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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 10

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







Mona Lisa found what to eat and also what to feed Blue with.


They spent about thirty minutes in the kitchen before coming out to see the flower boys still playing the weird game.


She knew how funny they can be. She watch their home videos all the time and Michel always do all that with them but he isn’t among them today, maybe because it isn’t being on video.

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‘That introvert jerk.


He only pretends to be lively and funny on camera’s.


What’s even wrong with him?


He’s so annoying!


I feel like yelling loudly into his long ears!’


Boom! She collided with a couch.


“Meow!” Blue cried.


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Her mind on the jerk, Michel had made her collide with the couch.


That jerk. Why was she even thinking about him?


“Are you okay, Mona?” Jeff asked.


Two seal Tapes were plastered on his face, one on his forehead and the other on his right cheek and after he asked that, J guy plastered his on Jeff’ lips. They all laughed except Jeff.


Mona herself couldn’t hold her laughter so she covered her mouth.


“Dude, don’t look at her, she won’t save you man,” J guy said.


“Oh my God, look at him… He’s so cute…” Best said in a mockery way.


Jeff wanted to shout, ‘You guys get this out of my face!’ but he couldn’t because of the seal tape on his lips.


Mona felt pity for him. They are going to use all their strength to pull the seal tape off and it will hurt.


Okay, Best was the first to go. With a wild grin, he forcefully pulled the seal tape on Jeff’s forehead.


Jeff winced and they laughed except Mona who just watched with pity.


“Oh… My turn, my turn..” TedyA smiled and pulled his off just the way Best did.


Jeff winced again.


‘Ahh it sure hurt’ Mona sighed within.


Now J guy, Mona knew already that his own would turn out the worse.


Mona inhaled and narrowed her eyes. She felt like looking away but immediately J guy was about pulling off the seal tape on Jeff lips, Mona shouted.


“Don’t hurt him!”


They all turned to her, surprised -including Jeff.


“What?” J guy asked with a raised brow.


Mona raised her own brow like a confused lost sheep. “Huh? No, I mean….”


“You mean what?” J guy asked, trying hard to hold the laughter filling up in his mouth.


“I mean… Take it easy, yes..” Mona said and turned Sharply. “I’m going upstairs.


Won’t be down until your managers arrive.” she said and was about taking a step


when she heard the groan of Jeff.


“Ahhhhh that hurt!”


She sighed and was about continuing her walk upstairs when J guy said. “Hey Mona Lisa, let’s go out for swimming, it’s so hot today.”


Jeff and TedyA looked at J guy. “It’s not hot today.” they both said together.


“It is” J guy insisted.


Right! Mona Lisa miss the pool, she missed swimming and haven’t thought about it for days.


Maybe a little swimming won’t be bad, especially with the spark5 boys.


Soark5 she say? They are just four now.


That jerk would never want to swim.


“Are you in, Mona? You can tell us more about the pool,” J guy asked.


“Do you want to swim Mona. You don’t have to accept if you don’t want to” Jeff said.


Maybe swimming would help her cool off and refresh her thoughts on how to get hold of Tenten and get silver house back.


She turned back to them. “Yeah, I want to.”


J guy excitement was visible but no one knew that Jeff was the most excited.


“I wish Michel would swim too,” TedyA said.


“He would if Mona won’t,” Best said.


J guy eyed TedyA. “You can go be with in his room.”


“No, I want to swim. Don’t be jealous, I would be with him after,” TedyA said.


J guy rolled his eyes.


Mona cleared her throat. “I will go and change.” she said and headed upstairs.


“Of course we are going to change too, right?” TedyA said.


Getting upstairs, she walked to her door but somehow, she couldn’t take her eyes off Michel’s door.


She turned and sneered at the door.


“Jerk” she caused but it wasn’t enough. She took few steps close to the door, sneered again and raised her fist like she want to blow the door off.


“Jerk” she caused again. Then like someone who just got back to her senses, she instantly dropped her hand, stopped the sneer and wondered why she was doing that anyways?


Just then, she heard noises coming upstairs and in a rush, she entered her room and jammed the door close.






[A Train to Busan, ]



“Here’s our seat sweetheart,” Tenten said to Rose and she sat down at the second seat next to the window and Tenten sat at the outer seat.


Tenten searched the faces of everyone close to them in the train but no face seem familiar.


