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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 13

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }








Krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Krrrr!! Mona’s alarm rang, waking her up from sleep, alerting her it’s 6:00am.


She rubbed her eyes and sat up and silenced the alarm still ringing from her phone.


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Blue was up already and walking around the room.


“Hey Blue” Mona called amidst yawn and Blue ran over to her. Mona stretched herself then carried blue and pecked her. “How was your night?”


“Meow” replied Blue.


Mona dropped blue, then got up and headed to the bathroom to was her mouth.


As she brushed while staring at herself in the mirror, she recalled last night


conversation with Jeff.




“I know why you are being this way,” he had said after a long silence.


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“What are you talking about!” she had asked.


“You distancing yourself from me,” he said.

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Mona inhaled.



“Mona Lisa, I know there were rules given to you and you are trying to abide by them. There’s nothing wrong but I want you to be free with me,” he said.


Mona looked at him. “Free?”


“Yeah. I don’t want you distancing yourself from me. I can’t bear that” he said.


‘What do he mean by that?’ Mona questioned within.


“Are you confused about what I just said?” he asked.


Mona nodded with each staring into each other’s eyes. Mona noticed and looked down, facing the pool.


Jeff tried touching her hair again but Mona flinched back. Jeff sighed.


“Is there anything wrong with me touching your hair?” he asked.


Mona’s heart began beating. She wondered why she didn’t answer his question too.


He withdrew his hand and exhaled.


“I like you Mona. Let’s be good friends,” he said.


Mona looked up at him. “Good friends?”


“Yeah, good friends. You in?”


Mona breathed our, not knowing what to say. But then she suddenly had a question.


“Why do you like me when the others doesn’t?”


Jeff smiled. “If you are talking about Michel, he-” she interrupted him.


“Not only him, but the three others and Mr Park too,” she said.


Jeff took her hand and Mona widened her eyes at that. She wasn’t expecting it.


Why did he suddenly take her hand.


“Hey, I don’t bite,” Jeff joked, noticing her discomfort.


Mona tried relaxing but Jeff used his other hand to raise her face up to face him.


Mona’s heart began beating.


What’s he doing?


“Look Mona, They don’t see what I see you in. I see you in a different way. You are smart, beautiful and outstanding. I hope to know about you more Mona Lisa,” Jeff said.


“I don’t agree that I’m smart. If I was, I wouldn’t have given my brother the chance to scam me,” Mona said.


Jeff removed his hand from her chin and squeezed her hand playfully. Mona winced. “Ouch, that hurt.”


“No it doesn’t,” Jeff chuckled.


“It does. Why did you do that?” she asked.


“Just felt like. You got a soft hand,” he said.


Mona chuckled. “You are a guy but yours is way more softer.”


Jeff laughed out and when he finally stopped, he looked directly into her eyes. “Let’s just be this way.”


“What way?” she asked.


“Friends, good friends,” Jeff said.


“I’m not special enough to be your friend, am I?” she asked.


Jeff chuckled.


“I’m a human just like you are. Nothing really special about me,” he said.



“You are really someone special. I can bet that fifty five percent of the world knows you but nobody knows me apart from my late parents, my brother, my best friend, Rose and her parents,” Mona said.


“I know you,” Jeff and the next thing, he gave her a quick peck on the cheek causing a shrink from Mona and she flung his hand away.


“What what did you you do?” she asked, looking at him with shock.


“I’m sorry, don’t get it wrong. It’s just a friendship peck,” he said and stood up. “I’ll be going in now. Today is gonna be a very busy day. You also need to go in. Don’t stay aloe, outside. The dark shadows might come for you,” he said with a chuckle.


Mona couldn’t say anything, she sat with fast beating heart, speechless as she watched him walk to the door, enter and close it back. Immediately he was gone, she placed her hands on her chest and exhaled all the breathing she held.


“Did he just pecked me? I’m I dreaming?” she asked herself.


She couldn’t believe a flower boy pecked her.


It has been one of her stupid wish but the truth is that the person she had always dreamt a kiss from was Michel. That was then tho not anymore! ~




Mona touched the left cheek Jeff had pecked her last night. She sighed.


“It was just a friendship peck. He has a girlfriend. I can’t dream nonsense.” she said and continued her brushing, Waving that off.


Soon, she got done and left the bathroom. Picking Blue up, she left the room and was glad enough that none of the boys were out. She hurried downstairs and over to the kitchen.


Checking the menu, she smiled, happy that it wasn’t a hard one. Just fried egg and homemade mixed fruits juice.


She dropped Blue and went to the fridge to start.


The time was 6:30am.







[Lia’s residence ]



The door opened and Yora, Lia’s friend and housemate walked in, in long heels and tired eyes.


She had a short red hair.


Yora sat down at the edge of Lia’s bed and that woke Lia up from her sleep.


“Hey girl, what’re you doing on my bed? You want to drop c*m’s on my new sheet?” Lia hurled playfully and sat up, rubbing sleep off her eyes.


