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Drama Queen – Season 1 – Episode 4

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[Unedited ]



________ _______________________________


Did he slam the door on her?


Oh.. she must have messed up as a fan by acting crazy on the plane.


It’s all her fault.


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Mona Lisa shook her head.


This is the only way for her. She has to keep knocking.


She began knocking again.


Michel sighed. What’s he to do with the psycho girl?


What kind of fan craziness is this!


The knock was still coming.


He walked to the door and opened it.


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“I told you to get lost. Are you a pervert fan? Just go away.” he said.


“Noooo Your hoodie.” Mona Lisa said.


He grabbed it. “Now, go!” he said and shut the door again.


Mona Lisa scratched her hair.


“What do I do! What do I do!” she mumbled to herself.



“Excuse me ma’am.” A voice said behind her. She turned and it’s a hotel worker who was carrying a covered order in cart.


“Eh?” Mona Lisa raised her brow.


“I want to use the door.” The lady said.


“Oh.. Okay.” Mona said and shifted then an idea suddenly popped into her head. She added, subtracted and divided and her answer was ‘Go ahead with it.’


She got ready for action.


When the hotel worker knocked on the door, Michel felt the knock sounded different..


‘It must be a hotel worker’ he thought and walled to back to the door. He grabbed the doorknob and opened it.


Voooooomm Mona Lisa rushed in immediately even before the hotel worker could step one foot in.


Michel couldn’t believe it. He stared at her with contempt.


Mona Lisa grinned at him..


The hotel worker who wasn’t getting the whole drama, pushed the cart in, delivered the foods and walked out, closing the door.


“Get out. Have you lost your mind? Oh I forgot. You are a psycho, right from the plane.” Michel said.


Mona Lisa joined her hands together in plea. “Please.. I really need your help.


Please borrow me some money.” she said.


Michel didn’t expect what he just heard. He bursted into laughter. He laughed so hard.

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Mona Lisa who thought it was an acceptance of her request started too.


Then Michel stopped laughing and stepped closer to her.


Mona stopped hers too and faced down when he walked closer to her.


“Are you some box of joke? Or no, you are one of them. Fans who beg idols for money because they are fans huh?” He asked.


Mona Lisa shut her eyes. “No I’m not. It’s really urgent and I don’t know what else to do.” she said.


“Well whatever it is, I can’t help you. Get that, now get out.” he said.


Mona Lisa opened her eyes and looked straight at him. “Why can’t you? You have money. You have lots of money. Fine, borrow it to me. I just need the money to book a flight back to south korea tomorrow. Give me your account details and I will pay you back the money when I go back.” she said.


‘Oh my! He’s so breathtaking….’


Michel scoffed. “I have money and so? If I do then you expect me to give it to you just because you are a fan. Tch.. You are really a maniac.”


“I’m not a maniac!! Stop calling me that. I am Mona Lisa and I’m not asking you for the money because I’m a fan, I need your help!!” Mona Lisa didn’t realize she was yelling.


“What? She’s yelling?”


“Yes I am! Because you should give me the money! You are the only hope I have here. I will be stuck in this country if you don’t give me the money!” she said.


Michel rolled his eyes and grabbed her by the hand. “Leave right now. I have no money to give you. Get out if you don’t want me to call the securities on you. Get out now.” he said but she began struggling with him.



“No I can’t leave. I can’t leave..” she said and when she got an opportunity, she dug her nail into his flesh and he let go of her.


“Ah.. You psycho! What have you done!” He said and stared at his bruised wrist.


“I’m sorry.. Biane biane. Please I will treat it. Just give me the money.” she said.


Michel sighed and grabbed a tissue to clean the little blood that was coming out from the little cut.


“From the plane, you have been a maniac. Whey did I had to come across someone like you!” he said.


“Biane.. I never wanted to come close to you not after what happened in the plane but I think I was tricked and now I’m stranded without no money to go back to Korea. I know I shouldn’t be asking you for money but please seeing you in the same hotel, gave me a hope that I will be able to go back to Korea. Please you have to help me or else, I won’t be able to go back and I have only today to leave this hotel.” Mona Lisa said.


Michel looked at her. “Did you say you were tricked?” he asked.


