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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 14

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







“Will you be too busy tody?” Leo asked and Mona raised her eyeballs in thought.


“Uhm, I’m not really doing anything,” Mona said.


“Then can we meet by 3pm today? Let’s sit, talk and go through your novel,” he said.

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“Uhmmmm” Mona mumbled, scratching her blonde hair. “..um you know the flower boys aren’t home. The house is going to be empty,” she said.


“Really, you don’t have to worry about that. There are securities around and no one can get in, I’m sure if that,” Leo said.


Mona sighed. “I really do like to come out today but I’m sorry I can’t. I have to be indoor today.”


Mona Lisa listen to me, you have the gate entry keys right? You would be back before they do. They are returning at night,” Leo persisted.


“I’m sorry but the password was changed and I don’t have the new password to the gate,” Mona said.


She heard the sigh of Leo.



“I promise to come out tomorrow. Please understand,” she said, feeling sad about it.


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Why’s she so sad about it?


Well she has to believe that it has to do with his promise to help her with her work.


“It’s fine Mona. We will see tomorrow then, But you really need to feel relaxed there. It’s your house remember? Don’t let anyone order you around or intimidate you. You know we really need to talk more about you getting silver house back,” Leo said


Mona breathed out. “I can handle it.”


“Alright, no problem. I’ll call you later. Take care and you should have the house all you yourself today,” Leo said causing a chuckle from Mona.


“I will try. Thank you and take care of yourself too Mr Leo Bethel.”


Leo chuckled. “That sound too formal. Let’s not do that.”


Mona smiled. “Oh, it’s fine then. Bye Leo.”


“Yea Bye for now Mona.”


The call ended and Mona placed her phone on her chest as an exciting smile appeared on her lips. “He’s too nice.”


Looking around the room, she was glad with what she was seeing.


“I love the new you dear room.” She said.


Just then, she heard the gate alarm from the sitting room.


“Oh I guess it’s Zara.” She rushed out of her room.



Getting to the sitting room, she walked to the monitor and the faces were Zara, Mi soo and Shin hye.


She excitedly pressed on the green button beside the small screen monitor and the gate unlocked.


“I’m glad I won’t be alone for some hours.” she muttered happily.


The entrance door opened and Zara, Shin hye and Mi soo walked in.


“Hi Zara.. Hi shin hye…. Hi Mi soo,” Mona greeted the three ladies.


Zara was the first to greet back. “Mona, how are you doing?”


“I’m fine, Thank you,” Mona answered.


“Mona you look quite excited today. I guess cos the flower boys are not here,” Mi soo said with a cute smile. Mona laughed.


“Actually, I’m excited cos you girls are here. It’s quite boring alone in this house,” Mona said.


“Really! I thought you grew up being alone in this house?” Shin hye chipped in.


Mona sighed. There she goes again.


“Shin hye that wasn’t an appropriate question to ask,” Zara said and shin hye rolled her eyes.


“Well I’m just saying, over the years, being alone in this house should have become a part of her… right Mi soo?” she turned to Mi soo who shook her head and headed to the kitchen.


” I’m hungry. Any meal Mona?” Mi soo said.


“Don’t mess around. There’s CCTV camera’s everywhere,” Zara warned.


“Oh whatever.” Mi soo said and disappeared into the kitchen.



“Wait, I thought the laundry guys come every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday? Why haven’t I seem them this week?” Shin hye asked Zara.


“They start next week,” Zara said.


“Oh right, I almost forgot, anyone going to Spark5 Concert ‘Next Move’ this evening?” shin hye asked with a broad smile.


“The tickets were so expensive,” Zara said.


Shin hye turned to Mona. “Are you?” then she shook her head.. “No I don’t think. You are facing a lot right now and paying for a concert ticket will be like when you got silver house back in your dreams.”


“Shin hye!” Zara snapped at her.


Shin hye chuckled. “Oh my bad. Sorry Mona, it’s just a joke. Don’t take it serious.”


Mona inhaled, trying to overcome the anger that was filling inside of her and she did overcome it.


“So are you going?” Zara asked Shin hye with an annoyed tone.


“Of course, always here, see,” Shin bye brought out a blue ticket from her purse.


“Ta dah!” she said and showed them. “I got it online. It was more expensive but worth it. I couldn’t imagine staying up in a long queue for hours in Xspark.”


“You’ve got lots of money,” Zara said.


“Not really but I can’t just imagine missing Spark5 concert.” Shin hye said with a bright smile.


“Congratulations,” Mona told her.


“Thank you.” Shin hye winked at her. “And oh I gotta show it to Mi soo,” she said and hurried towards the kitchen.



(An hour later )



‘Love U Like I can’ by Spark5 was playing playing in the sitting room. Shin hye being the one who put it was dancing to each beat and singing to each line.


“Shin hye can you please stop dancing and mop up. You should be in a hurry since you have their concert to attend,” Zara said.


Shin hye laughed out. “I know, I know but I can’t just help it when LULIC plays.” she said as she sang and danced on, trying to dance the song choreography.


..I feel this beating on my heart.


You know it got to do with you.


