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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 12

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







Mona looked away, facing the window.


She was in thought of what to answer..


She can’t trust him with the truth right?

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Yes, he helped her at Thailand but she can’t forget that Michel’s help was much more than his even though that one is nothing but a jerk.


It’s fine, she will handle this.


“It’s fine if you don’t wanna tell me anything. By the way, we ain’t that close friends yet to share private stuffs like that.” Leo said.


Mona turned to him. “Okay fine. I will tell you the truth. Whatever you read on the news is the truth. My brother has taken his own share of the money and relocated. For me, I can’t leave silver house even though I sold it out that was why I decided to work for Xspark. It’s great since I won’t be paying house rent and I will also be receiving my salaries. I love it.”


Leo stared closely at her before turning to the windscreen.


“Do you wish to have silver house back without those people in?” he asked and Mona raised her brow.




“Since you really love silver house, do you want to have it back?” Leo asked.

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Mona scratched her head. “Well…it’s sold already.”


‘Why’s he asking so much? That question!’


“Yeah it is, but I can help you get it back if you want.” Leo said.


‘Now that offer is tempting… What do she say?’


“I know you love silver house. I can see that in you Mona Lisa.. And I want you to trust me that I would get it back for you. You didn’t have to sell silver house for anything. You don’t worry, I’m here for you….” he paused and When Mona looked at him curiously, he completed. “…as your friend.”


Mona exhaled as she got an idea of what to say and didn’t hesitate to say it. “I appreciate, but you don’t have to worry about me. I’m perfectly fine.”


Leo observed her for a second and shrugged. “That’s fine. So when do we meet again, and you have to bring the best of your work along, let’s check it out. What’s the title again, sorry?”


“Love in Danger” Mona said.





(Five minutes later )



“Please if you would kindly drop me here,” Mona said as they got to the exact spot she saw Leo’s car.


“Seriously? Like seriously there’s nothing wrong if I get you to the gate.” Leo said.


“I’m sorry Leo, but I’m an employee in there and I’ve got some rules to abide by.


This is my area tho, no body is going to kidnap me,” Mona said.


Leo shrugged. “Whatever you say.” he said and pulled up. Mona unfastened her seatbelt.



“Thank you so much for tonight Leo. I had a great time. I hope I pay for the meal next time.” She said.


“I will give you a call Mona. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.” Leo said with his eyes on Mona’s. Mona noticed and looked away.


“Goodnight Leo” she said and opened the door.


“Goodnight Mona. And you too, Blue.” Leo reciprocated.


Mona smiled and got down from the car. She waved at Leo and headed to silver house gate.


Leo watched her get to the gate, click on the bell and waited for answer.


In a minute, she went in and Leo pushed his hair back, breathed out and got his hands back on the steering wheel.




Mona climbed the few steps that lead to the sitting room and getting in, she met only Mr Park.


She bowed in greeting. “Good evening sir”


Mr Park gave a suspicious glance at her before nodding. “Welcome Mona and please no late movements again. Thank you, and please make something for the boys. The Kitchen Time table had been set and it’s right there at the kitchen.” he said before going up the staircase.


Mona breathed out and muttered, “I can’t believe that I’m being told what to do and what not to! This is ridiculous. It makes me think of Leo Bethel’s offer.”


She turned towards the kitchen. Getting there, she saw a small menu on the breakfast bar. She read it and her jaw dropped at the different meals each flower boy request on each day.


“This is a whole bunch of stress. I can’t suffer this.”she said.


Tonight, she have to make two meals! two meals!!


She sighed and dropped blue to get to work.


Even though it’s a lot of stress, she has to put in her veery best.


She don’t want them complaining of spicy taste tonight. Ramen can’t be the only food she can prepare perfectly.


So she got to work immediately but as she was on it, she couldn’t stop thinking about Leo’s offer…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


‘He’s being so nice to me. He want to go through my stories and again, help me get silver house back. What then I’m I waiting for? What else do I ask for. It’s something that I want. And here it is.’


