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Drama Queen – Season 1 – Episode 5

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________ _______________________________


(Silver house)


Mona Lisa suddenly remembered something and sprang up from the floor. ‘The house documents ‘


She rushed to the drawer where she kept the documents but slumped down when she realized that the drawer had been replaced.


The house documents are gone.



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_________________ _______________________


(Flower house )


The Flower boys were having their dance practice that night at the studio room.


They have a show in five days time.


They won’t be able to have practices tomorrow because the room would be cleared and every instrument would be taken to the new house by tomorrow.


The practice room is a very large room where they practice both songs and dance. The room contains everything that can be seen in a recording studio and a dance rehearsal room.


Michel their leader was in front, then J.guy and Best were behind and after them were Jeff and T.A.

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Michel began: Just put it on meeee… I can not let you go Lean on your body on meee…..And I won’t never let go.

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Best: She said she’s ready, more than ready to lean all night..


The storm cloud gather, seems it’s gonna ‘rain all night.






Oh I know that nothing’s gonna stop this love that we feel.



That nothing’s gonna change the way that im feeling’bout you. Baby you are mineee



All: And now the rain wanna fall, let it fall.. And If the sun wanna shine, let it shine.

I’m never letting you go.


I’m gonna love you all none stop, cos baby you are mine.


Michel began rapping as they danced but then he noticed T.A miss a step and stopped.


“That’s not it. Tedy.” he said and walked over to show him.



___________ ________________________


(Blinks House✨, same night)


Li Sugar stared at Michel’s number for about thirty minutes before clicking ‘call.


It was thirteen months ago, when she called this number last.


It rang and she adjusted on her bed.


She was sitting at the center of her bed with her legs crossed.


It rang, rang and stopped.


Sugar breathed out “he isn’t picking.”


She called again.. He didn’t pick.


She flung the phone away in anger.


“Calling him isn’t the right thing. I should go to him.” she said.


With that, she got out of the bed and grabbed her car keys, picked the phone where it landed on a couch and hurried out.


Downstairs, she met with Angel and Bebé at the sitting room.



“Sugar, where are you heading to?” Angel asked.


“To somewhere I should be right now.” Sugar said.


Bebé stood up, blocking Sugar’s way.


“You really broke up with Leo?” bebé asked.


“Yes I did. And stop asking this over and over again.” Sugar said.


“And you are going to Michel?” Bebé asked.


Sugar smiled. “How did you know? Well yes. Im going to him. Now excuse me girl.” Sugar said.


Bebé moved out of the way. “Come on Sugar.. Can you make a rethink about this first.”


“I have. I have to go.” Sugar said and hurried out, to her car and soon she was driving towards the flower boys house.



___ ____________________________________


(Flower house )



The rehearsal got over ower boys went back downstairs to watch their favorite TV show at 9pm.


Michel doesn’t really like the show so do TedyA. Actually TedyA would have loved it if Michel did.


“Guys, im going to bed.” Michel said.


“Wait…Michel.” TedyA said and hurried to him.


“I want to hug you.” he said and hugged Michel. “Goodnight Michel.”


J guy gulped down the drink he held.


J guy is jealous.


“Goodnight Tedy.” Michel said, as they withdrew and Michel touched his hair.


TedyA walked back, smiling.


“Someone is gradually turning to a gay.” J guy said.


“What’s gay?” Tedy asked playfully.


“google it.” J guy said.


Tedy smiled. “Alright, I will do that.”



Michel walked into his bedroom and his four phones lay on the bed.


He untied the bandana on his hair. That made him see the little wound on his wrist thus reminding him of the crazy girl..


He wouldn’t wish to see even her shadow anywhere again, not in this world and next.


He headed to the bathroom to take a shower without bothering to check his phones.






Minutes later, he walked out and changed into a blue pajamas, picked a blue hair band and packed his hair up. Then walked to the bed and grabbed his most important phone. There was no message nor calls.


He checked the second phone and blinked his eyes when he saw two missed call from Li Sugar.


Li what??


He blinked and blinked again to be sure he was seeing the right number. Then he heard noise downstairs. He listened and realized that the noise was coming upstairs.


It was Best’s voice, then Jeff, J guy, TedyA.


What’s the noise about?


He couldn’t hear what they were saying.


He stood up and getting closer to the door, he could hear things like,


“Don’t go any further.”


“Please leave”


“Don’t open the door”


“You shouldn’t be here”


He grabbed the doorknob and opening it, he couldn’t believe who was standing in front of him with the boys behind her.


“Michel.” she called, sounding like someone who’s been crying but that wasn’t Michel’s business.


“Take her out of here!” he said and was about banging the door shut but her voice halted him.


“Wait Michel. I want to tell you everything. Just give me a chance to.”


Michel tightened his fist on the doorknob. “Don’t ever say that! Get lost and don’t ever come here!” he said and banged the door to her face!


He walked to the bed, grabbed the phone that had her missed calls and snatched it on the wall. It parts flew to different corners in the room.


He slumped onto the bed, shoved his fingers in his hair, tightened his lips to control himself from bursting into tears.


Li sugar’s heart burned with regret when he banged the door to her face.


Her hands shook that the car keys and phone she held fell off her hand but Jeff was quick to catch them before they landed on the floor.



Li sugar’s eyes colored red with tears about to drip down as she stared at the closed door.


“Sugar.. Come on, leave now. Do you have an idea what you are doing to Michel?” Best said.


She sniffled and blinked her eyes letting the tears roll down her cheeks.


“I know.. I shouldn’t have done this to him.” she said.


“It’s best if you don’t come to find him again.” Best said.


She wiped her tears and turned to the four flower boys with a slight smile.


“I can’t. I want his forgiveness and I’m going to keep coming until he forgives me and hear me out.” she said then collected her car keys and phone from Jeff’s hand.


