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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 8

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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hє’ѕ α gαч







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The following few days passed swiftly and soon it was Sunday. I didn’t go to church, just sat back exchanging scowls and glares with feather head– that’s Daxton’s new name.


I hadn’t forgotten my evening date with Dexter. I had it written at the back of my mind ever since Friday. When it was almost 5 pm, I got dressed in a simple red dress that I had picked earlier from a shop. I combed my hair to flow down my shoulders then did a very light makeup.


When I was done dressing, I checked the time and it was already 5 pm. Too early for my 6:00 date but I was already impatient. I walked into the living room and met Daxton watching a movie. He looked up at me then looked away back at the television. I squared my shoulders and sat on a cushion. He wasn’t going to ask where I was going and I wasn’t going to tell him either.


Minutes that seemed like ages passed and Dexter texted me to come outside, at exactly 5:50 when he told me he would come. I smiled and grabbed my purse and dashed out. Daxton didn’t even say a word to me but I felt his eyes on me when I walked out.


Probably wondering where I was going late in the evening.


Dexter was leaning on his car when I walked outside. When Dexter looked up and saw me his smile went so wide. I returned the smile, it was all I could do to keep from racing into his arms.


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Dexter looked handsome than ever in his navy-blue tuxedo shirt and white pants.


He had his hands tucked into his pockets and his hair stylishly combed.


“Good evening” I greeted when I got to his car


“you look gorgeous” he replied instead


My cheeks filled with colour “you don’t look bad either” and I meant it


“shall we?”



“after a selfie” I took out my phone and we posed for a selfie “good”


He smiled and held the car door open.


I got into the passenger seat and he jammed the door close.


“how about we visit The Gault Archaeological Site. It’s one of the largest and most important Clovis Sites in North America. Though it’s a private property, I already arranged a tour with the Bell County Museum. Then after that, we’ll have dinner at an eatery and a little clubbing?”


“I’m fine with everything but the clubbing” I replied


Dexter chuckled softly “you don’t club?”


“I wouldn’t think of that.. Not after the stories I heard”


“but I’ll be there”


I shook my head


Dexter turned on the car engine and started driving out. “I’ll take you clubbing soon but not today”




I wasn’t in for an argument.













At 8:00, we were ready at a restaurant. The tour to Gault Archaeological Site was one I wouldn’t forget in a lifetime. I was already hungry. Dexter ordered our meal and we sat down to eat.


“how’s Daxton?” Dexter asked during the course of eating



Bad topic for my delicious meal. He could’ve just talked of something else and not his feather head brother.


“When I left earlier, he was doing okay”


Dexter laughed. He never gets tired of smiling and laughing.


“and you both aren’t getting along?”


I shook my head “not at all, not even in my wildest dreams”


“he’s going to come around soon”


“not when I’m a woman” I didn’t agree to that at all “Even at work?”


“he rarely says a word to me at the office. I would’ve quit if I had the chance”


“it’s a good thing you don’t have the chance to”


I feigned anger and faked a frown.


“I’m sorry, I just want you and Daxton getting along”


“don’t tell me you hope on this dating shit becoming real someday” “I wouldn’t think of that” he said and he meant it


“people are looking our way and talking” I whispered, observing the couple few tables next to ours who were talking and pointing at us.


Dexter glanced at them and they looked away “they’re probably saying I’m hanging out with my brother’s woman”


“how would they know you ain’t Daxton? I’d barely know if you didn’t smile”


“so I should keep a stern look so that people think I’m Daxton”


“that wouldn’t suit you” I said “let’s just eat and get out of here”


We ate the rest of our meal in silence then hurried out of the restaurant. Dexter and I raced to the car and soon we were driving back to Daxton’s house.


“today was really fun.. Thank you” I said when the car came to a halt in front of Daxton’s house


“I should be thanking you for sparing your time”


I grinned “You made everything fun for me”


“we should hang out more often”


“I’m always available”


“It’s goodnight then” he leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on my cheek


“Good night and drive safe” I got out of the car and jammed the door close.


Dexter also got down and rounded the car “let me walk you to the door”


“you already brought me home”




I succumbed and he took my hand as we walked up to the front porch. “There you go, see you tomorrow”


“won’t you say hi to your brother?”


