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Dirty Daughter – Episode 8

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by berlie








Chapter 8



My world was turned upside down on hearing that, my perfect father, the pastor who blesses souls and who console souls have a child out of wedlock? I know I have a rocky relationship with my father but his perfection tore us apart, how would my mom take this?

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“What the f*@k?” I managed to find my voice.


“So you see baby sis, I’m taking that speech” she smiled stood up and left. I couldn’t believe my ears, I took the drinks on the table and gulped them down in confusion.


“Babe what’s up?” Gina asked holding my shoulders and this jerked me back to reality.


“Nothing” I replied flashing a fake smile.


“How did it go with Ketchup?” She asked laughing before sitting down and lighting up a cigarette.


“It went fine, she said we will talk later” I lied because I was too ashamed to tell Gina what just happened.


“Let’s go home” I dragged her but she withdrew from my wit


“Loosen up girl, what’s up? Why are you behaving like a p*ssy?” She asked “F*@k it Gigi I’m going home” I ran out of the club, boarded a taxi and went straight to our apartment, I couldn’t wait for the night to be over so I’d go home the next day. I got into the shower and stayed there for hours, I guess. I lost track of time, I could hear the girls giggle from the bathroom as they came into the apartment.

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“Joanne!” Gina called out as she stepped into our room, I wore my robe and came out hearing her voice.


“My God Joanne, why do you look like this?” Gina asked touching my forehead.


“I’m fine, just have a migraine” I lied.


“This is strange J, you’ve been like this since you had that talk with KETCHUP” Gina said trying to make me laugh.


“Trust me babe I said I’m fine so I’m fine.” I replied and went to lay on the bed.


“Is it because of ken?” She asked joining me in bed.


“Oh f*@k it Gina, I said I’m fine for Christ sake, leave me the f*@k alone” I half yelled as I laid on the bed remembering the face of my perfect father, the man who gave me the name ‘DIRTY DAUGHTER’ have a child out of wedlock. But Ketchup, I mean Kesha called me baby sis that means she is older than me, from my findings, she is a 300 level student of Ma*ss communication and I was told she is around 21 and Jaden is also 21 which means that the other woman was also pregnant when my mom was pregnant, I couldn’t sleep well that night, Ken texted



me but I didn’t reply his text, he called but I declined. I turned on the bed for hours before I managed to fall asleep. I had a lot of questions.


The next morning before 7am I texted George to come pick me up, he didn’t reply early I guess he was asleep, he replied me 20 minutes later that he was already coming. Then Ken call came in, I decided to take it. “Hello, please call me back later” I quaked my words.


“What’s going on Joanne, please talk to me, I’m your boyfriend for God sake, please Joanne” he said with hurt in his voice because we have been distant lately. “I’ll talk to you later” I hanged up and I felt like calling him back and breaking up with him instantly because I didn’t need that kind of guy in my life, so boring and vague. But i just let it be. I picked up my bag and told the girls I’d be back on Tuesday.


I put the little bag I packed into the booth and told my girls bye as George zoomed off. Soon we were at my compound, I got inside to only find Kira around, She told me my mom and dad weren’t back from an all night service. I asked after Jessica and she told me Jessica wasn’t feeling too well and the sickness started yesterday. On hearing this I rushed into Jessica’s room, I knocked but no answer so I pushed the door open as it wasn’t locked.


“Jess?” I called out but I could see blood stains all over the duvet and traces of blood leading to the bathroom, I followed the trail and opened the bathroom door and saw Jessica bleeding profusely as she sat on the WC.


“Jessica?!” I shouted but she told me to hush it so no one would hear us.


“When did this start?” I asked in a whisper.


“Yesterday, I was perfectly fine till yesterday at first I thought it was just my monthly flow but it got intense” she cried out weakly trying to subdue the pain. “Didn’t mom see you” I questioned


“She saw me, she was the one who noticed the blood stains during breakfast but I told her I was on my period. She later asked George to come pick me up for all night service but I declined saying I was having cramps” she let out a loud m0an. “You mean mom hasn’t come home since yesterday?” I asked holding her and helping her up.


