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Drama Queen – Season 1 – Episode 8

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“Uhmm Daughter-in-law. I can’t miss your food for anything in the world. I’m sure Kim Tan misses it so much, right grandson?” Halmeoni said as the three members of the family ate at the dinning table.


Michel sighed and paused the meat he was about putting into his mouth.



“Halmeoni, Michel isn’t hard to call.. Just say M I C H E L… Michel.. Mi Chel Chel.”


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“What’s he saying? Your dad gave you one of the sweetest Korean name and you are here blabbing. What’s Michel.. Come on eat up.. I’m certain you have missed your mom’s cookings.” Halmeoni said.


“Still I don’t like it!” Michel said.


“What? Are you yelling at me? Do you want me to remind you of the ghost story that hides in curtains at night huh?” Halmeoni asked.


Michel sighed. “You’ve done that already.”


Mrs Kim Sonia smiled.


She had missed her handsome son being close to her.


She can recall when he was growing up, anytime he misbehaves, his grandmother would tell him about the scary ghost who hides in curtains at night. Michel would cry and run to her for shelter.


She would cuddle him until he falls asleep.


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She can remember everything but he’s grown now and the ghost story don’t have to scare him anymore.


His profession had taken all his time and far from her.


She only see him once in a while. The rest are his pictures or on the TV screen when he’s either singing or in an interview or magazines too.


Her son became so popular and wealthy.


She looked at him and she could see he was enjoying his favorite meal.


“And…grandson, when are you getting us a beautiful lady as your fiancé! I’ve missed wedding occasions.” Halmeoni asked.



“Halmeoni, don’t even think of that. How can you even think of that. I’m just twenty three and I haven’t gone to the Army yet. Talking about fiancé. Really. If you miss wedding occasions, You should google one happening around and attend.” Michel said.


Halmeoni hit her spoon on his plate causing him to flinch.


“Ah you scared me Halmeoni.” he said.


“Grandson!! You are unspeakable. Aigoo.. You know what, just eat. Let’s eat on.” she said.


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It was 6pm when Mona Lisa decided to head to a Sauna.


She stood up and dragged her luggage along with Blue in her arm as she left the bus stop where she had been sitting for hours.


“God please do this one thing for me, I beg you. Just show me Tenten and Rose. I am in desperate need of their presence. Please God.” She prayed as she walked on the road.


She got to the road crossing and waited with others for the traffic light to turn red. Just immediately, it turned red and all cars halted for the walkers to cross the road. They were so many people and Mona Lisa happened to be among the last people to cross.


Michel’s car was among the cars in front. He wasn’t interested in the people crossing the road since he covered part of his face from nose to lips with a nose cover and a face cap, to avoid any fan noticing it’s him.


He was trying to speed back to the boys. They must have been expecting him.


His grandmother had to hold him for too long.


That woman!



He chuckled “God thank you for giving me such a grandmother. But why haven’t the traffic light change?”


He decided to look up and see and his eyes landed on the psychopath Korean girl he met at Thailand.


She was dragging her luggage along and carrying her cat with the other arms as she crossed the road.


She seem to be too slow on her walking. Others were passing her.


“What’s wrong with her?” Michel wondered.


The traffic light turned Yellow.


She was still sluggishly crossing. Cars began horning at her.


“What’s wrong with her? Why’s she always being dramatic all the time? First throwing up on me in the plane, then following me to the hotel and asking for money, now this.”


When the horning got to her ears, she turned and bowed her head then hurried out of the road.


The traffic light finally turned Green and cars began moving. Michel’s car was among the first to drive off.


As he was driving pass Mona Lisa, he kept glancing at her through the side view mirror.


“She doesn’t look alright.” he said then scoffed. “Whatever. It’s none of my business.” with that he added his speed.


He gotta go to the boys.







[Blinkz house ]



Li Sugar lighted the second cigarette, inhaled from the mouth and puffed out the smoke from both her mouth and nose.


She grabbed the fifth beer and gulped down.


“I’m going crazy.” she said and scattered her hair.


“I’m going nuts. What did I do to deserve this torment.”


She smoked again and puffed out.


“Leo blackmailing me.. Tch…” she grabbed the six beer, opened it and gulped to half.


She was getting drink.


“I’m going to get my Michel back no matter what it takes. I can’t let Leo ruin it for me! I don’t mind doing whatever he says… Since there’s nothing I can do. I’m ruined if I decline. I’ll be totally ruined.”


She gulped the remaining bottle then smoked.


“Leo! You will regret this… You will regret this, trust me..”


Her phone began ringing on the table where the beer bottles and cigarettes are.


