.


She turned to him.


“I’m sorry Michel for my outburst. I wasn’t expecting it and I was shocked myself. I will receive whatever punishment you give to me for blaming you for whatsoever. I shouldn’t have talked ill about you when you helped me weeks ago at Thailand,” Mona said.


Jeff tapped her on the hand. “What are you saying Mona? You shouldn’t put punishment on this,” he whispered to her.


“I have no idea when I said it,” she whispered back.


Michel sat up and pulled out his hands from the pockets.


“When I get a punishment for you, I will let you know,” he said and stood up.


“I’m waiting outside,” he said and headed to the exit door.


“Why?” Mr Park asked.


“Should we forget about the little tour then?” Michel asked.


“With the situation… I don’t think -,” Mr Park was saying but Mona cut in. “I will do it.”


Jeff and Mona looked at themselves.




The six men and two ladies were touring around the silver house large compound.


Of course Lara, being the one shooting the video was the off the camera with Mr Park.


The caption of the Video was going to be ‘Spark5 touring around the new flower house with Miss Mona Lisa Silver’



They needed the video to be well presented in a way that the flower boys are relating well with Mona Lisa and vise versa.


Mona held a basket of bottled waters and juices.


“…Wow, look at this painting… A girl, another guy, the mom, the dad. Was this your family painting?” J guy asked as they got to a part of the house where there was a not so perfect painting of her, her brother, her mom and dad. That was when she was eight..


She happily explained to them about it, narrating to them how her dad measured their length and painted it all. She also told them the year and date.


“Wow, this is good,” Best said.


“Water Mona,” Michel said and Mona happily handed him a bottle.


“Here it is….sir,” she grinned and turned back to the others.


“You look quite pretty in the painting but the hands are just out of it,” Michel said and the boys laughed including Jeff.


It all the strength in Mona not to throw him a glare.


“You are kind of right Michel but the painting is wonderful. Your dad was indeed a genius.” TedyA said.


“There’s a writing,” Jeff said and Mona walked over and wiped the dusk off it.


‘Family Forever.’


“Wow,” Jeff let out.


“Here,” Mona stretched a juice to Jeff and he collected with smiles. “Thanks Mona.”


“You are welcome sir.”




They moved over to the play ground.


“Actually this was where I wanted us to tour first. Tell us about this Mona,” Jguy said.


“There’s nothing special about it. Actually, my dad didn’t have a playground made for I and my brother alone. The hall at the third floor was a per time class for architect kids whom my dad was teaching, so he had this playground for them too.” she said.


“Ohhh…. really nice,” J guy let out with the other guys, including Michel.


“If your dad was having such class then you must know about architecture,” Michel said.


‘Why’s he always being negative’ she sighed within.


She turned to him with a big smile. “No, I didn’t like it, my brother was more interested than I am. I loved art,” she said.


“Art? and so what where you interested in…the art?” Michel asked with his own big smile.


“I was interested in…..” she paused when she suddenly remember that she shouldn’t


say it.


“Interested in?” he asked.


Every where got quiet as they stared at each other, everyone looked at them.


“You will edit that,” Mr Park whispered to Lara.


“I guess I will,” she answered.


Michel raised his brow with his hands slid into his pants pockets.


Mona cleared her throat, thinking of what to say.

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“You look confused on what you are actually interested in,” Michel said.


Mona breathed out. “Fine! I’m interested in acting movies,” she said.


The laugh that erupted from Michel was shocking to everyone.


“In fact, pause the shooting for now,” Mr Park told Lara.


“I had,” Lara said.


‘And what is funny about what I said?’ Mona asked herself.


When Michel finally stopped laughing, he said to her. “Of course that’s the best interest you should try. It would fit you so well miss Maniac.”


The dream Mona had suddenly flashed back and she recalled how Michel had laughed at her, telling her to beg him before he accept to like her.


“That would never happen!” she said, handed Mr Park the basket and ran into the house.


“What was that about?” Mr Park asked.


Jeff shook his head and sighed.


Michel felt a strange excitement inside of him.


He’s just starting with her. Wait why’s he even excited about that?


TedyA yawned widely “Oh, I’m hungry,” he said and turned to Lara, “I hope the camera haven’t been on for minutes now?”


“No, it haven’t,” she answered.


“We can continue tomorrow,” Mr Park said and Michel walked away immediately.


He went upstairs and getting to his room door, he could hear voices from inside Mona Lisa’s room.


He entered his room, closed the door. He removed his cap and fell on his bed.



“I shouldn’t be acting this way, I shouldn’t give that maniac the slightest chance,” he mumbled.




“What happened?” Zara asked Mona.


Mona rubbed her fore head. “I don’t know. I’m so tired and need to sleep.”


“Are you not hungry?” Mi soo asked.


“I’m not, thank you.” Mona said.


“I’m out of here. Need to go home,” Shin hye said and left.


“””””””””An hour later “””””””””””””””


Michel was playing the guitar in his room when his phone rang.


He sighed when he saw it was his mom calling.


“Not again,” he mumbled.



Hello mom, he said into the phone.



Michel, your grandmother collapsed. Mrs Kim cried out.



What? Halmeoni? Why? he asked.



She was doing her small farm work this morning and she collapsed. She’s receiving treatment in her room now but she said you should come. Mrs Kim said.


Michel sighed. It’s okay. I’m on my way. he said.



The call ended and Michel sprang up, grabbed his face cap, nose mark, car keys and phones and headed out.


At that moment, Mona also was coming out to head to the kitchen since she couldn’t bear the hunger again.


Both cane out at the same time and halted with their eyes on each other.


Both looked away at the same time and Michel hurried away.


Mona stood watching him leave.