“Don’t worry, we are safe. We would be safer in Busan,” he whispered to Rose who wasn’t happy at all.


“I don’t like that we are moving out of Seoul. How long are we going to keep hiding Tenten?” Rose asked.


“For now dear. Until my investment profits. Once it does, we would be back. I’m sure Mona Lisa would forgive us,” Tenten said.


“I’m not happy Tenten. Mona Lisa is more than disappointment in us. I can’t loose my best friend,” Rose said.


“And I can’t loose my sister either. She’s my sister remember.” Tenten said and stretched a wrap of burger and juice to Rose. “Eat dear and relax your mind. I will take care of everything. Don’t stress our baby please.”


Rose took them. “I have to eat anyways, I’m feeding both myself and our baby, so I have to eat. I cant stop eating just the same way I can’t stop worrying about Mona.”


Tenten sighed and ate from his own burger.

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The Train kicked off.







[Silver house ]



Mona Lisa had checked herself in the bathroom mirror for long minutes that she wondered why she was checking herself out. It’s not like this is her first time of wearing the swim suit.


She had been wearing it for months.


Why’s she checking herself out this way?


Can it be that she’s trying to look more good or more covered? Because of the flower boys?


“Ahh my cleavage is really visible,” she sighed and drew the suit more upper.


“Better now” she said.


She repacked her hair and came out of the bathroom. Carried Blue and walked to the door.


She grabbed the doorknob, turned and pulled but the door wasn’t opening.




She pulled again but it wasn’t opening.


“But I’m turning it to the left, like he said.. Why isn’t it opening?” she muttered with sighs as she kept trying but to no avail.


“Meow” blue kept crying.


“I don’t know what’s wrong with this door again!” She said, pissed off.


Then the next second, she felt the doorknob click and the door pulled open. It wasn’t her.


It was Michel, again.


Him again? Mona Lisa raised her brow as she stared at him.


His hair was packed up as usual. He wore a white and blue tracksuit and had his earrings on with his finger rings.


Mona couldn’t hold herself from crushing on his eyes. They are just too pretty.


Why does he have so much lashes? They are so perfect and black.


She was busy wondering about his eyes that she didn’t notice his eyes quickly run over her body.


‘I wonder if he applied red lips rub, why are his lips so red?’


“Hey, no thank you?” Michel’s words shot Mona Lisa out of her wonder thoughts.


“Huh?” she mumbled with a confused look.


“Just know that you gonna be stocked in there next time,” he said, glanced at Blue in an irritated manner, then turned and walked away with one hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone.


He got to the third floor staircase and climbed up. Once he was out of her sight, she exhaled.


“What an annoying jerk. I can never get stocked. When you ain’t the only one in Here.” she muttered before closing the door and headed downstairs.


At the sitting room, she met no one.


She went out, to the pool side which is located at the back side of the house.


And there they were, already swimming with gla*sses of wine.


TedyA was the first to see her.


“Wow, she’s here,” he announced and the three others turned.


J guy jaw dropped. “Woah woah, you look perfect on this swim suit. You look hot babe.” he said.


Mona sighed with her eyes on Jeff


Jeff eyed J guy before turning back to Mona. “I like your swim suit” he said to her.


“Th..Thanks” she said.


“We thought you changed your mind so we decided to start up,” TedyA said.


Mona didn’t know what to say so she just nodded.


She was avoiding to stare at their abs for too long, especially Jeff’s.


She wondered how Michel’s would look.


“Are you bringing that in?” Best asked, pointing at Blue.


“Best, that’s improper. It’s a pet. Call her by her name,” TedyA said.


Best ignored and swam to the other side to pick one of the balls.


“Can she swim?” Jeff asked with a joking smile.


Mona chuckled. “Of cos not.” Mona said and dropped Blue.


“Jump in babe,” J guy said and so Mona did.


“Woah!! This whole pool is in you girl!” J guy said out.


Mona stood and wiped water from her from. “It was specially built for me by my father.” she said.


“Wowwww.. No wonderr” TedyA said.


“Here, take” Jeff stretched a gla*ss of wine to Mona.


Mona wanted to take it but immediately remembered the incident last night and a week ago at the plane.


She withdrew her hand. “No, thanks.”


“Why?” Jeff asked.


“I know why,” Best said and swam forward. “Wine gets you drunk.”



‘Now this guy is next after Michel.’


