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Dirty Daughter – Episode 12

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by berlie








Last Chapter


I was taken for a test and it was negative, i don’t have HIV, thank goodness.


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I lay on the bare floor as my first trial would commence today, I told my parents not to waste money to go for a trial but they insisted. This is torture, pure one! Soon they came to drag me out of the prison and took me to court with handcuff on my legs and arms, I prayed and told God whatever is best for me, let his will be done in my life. As I walked through the court I saw my family and my friends which was just Debbie and Ken because I haven’t seen my girls ever since the incident happened.


“Court rise!” I heard as the Judge walked in then they all sat down. My mom was the first to testify.


“I swear on this bible to say the truth and nothing but truth” she started off. “My baby girl has never been violent, she had never been involved in a fight. Kesha was the one who…” She talked on but I wasn’t just feeling it, this is torture to me because I know I killed the girl, why this trial? I wonder. Ken testified next.


“Joanne is the sweetest and most wonderful person you could ever meet, she can not even hurt a fly, it all was just self defence…”


“You say you were her boyfriend? Will a well mannered girl in this country have a serious relationship at 17” the opposing lawyer said. “Objection my lord!” Our family lawyer said.


“Objection overruled, go on” the judge said.



This went on for hours and I was tired, finally first day of trial was over and it didn’t look good for me, I was taken back to the prison where my mom came to visit me.


“Darling, you have to hang on I’d do everything in my power to make sure you are out of this place” she said and I just smiled knowing my fate has been decided. But I put all my trust in God.

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“What about dad and his ministry?” I asked and my mom sighed. “Well, we lost it Joanne and it wasn’t your fault, it was Kesha’s fault…” “But I killed Kesha” I interrupted.


My mom left later and Ken came to visit but I didn’t want to see him so I avoided


the meeting.



After months of trial, by now I was already 18 years old, today is the last day of trial and I was hopeful because we have been making progress since the trial, I am even sure I’d be released.


My family and friends got to court very early and we all waited for the judge. “Court rise!” I heard and they rise as the judge walked in. After wrapping up the judge wants to give his final decision and the hall was silent as everyone was on the edge of their seats. Shared on WhatsApp by martino.


“After listening from both party with evidences, facts and statements, I’ve made my


decision I hereby sentence Miss Joanne H. Quay to life imprisonment for the


murder of Miss Kesha H. Quay! My decision is final, court dismiss” he said and hit


his gavel before stepping out. My body went cold as my mom cried and my dad


just shook his head. My disobedience and stubbornness got me this far, Tears


dropped from Ken’s eyes as he watched me being taken away. I was lost, I’d spend


my entire life in prison? Why me lord?



My mother came to visit me the next day with Jessica and Jaden.


“Where is dad?” I asked and they looked at each other.


“I’m sorry Joanne, he said he wants nothing to do with you” Jessica said. Yea!


Great! I’m a disgrace, i almost forgot I’m the DIRTY DAUGHTER!!


Years went by, a lot of years, my dad came to visit me for the first time in ages. He looked older but younger, yes you read that right! I think I’m going crazy!! I heard he went back to bible school and was now an a*ssistant pastor to a big church.


“I’m sorry JoJo that I didn’t come sooner” he said and I sniffed because I was crying.



“No need dad, that’s the past” we did a lot of catching up, I have never been this close to my father before. Thank God for this.


Ten years later after my dad’s visit I heard Jessica just delivered triplets, isn’t God wonderful? He changed an impossible situation to a possible one. I also heard that Ken and Debbie got married. That’s awesome, very good because Ken deserve better. I remember when he came to visit me last five years which was the last time I saw him, I told him to move on because he can’t wait for me at all! Jaden got married too and he is blessed with 2 kids. I’ve haven’t heard from Gina, Tessa or Becky ever since that night at the club. They left me hanging. My family is closer to God, I’m closer to God and even if I’m in jail right now, I still have faith and believe fully in God because without him I may be dead by now and I’m nothing! “Joanne!” Jessica exclaimed as she came to visit me with her babies.


“Oh my God, they look beautiful” I carried one of them.


they look just like their aunt and crazy like her too” Jessica teased and I laughed. “Oh my God, look at you Jess, now a mother, someone who didn’t have a womb” I said with tears.


“God is wonderful, I’d be travelling next week to Dubai so i just say let me see you before I go because I might relocate to Canada from there” she said with tears. “So this is goodbye” I sighed.


“No. no I can never say goodbye to you, it’s a beginning of a new chapter for me and I promise to come visit you when I come back. I promise.” She said with tears and we hugged each other.


There is no gain in partying life, wayward life, disobedience or stubbornness, it only leads to destruction because look at me now, my mates are married and having children relocating and this and that but I’m here in jail although I have Jesus which is more than enough but I learnt my lesson the hard way and I pray no one learns the hard way.









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