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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 9

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



Author Viola Novels



hє’ѕ α gαч





“That was fun” I giggled. Dexter and I were leaning on his car outside Daxton’s house


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“Henry would be here soon and it wouldn’t be fun at all” Dexter said


“It’s not like he’s going to shoot us out of space”


“He’s here already” Dexter said as Henry drove in. We stood in silence and watched Henry alight from his car and walked up to us.


“Good evening” Dexter and I chorused



Henry shot us a glare “where is Daxton?”


“inside.. He abandoned me at the office” I replied


“Go inside” Henry instructed and I was reluctant at first. I glanced at Dexter who gave me a go ahead sign and I hesitated before walking inside. I watched from the front door as Dexter and Henry talked. Henry seemed to be shaking his head angrily at something Dexter said. I wasn’t hearing a word they were saying.


I sighed and walked into the living room. Daxton was descending the stairs. We paused and our eyes met. We held the stare for a while then he continued down the stairs. Daxton brushed passed me and I headed for my room. I looked out my window, Dexter and Henry were still talking. But no longer arguing.

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Taking off my clothes, I found something simple to wear and returned to the living room. Dexter and Henry walked in too and Dexter flashed me a smile and my cheeks went warm. I realised they might want to talk privately– just the three of them then I returned to my room upstairs. I laid on my bed and sad going through my phone when Dexter texted.


I’m bored down here


I chuckled softly and texted back



Aren’t you having a discussion with Henry and Daxton?



It’s about Daxton



Then you should pay attention



Daxton doesn’t want me interfering



and you want to leave?



just for a while, I need fresh air






Come outside



let’s meet at the stable





I got up and hurried to the stable through the backdoor. Dexter was already waiting at the stable when I got there.


“When did you get here?” I asked


Dexter chuckled lightly “Few seconds ago” he replied “wanna go horse riding?”


I remembered my ordeal with Darken and glared at the stupid horse.


“Daxton wouldn’t let us ride his horses”


Dexter laughed “and who’s gonna tell him” he led out two horses and saddled them “These are my two favorite horses, Garden and Jemaloph”


“I’ll ride on Garden”


“nice choice. She’s fifteen years old and my trusted horse friends, she wouldn’t throw you out” Dexter said then circled my waist, and lifted me up on the mare.


“I’ll race you to the last three at the field” I called after him once we were mounted and ready, and the horses thundered away. I couldn’t remember a better horse ride. Dexter was just too fun to be with.


We rode for hours them returned to the stable.


“You’re good in horse riding” Dexter commented when we headed back to the main building


“My dad taught me. I rode a lot when I was a little girl”



“would you like to sign up for a horse riding competition?”


“No.. I’m not as good as the riders I watch on TV”


“I could teach you”


“I’ve got other things to do Dexter”


“like fake as Daxton’s girlfriend?” Dexter said, looking at me pointedly


“I hate to remember that”


“I wish you didn’t have to do it. Henry is taking it too far”


“That’s the only way we can help Daxton”


Dexter glanced at me “I know what I’m saying”


I shook my head. Not wanting to talk more on the topic. I saw Dexter off to his car and watched him drive off then walked inside.


I could perceive the aroma of— burnt offering.


I sniffed and sniffed and traced the smell to the kitchen. Daxton was trying to cook. He ran to the sink and fetched a cup of water and poured it into the burning pot. Daxton heaved a deep sigh and ran his hand through his thick brown hair. I just watched him scramble round the kitchen, trying to chop vegetables. He tossed the knife aside and rushed back to the pot.


“What next?” Daxton asked himself then reached for his phone and started going through it. He was reading a cooking recipe online. I chuckled and he turned to face me.


Daxton arched his brow “what are you doing here?” He asked harshly


“Watching my boyfriend cook” I said and strode causally into the kitchen “what are you cooking?”



Daxton walked pass me and added more water to the chicken he was cooking. He returned to the chopping board and picked his knife.


“if you’re trying to cook chicken casserole then you haven’t even started yet?”




I flashed him a lopsided smirk “hope you ain’t trying to cook chicken casserole made of Lot’s wife”


Daxton paused and shot me a murderous glare “What do you mean?”