“That was because she took too much,” Jeff said, trying to defend Mona. Mona grabbed the gla*ss. “It’s fine. I will take it.” she said and sipped from the gla*ss. “Thank you.” she said to Jeff who smiled.


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Michel sat by the window side, staring at them.


His eyes focused mainly on Mona Lisa who seem to be having so much fun.


“I wonder if she really care about getting this house back or living in here with us.


So annoying.” he said.


A call came on his phone and seeing the caller, he picked it up.


His personal manager.


“Hello Bruno” he spoke first.


“How’s it going over there? You guys preparing for the concert tomorrow night?” Bruno asked.


“No idea. Spark got some big problem on their shoulder right now. Though with what I’m seeing right now, I don’t think it’s a big problem.” Michel said. “Oh…I hope so.””1


They talked for a little while about his contract with the Jestar modelling company in Japan, then the call ended and he relaxed on the couch and sipped from his wine with his eyes at the pool.






[Leo’s residence ]



“Woah, it’s been ages that I came in here. There have been little changes tho. Nice set of wall frames.” Gu Jack said and walked closer to the wall frames. “..I love this particular one, beautiful” he pointed at one with a painting of a ‘view of the sunrise from behind the lines of tall trees shades.”



Leo left him and walked to his bar counter, took out a bottle of expensive wine and two wine gla*sses.


He returned and dropped them on the table.


“Now, I wish to have this much Awards”. Jack said as he smiled at the four Awards which stood proudly on top the bookcase.


Leo opened the wine and poured into each gla*ss.


Jack turned and went over. He sat beside Leo and took his gla*ss.


“Thanks for this. This is my favorite. You haven’t forgotten, I love that.” Jack said and sipped.


“I watched the news. I don’t want those boys in that house. I need a way to get her far from them, I hate to see that she’s in the same house with Michel,” Leo said.


Jack laughed. “Why? I thought you said that she’s just a friend. Why do you worry about a girl like that when you have Li Sugar?”


“Tell me what to do Jack. Tell me what you think. I have a feeling that she didn’t sell the house.” Leo said.


“I’m sure she didn’t. She was a good actress but it was written all over her. I felt the tension around the spark5 and their managers.” Jack said.


Leo looked at him. “I met her at Thailand. We talked all day and she told me she came on a free trip. The next time I saw her was at the hotel she lodged. She was stranded because her reservation had expired. It wasn’t supposed to be because she told me she was given 7days but that happened on the fifth day. Well, I paid for two more days and left Thailand that same day. And yesterday, I saw her at Dangan Area 1 yesterday. She was running and sweaty. Felt like she was chasing someone. We ended up at that restaurant, I left to answer the director and she got drunk. That’s when you met her.


She took me to her aunt’s house instead of her own house.



I was curious, now I understand. I need information’s Jack. I will pay you. I want to ask her about it but I feel she would lie. So I just need the truth on how her house was given to Xspark. I’m not sure she sold it with her brother.”


“What if her brother sold the house without her notice? I think that’s what xspark is trying to hide from the public and she want to help cos maybe she’s a fan.” Jack said.


Leo stood up immediately.


“I have to meet Mona Lisa today. I need to hear the truth from her.” Leo said.


“Like you said, she won’t tell you the truth but I can find out the truth for you.” Jack said.


“Whatever it is. If really the house was sold, I will pay those a*ssholes back and get their a*ss out of that house.” Leo said.


Jack smiled. “15million to get the truth for you.”


Leo turned to him. “No time for negotiation. Find out the truth for me and the money will be yours in a second.”


Jack smiled and gulped down the remaining wine in his gla*ss.







[Silver house ] (5pm )



An hour ago, The flower boys and Mona were still at the swimming pool when the spark5 managers announced their arrive with the gate bell.


Mona never wish for the managers to see her in swim suit, so she quickly came out of the water, carried blue and ran inside through the back door.


Michel chuckled at her drama.


Of course, she opened the gate for them before running upstairs, into her room.


The managers drove in with two other men from xspark.


The flower boys also left the swimming pool.


“Wow, you’ve been having fun guys. So bad I wasn’t among.” Director Thomas, Xspark director said once the flower boys came in.


“Helloo,” flower boys greeted and left to upstairs to change.


“Where’s the lady?” Director Thomas asked.


“Should be upstairs,” Mr Park said.