But the next second, her mind goes the other way. ‘But I don’t have a strong feeling or desperation about Leo helping me out. Maybe I just don’t want him getting involved in my problems. I don’t just know..” she dropped the knife and rubbed her forehead.


“Aigoo, I got headache. Serious headache!” she said.






As served the meals on the dinning and still, no sound of the flower boys, she knew they were rehearsing upstairs.


Tomorrow is the concert day and she’s sure they had been practicing for hours.


She covered the meals well and groaned as the ache on her head increased.


And she has no drug left!


With her hand the her side of her head as she was about going back to the kitchen, she heard footsteps and the next second, TedyA emerged and saw her.


“Hey Mona, What’s wrong?” he asked.


Jeff followed, then Best and J guy.



All of them with changed clothes.


“Nothing, I’m fine.” she lied.


“You got headache?” Jeff asked.


Just then, she saw Michel. Their eyes met and she quickly looked away. Why’s her eyes always meeting with him? “Is it severe? You need drugs.” Jeff said.


She sighed. “I”m I’m good. I will take my drug. I have one.” with that, she left to the kitchen.


The truth is that, there’s now ten rules she need to abide by.


“She doesn’t seem okay.” Best said.


“Yeah, I think so. But since she got the drug, she’s gonna be fine.” TedyA said.


Jeff exhaled. He felt worried.


Michel was the last to sit down at the dinning.


“Ewwww” TedyA shook his head at the taste of his food. “Tonight, Salty.” he said.


Best shook his head.


Jeff tasted his own, yeah, salty but not that much.


J guy stared at his spoon. Michel haven’t even touched his spoon.


He got up and left upstairs.


“Okay guys, I’m leaving.” Mr Park emerged a minute after Michel left.


“We will be here to pick you guys to the company by 8am as usual.” he said.



No one talked.


“So, how’s the meal?” he asked.


No one answered.


His hands went akimbo as he breathed out. “I’m sorry guys. Gotta manage what you have. Don’t eat that. No one should get sick tomorrow please. You gonna eat at the company tomorrow.” he said.


“Ramen would be fine tonight.” TedyA said.


“We can’t let you eat that, sorry. Have any snacks in your fridge. Thank you.”


Just then Mona came out with Blue.


She bowed. “I’m sorry for tonight’s meal.”


Without making eye contact with Jeff or any of them, she headed upstairs.


Her head was pounding.


J guy turned to Jeff. “I can’t sleep this night without eating.”


“Me too” TedyA said.


“So?” Jeff asked.


“You know what we mean” the both said.


Jeff rolled his eyes.


“Do it for Mona Lisa at least.” TedyA said.


“What do you mean by that Tedy?” Mr Park asked.


“Nothing.” TedyA grinned at Mr Park.





For no reason, Michel opened his drawer, took out his aspirin drugs, stared at it for awhile, dropped it back and closed the drawer.


He walked to his fridge to find something to fill his stomach.


He had just taken out two packs of snacks and a pack of juice when his phone beeped.


He closed the fridge and went for the phone.


His mom was calling.


He sighed. “What’s wrong? It’s only few days ago that I went to see them. Hope that old woman isn’t pretending again..” he said as he picked up the call and placed the phone on his ear.


Eomma (mom) he spoke first.



Hello son. How are you? she asked with a voice filled with excitement. Michel wondered the excitement


I’m doing okay mom. I feel you’re really happy. What’s the news? Michel asked, not much curious to know tho.



She laughed. Well, I just want to wish you Good luck on the stage. Don’t forget I’m a big fan.


Michel chuckled. I can’t remember the last you did this. What came over you?



Sonia, hand the phone to me, you silly daughter in law! Michel heard his grandmother’s voice hurl



Ohhhhhh… Mother in law! Let me have a moment with him at least.. His mom cried but Michel knew the phone had been snatched from his mom’s hand cos his grandmother’s voice came fully on the receiver.