“No, please don’t let me talk much, my stomach hurts badly” she cried.


“F*@k it Jess, we need to take you to a hospital” I tried cleaning her up but the


blood kept gushing out.


“No!” She exclaimed in pain.


“Do you want to die?” I yelled as tears flow down my cheeks.


Soon I heard my dad and mom’s voice from downstairs.


“Mom and dad is back!” My eyes opened wide.


“What do we do now?” Jessica asked in pain and panic. I could hear my mom singing downstairs.


“We need to let them know and get to the hospital” I packed the tissue on the floor as she was sitting on the bed, the blood didn’t stain the bed because she wore a pad but that couldn’t hold it because she said she had been changing pad every two minutes.


“Let them know I did an abortion?” She half yelled in pain.


“Look there is something I didn’t tell you before and I think you should know…” I told her about Debbie’s revelation and she panicked even more.


“I don’t want to die” she sobbed very weakly as she had lost a lot of blood. She barely could speak, I only heard fragments of her words.


“You are not going to die” I held her hands and held her chin up with my other hand.


“I’m not going to let you die, now let’s go the hospital” I said but little did I know my mom was close to Jessica room.


“Take her to the hospital for…Jesus Christ” my mom was interrupted by the sight of blood in the room and how weak and emaciated Jessica looked. “What’s going on here?” My mom asked as she went to hold Jessica.


“Mom, let’s take her to the hospital” I said not minding her, I texted George to prepare the car as I called Kira to help me carry Jessica downstairs and my mom cried behind us. We rushed her to the hospital with my dad driving behind us, we got to the hospital and nurses rushed out to take Jessica inside because she fainted on the way here.


“What happened?” My mom asked me in the reception as she was restless, my dad just sat down and looked at me with disgust.


“Please mom, don’t f*@k with me right now” I waved my hands in the air. The doctor interrupted our supposed conversations


“Are you the parents of Ms H. Quay?” a beautiful female doctor asked.


“Yes, we are” my dad answered and I glared at him. I hate him so f*@king much. “Well can I see you in my office?” She asked pointing to her office, we followed her as she entered a mini office and took her seat ushering my parents to seat also, I stood as there was no space for me to seat.


“Madam, sir” she began and my father listened with keen interest.


“Your daughter case is delicate although we have stabilised her for now, we don’t know if she would be able to give birth again” the doctor said and my mom gave a loud scream.


“What do you mean? What kind of ailment does she have?” My dad asked.


“She had an abortion and it was conducted wrongly and it really affected her womb but let’s be grateful she is even alive” the doctor added as my mom kept crying and screaming.


“Jessica have killed me ooo” she placed her hands on her head.


“Joanne, your name is written all over this” my dad looked at me and yelled. “How is my name written on it? Old man please leave me the f*@k out of this” I yelled back.


“Can you please discuss this elsewhere, I have other patients to attend to, I’ll fill you in on any progress” the doctor interrupted and ushered us out. We got to the reception and a slap landed on my face.


“How dare you dad?!” I pushed him and hit him on the chest.


“You see the disgrace you gave birth to?” My dad turned to my mom who was still sorrowful.


“F*@k you dad!” I yelled


“Will you shut up your mouth there? So this is what you took Jessica to do when she came to your house. I said it both of you don’t get along, how manage she went to spend days with you in school. Joanne how could you? You are a child of God, a pastors child and also a leader at the JHD! How will you present that speech tomorrow with blood on your hands?” My mom asked with pain in her voice.


“I’m not a JHD leader and I’m not giving any f*@king speech tomorrow” I shouted because I was fed up of the lies and pretence. (Topster Stories) More stories @ generalloaded.com


“So you lied?” My mom asked with more hurt in her voice.


“Obviously, I knew it” my dad added fulfilled.


“And I wonder who is the bigger liar among both of us” I faced him and he had a puzzled look on.