Yora laughed. “I’ll be doing you a good thing girl. Since it’s been a decade another man’s c*m dropped on it….except Leo’s.” Lia threw her a pillow. “Shut up bitch.”


“I won’t bitch. You keep fooling around with that ten holes son of a bitch. You know he doesn’t love you. To him, you are just a call girl and he is a regular pay well customer. Can’t still believe you stopped having s*x with another man because of him. That’s more six months now. I keep saying this, I bet you were damn happy when you and Will broke up,” Yora said.


“Stop that Yora. I wasn’t happy, and you know it. Will broke up with me, I never brought up the breakup.” Lia said.


“Story story” Yora said.


“I love Leo. I’m in love with him.” Lia said.


“Oh Mary mother of Jesus help you. You have no idea what you are doing to yourself. You love a man and you can’t even let him know. He haven’t noticed either and you are here, messing yourself up with love shit,” Yora said.


“I’m gonna tell him soon. I need more time,” Lia said.


Yora shrugged, “Okay girl. Good luck,” she said and with that, she stood up and picked her shoes. “I’m going to my


room to have a fresh shower and a long sleep. Last night was hell.”


“Wait Yora,” Lia said, halting Yora.


“What’s up? What’s it?” Yora asked.


“I was glad he ended things with that bitch, Li Sugar but just as I thought things were getting better between us, there comes another little girl that he can’t stop talking about.” Lia said.


Yora breathed out, shook her head pitifully and walked out.


“Yora? Did you just leave?”


“Sorry we gonna talk that later I’m f***ing tired! Yora shouted from the corridor.


Lia sighed and dropped her head back on the pillow.


She picked her phone as she got the urge to call Leo but she dropped back the phone and covered herself with the duvet.






[Leo’s residence]


Leo emerged from the bathroom, still in his night wear. His hair looking messy as he walked to two of his phones on the bed and picked one. He typed on it for few seconds then placed it on his ear. As the call began going through, he gently sat down at the edge of his bed.


The call rang and stopped. It wasn’t picked.


“Is she still sleeping?” he mumbled and called again but it rang and stopped just like the first.


He decided to send a voice message.



“Hi Mona, How was your night? Just wanna say good morning.” he sent it.


“Not sure she’s still asleep. She has to make breakfast for those bitches,” he sighed angrily.






[Silver house ]


Michel’s phone rang beside him.


He was already up about an hour ago and busy with his laptop.


He checked the caller


It was Manager Park.


Michel knew already why he was calling but he picked up anyways.



Mich, we are on our way. We don’t wanna wait for anyone please. Mr Park said and the call ended.




Michel sighed.


He had taken his bath and also dressed up thirty minutes ago.




Best had woken up thirty minutes ago and had been listening to music and waiting for 7:30 to go take his bathe and dress up.


The time was 7:35am when Michel’s call came on Best’s phone but Best was already in the bathroom and didn’t pick up.





TedyA the deep sleeper who had been trying to change his sleepy manner was met snoring with legs and hands spread on his bed.


Michel’s call woke him up from his sleep.


He groaned angrily and covered his ears with a pillow but then flung it away immediately he got his right senses back.


He jumped out of the bed with a scattered hair.


“Oh my God. I’m screwed.” he lamented, cleared his throat and picked the call.



Yes hyung. I’m up already. I’ve almost entered the bathroom. Yes,


The call ended. TedyA dropped the phone.


“Ahshhh. ” he sighed and rushed into the bathroom.




A new messenger notification came in J guy’s phone and smiling, he opened it.



I can’t wait to be in your arms, J guy. You are so hot and sexy. I want to be just yours all night


J guy chuckled and typed his reply



You are one of the most beautiful damsel I’ve ever seen baby. I want to have a


deep taste o…. he was still typing when Michel’s call came in.


J guy sighed angrily “Ah chinchash!”


He picked up.



What? I’m up already. Don’t be surprised that I woke up before you


The call ended.



J guy sneered at his phone…


“You son-…ahh” he sighed.



of you.. he completed the message and sent. Then dropped the phone and left to the bathroom.




Jeff had just emerged from the bathroom when his phone began ringing.


He chuckled and picked up.



Im up man. he said.



How was sitting at the pool like? Michel asked, causing Jeff to raise his eyebrows, confused.


What do you mean Michel?



Michel chuckled. You know better than I do. he said and ended the call.


Jeff rolled his eyes. “What’s that about?”




Mona served the meal on the dinning and then covered all the dishes.


She placed the jug of juice at the center and empty glasses too and water too.


She wonder why she put so much effort in Jeff’s dish serving using the most beautiful dishes and the prettiest glasses.


Joy of friendship she guess.


Just thinking about it gives her a warm feeling.



Even though it was just frying, she hope she didn’t mess up again. She will totally loose it if she do in fry.


She glanced at the dinning table, smiled and went back to the kitchen to eat. She was hungry.



She was still eating in the kitchen when the gate bell rang. She left her food and rushed out.


None of the boys were out yet.