You silly boy, have you no idea that you are supposed to be checking up on me each day huh? I am sick and you don’t want to care… Ahh my neck. My neck hurts right now she hurled and nagged as usual.


Michel sighed.



Halmeoni but I visited few days ago he said.



Didn’t you hear me say ‘each day’ not few days ago!


Michel sat down on one if the sofa’s.



Halmeoni (grandmother) you know there’s no way I can be visiting you everyday. I’m pretty far from you now.


Stupid boy, I don’t mean you visiting everyday, i’m talking about you calling me. Do you know the hours I spend at the temple each day to pray on your behalf cos I know you don’t pray at all. Halmeoni said.



Michel rubbed his forehead in exhaustion. Okay Halmeoni, forgive me. I will try to be calling always. So tell me, how are you doing? Hope Ali reads you your folklores always?


With a now calmed voice, she answered. Yes, but you are really good in that..


No one reads better than you. Even your mother can’t be a match.



Michel smiled. I promise to visit soon Halmeoni. I’m really working hard. I don’t want to be a lazy grandson



She laughed. I love that.. I will be watching you on the TV tomorrow night. Don’t miss steps and don’t allow your voice to crack


Michel smiled. I always make you proud halmeoni, you know that.



Soniaaaaaa…. Michel heard his father’s voice shouting his mom’s name.



Ohhh…. Son, your father is back. We will talk tomorrow. Goodnight grandson.


Sweet dreams. I hope you didn’t forget your dream chaser at the other house?



Michel turned to the ‘dream Chaser’ that hung by the window side. No, Halmeoni, I didnt.


Good. Take care of yourself son. I love you



Take care of yourself Halmeoni, goodnight. I love you


The call ended and Michel dropped the phone on the bed.


It took him a minute to open the snacks..




Mona had taken a cold bath and it felt better. She laid down.


Remembering her laptop, she plugged it to charge.


As she closed her eyes, she drifted off.




She was awoken by nothing. She rubbed her eyes and felt the headache back.


She sighed and got up.


Her laptop was still charging.


The time on her phone say ’12:12am’



She got up from the mattress, slide her feet into her slippers, and left her room, downstairs.


Everywhere was calm..


She got to the sitting room and used the exit door that leads to the pool.


She got to the pool, sat down and deep her legs into the water.


Minutes later, she had no idea that the door leading to the pool had opened and someone was standing right outside the door and watching her.


It was Michel.


He watched her press the side of her head several times with her fingers and splash water on her face.


After watching for awhile, he went back in.


Getting to his room, he collapsed on his bed and covered himself with his duvet.


The next minute, he got out of the bed, went to his drawer and took out one of the aspirin drugs.


He walked to his door and opening it, he felt another door opening. It was Jeff’s.


He peeped out and saw Jeff come out and head downstairs.


Michel changed his mind and went back in, shut the door and laid back down.




Mona, felt coming footsteps and quickly turning, it was Jeff.


She got relieved.


“You hoy scared?” he asked.



“A bit” she answered.


He joined her and she shifted away a little.


Jeff noticed that and ignored it.


“How do you feel now? Is the headache gone?” he asked.


Mona touched her forehead. “Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you.”


Jeff exhaled. “You sure? Are you okay?” he asked.


“Yeah, I’m fine. I just feel upset with myself that I failed at my cooking again.” Mona said.


“It’s fine. There was no long complain. You don’t have to feel upset.” he said.


She nodded.


He noticed a tiny dirt on her hair and as he tried raking it off, she moved back like someone who’s afraid.


Jeff had already taken off the dirt and raising it up to her face. “It’s a dirt on your hair.” he said.


Mona breathed out. “Oh thanks. You should have told me and I will take it off myself.”


“Well, you might not find it if I did. It was best that I do it myself.” he said.


Silence followed until Jeff broke it.


“Do you think you made the right decision today?” he asked.


“Yeah I think.” Mona answered.


“That’s okay. It’s best to do what your heart say.” Jeff said.


“Yeah,” Mona said.











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