Dexter shook his head “maybe some other time”


“alright” I waited for him to leave but he didn’t bulge “Dexter it’s getting late”


“go in first”


I sighed resignedly and walked in through the front door.


“Good night” I greeted before slamming the front door close.


Daxton was still watching a movie when I got back. He glanced up at me and I noticed the bags under his eyes. Totally ignoring me, Daxton turned off the television and retired to his room, shaking his feather head sleepily.


It was already past nine and I had to get up early for work tomorrow. I went into my room and showered then dropped on my bed and snored to sleep– staked na.ked.












I woke up to the sound of my alarm and stretched my cramped muscles. Sleeping na.ked had become my habit whenever I got home late in the night. I pulled the sheet around my na.ked body and walked into the bathroom.


After showering, I got dressed and headed downstairs with my bag.


Daxton was eating in the dining room.


“Good morning” I greeted and he mumbled an inaudible reply


I just walked into the kitchen to prepare tea and bread then I joined him in the dining. He had barely touched his meal and he just picked on them. My mouth got salivary at the sight of the @ he was eating. The aroma was enough to make me beg him for a spoon. I faced my own food so he wouldn’t see I was interested in his meal.


Daxton glanced at me as I ate then back at his meal. For whatever reason he had, Daxton couldn’t eat his meal and I wondered if he was sick or he didn’t know a good meal if he sees one.


Daxton shoved himself into his chair and got up. He walked into the living room, carried his bag and walked out, leaving his food behind. I waited impatiently for him to drive out then dived for the food. I scooped just one spoon into my mouth



and froze. With my eyes, widened in shock, I stared at the food in the plate, afraid to chew the food in my mouth.


After few seconds, I ran into the kitchen and spat out everything into the sink. I ran into my bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste then I started brushing my teeth allover again. Daxton had added the whole of Lot’s wife in the food. I’d rather starve to death than eat that food. After brushing my teeth, I returned to the dining and just stared at the food. The food was exactly like the cook.


I glanced at mine and I already lost appetite. If only I had been contended with mine. I cleared the table and left for work.











Just like always, everyone started murmuring when I stepped inside. I ignored them and went to my office. After setting my desk, I made Daxton’s coffee and added few slice of bread and jam cause I realized he might be hungry after abandoning the food he cooked.


A knock on his door, I pushed it open and walked in cause Daxton would never ask me in. He was sitting behind his desk. For the first time, Daxton wasn’t busy with anything though he had lot of works to do. I placed the tray on his desk and I could see the relief in his face.


“you’ve got a tight schedule today” I informed


“adjust it. I want my schedule to start by 10” Daxton said, fighting the urge to dive for the bread


“then I’ll have to cancel some”


“do whatever you want”



I remained there, just standing and looking at him. I wanted to punish him a little.. Just a little. And delaying his breakfast was the best way. I could see the way he stared at the tray.


“anything else?” Daxton asked impatiently


“I don’t think so” I replied and he pointed to the door. Gesturing me to use the door.


I looked away and grinned then turned around to go when Henry barged in. “I want a word with the two of you” Henry said and I stopped on my track


Daxton swallowed hard.


“is it that urgent?” I asked Henry


“very urgent” his tone was stern and the look in his eyes spelt murder


“so urgent that it can’t wait for Daxton to finish his breakfast?”


Henry glanced at Daxton and the tray on the table “you’ve five minutes to be done with that” he seethed and we walked out.


In less than two minutes, Daxton was done eating and he called us in.


“he must’ve been really famished” Henry said as we walked to Daxton’s office


“he cooked a plate of Lot’s wife this morning and couldn’t eat”


Henry laughed “why didn’t you cook for him? Daxton is a bad cook, Dexter was the one who did the cooking”


“Daxton doesn’t eat my food”


“but he drinks your coffee”


I shrugged my shoulders and said nothing. Dexter was definitely better than Daxton in everything.



We walked into Daxton’s office and sat down. Henry cleared his throat then glanced from Daxton to me before saying what he had to say.


“I asked you two to live together to reduce the gay gossips and give people evidence that you ain’t a gay to save your reputation…”


Now I knew where he was driving at.


“But now everyone has doubts about that. They think we’re liars and soon once they’ve got enough evidence it would be out in the public again that we faked everything..