“I will leave now but i will come back soon.” she said and with that she ran downstairs and left.


The four flower boys looked at themselves.


“What should we do?” J guy asked.


“He broke something inside.” TedyA said and they all rushed into Michel’s room to see him lying on the bed with his fingers shoved in his hair.


And at the other end was a broken phone with it parts scattered everywhere.


J guy walked to the landline on the bedside table and made a call to a maid. “Get a broom and the rest and come to Michel’s room.” he said and dropped the call.


Best and TedyA went to Michel.


“We apologise for letting her in.” Best said.



“Who’s the maid that let her in?” Michel asked.


“Bora or whatever her name is.” TedyA said.


“She’s fired. Tell the managers that.” Michel said.


“Michel, she had no idea about Li Sugar. She’s a new employee.” Best said.


“I don’t give a damn about that.” Michel said, then grabbed one of his phones and put a call to Mr Kim, their manager.


He picked up.



“Hello Michel?”


“Fire a maid by the name Bora.” Michel said.



“Why? What happened?”



“I don’t wanna say why. Just fire her. The rest of the boys had agreed to that.” he said and ended the call.



__________________________ ________


Mona Lisa called Tenten a million times on the phone but there was no answer.


She called Rose a thousand times, there was no answer.


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______ (Next day) ________


Some loud noise woke Mona Lisa up from her sleep.


Her eyes felt heavy as she fought to open them.



As she was fighting to do that, she realized that the voices were coming from downstairs. She could now hear what the voices were saying.



Who has that cat there?



What’s it doing here?



Chase it away.



Why’s there a luggage here?



It seems like someone is in this house.



A thief!?


Mona forced her eyes open and got up from the floor..


She wiped her eyes and headed downstairs. When she got to the staircase, she saw up to fifteen men at the sitting room, bringing different furnitures like couches, tables, dinning tables, chairs. Music instruments and so on.


Mona wiped her eyes very well to be sure she wasn’t seeing in triple.


Blue saw her and began running upstairs to her. The men saw it and that was when they saw the lady standing at the staircase.


“Who are you?” One of them asked.


Mona rushed down the staircase to the sitting room. “What are you all doing in my house?” she asked.


“Your house???” They all exclaimed.


“Where are my father’s properties. My books, all the works I did. My songs! Where are they all!?” She yelled.



“Excuse me ms. The properties in this house were sold together with this house. The properties have been taken to the people who bought them and as for this house, the new owners are moving in tomorrow. I don’t get what you are talking about your house and all that. I think you should leave now.” The same man said


“What? What are you talking about? I didn’t sell this house. I didnt sell this house. Please bring back my dad’s properties and take all this out of here.” Mona said running to and fro with blue running behind her.


“Excuse me ms. Leave the house. We can’t do anything about this. You should go to the estate Agent and the people who sold the house. Please don’t distracting the workers.” he said.


“My books.. My songs. My works. All of them!” Mona lamented.


“About that, I think they were thrown in the dustbin.” Another man said.


“Dustbin?” She asked and rushed out to the dustbin.


She got there and began taking out every paper and books.


She saw them inside the dustbin. Her books and her songs.


“Tenten did you really did this to me? Did you really did this to me when you know that I have no where else to go.” she cried as she picked out all her papers from the dustbin.


_______________ ________________________


“How is the house my love?” Tenten asked.


Rose smiled. “It’s nice. So when are you getting the work so you can pay Mona back her money. We really hurt her. I wonder if she will ever forgive us.” Rose said.


Tenten sighed. “I wronged her so much. I heard that she is back. It must be really hard for her. I pray she scale through.” Tenten said.



“How do you want her to scale through? I really wronged my best friend.” Rose said.


“Stop worrying yourself Rose. It’s not good for the baby. I told you to let me be the one worrying.” Tenten said.


“But you are not worrying enough even though she’s your sister.” Rose said.


“I know.. I’m scared to meet her. She would kill me and I don’t want to die and leave you alone with our baby.” He said with a sad face.


Rose sighed.. “Then start work and pay her back all the money.”


“I will.” he said.



________________________ ____________



An hour later, Mona Lisa was still in the house with her luggage dropped outside by the workers.


She was waiting for the estate agent.


As she waited with Blue curled on her arms, she admired the expensive furniture’s and the way they are being furnished on the sitting rooms.


Everything looked so expensive that Mona declared already that the new owners will be very wealthy.


No! She shook her head.


No one is taking silver house from her.


Soon, a man in blue shirt and black trouser walled in and Mona knew already that he is the agent.


She stood up and hurried to him. “Excuse me sir. Are you the estate agent who allowed my brother sell this house to someone people?” Mona asked.


The man brought his glasses to the tip of his nose and looked at her closely.


“Excuse me ms. What are you talking about?”


“What I’m saying is that, I am Mona Lisa Silva. never signed for this house to be sold. I am not selling this house. I don’t want to sell silver house.”


“The right documents were brought. The right signature’s were signed. This wasn’t an illegal business. If you are confused. Go to Mr Tenten Silva. He has the best explanations to give.” then smiled and added, ” Don’t forget to take your luggage along.” Then did his glasses well and walked over to the workers.


“How’s everything going?” he asked them.


Mona Lisa staggered back as she felt her eyes turning.


“This cant be true. This can’t be true.”


She walked to where her phone lay, took it and began calling Tenten again.








Leo was on his bed thinking of the action to take about Li Sugar’s break up with him when the korean girl he met at Thailand suddenly crossed his mind.


“Mona Lisa. Why did she cross my mind?” he asked himself.














Song: Shawn Mendez – Stitches







All Right reserved©


Rejoice Jeremiah✅



Okay so who’s fan are you?


Michel or Leo?









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