Mona was dressing into a black trouser and blue top when her phone rang in her bag.


She haven’t touched that device since today. Her laptop battery is down too and she’s supposed to charge it.


She took it out and seeing the caller, she picked it up.


Mrs Jones.


“Hello ma,” she said and remembered what she had promised her, to look for


Tenten and Rose today.


She couldn’t go.


What would she tell her?


“Hello dear Mona, how are you? I have been expecting you dear” Mrs Jones said.


Mona exhaled. “I’m sorry ma.. I..I.. did look for them again today but didn’t see them. I will try again tomorrow. I won’t stop until I get hold of them.” she lied.


‘I’m so sorry for lying’



“It’s okay my child. You don’t have to kill yourself over it. I would know how to get them. I would beg my husband to help. He’s a police and can do something. Just that his anger is overpowering him.” Mrs Jones said.


“I’m sorry ma.” Mona said.


“Well, the man who brought you here last night is here right now. He said that he’d love to see you.” Mrs Jones said.


“What? Who? Leo?” Mona asked.


“Yes.” Mrs Jones said.


Mona knew that she can’t go out right now, not when she has something very important with the xspark board.


“Tell him that I can’t leave the house right now cos I’m very busy. I will have to see him in an hour time.” Mona said.




“Alright dear.” Mrs Jones said and ended the call.


She went out to meet Leo who was relaxing his back on his car.


“She says she is very busy right now and can only come out in an hour time.”


“Alright ma, if I ask for a favor, may I come in and wait for her. I promise not to make a noise.” Leo said.


“Of course you can. With all pleasure.” Mrs Jones said, excited that an actor is asking to come into her house.


Leo went in and settled on the couch Mrs Jones offered him.


“What would you like to have?” she asked.


“A gla*ss of water is okay ma” Leo said with a smile.



“No, I can’t let give a special someone like you only water. I have to get something else.” Mrs Jones said and went off. She returned with a bottle of wine and two gla*sses.


“Oh my… I love this wine.” Leo said.


Mrs Jones smiled. “It’s my husband’s favorite.”


“He’s out at work?” Leo asked.


“Yes, he’s a DPO” she said.


“Oh… Wonderful occupation. I love people who protects the country and it citizens. I wish to meet him someday.” Leo said.


That made Mrs Jones smile.


“That would be great. I’m certain he will be happy to meet you too, just like I am. Sorry that I couldn’t recognize you yesterday night but I had a feeling that it was Leo Bethel.” Mrs Jones said and tried opening the wine but Leo took it from her. “No, I will do that ma,” he said.


“I wish you could meet my daughter too. She’s a great fan and would have jumped high the roof. She and Mona Lisa are best of friends since childhood.” Mrs Jones said.


Leo opened the wine and poured into the two gla*sses.


Mrs Jones got a seat and took her gla*ss.


“What about your daughter ma?” Leo asked.


Mrs Jones raised her brow, thinking of what to say then an idea came in. “She went on a little holiday to her aunty in Busan.”


“Oh.. Okay” he said and saw a picture frame of two ladies and a boy. One of the ladies was Mona Lisa.


“Is the one in red your daughter?” he asked.


“Yes and that’s Mona Lisa and her twin brother.” Mrs Jones said.


“Lovely picture,” he said.


“Yes, so can you tell me, how did you meet my dear Mona Lisa?”







Mona came out with blue in her hand. None of the flower boys were downstairs.


She climbed down the staircase to the managers and the two new men. Standing in front of them, she bowed in greeting. “Good evening sirs.”


“Thank you Miss Mona Lisa, pease have a sit.” Manager Kim said and she quietly sat down on one of the couches.


“Here is Mr Lee Thomas, Xspark Director and here, is Mr Chang, a*ssistant director.”


Mona Lisa said nothing.


“Hello Miss Mona Lisa Silver, we really appreciate your support today. We were shocked on what you did today and we are here to make a deal with you if you will accept.” Mr Lee said.


“What Deal?” Mona asked, curious.


“That you work for Xspark for a year. Your salary would be paid and at the end of your one year work with us, we will give you back silver house.” Mr Lee said.


“What? And my brother? Why must I work with you to have silver house back?” Mona asked..



“Then we come to that. We will help you find your brother and if he can pay 80% out of the money, we will give you back silver house.” Mr Lee said.
















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