Hey, oh my girl… Take my hand.


And just do what you think is right.


Let me kiss you and Love you like I can.


Mi soo rushed in and joined Shin hye.




Let’s get on the dance floor nowww


Let’s get high on this moment nowww oh yeah..


Right now you got me feeling righ righ right…


I’m in love and it’s driving me insane.


I’m done playing, just let me love you like I can..


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“I thought it was left,” Mi soo asked.


“I think it’s actually right,” Shin hye laughed.


“Oh that’s true. Michel actually turned this way,” Mi soo laughed.


Zara shook her head and left to join Mona who was outside tidying up. She had volunteered to do so.







….I’m so caught up in this dance.


I feel like going home but I don’t feel like anymore.


The light’s turning red, I think it’s blue oh no I’m drunk.


The party’s half gone and someone’s shouting it’s just




Shouldn’t have drank so much but it won’t stop me from dancing.


‘Hey light head bitch’ someone called me from the crowd.


‘Are you getting off the pool, or I’m gonn help throw you out.


It doesn’t matter what anyone say.


I’m taking my heels off and I’m gonna dance the night awayyyyy


Dance the night away….


And no body can stop me now,


I’m Lisa, I do what I want.


If you say the night’s still so young.


Then let’s dance and feel alright.


Go left, go right and turn around.


Say with me ‘Dance the night away’


“Wow, wow…” A voice behind Mona jilted her up from her squat also interrupting


her continuing of the song.


She turned to see it was Zara.


“Wow, that song….” Zara said.. “I don’t think I’ve heard it before and you were so


good in the rap.”


‘Oh she got me’


Mona went into thought for a second.


‘What should I tell her? I can’t tell her it’s song.


I’m too shy to tell anyone about my songs and my dancing skill. Besides the song aren’t even nice enough for anyone to hear them.’


“Mona?” Zara called, waking Mona from her deep thought.


“Huh? What?” she blurted.


“I love the song and I’d want to know who sang it.” Zara said.


Mona sighed. “Can I trust you Zara?” she asked her.


“Any problem?” Zara asked, curious and concerned.


“I don’t know if I can trust you cos I have something I have to tell you now,” Mona said.


Zara nodded. “Fine, yes.. You can trust me Mona. If it’s a secret, I promise not to reveal.”


“You promise?” Mona asked.


“Yes..” Zara said with an assuring nod.


Mona inhaled. “Okay.. It’s my song. I wrote it.”


Zara gasped with raised brow.”What? Are you serious?”


“Get your voice down. The others might hear you,” Mona said.


Zara glanced back and then turned to Mona. “Oh I’m sorry. I was just amazed and astonished. That song is just really nice. Your rap was flawless. It felt like you were telling a story and at the same time singing. It felt cool to the ears.”


Mona faced down with blush. “Don’t flatter me Zara.”


Zara took her hand and Mona looked up at her. “Why do you have such a great talent and you choose to hide it from people?” Zara asked.


Mona sighed. “I..I don’t feel like I’m good enough.”


“What? You say good enough? Tell me, can you dance?” Zara asked.


Mona nodded.


“Who’s your role model?” Zara asked.


“Li Sugar, Chungha.” Mona said.



“Great choice. You are multi talented with singing and dancing. You are also so beautiful, what else are you waiting for. There are so many industries looking for perfect talent like you. Why not go for a competition, win and start up as a trainee. In three years to four years time, your dreams would be a reality.” Zara said.


Mona chuckled. “I’m twenty one. Trainees stay up to five years. I’d be old by then. There were times I had the chance but I missed it. Those times I was sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years old.” Mona said, facing away.


Zara sighed. “You are only killing the zeal in you with age calculating. There are number of singers in the Kpop industry who are above thirty years, even forty. You don’t need their names, do you?”


“No, I don’t.” Mona said.


Zara patted her shoulder. “Think about it. Unfortunately, Xspark is a male band group or it would have been easier for you, I tell you. But YK and Strings Hit, are looking for trainees.”


Mona exhaled. “Thank you Zara. Thanks for the care and advice. But that isn’t the most important to me right now. I have silver house to get back and I won’t think of anything else until I succeed. And please I have to finish up these. The sun’s really coming out hot.”


Zara smiled. “Alright. I’m here to help out. Let’s do this.”


Mona smiled.


(Story written by Rejoice Jeremiah✅)







[At Xspark entertainment ]



A very wide and spacious hall with mirrored walls but the western wall is a floor to roof window with black and gold patterned curtains. The black tiles shined and reflected a blur image of the five spark5 members as they did their final rehearsal.


They could see their themselves from the mirrors reflecting perfectly like a 3D.


Away from them were Director Lee, Mr Chang, Manager Park and a lady with a small hand cooler in her hand.


The choreography and music soon ended and the men clapped.


“Great. Perfectly great.” Director Lee said.


The flower boys disengaged.


Michel went to have a seat on a black leather two sitter couch and TedyA joined him and taking out a handkerchief, he used it to wipe Michel’s sweaty face.


“Even in sweats, you look sweet.” he said.


Director Lee and others men laughed including the lady who began distributing bottled water to each idol.