You barely talk to each other, you don’t even come to work together, each of you minds his business, there is no sign of a friendship talk more or a relationship between you. Everyone is talking, no one believes us anymore”


I glanced at Daxton and he shot me a glare. If only he knew how much I hate my job.


“Do you expect us to walk around holding hands and talking?” Daxton asked the same question I had in mind


“at least come to work together and act like you’re friends.. Just friends”


Daxton glanced at me and I shot him a glare.


“It’s quiet obvious you don’t talk at home but when you come to the office, give the gossips a good story to take home” Henry said but I knew that was totally impossible


“why don’t we just upload pictures on social media” I suggested “with a status that screams ‘we are a couple’ that would do”


“Sounds nice” Henry concord “you could take pictures while cooking together, on the street, holding hands, pretend to kiss…”


I almost puked



“in the bedroom… ” Henry was saying “here in the office. Just anything that would convince the public”


“cancel that plan” Daxton snarled


“then you prefer walking on the streets and holding hands” Henry said


“I don’t want any of that”


“I’m not seeking your opinion on this young man. It is an order not a request” that was the first time I was seeing Henry angry


“I won’t let you ruin the reputation that your father, and grandfather worked so hard to build”


What about me?


I didn’t give me consent on this. I has suggested pictures but definitely not romantic pictures.


“and you’re definitely going on a date twice in a week” Henry stated


“I’m not…”


“one more word from you young man and you’re making a speech to the


employees” Henry interrupted












“I’m not okay with the idea” I told Henry when we were out of Daxton’s office


“I know I should’ve seek your consent on this but I just had to take a drastic decision. It’s for the company and the family and for Daxton himself, you just have to help us”


“why don’t I do it with Dexter? They’re both identical people will believe it’s Daxton as long as he doesn’t smile”



Henry frowned “why Dexter?”


“be.. Because.. because he doesn’t hate me”


“Dexter isn’t the one we’re trying to help. And one more ‘Dexter’, I’m sending him to Asia”


Henry really loves threats.


If only he knew I would quit and go with Dexter if he dared it.






After work that day, I hurried out of the office first. I tried sneaking our before Henry sees me, just to escape the holding hands stuff for that day. I already received enough glares and scowls from Daxton and one more glare from the workers, my life would be officially over.


I walked past Daxton’s office and he stepped out the same time. I stopped and stared at him. He didn’t move, just stared back. We were both waiting for whoever would make the first move.


Two minutes passed and Daxton started out without me. I breathed out in relief and trailed behind him. We got to the hallway where all the workers were signing out and Henry sighted is from a distance.


He frowned and mouthed to us “Hold hands now”


Daxton and I exchanged glances and Tori and her crew turned to us. I shuddered and tried running but Daxton grabbed my hand.


“it’s just for my reputation” he whispered to me. Though he held my hand, our bodies were far from each other


“who holds hands this way?” I asked and he twisted my wrist. I cried out in pain then he loosened his grip.



Tori stamped her feet and huffed loudly as we walked passed them “what does she think she’s doing?” she asked her friends


“let me go now” I said when we were outside in the premises


“sure” Daxton said and released me “Dexter is waiting for you”


I looked up to see Dexter leaning on his car. I found myself smiling broadly as I walked up to him.


My phone beeped, a message from Dexter and it said,



Join your boss in his car



Those words wiped the smile in my face and I turned to look at Daxton who was already in his car.


He was never going to let me in.


I just stood there and watched Daxton drive out then I walked to Dexter.


“he left already” I said


“why didn’t you go with him. We’re trying to make the workers stop talking and….”


“Dexter?!” a deep thunderous voice bellowed


We whirled around to see Henry stomping towards us.


“he’s going to kill us” I said


“or probably send my to Asia”


“what do now? Daxton is the one who left me”


“Get into the car” Dexter said and got into the driver’s seat while I sat on the passengers seat


“get back here” Henry shouted as Dexter drove out but we didn’t stop “You both are going to be in big trouble when I get you”


I chuckled “if he gets us”


Dexter looked at me “he’s definitely going to get us”


My eyes widened “then why did you run”


“We had to”


I fell into the seat.


My life is officially over.










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