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Drama Queen – Season 1 – Episode 9

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“We should go in now… It’s so late. Your pretty eyes will get swollen and I don’t want that.” TedyA said to Michel.


“You should worry about your own eyes.” Michel said.


TedyA grinned and touched his eyes. “Do you mean they are pretty?”


Michel nudged him. “Come on, stop being a kid.”

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“Of course I am. I’m twenty. Hyung (older brother) I want to tell you something.” TedyA said.


“What?” Michel asked.


“I really admire you.” TedyA said.


Michel chuckled. “You are so unbelievable. I thought it was something else. You always say that everyday.”


“And you don’t get to know that it’s what I’m about to say.” Tedy laughed. “..I always get you.”


Michel smiled. “If you admire me, would you tell me why you didn’t bring any drink while looking for me?”


Tedy slapped his forehead. “I just failed as a younger brother. Don’t worry, I’m going to make up for this.”


Michel exhaled. “You are right, it’s late. Let’s go to bed.”

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TedyA smiled. “That’s my Mr Perfect. Ga ja”


They got up and TedyA slide his hand into Michel with a grin. “Your hand is soft and firm.” he said.


Michel sighed. ‘After dealing with fans outside, he still has this TedyA to deal with.’


“Let me just hold you till you get to your room.” Tedy said.


As they headed towards the step leading into the sitting room with glass walls, an empty drink can suddenly appeared from nowhere and landed on the intertwined hands of Michel and TedyA thus causing them to pull off to nurse their hurting hand.



“What? Who did that?” TedyA asked.


“This night doesn’t look like the best night for you couple. Why not wait and sew tomorrow night?” That was J guy’s voice as he appeared from a wall of the house.


“You… You…How could you..” TedyA barked as he picked the can and began chasing J guy around with it.


Michel chuckled and saw Best with his phone up, smiling all along.. Michel knew immediately that he was taking videos of the drama.


“Oh Wow look at that.. What should I caption it?


Uhmm… Michel and TedyA couple and J guy is dead with jealousy… Haha that’s right.” Best said.


He looked at Michel and smiled. “Michel don’t be annoyed. Fans will really crack their rib when they watch this. Ah I should video more..”


“What are you videoing?” Jeff suddenly appeared behind Best and grabbed the phone from him. His voice sounded of someone who just got up from a deep sleep.


“Jeff, give me that. I thought you were sleeping.” Best said, trying to take his phone.


TedyA had caught up with J guy and they were play fighting on the lawn and laughing.


Michel chuckled.


His phone rang in his pocket. He took it out and exhaled when he saw the caller




He cut the call and threw the phone back into his pockets and turned to the boys. “Okay dudes. You can have fun and don’t even try sleeping at all. Just remember rehearsal starts 7:00am so you must come up to the studio before seven. See you, goodnight.” he said and headed towards the step.



TedyA left J guy and hurried to Michel. Jeff succeeded in deleting the video and then handed Best his phone back.


“You punk! Why did you delete that.” Best sighed.


Michel and TedyA went upstairs together.


“I just love the structure of this house and my room is so pretty like hyung’s own.” Tedy said then took Michel’s hand. “Should I stay with you a little while, in your room?”


“Go to bed. We have dance rehearsal in the morning.” Michel said as he removed TedyA hand.


TedyA made a sad face. “I’m not Jeff. I’m not a deep sleeper.”


“Even with that, he will get there before you.. Go Ga ga ga…” Michel said and went into his room and closed the door.


TedyA sighed. “Tch…Why do I feel my heart aching by that…” He touched his left chest. “..he shouldn’t say that to me.” he then lifted his face and walked closer to the door. “Hyung, I promise to be at the studio room before everyone else from today.” he said.


Just then, Best, J guy and Jeff walked in and they heard him.


TedyA flinched at the sight of them.


J guy bursted into laughter first then the three joined.


“This love is really strong.” J guy said.


“I certainly agree with you J guy.” Best said.