“You dare call your father a liar?” He shouted. By this time nurses had ask us to step out because we were making noise and disturbing other patients.


“You are a liar, and you knew I’m not giving the speech tomorrow because your golden girl Kesha would gladly do that” I added with anger mixed with pain. “What’s your crazy daughter talking about?” He asked my mom who was still weak after crying and he laughed nervously.


“Joanne, this is a private matter. We will discuss it when we get home” my mom tried shutting me up.



“Mom, don’t tell me you knew Dad has a child elsewhere?” I questioned but my mom was embarra*ssed giving me a look of ‘yes I know and I’m ashamed’ and my dad just didn’t care if it was out or not.


“Oh my God mom, you too derserve each other, go f*@k yourselves” I said and went to sit in the car, I watched my dad and mom go back into the hospital. They didn’t even bother coming to me to explain things. Now I hated them both, I called Jaden to tell him what’s on ground right now.


“What do you mean Jess is in the hospital? I’m coming over right now!” He said in panic and hanged up.


“a*sshole” I muttered and couldn’t believe Jessica won’t be able to give birth anymore. I was lost in my own thoughts but Ken’s text jerked me back to life. He wanted to check in on me because we have been distant lately. I shunned him and was waiting on the doctor to tell us what next, I needed to cool off so I brought out a liquor to drink, George kept looking at me from the mirror.


“Mind your f*@king business” I glared at him and he looked away then something struck me George is really cute, I’ve never noticed before. “George?” I called out.


“Yes ma’am” he answered.


“Do you have a condom?” I asked.


“What for?” He acted surprised but I just rolled my eyes.


“Are you in for a quickie?” I asked looking at him from the back seat. “I-May-what…” He stuttered


“Joanne!” Jaden interrupted and opened the door. I could hear George let out a


heavy sigh.


“What?” I asked.


“Where is Jess? Is she okay?” He rushed his words.


“Let’s just go inside” I stepped down from the car and strolled with Jaden to the hospital, I noticed my mom was the only one present among other people waiting and my dad was no where to be found. I just pretended not to see her as Jaden was asking her questions.


“Joanne! You took Jess to the hospital for abortion?” Jaden faced me.


“Hmm well ask mom how come we have a sister, we don’t know about” I hissed and Jaden was now caught in the middle.


“Mom, what’s Joanne talking about?” He asked with cross eyes.


“Can we talk about this at home please, at least let Jessica be strong so she can be


part of this discussion” my mom sighed.


“Joanne” Jaden turned to me.



“Please Jaden, I’m not in the mood for that…” I was interrupted by the presence of an unwanted guest. Kesha walked into the hospital and met my mom. “Ma, I’m very sorry for your loss” she said patting my mom’s back.


“Get your hands off my mom, and we didn’t lose anyone” I pushed her off.


“Why so bitter? Anyways I have dinner with dad, I just came to say hello” she said and wanted to go when I dragged her back and we got in a fight.


“Stop this, please take them out of the hospital!” The doctor chased us out leaving my mom behind to stay with Jessica in her room.


“You crazy b*tch, I have dad wrapped around my fingers, I’m the one who told him not to let you travel out for the holidays and I’m the one that told him about how you waste your life in school” she yelled and curved a smile.


“How dare you? What do you have against me?” I asked with anger knowing that Kesha has been the reason my dad and I don’t get along quite well. “Girls I’m lost here” Jaden said.


“Shut up!” We both exclaimed at the same time.


“You want to know? well I’ll tell you. Nah I change my mind, go ask your mom” she said and moved closer to Jaden.


“You are cute, if you weren’t my brother, who knows” she smiled.


“Eewww!” I exclaimed.


She left and I went into the hospital confused about the situation, Jessica had woken up and my mom was already with her, she was crying because my mom told her that she can’t give birth anymore. So Debbie’s dream didn’t mean the death of Jessica but meant the death of her womb.


“Mom” Jaden said as sat beside her while I console Jessica.


“You guys deserve an explanation, let me tell you a story…” My mom started off.










what do you think Kesha has against Joanne?



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