Are they going to eat at all? It’s 8 already.


She walked to the monitor and saw the Manager’s car.


“They came so early. I thought it was Zee and her colleagues.” Mona said, opened the gate and went back to the kitchen.


She heard noises when they came in but it was more than a noise of just two people or even four.


“Is the concert going to be here?” she questioned herself as she left the kitchen to take a peep. She was able to and saw men bringing in bedroom furniture’s like bed, closet desk, sofa, table, chair.


She immediately recalled Xspark director telling her about her room to be furnished today.


That excited her.


She rushed out and bowed to everyone.


“Goodmorning” she board in greeting.


Mr Lee and Mr Chang didn’t come but she saw the papers in Manager Park’s hand.


“Hello miss Mona. How are you?” Manager Kim asked.


“I’m fine, thank you sir” she answered.


What about the flower boys?” He asked.


“They must be upstairs” Mona answered.


Just then the flower boys were seen coming downstairs, in line with Michel and TedyA as the last person. Jeff the second after Jguy. TedyA was holding Michel’s hand.


“Anneyeo (Hello)” they greeted.


“Good morning guys. Are you all ready?” Manager Kim asked.


Jeff and Mona locked eyes and each smiled at each other. Michel saw that and rolled his eyes.


‘This is irritating.’ he said within.


“Yes, we are” TedyA answered and with a grin at Michel, he asked him. “Right Hyung?”


Michel smiled at him. “Yes but can you let go off my hand?”


TedyA made a sad face as he released his hand from Michel’s. J guy who saw that rolled his eyes.


‘This is irritating me’ he said within.


“Okay, we got to leave right now.” Manager Kim said and the boys began heading to the door.


Mona looked at the breakfast then to the boys. “But I made breakfast.” she said.


Best and J guy chuckled.


Michel scoffed.


TedyA squeezed his face.


Jeff sighed.


Manager Park sighed. “Sorry, it seems none of them want to eat your breakfast.”


“You guys wanna take a spoon?” Manager Kim asked.


“No, they don’t. Their health is our concern, especially today manager Kim.” Mr park said but Jeff was already at the dinning and had taken a spoon.


TedyA who went too, looked at him. “How does it taste? Be sincere.”


“Very good. Try” Jeff said. TedyA didn’t hesitate. He tasted his and widened his eyes.


“Woah! This taste so good.. Guys come on and try yours.” TedyA said.


Mr Park shook his head.


J guy was the next to taste. “Woah…. This taste really good.”

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“And the juice too” TedyA said.


Mona smiled.


Best shrugged and decided to try his and he did. “It’s good because it’s fried egg and not a main meal. Don’t praise it that much.” Best said and drank the juice. “Uhm the juice taste much better.”


Mona sneered secretly at him. ‘No difference from the jerk, Michel. You too should be blood brothers! Huh!’


Michel didn’t near the dinning, he just turned and left.


Mona breathed out. ‘Jerk!’


“Okay guys, I said only a spoon. We don’t have much time. You gonna eat at the company.” Manager Kim said.



“Hey miss cook, can you quickly package mine for me?” TedyA said.


“What?” Mr Park raised his brows.


Mona smiled. “Yes, of course” she said and quickly rushed to do so.


“Hey miss cook.” Jeff called and she looked at him with a smile on her face.


“Can you do mine too?” Jeff asked.


She nodded. “Yes…sir”


Jeff smiled.




Silver house became empty immediately the idols left to Xspark studio.


Mona watched the workers finish up her bedroom in an hour time and left.


She felt lonely.


She was so surprised with herself. She remember the days she’d spend 24hours Alone in the house with Tenten away at his friend’s house.


Loneliness had become a part of her since the depart of her parents but right now, she wondered what happened?


Before they left, Manager Kim had asked her gently. “Mona, can we trust you alone in this house?”


She had nodded. “But the maids would soon be here” she said.


“Yeah I know but they have to leave after working.” he said.


“Oh.. That’s right.” Mona said.


She entered her now furnished bedroom and smiled.


“It’s so cute.” she said and jumped on the bed.


“Ahh so comfy.”


Her head hit on something. It was her phone. She picked it and gasped when she saw missed calls from Leo.


She wasted no time in calling him back and he picked up at the second ring.



Hello Mona Lisa he spoke first.



Goodmorning, I’m so sorry. I was at the kitchen and didn’t take my phone along. Mona said.


it’s okay. You don’t have to apologize. I thought so too. And I know you are alone right now he said.


‘How did he know? Did he connect a stalking camera here by any chance?’ She questioned herself curiously.


You are right? he asked.



yeah, yeah I am. The flower boys had left to Xspark



And they will be there all day. You have silver house to yourself today. Enjoy.


Leo said.



Ah, that’s right but it isn’t that fun tho, to be alone in such a big house Mona said.


It’s that an invite for me to come keep you company? Leo asked.



Noooo! That’s not what I mean Mona shouted immediately.


Leo laughed. Easy girl. I was only kidding.













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