“Who.. Who! Tch..” she grabbed the phone and her breath paused when she saw the caller. ‘Leo’


She dropped the phone and grabbed another beer only to find out it’s empty. He had drank all the six bottles.


She still had the cigarette in her hand. She smoked.


Her phone beeped, alerting her of an SMS.


Of course she knew who it’s from already. Since she didn’t pick his call he had to text.


She took the phone and opened the message.



Don’t forget that you are to be here before it’s 8:00pm. You are like a car to me now Sugar. I drive you whenever i want.


“Damn you!!” Sugar yelled and smashed her phone.


She smashed the cigarette too and threw herself on the bed in tears.


”I will deal with you Leo Bethel!”







[Flower boys house ]


The flower boys were all ready to leave to their new home.


It was after seven o’clock and dark enough for them to start going.


“The drive takes as short as thirty five minutes.” Mr Kim said.


“We know that already.” Jeff said.


“It would be nice to get some sleep in the car, what do you think Jeff?” J guy smirked at Jeff.


Jeff hit him playfully on the arm. “Stop joking around.”


TedyA grabbed Michel’s arm. “Michel, are you not going to miss this house like I’m going to?” he asked.


Michel shrugged. “It’s a pleasure to leave here.” he said.



TedyA raised his brows. “Really? Then it’s a pleasure to leave here.” he said, grinning.


A slap on his head caused a gasp from him.


It was J guy.


“What’s that? Ah that was painful.”


“Stop being a baby.” J guy said.


“Aighhh someone’s jealous.” Best said with a smile.


“Tch…whatever” J guy scoffed.


“Can we leave now?” Mr Kim asked.


“Yes, with all pleasure.” TedyA said, not taking his hand off Michel’s.


Michel didn’t mind and used only his right hand to operate his phone.


“Let’s go Michel.” TedyA said.


Michel smiled at him.


“I will miss you, house. Bye and we meet no more.” Best said.


“I will miss you too Flower house. Don’t forget me. I was the cutest guy in this house.” J guy said causing them to laugh.


“Ohh everyone knows it’s Michel that was the most handsome in here then I the cutest.” TedyA said and smirked at J guy.


J guy scoffed


“I don’t care about who was the most handsome or cutest. I’m just gonna miss you house. Don’t forget me. Saranghae .” Jeff said.



“How can it forget you. The handwriting is all over the walls. The Sleeping Jeff. The sleep Walking Jeff and every other thing that has to do with sleeping.” G guy said and received his own hit on the head by Jeff.


“Do you want me to say yours huh? You pervert.” Jeff said.


J guy laughed. “Go ahead. Everyone here knows G guy personal life. So many hungry bloggers would rush on it in just two seconds.”


Jeff nodded and brought out his phone. “What if I do some video record.”


“No way! Give the phone now.” G guy said and they began running round the empty sitting room.


“That’s enough boys.. Let’s go ” Mr Kim said..




Soon they were on the road in their hummer bus.


Every of the flower boys cars had been taken to the new house.



_____ _____________________________________



Mona Lisa had changed into the sauna wears and walked into the large hall with her mattress and pillow. And Blue too in her arm.


They were lots of people in the same wear of pink shorts and pink polo shirt with brown colored towels tied on their heads in two rolls.


Mona tied hers as well.


She began looking for a good space to lay her mattress.



What? Did she bring a cat in here?



Why bother? The cat look cute and calm



Why did she bring a cat in here. It’s going to disturb our sleep.



She should take that away. I hate cats. I hate to hear their cries especially when I’m sleeping.


What was she thinking, bringing an animal to a sauna?



Honey I can’t sleep here with that cat in here, let’s go.”



Im going to report to the sauna keeper. Why would they let her bring a cat ina sauna


Mona sighed and couldn’t move anymore.


She turned to them all and bowed.


“Biane everyone for bringing my cat in here. Really I can assure you that she won’t be a disturbance and make a noise unless I tell her to. Please no one should leave because of her. She isn’t stubborn nor look for trouble.” she finished then moved over to a little space where she spread her mattress inbetween a girl and a fat man. The girl was talking with the girl next to her while the fat man was busy looking at himself on a hand mirror.


Mona lay her pillow and sat down on the mattress, crossed her legs and placed Blue on her crossed legs.


She patted her head. “Shh don’t make noise Blue, promise me OK.”


“The fat man removed the mirror from his face and winked at Mona.


Mona looked away immediately.





Tenten and Rose ran out of the Sauna and once they were back in their own clothes and had reached the road side, they both stopped to catch their breath.


“She almost caught us. Why did we even think of going to a sauna. We should have known that is the first place she will think of going.” Rose said.


