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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 7

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



Author Viola’s nσvєlѕ


hє’ѕ α gαч








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Daxton walked in. He didn’t look pissed or sad except for his usual blank look. I got up to my feet and hurriedly straightened up.


“Daxton we saw the news” Henry was the one who spoke up first “and we’re sorry”


Daxton glanced at me and I quickly looked away “Chloe?!” he called At that point, I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. “we need to talk” he added


Dexter and Henry looked at me then at Daxton.




“yes now” he replied and walked out


“what did you do?” that was Henry’s first question


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“I don’t know” I stuttered and they just stared at me like they knew I was lying


“I think it’s about Colton” I said and bowed my head


“what about Colton?” Dexter asked “you suddenly freaked out when you saw the news”


I went on to tell them about the text that day.


“how is it your fault that Colton committed suicide?” Dexter asked when I was done “you didn’t tell him to take his own life did you?”


I shook my head “but I could’ve just told him that it was all fake”


“then Colton would’ve come back” Henry blurted out “if he had known it was all fake then he wouldn’t have let go. He made a mistake by taking his life and it wasn’t your fault”


I kept Henry’s words at my back of my mind as I walked to Daxton’s office. I knocked softly on the door before pushing the door open and walked in. “you wanted to see me” I said and stood before his table


“that was minutes ago”


“I’m sorry”


He sighed and leaned into his chair “Why can’t I find the message you sent to Colton”


I swallowed hard “I deleted it”




I was too scared to talk. I just gazed at my feet, avoiding his eyes.


“Why did you delete the message?” Daxton repeated


“I’m sorry”


“why would you be sorry?”



“I sent Colton the wrong message”


“I knew you would when I let you text him but I made the mistake of not explaining things myself later”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t know he would take it as far as taking his life. I just wanted him to stay away”


Daxton sighed and looked away. He wasn’t angry at all.




“Aren’t you mad at me?”


He scoffed “I’m really mad at you. You just increased my hatred for you. But what do you want me to do then? Scold and spank you with a cane? That wouldn’t bring Colton back”


I sighed “I’m really sorry”


Daxton nodded “it would take me a hundred years to accept your apology”


“I know” I turned around and walked out of his office. Henry and Dexter were waiting at the door.


“what happened in there?” Dexter asked


“nothing much” I breathed out and started for my office. Henry and Dexter followed me.


“he didn’t shout?”


“he didn’t” I shook my head “but he hates me more now”


Dexter placed his hand on my shoulder and turned me to face him “it wasn’t your fault”


“I just added to Daxton’s pain, he’s never going to forgive me”


Henry smiled and took my hand “you did the right thing and I wouldn’t want you


stressing your little brain— thinking..


Now go rest in your office”


I nodded and hurried out to my office.


Henry faced Dexter when I was gone “Dexter you’re 11 years her senior”


Dexter laughed, understanding where Henry was driving at.


“I’m serious” Henry stated firmly “I wouldn’t want Chloe getting involved.. I’m like her only Guardian here in Salado”


Dexter rolled his eyes “she won’t get involved”


“I’m not blind Dexter”


“maybe you ain’t understanding my sincere intentions” Dexter said


“sincere?” Henry scoffed “find someone your age” he added and walked out.


Dexter laughed heartily and walked to my office.


“Do you need company?” Dexter asked as he took a seat


“I could really use one now” I replied


“you’re thinking about Daxton and Colton aren’t you?”


“I just ruined Daxton’s life”


“you did the best for him. Without Colton, he’d probably loose interest in men”


“Or he wouldn’t”


“you should stop blaming yourself” Dexter said ” Daxton won’t do anything to you”



“I don’t want to live with him anymore”


“then who is going to console him now Colton is gone?”


“he doesn’t need me and I hate sitting in that mansion with no one to talk to”


“Maybe if he learns to trust you, and if he sees how much of a good person you are then he would change his opinion about you”


“he would’ve if he didn’t hate me more now”


“He’s going to get over Colton”


“but he’s never going to forgive me”


“just give him time.. That’s all he needs”


I sighed. I didn’t have a choice either. If I quit my job then I’ll probably starve to death. And I didn’t even have shelter.


“How old are you?” Dexter asked


“20, but I’ll be 21 in seven months time”


Dexter laughed “that’s way too far. You’re just 20 but you look way too matured for a girl of 20, anyone


would’ve mistook you for a woman”


I frowned “I’m a woman, not a girl”


“you’re a child-woman”


I rolled my eyes “that’s nonsense”


“let me leave you to work” Dexter said, taking a glance at the digital clock on my table “call me after work”



I nodded and he walked out.