“Yes I think. I think I was tripped by two people that I have to go back to Korea and deal with them.” Mona Lisa said with gritted teeth.


“What if you are lying just to extract money from me?” Michel asked.


“I’m not, I’m not lying.” Mona Lisa said.


Michel trashed the blood stained tissue and walked to the bedside drawer. He opened the second one and got out notes of money.


“Before I give you this money, what do you have to say about this?” Michel asked raising his wrist to her face.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Mona Lisa said.


Michel exhaled. “Here is the money.” Mona Lisa grabbed the money immediately.



“It would be enough for you to book a flight back to south Korea and also you will get more change. Now leave.” he said.


Mona Lisa smiled. “Thank you so much. What about your account number. We need to sign too.” she said.


“I don’t need you to pay back. I have enough to feed you and everything around you for one hundred years.” he said and pushed her towards the door. “Leave and in the future, let’s not meet again.”


Mona Lisa smiled. “We won’t but I won’t stop being your number one top fan.” she said.


He opened the door, pushed her out and slammed the door shut.


He sighed and looked at his wrist “this hurt a bit. That maniac. I pray not to meet any of her replica in this life and next.”


Mona Lisa danced to her room. She carried Blue who sat on the couch and threw her up, caught her and caressed her head.


“Awwwn we are going back to Korea tomorrow! I’m so excited. I’m suddenly missing Silver house. I’m going to deal with Tenten and Rose. They should watch out!”. She said then dropped Blue and jumped on the bed with the bundle of money raised high.


“I got it! I got it! Awwwwn…. I’m not going to be stuck here anymore!!” She said,





_____________________________ __________


Hours later


(South Korea)


At the flower boys house, there were merriment among the boys as they are all happy to have Michel back.



“Michel, you have no idea what happened yesterday. We went on a ride with our managers. fans who saw us said Jeff looked sooo cute and J.guy got a bit jealous.” Best said.


“What is he saying, I didn’t get jealous.. I think my heart melted at that moment to know that Jeff looked really cute.” J.guy said.


TedyA came over with chocolates. “Here, Michel, I got you chocolates, your favorite with smiling faces. It’s really cute. Have a taste.” he said. He was the most happy to see him back.


“Awwwwn, baby boo.” Jeff said referring to TedyA.


Michel smiled and as he was taking one of the chocolates, TedyA saw the little injury on his wrist.


“What happened to your wrist?” TedyA asked and on hearing that, the rest of boys rushed over.


“What happened?” Best asked


“How did your wrist get hurt?” Jeff asked.


They care so much about Michel. They don’t joke with him just like he doesn’t joke with them.


They are like brothers living in the same house.


They are like one family.


“Who hurt you?” J.guy asked.


“Was it during the shoots?” TedyA asked.


Jeff looked closely. “It look like a nail dig.” he said.


Michel sighed. “It’s nothing to worry about. Jeff is right but don’t worry. I’m fine.” he said and took a bite from the chocolate. “Hmm tasty. Thanks Tedy.” he said.


“Wait.. Finger dug. Could it be what I’m thinking?” J.guy, the bad guy asked.


“What is he talking about?” Jeff asked.


“He’s talking about if Michel’s bed contained had one more person at night.” Best said.


“Not just any person. A person with long hair, hips, boobs, sexy body.” J.guy said. Michel chuckled. “Silly. It’s far from that.” “Don’t think that about my hyung.” TedyA said.


They laughed.


“Well it’s someone I dont wish to meet again. Not in the future, Noe in the next world.” Michel said.


J.guy laughed “she wasn’t good enough. Bad one.” Michel glared at him. “I just said it’s far from that.” “A she or a he?” Best asked.


“I don’t really know.” Michel said.


“Hey guys, we haven’t talked about the new house we are moving in next tomorrow.” Jeff said, trying to change the topic.


“What’s there to talk about. Even though it’s super beautiful. That area is isolated.” J.guy said.


“Come on, I love it. Especially the water and the play ground.” TedyA said.


“I wonder why a play ground is there.” J.guy said.



“The house is cool. The structure of the house is amazingly beautiful. Xspark chosed the right house.” Michel said.