First to Michel and TedyA.


Then to Best who sat on a director’s chair beside the window.


Then to Jeff who preferred to sit on the floor.


He didn’t hesitate to gulp down the water immediately it got into his hands. He was really thirsty.


Then she gave J guy who stood at the mirror, checking himself out.


“Please guys, come out to the dressing room now to get your hair dyed. We have only six hours.”


“That’s long enough.” Michel mumbled and threw a chewing gum into his mouth.



“You have more?” TedyA asked him.


Michel took slid his hand into his pants pocket, took out the only one left and handed it to him.


TedyA smiled widely. “Thanks O…ppa..” he said with a strong stress of the ‘ppa’ Michel chuckled.


The men and the lady had left, left only the flower boys in the dance hall.


“I know I can’t be the only one who notice this,” J guy said, still standing close to the floor to roof mirror.


“Notice what?” TedyA was interested.


“That I’m way more handsome than Michel,” he said with a smile.


TedyA hissed.


No one was surprised or amused by it.


Since the year started, he had said that a thousand times, TedyA can bet to that. So the four boys ignored him and drank their water.


“Is anyone not gonna say anything about what I just said?” he asked, looking at them from the mirror.


“Keep dreaming.” TedyA said.


Jeff chuckled.


“I should be telling that to you. My ‘O..ppa. Sucking.” J guy said with a role of his eyes at TedyA who at that moment decided to hug Michel just to anger J guy the more.


Michel sighed and stood up from the couch. “Off to the dressing room. Time waits for no one.” he said with a point at his wristwatch, then he walked out of the hall.


J guy laughed at that and walked out too.


TedyA stood up and shrugged. “I don’t need to feel bad about it. Yes,.. I’m off too.” he said and did.


Jeff and Best walked out together.




The dressing room is also wide with a really long dressing mirror attached to the wall, then a long dressing table which stopped just where the mirror ended and about eight swivel chairs lined up in front of the long dressing table.


On the table are different expensive cosmetics, makeup kits and Hair dressing kits.


At the other end is a long wardrobe which contains the idols outfit for the concert.


About ten workers were running here and there, busy with their own preparation.


Manager Kim and assistant Manager Park was there too and the lady.


When Michel came in, he was quickly ushered to his seat.


A cover cloth was quickly wrapped around him and his hair stylist got to work.


Same goes for TedyA, Jguy, Jeff and Best.


A camera man got to work and of course, they have to follow with the video recording.


(45min later )


“Michel, I’m actually so in love with your hair,” TedyA said.


Michel smiled at him. “Thank you and I love yours too. Do you want us to switch?”


TedyA laughed. “Why not. With all pleasure.”


J guy walked over and shoved his hands on Michel’s hair.


Michel laughed out. His dimples going really in and deep. It was adorable.


Just like the way he always appear on the camera.


“What’s that?” he asked J guy who packed up the hair with a band.


“It’d be more good this way.” J guy said and danced back to his seat with his own hair dancing with him.


They were on recording and they all have to play along well, especially Michel.


Not like they are on conflict anyway, just him with his attitude.


Michel’s hair stylist removed the band, laughing out. “No, it won’t.” she said.


“Oh, sorry I thought it would. ” j gut said from his seat. His hair stylist was still working on his hair.


“Jeff, What do you think about Best’s hair?” TedyA asked Jeff.


“Very good. It’ll really dance along with him today.” Jeff said and all of them laughed, including Michel.


‘If only Michel would be this way off camera’ the four flower boys all thought within.






[Silver house]


It was 4:30pm and Zara and the others have left, with Mona and Blue alone in the house.


She was in her room, going through her laptop when a notification beeped on it with the caption. Spark5 ‘Michel’s new hair got his hyungs talking’ (Please note, hyung can be used as brother or team)


She didn’t he hesitate to open the notification and the video started.


“He’s always this way on camera’s but a different person off camera. Is it really true that Li Sugar made him so?” She asked herself as she watched the video record.


Franky speaking, she was in love with his new hair, dyed pink. It was just too pretty on him.


She imagined him packing it up just the way he does when he’s off camera.


“It’d look really breathtaking” She said and immediately gasped and covered her mouth.


Did she just say that?




She shouldn’t!


She slapped her forehead and decided to focus on Jeff.


“He’s way more handsome than Michel.. I mean inside.” she said but the next minute, her eyes were on Michel again.


She kept re watching the moments he laughed out causing his deep cute dimples to go in.


She couldn’t help but crush…


When she got herself, she quickly closed up her laptop and dropped her head on the pillow, sighing angrily.


“Mona you are done crushing on him. You are done. Don’t crush on him again,.. I said don’t!”


Then she instantly remembered something.


He’s the wallpaper on her laptop screen.


She gasped, got up, opened her laptop and with only one eye open, she changed the wallpaper to Jeff’s picture.


But no doubt, Michel’s picture fitted it more.


She closed up her laptop and rolled to and fro on the bed, frustrated.


“No… I won’t change it.. I won’t!” she said to the silly voice in her head telling her to change the wallpaper back to Michel’s picture.

















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