Tenten held her. “Biane my love, you were the one who said that you needed fresh air and when I suggested a sauna, you agreed immediately. It’s okay. I take all the blame. I’m sorry for making you run. Our baby must be hungry and thirsty now. Let’s go to a restaurant and eat before heading back home” Tenten said.


“Tenten… Do you care about your twin sister at all?” Rose asked.


“Huh? Of course I do.. It just that I can’t face her right now until I’ve gotten the money to pay her back.” Tenten said.


Rose sighed. “She might never forgive us.”


“That’s why I need to present her money while begging for forgiveness. For now, we must keep on hiding from her. Let’s go.” he said.


“Hold my bag please.” Rose said.


Tenten collected it. “Of course my love.”




‘Tenten I must find him. No matter what! It just seem there’s somewhere I haven’t gone.


Where could it be..’ Mona thought as she lay on the mattress with her hands behind her head.


Then it hit her.


‘Rose parents. Rose parents. Could they know something about Rose and Tenten’s whereabout? I would have to go and check tomorrow.’



Mona Lisa tried closing her eyes for sleep but the conversation that was going on beside her suddenly got her attention when a name got mentioned. ‘Kim Michel’



Kim Michel is so handsome. His recent shoots are just too perfect. I feel like not taking my eyes off them.

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The flower boys are having a show in four days. We can’t miss it for anything in the world.


And the next day, is the flower boys fan signing day as well. I can’t wait to get his signature.


I’ve got that his signature a number of times. I don’t always miss that.



Awwwwn he’s so handsome. He’s truly my Mr Perfect.


Mona Lisa covered her ears and shut her eyes.


‘This girls are reminding me of embarrassing myself in front of Michel!! I can’t take it. Stop you talkative!!’



He came back from Thailand few days ago. Oh did you see the video?



What video?



A silly girl sitting beside him on the plane threw up on him after drinking too much. Fans were wondering why he took a public plane.


Mona gritted her teeth in agony.


She felt like diving into the ground.



Oh of course I saw it… Actually at first, no one knew it was him. He was on a face hide but the crazy girl took off the hoodie of his pullover and threw up on him. She really embarrassed herself in front of him. She failed as a fan.



Mona couldn’t take it anymore. She sprang up from the mattress and rushed to the restroom.


Once she got in, she banged the door shut and punched the wall.


“Those girls!!! I feel like padlocking their wide mouth!” she said with a gritted teeth.


Then she turned and leaned her back on the wall with exhaustion.


Her face twisted in ‘about – to -cry face.


“Ohh what have I done. Why is bad luck always coming to me.. Why!!”


She scattered her hair.


“Ohhhhhhhhhmmm I’m going crazy.. Tenten, Silver house, Rose, Kim Michel. Those girls!! Everyone is just making me go crazy! I can’t take this anymore.”






Kim Michel was sitting at the beautiful swimming pool edge with his legs in the blue glittering water with a headphone on his ear as he listened to music and staring at the sky, the stars and the night.


Actually, he was listening to Li Sugar’s singles.


He just felt like listening to them tonight.


“She had never stopped having an angelic voice.” he said, smiling sadly as his eyes were focused on the sky.


He was so focused that he had no idea when TedyA joined him.


TedyA removed the headphone and Michel looked at him. TedyA smiled.


“Finally I found you here.” he said.


“What song are you listening to?” TedyA asked.



Michel wanted to change the song but TedyA was fast enough to take the earphone and once it got on his ears, his jaw dropped and he looked at Michel.


Michel exhaled. “Don’t misunderstand. It’s her song. Not her.” he said.


TedyA removed the headphone.




“I miss listening to her songs. Tonight, I felt like doing so.” Michel said.


TedyA changed the music and put it back on Michel’s ears.


“This is what you should be listening to.” he said.


Michel smiled and breathed out


“I’m liking her in just few hours.” he said.


“Same here.” TedyA said.







Leo pushed Sugar na.ked body off after his release.


He had used her the way he wanted.


“Clean yourself up and get out.” he said.


Li Sugar stood up on the bed.


“Really? Leo, is this the real you huh? Why are you being a monster to me! Why!! I gave you enough before I called our game relationship off. I gave you my whole self.. Why are you torturing me Leo. How can you have sex with me in such a monstrous way!”


Leo chuckled. “What else do you want to know. I’ve given you the answer. I hate Michel and you calling off our relationship to go back to him is making me look like a fool. I can’t stand it.”



“Our relationship was a game Leo.. It was a game! How could you fall in love with me.. I can’t help not going back to Michel. I love him so much.” Sugar cried.


Leo laughed. “And who made you believe that I was inlove or I’m in love with you? Such a joke. Get dressed and get out of here. I will call you next time I need you.”














Song: Nicki Minaj – Bed Of Lies













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