“What’s the matter? Why’s he such in a rush?” She asked herself, shrugged and headed downstairs.


Getting to the staircase, she heard him tell those downstairs. “I have to reach home, my grandmother got sick and she requires my presence.”


“Alright. Please be careful,” That was Mr Park.


“Should I come with you hyung?” That was TedyA.


“Take care dude,” That was Jeff.


Before she finally got downstairs, he was gone.


She exhaled.


“Are you alright Mona?” Jeff asked, noticing the way she was walking..


“I am, just hungry,” she said and headed to the kitchen.


“Please Ramen, thank you.” TedyA said.


“Okay…sir,” she mumbled and walked away with her hand on her stomach.







[The Kim’s residence]



Michel pulled to their house, came down and rushed in, not caring if his dad was home and of course he was with his wife and an aunt.


“Hello family,” he greeted with a bow.


“Oh thank goodness you are here son. Please come,” Mrs Kim said and dragged Michel to Halmeoni’s room. His aunt followed them.


They got in and there on the bed laid his grandmother receiving a drip.


“Halmeoni,” he called as he squatted in front of her and she slowly opened her eyes and they fell on him.


“Si..lly grand…son. I thought you won’t come,” she said in a weak voice.


“Of course I will halmeoni. Why did you had to go to the farm. You could hire people to work there, why did you stress your old self,” he asked with a worried face.


“Then bring me… someone to work on it. I want you to be the one…to do that,” she said.


“Consider it done halmeoni. I will make a call right now,” he said and was getting out his phone when she held his hand.


“Easy mother.” Mrs Kim said.


“Silly boy..” she said… “I’m not talking about anyone.. Haven’t I told you about the history of that little farm?”


“I don’t think halmeoni. Does it have a history?” Michel asked, curious.


“Yes it does. It could have been your mother working there now but she is asthmatic and can’t go near the dusk. The truth was we heard no idea until I told her about the farm and she told ya her illness. But she was willing to inherit it and the day she tried working there, she had a serious attack and I told her not to go



near it again. I had to continue working there until now but you see I’m aging so much… ” she paused and began coughing.


“Sorry halmeoni.” Michel said.


“…The history of the little farm is that every woman married to the Kim’s first son inherit the farm and dedicate herself to it. Labourers can’t be called to work on it but only the wife.”


Michel raised his brows in surprise. He had no idea and the whole thing seem like a fairy story.


“What advantage comes from doing that?” Michel asked.


“Alot of advantages.. A lot of it and that is why I have to tell you. To get married soon so she could inherit the farm.”


Michel sighed. “Hakmeoni… How can you talk about marriage to me when I’m just 23years old. My carrier is very much important to me than marriage. Getting married will only put my carrier in jeopardy.”


She knocked him on the head.


“Ahh halmeoni!” Michel cried out, and rubbed his head.


“Be careful mother or the injection might shift, don’t move.” Mrs Kim said.


“Then tell this silly boy to talk something positive. How can he tell me that marriage will jeopardise his carrier,”


“It will halmeoni… I’m not ready to get married now.”


“Then I’m watch me die before you do,” Halmeoni said.


“You are not dying halmeoni.” he said.



She placed her hand on her head and began wailing. “Ahh my head.. My head… It seem like my head is splitting. Tan isn’t making this sea say for me.”


Michel, Mrs Kim and aunt Hana rushed to her.


“Calm down mother,” Mrs Kim said.


“No, let me die right now then since he is being stupid,” halmeoni said.


“Apologize Michel,” Mrs Kim said to Michel who sighed.


“Okay fine grandmother, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Don’t die please. You know I really love you so much more than anyone, I mean anyone,” he said.


“Then do what I said,” she said amidst wailing.


“Fine.. Fine I will,” he said before he could think it twice.


Mrs Kim looked at him and he sighed out.


Halmeoni stopped wailing and smiled at him. “Hana, write what he said,.. Write it down just the very way he said it. And the date too.”


“Yes Halmeoni.” Hana answered and went for a book and pen.


“Tan you know my type of tea, go and make it for me,” Halmeoni said.


“Okay halmeoni but can you stop calling me Tan, pleaseeee,” he said.


“You are just a small boy and no nothing,” she said.


“And that’s a more reason why I shouldn’t be thinking of marriage now,” he mumbled.

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“What did you say?” She asked him.


“Nothing,” Michel said and hurried out.


Halmeoni smiled at the two ladies.


Mrs Kim exhaled.


This is pressure but there’s nothing she can do about it.


She would have to talk with her husband.


Michel entered the kitchen and met the maid.


“What do you need sir?” she asked.


“Don’t worry. I will take care of it. Excuse me,” he said.


“Okay sir,” she said and walked away.


‘I can’t believe halmeoni is thinking marriage for me at this age. I’m so messed up. Cos of some stupid little farm thing. Oh God. What do I do with that old woman!’


Few minutes later.


He felt someone behind him. He turned and it was his dad.


He turned back to what he was doing.


“You are concerned about your music carrier when your grandmother is sick on the bed and telling you what is right for you to do to keep the family going. You shouldn’t bring up your whatever carrier when we are talking about family,” Mr Kim said.


Michel sighed and when he turned to face his father, he was gone.


Michel turned and in anger, he hit his fist on the counter and hot water from the cup splashed on his hand.


“Ahh!” he groaned and put his hand on a cold water.




The time was 6:30pm when Michel left their home, heading back to Silver house.


As he was driving pass a restaurant, he saw something.



Mona Lisa coming down from a black car.


“Who’s car’s that?” he asked himself as he slowed his speed.


Few seconds after she came down, the driver’s door opened and Michel raised his brows at the guy who alighted down, Leo Bethel.


“What the f**k is she doing with him!” he exclaimed.
















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