“Argh I’m going to bed.. My eyes seem to be going in. Goodnight guys, goodnight.” Jeff said and headed to his room.



“Aigshh me too. Goodnight everyone. See you tomorrow.” Tedy said and ran into his room.


Best exhaled. “Jeff – Sleeper, TedyA – Loverboy, Michel – Mr Perfect that everyone loves. What are you J guy?”


“Huh?” J guy said. His phone began ringing and he took it out of his pocket. “Ah I gotta answer this call.” he said and hurried to his room.


Best shrugged and headed to his…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com




Michel settled on his new work desk and opened his song first record book.


He had written the first verse, the retro and the refrain..


“I gotta work again on the refrain.. Why’s the lyrics so dull?”


He sighed.




Good Love…Good Love..


It doesn’t matter any weather,


Gonn’ explore it as we’re having this..


Good Love.. Good Love.


Good Love..Good Love..Good.


Baby don’t look back..


Give me your whole heart..


I’ve been stalking you all day, watching you all night.


I just wanna make you my girl..


Be my girl and we make be this



Good Love….Good love



His phone began ringing, interrupting him.


‘Sugar, quit calling me.’


The call ended and started ringing again, he picked it to cut it and switch the phone to silence when he saw the caller was his manager.




He picked the call. “Hello Bruno.”



“How are you doing? How far with the new song?” Bruno asked.



“I’m still on it. I will introduce it to the boys after the coming show. There’s a lot I have to work on.. I’m finding it pretty hard to write Love songs. I will try my best..” Michel said.



“You are so good on it Michel. You have to try harder. I’ll arrive south Korea soon. It was such a great work with the Creme.” he said.


“Yeap. Bye.” Michel said and ended the call.


He tore out the page.


“I have to put more spirit into this… The lyrics are bad. And it’s such a great tone.”


He turned to another page and began writing again.





Written by Rejoice Jeremiah✅




The sauna room was quiet except for the snores of people sleeping, especially the fat man laying beside Mona Lisa.



Mona Lisa is the type who can’t get a sleep when the tiniest snore is going on beside her.


She swore never to spend a night in a sauna again.


Then she sighed. “It’s better than staying outside.”


She crossed her legs, placed her laptop on top, opened her laptop and logged into her page where she post her stories.


For the past five days, she haven’t posted anything.


She opened the comments section and her heart almost ached by the rude comments.



This writer is too lazy.. She wont post on time. Im not reading her crap stories again. Im leavibg this damn page


When are you dropping the next episode. I’m tired of waiting.



The story isn’t even interesting. Why taking so long to drop the boring thing.



I haven’t seen any page as annoying as this one. I’m outta here



Why start a story you can’t finish?


Mona Lisa shut her laptop immediately, afraid she might break it if she doesn’t.


“They all said it was interesting when I started it. Do they have to talk this way because I haven’t posted for five days now.”


She sighed.


“They have no idea what I’m going through right now. My brain are all blocked. I can’t even think of the next thing Ha nee did or what Ji Jun is going to do next. Wait, is that even the name I gave him? I think it’s Lee Jun. Ahh I don’t even know.”



She lay back down and hugged the laptop as she stared at the ceiling decorated


with electric lights..


Blue curled beside her.


She exhaled.


‘With my situation right now, I don’t even think I can write anytime soon. I’m so confused.. I’ve even forgotten the song I was writing before I left to Thailand. That trip!! It has caused me so much. I just pray to see Tenten tomorrow, anywhere, I just want to see him and make him return back the money and get silver house back. I haven’t even gone to MAC restaurant. They only gave me seven days leave. What I’m I going to do if they fire me for taking more than seven days. If I start work tomorrow, then my chance of meeting Tenten would be little. I have to go around the streets looking for him. I’m so frustrated. Death would not be a bad idea for me right now.”


Then she remembered her dad’s plea to her on the hospital bed before he died.


«Mona, please live long and take care of your brother. He’s doesn’t seem to understand the world that he is. He still act like a little child. Please stay with him and take care of him and silver house.»


