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Dirty Daughter – Episode 4

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by berlie


Chapter 4


“Hey girls!” I shouted.


I walked into the room dragging my bag along as I saw Gina, Becky and Tessa sitting down unpacking their bags, on sighting me Tessa stood up and ran to hug me.


“Babes” she hugged me tighter.


“TT my baby, you are shinning, New York must have been awesome” I pulled from the hug observing her from head to toe.


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“You ain’t know s@*t” she said in a New York accent while turning around. Tessa Brooks is the daughter of a well known politician in the country, her father is the minister of works and he has other business he runs, Tessa is an engineering major, she studies Petroleum engineering. Gina Hawt is a Medicine and surgery major just like me, her father is also a politician. Becky Donalds is a Nursing major, her father is a business man who is f@*king rich. Despite our busy schedule, we still got brains and excel in our various majors, we have been friends since secondary school and we are closer and stronger than ever.


“Becky, you didn’t even tell me you were back. It’s not fair oo” I urged as a phone


call came through, it was my mom. I picked up and heard her voice from the other


side of the phone.


“Hello Joanne” she said.


“Mom, how are you?” I replied winking at my friends.



“My daughter, you know stealing is not part of the virtue of a child of God, you are supposed to be holy and make sure nothing defile you…” She was still talking when I interrupted.


“The kingdom of God suffers violence and the only the violent taketh it by force. So don’t say those f@*king s*@t to me mom” I ended the call and tossed my phone on the bed.

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“That’s my pastor’s daughter” Gina praised me as she laughed at my answer to my mother.


“So what exactly was the problem this time around?” Becky questioned. “Don’t mind that crazy man they call my father, I asked him for ordinary 400 thousand and he slapped me then I took the 500K I saw on the table” I replied as a rolled my eyes and click my tongue.


“That’s my baby girl!” Tessa chipped in.


“Don’t mind those fathers of ours ooo, that’s how I asked my dad for 600K to shop and he only sent me 500K, I query him but he told me stories till my mom sent me the 100K and Josh sent me an additional 200K” Becky added. Immediately she finished we all shouted and hailed her.


“F@*k parents joor! Let’s think about the party tonight” I added.


“Yes baby, we gon party all night” Tessa said.


“How’s Fred?” Gina asked me.


“You mean how’s Fred’s D*@k because you know that’s all Joanne cares about” Tessa said and we all laughed.


“He’s fine, but you know he still messing with Tori and I’m f*@king fine with it as long as he gives it to me” I added and we burst into another round of laughter. “And that other guy, Ken?” Becky asked because I told them about Ken on our group chat.


“We still haven’t had s3x oo, the guy is somehow sha but he likes me and I like him” I added and we continued chatting.


Hours before the party, I called Jaden on phone just to say hi.


“Sis what’s up?” He asked.


“I’m inviting you to a party tonight, Gina is throwing a party” I replied.


“Oh! I’m sorry, I’m not in school at the moment” he replied.


“Jaden, where the f*@k are you?” I asked wanting to hear his lies because I know Jaden would never tell me the truth about his location.


“You worry too much, talk to you later” he hanged up on me. A call came in my phone again, it was my dad, I picked up the phone.


“Joanne, what has come over you my daughter.” He said calmly.



“Old man! Don’t disturb me at all, I’m very tired and I have better things to worry about.” I hanged up and toss my phone aside, I was feeling hungry and decided to go buy eggs from the nearby shop to prepare noodles since we haven’t bought new crate for the semester. I told the girls about it and headed outside, on my way I saw Debbie.


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“Deb Deb” I hailed her as she smiled.


“I was even coming to your house” she replied.


“For what?” I asked rolling my eyes.


“To remind you about the JHD crusade, it’s next week” she replied.


“Would you just listen to yourself, day and night all you think about is God, I’m ashamed of you, very!” I told her.


“I have one a*ssignment for you, go and mediate on the book of Proverbs 23:26. And remember that the only reason you are alive today is God and His mercy upon you keeps you going. I’ll talk to you later” she said before leaving. I hissed and went ahead to buy the eggs.




Gina rented a club for her party. The girls left for the party with their boyfriends but I stayed behind waiting for Ken to come pick me up, I made sure Fred wasn’t in the party so as to avoid unnecessary scenes although Fred wouldn’t care if I was with another guy but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I waited a few minutes before Ken arrived. He looked so dashing, all I was thinking about was how good he’d be in bed.


“Hey Baby, you look amazing” he commended. I was dressed in a pink ripped top and a white bomb short and pink sneakers to match.


“Thanks, you ain’t looking bad as well” I replied smiling as he kissed my lips and I hopped in his car.


We got to the party few minutes later while Nicki Minaj’s song was blaring hard, I was busy hugging my friends and other party freaks like me. “Baby I’d be right back” Ken said before kissing my lips.


“Sure!” I smiled as I saw him walk away, f*@k! He is so hot. I wandered around the room because my girls were busy with their boyfriends. Soon the dance floor was filled with people and they all were dancing as I joined shaking my a*ss real good on Ken, I made sure I gave him a lap dance and twerked on him. I drank to my satisfaction, Ken tried stopping me but I didn’t stop.



“Welcome to Gina’s welcome back party” Gina screamed as everyone roared in praise.


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“Incase you ain’t a student of Yogan, this is how we run s@^t here” Gina added. I sat down as I held a pipe smoking my lungs out. “Go easy girl” ken whispered in my ears.


“I’d go easy on you” I nastily replied as Ken couldn’t control his laughter. “There is a room behind, why don’t we…”


“You are drunk, please excuse me” he cut me short and left heading towards the bathroom.


“What the f*@k is wrong with him” I muttered. I was in the mood for having s3x and started wishing I came to the party with Fred instead. I was about taking another taking the pipe in my mouth when I saw Fred heading towards me and I had told Ken that I broke up with Fred the day we started dating. Immediately I saw Fred I remember the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’. What the f*@k am I going to do now, how am I going to make sure Ken don’t see me and Fred together.


“Hi Fred” I said nervously.


He ignored my greeting and kissed my lips and then whispered in my ears. “I’m in the mood”


“Me too” I replied before leading him to a room at the back. We were about getting down on business when Ken walked in on us.


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