“And about being isolated. We need some space. I’m tired of fans coming all the time.” Jeff said.


“Xspark said they will be a new cook and some of the maids would be changed as well. I really like that cook.” J guy said.





“Did you miss me?” Leo asked Sugar as they sat at the roof top of his building with wine glass in their hand. staring at the stars and moon in the sky.


Li Sugar sipped her wine and played with the tip of the glass on her lip.


When Leo didn’t get an answer, he looked at her. “Sugar?”


Sugar looked at him.


“Leo. I missed you.” she said and faced the sky again.


Leo smiled and followed suit.


“But you can’t beat me. I missed you more.” he said and kissed her cheek.


He was really anticipating for a great night filled with hot Romance soon. He had no idea the bombshell Li Sugar was about to throw at him.


Normally, Li Sugar was found of reciprocating his kiss but tonight, she didn’t and he noticed it.


‘She isn’t alright tonight.’ he said within.


He turned her face over, cupping her cheeks in his hands.


Li Sugar exhaled, ready to break the ice.



“Are you alright Babe. You look worked up. Did you miss me that much. I know it was two weeks. I’m sorry. I will make it up to you tonight.” he said with a seductive smile.


Sugar dropped the wine glass on the table and took his hands off her cheeks, holding it where they landed.


“Leo, I have something to break to you.” she said.


“What’s that..?” he asked.


She breathed out and looking straight into his dark brown eyes, she broke it to him. “Let’s break up Leo.”


Leo narrowed his eyes in disbelieve of what he just heard.


He’s sure he didn’t hear it well.


“Wh.. What did you just say Sugar?”


“You heard it right. Let’s break up. I’m done with this relationship. I don’t want you anymore.” she said.


Leo grabbed her hands. “What are you talking about Sugar. What happened? Why are you suddenly saying this. Please tell me it’s a joke.”


“Leo.. I made a very huge mistake that I want to correct and make up. I shouldn’t have left him. I’m going back to Michel.” she said and stood up.


“Bye for now Leo.” she picked her bag and was walking away when Leo halted her.


He stood up.


“Really! Michel! Do you think he will accept you back? He’s not a fool Sugar. Do you think he’s still madly in love with you? You better don’t think so. He can never accept you back. Don’t think of breaking up with me. Let’s act like you never said something like this tonight and go on with what we were doing. Don’t walk away from me Sugar.” he said.



Without turning, Sugar said. “He will accept me and I’m ready to do anything to make him accept. It’s over between us. And remember our date was a game. Now the game is over.”


“Game you say? It was a game which was supposed to play for only three months but it’s over fifteen months. It passed just a game after that three months.” Leo said.


“It was still a game to me and now.. I’m deleting the game and everything about it.” she said and turned facing him. “So it’s really over between us Leo. Bye.” she said, turned and finally walked away.


Leo stood with anger boiling in him.




Li Sugar ran down the staircase, to the sitting room and out of the house to her car.


She got in, wore her seatbelt, turned on the car and as she drove off, she bursted into tears.


“Biane Michel….Bianeyo. I’m sorry.”



________ _______________ _________________


(Next day)


Mona Lisa smiled as the taxi pulled in front of silver house.


“Finally.” she breathed out.


She got down from the taxi carrying blue. The driver came down and helped her with her luggage.


“Kasamnida – thank you.” she said with a bow.


“Is that your house?” he asked.


“Yes.” she answered with a smile.


“It’s beautiful.” he said.



“Thank you.” she said then dragged her luggage as she entered the gate and headed to the house using the walkway.


She got to the door and rang the doorbell.


No one answered the door minutes later.


“Tenten?? Ain’t you home?” She said and tried opening the door, it opened and when she walked in, what she saw left her in utter shock.


Every property in the sitting room had been cleared off. The sitting room was totally empty with her books scattered everywhere.


“What!!” she gasped and raced upstairs.


When she got there, Every of the rooms upstairs had been changed to new furnitures and the walls repainted.


“No no.. What is happening. Where is Tenten..”


Tenten!!!” She screamed and collapsed to the floor in tears.




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Song: Ji sun – What Should We Do











Written by Rejoice Jeremiah. C

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