Mona Lisa sighed.


‘Dad I never stopped taking care of him but look what he did. Please bring him to me. We have to get silver house back. It was your own jeju island. It was your own gold, diamond and silver just like you named it. I can’t bear seeing it taken away. I’m sorry I didn’t think that Tenten could do such a thing. I’m sorry dad for not protecting care of Silver house enough.’


Few minutes later, the fat man suddenly stopped snoring and Mona Lisa had no idea when she slept off.





Mona Lisa found herself in a garden with different species of flowers


“What I’m I doing here and how did I get in here?” she wondered.


Just then, she heard a voice that sounded just like her father’s voice.


“Mona Lisa, what do you think you are doing?”


She looked around, wondering where her father is speaking to her from.


“Dad, where are you. I can’t see you.” She said.


“Your dad is asking you a question.” That was her mother’s voice.


Mona kept looking around.


“Look at your right, I am with you.” her mother said.


Mona Lisa looked right and jumped when she saw a sunflower with eyes and lips like her mother’s.


“Mom, is that you. When did you become a sun flower?”


“Mona Lisa.” her dad called and Mona Lisa jumped when she saw her dad’s face in a sunflower beside her mom too.


“Dad, you too?” she asked.


“Answer me Mona. Why are you not in silver house? What are you doing outside silver house. Go back before I get upset with you. Don’t ever leave silver house. Go now.” he said.


“Dad.. Tenten sold it.” she said.


“Get it back.. Find him and get silver house back. You must do that or else this flowers we are in will wither and die. You have to save your mom and I by getting



back silver house back and never leave it again. I know you as a strong woman Mona. Go now. Go.”


“Dad, mom”


“Go now Mona.” her mom said.


Heavy fower petals and leaves began falling, blocking her from going to them.


“Dad, mom.. Wait.. Dad.. Mommm nooo”


She opened her eyes and realized that she was dreaming and people’s eyes were on her.


‘Huh? Why are they looking at me like that’ She wondered.


Then her eyes landed on her right hand which was raised like it’s trying to reach to something.


She blinked twice, then quickly brought it down and sat up.


Blue climbed on top her laps.


She recalled her dream immediately.


Get it back.. Find him and get silver house back. You must do that or else this flowers we are in will wither and die. You have to save your mom and I by getting back silver house back and never leave it again. I know you as a strong woman Mona. Go now. Go.»


“Silver house, silver house. I have to get it back.” She said and sprang up from the mattress.


She saw that the fat man had left. The two girls were about leaving too. It was morning


“Blue we are going back to sliver house.” she said


“Meow” Blue responded and wagged her tail.


Mona knew she was excited to hear that.




Li Sugar drove into the flower boys house and got down. She closed the door and headed towards the door.


She rang the doorbell and stood there for minutes without no one opening the door.


She was about ringing it for the third time when a truck pulled into the compound.


Sugar turned and wondered why such car is in there.


A man came down from the car and walked to her.


“Hello Blinkqueen Li Sugar. I’m happy to meet you this morning. Today would be a very lucky dad for me. You are such an amazing personality.” he said, grinning.


Li Sugar tucked her behind her ear stylishly and smiled.


“Thank you. May I ask why you are here? And I’m wondering why no one is answering the doorbell.” Sugar said.


“Oh I thought you’d have an idea. This house isn’t the flower boys house anymore.


They have relocated. You should..know….about…that.” he said.


“What? Re..located?” she asked.


“Yeah.. I thought you’d know about it.” he said.


“Do you have the add….no never mind.” Li Sugar said and walked to her car. Once


she got in, she slammed on the steering wheel.


“Calm down Sugar.. Calm down.” she brewthed, she relaxed then started the car and drove off..

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“Getting their new new address won’t be a big problem” She said.


Gu Jack, a reporter hiding behind the wall of the house, smiled as he checked the pictures of Li Sugar and the truck man which he had taken.


“What is this. Why is Li Sugar coming to the flower boys house? Hmmm This sound interesting.” he smiled.













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