“why did you skip breakfast?”


“I wasn’t hungry”


I chuckled softly “then let me help so you don’t end up skipping dinner”


Daxton and I prepared the chicken casserole together though he didn’t say as much as a word to me.


After cooking, I served our meal in the dining room and we sat down to eat. Nothing was said. We just ate in silence and Daxton cleared the table when we were done.


Loving boyfriend.


Lucky enough, he wasn’t thinking about Colton nor blaming me for his death.


It was already 9 O’clock and Henry had drafted a time table for picture taking.


“it’s time for our night shoot” I informed Daxton


He frowned “I know. Let me shower first”


I had no time to make a comment before he hurried up the stairs. I also went up into my room and had a shower. I wore a night gown that screamed ‘seduction’— just to convince the public.



It was my favorite night dress but I rarely ever wore it. I got it in Highschool when I was hosting a sleep over with my friends. They suggested the gown cause we would be staying with the hottest guys in school— and my crush was one of them. Tying the little lace in front of the gown, I slid my feet into my flip flops and walked out of my room.


Daxton walked out of his room the same time I stepped out. Our rooms were opposite to each others.


Daxton’s hair was completely wet with water dripping from his hair into his body. I traced the water down his bare chest. He was wearing a knee length trouser and he was na.ked down to his waist, with a towel hanging on his shoulder down. I appraised him from head to toe and toe to head.


He had really broad shoulders that I never noticed whenever he was wearing a shirt. Buy seeing him na.ked to the waist, he looked like a model ready for a shoot.


Or were we actually having a shoot, cause I wasn’t ready for that.


“When you’re done staring, you can follow me” he snapped into my thought and walked down the long corridor


I scoffed “I wasn’t staring” I called after him. How could I admit that.


Daxton stopped at a door an pushed it open, revealing a large, master bedroom. Everything were made of pure gold, even the bed. I don’t really know what came over me but I found myself on the bed, bouncing and giggling.


Daxton stood at the door, staring at my childish behavior but I didn’t give a dime. When I had jumped to my satisfaction, I climbed out of the bed and moved to the gold cushion. I sat on it and clapped my hands excitedly. It was the most beautiful room I had ever seen.


“If you’re going to keep being excited then we’re not going to take any pictures” Daxton’s voice snapped me out of my dreamland and I stopped


“I forgot” I adjusted my gown and relaxed into the cushion “let’s get started”


Daxton walked to the cushion and sat beside me. He took out his phone and glanced at me.


“this isn’t going to work if you sit that far”



I sighed and moved closer to him. His stares were making me uncomfortable.


Acting as a fake girlfriend to a gay. It shouldn’t pull any strings.


“just three pictures will do” he said and took the first picture


“I wasn’t ready” I hurled “I didn’t even pose for it”


“I don’t care” he took the second picture


“what’s wrong with you?” I yelled “this isn’t romantic at all”


“oh really?” he leaned forward and brought his face to mine like he was going to kiss me but he didn’t. He just took the last picture and got up. “we’re done” he stated


I opened mouth to talk but didn’t even have anything to say.


“you can sleep in here if you want” he added and started for the door


“really?” I squealed


and jumped to the bed. Daxton shook his head and walked out but I can swear, I saw him chuckle.


I sprawled on the bed and shut my eyes.


I’m not going to wake up from this sleep.


But I did, I woke up early the next morning and had to prepare for work.


I regretted waking up and had to leave my beautiful golden castle. Daxton wasn’t up yet so I had to prepare breakfast.


Few minutes later, I stood in the kitchen, stirring the soup I was preparing when I heard a camera click behind me. I whirled around to see Daxton and he shot me a smile. My cheeks filled with color immediately.


He walked up to me and kissed me on my cheek “early morning pics”


“you’re not going to post that are you?” I asked



Daxton shrugged his shoulders “I plan to”


“don’t post that”


He chuckled softly and pulled me into his arms. “what are you cooking?”


“Lot’s wife” I teased


Daxton feigned a frown “you won’t stop talking about that”


I shook my head “I won’t”


“well that’s not why am here” Daxton smirked


“Then why are you here?” I asked, despite I knew what he meant


He pushed few strands of hair behind my ear and leaned forward to kiss me.










“Did you really get carried away by the room?” Daxton’s voice jerked me up awake and I got up with a start


“breakfast is almost done”


Daxton scoffed “breakfast?”


I looked around and I wasn’t in the kitchen. I was still in the Master’s chamber.. It was all a dream.


I looked at Daxton who was already dressed for work.


“why are you dressed up so early?”


“Early?” Daxton arched a brow “we’re 35 minutes later and you’re still in bed”


“oh my gosh!” I dashed out of the room and ran straight to my room.


In less than 10 minutes, I was done with my shower and dressed up.


Daxton was waiting for my patiently when I got down. I recalled– we had to go to work together.


“I’m sorry I’m late”


Daxton scoffed “you’re only early to talk”


“I don’t think so”


“no morning pics.. We’re late” Daxton said


I breathed out in relief




Then I remembered my dream– Morning pics


We walked out to Daxton’s car and he wasn’t gentleman enough to hold the car door open for me to get in. He just got into the drivers seat and I had to enter the passengers seat on my own.


“My dad will be coming back in few days time” Daxton informed


“cool” I was excited to see his dad


“Henry said we have to be serious if we will convince him. It’s really difficult to deceive him”




I wanted to suggest he switched place with Dexter but Henry would never permit that. Daxton turned on the ignition and drove out.











Daxton pulled the car to a halt in the parking lot. We sat inside for few seconds, each with his own thought.


I glanced at Daxton and I could tell from the look on his face that he was tensed.




Daxton tightened his jaws “I’m not nervous” then he alighted from the car and I followed suit.


Convince the public.


I reminded myself and walked to Daxton.


He rolled his eyes and wrapped his hand around my waist with controlled, businesslike movements. I shuddered.


“Are you cold”


“No” I shook his head and we started inside. When we stepped into the hallway, everyone turned to our direction and the gossip began.


I sighted Pearl at a corner, she looked broken and mad at the same time.


If only I could explain everything to her. Tell her it’s just an arrangement that Daxton and I weren’t really dating, but I couldn’t.


My eyes searched the hall till the fell on Dexter who was standing at a corner, smiling at us. I smiled back, so broadly that I almost burst into laughter as he made funny faces at us.


“why are you laughing?” I heard Daxton’s voice and I realized we had gotten to the elevator


“Nothing” came my reply as the door dinged close.


“it wasn’t that bad”


“And you were nervous at first”


Daxton tightened his jaws more and shot me a murderous scowl “I wasn’t”


I gave up and looked away.



We got to the 6th floor and walked into Daxton’s office. Daxton sat behind his big mahogany table and I sat before him.


The door pushed open and Henry walked in “That wasn’t convincing enough” he said


Daxton and I exchanged glances “what?”


Dexter also walked in, laughing “It definitely wasn’t convincing, I wasn’t convinced myself”


Daxton shot his brother a glare.


“it’s not all about holding hands” Henry was saying “you should….”


“enough of the talks Henry” Dexter interrupted “let me show Daxton what we mean” he woke my mind and pulled me very close to his body.


“That’s the first step– bodies touching. Then engage in a conversation like friends do” he leaned forward and whispered something to me and I burst into laughter “now that’s the secret”


I laughed harder


“you swing your James and dot on her and if you get the chance, the you do this” he learned forward and he was going to kiss me when Henry hauled me away from him


“I’m warning you Dexter” Henry seethed


Dexter laughed “Dad will be here soon, we can’t raise any suspicions” Dexter said “and besides….” he winked at me and I blushed


Daxton looked at me then Dexter, then Henry.


“Dexter and I should switch place”


I smiled inside


“Dexter isn’t Daxton Salvatore” Henry snarled and my smiles disappeared



Dexter moved closer to me and whispered “I’ll be in your office”


Henry glared at him, though he head nothing he said.


“Excuse me” Dexter said and walked out, but not without winking at me for the last time.


“Daxton you’re going to do it, you can and Chloe is here to help you” Henry said


Daxton glanced at me.


Am I?











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