If only Daxton treated me like Dexter did. I sighed resignedly and continued with my work.











I headed to the gallery to check a piece Daxton was working on when I ran into Pearl.


“Hi Pearl”


“Chloe” she called coldly


“we’ve been seeing little of each other lately”


Pearl glared at me “I know”


“are you busy now? We could have coffee together” I invited but couldn’t help but notice Pearl wasn’t as enthusiastic as she was about me. I guess it had to do with Daxton and I dating


“I’m busy”


“alright.. Maybe next time” I said and she walked out. I watched her disappear down the corridor then I continued to the gallery.


I checked the piece and also took note of the piece offered for sale. When I was done, I went to check the pending works in the workshop. Daxton was molding when I got there. He had his sleeves rolled up and his button open. He was sweating profusely with some strands of hair covering his eyes. I noticed the temperature in the room was hot and the air conditioner wasn’t turned on.


I tip toed to a corner of the workshop without Daxton noticing me then I turned on the air conditioner.



Daxton paused and looked around to see who was in the workshop with him. I hid and prayed silently he doesn’t stand up to search for me. Daxton simply looked around and went back to his work.




That was close


I tip toed out of my hiding place and headed for the door.


“It’s wrong sneaking up on people” I heard Daxton’s voice when I got to the door


I stopped on my track and slowly whirled around to face him “I’m sorry”


“what are you doing here?” he wasn’t frowning but his jaws were tightened and there was no trace of smile on his face.


“I came to see the works and saw you molding. If I knew you were in here then I would’ve stopped in the gallery”


Daxton wiped off sweat from his head and asked “and you turned on the air conditioner”


“you were sweating”


Daxton arched a brow like he was going to say something but he didn’t. He scoffed and went back to his work.


And that was all I got for my kindness. I walked out of the workshop and returned to my office.











I finished my works and went to give my report to Daxton but he already left.


I huffed loudly. That dude really needs to be horsewhipped and I’ll do just that.



I returned to my office and packed my things then headed out. I had called Dexter earlier and he was waiting outside.


“your boss left few minutes ago” Dexter told me when he walked out


“he didn’t even check my report”


Dexter smiled “it’s alright”


I was just so in love with that smile. It was genuine and friendly. A really comforting smile.


We got into the car and Dexter drove me to Daxton’s house. The car halted in front of the house and we remained inside, talking.


Dexter and I talked at length before I finally alighted from the car. Maybe if I wasn’t dog tired I wouldn’t have. Dexter was a great company.


“see you tomorrow” I waved


“I’ll be busy tomorrow so we might probably not see but don’t forget Sunday”


I smiled, hanging out with Dexter was a great idea. And I could feel the fun already.


“Alright.. Drive safely”


He smiled and zoomed off. My life would’ve been better if I were working for Dexter instead. I went into my room. I peeled off myself clothes and stepped under the shower. After getting myself washed properly, I walked out of the bathroom tying a towel then found something simple to wear from my wardrobe.


When I was done, I made my way to the kitchen. I was famished. Skipping breakfast and not having anything too eat at lunch was a punishment to my poor stomach that had nothing to do with what I was passing through. I prepared bacon and beans for two then served Daxton’s meal in the dining room.


I didn’t have a glimpse of Daxton till I was done eating and decided to go round the mansion. I walked to the back of the mansion and found a stable. There were different horses in the stable. Different colors and sizes. I smiled to myself. I really



missed horse riding. I walked closer to the stable and started checking on all the horses, one after the other. I found Dexter tending to one of the horses. The horse had a broken leg and Daxton was trying to fix it. I stood at a corner and took a long sidelook at Daxton. My plans had been ruined. Daxton wouldn’t let me ride on one of his horses. I returned to the mansion and decided to watch a movie while Daxton attended to his horses. I would still ride, even if it meant riding at night, I’d definitely ride once Daxton is out of the stable.









Daxton returned from the stable hours later. I had already fallen asleep on the couch. I woke up later and realised Daxton hadn’t touched his food. He cooked his own meal and ate.


I wasn’t disappointed at all. I knew he wouldn’t eat my food anyway.


I sat on one of the chairs and consumed the food in the plate. When I was done, I hurried back to the stable. I first checked on the horse Daxton was attending to earlier. She was lying on the ground in pain.


“I’m sorry” I said to the horse and it grunted.


Entering the cool interior of the barn, I climbed up on the bottom rung of the stall and leaned on the gate. With just a few spoken words, a big blooded bay stallion trotted over, and I better his velvety nose.


“I’ll call you sky”


The horse whined on disapproval. Guess he didn’t like the name but I was going to call him that anyway.


I led the horse from it’s still and hurriedly brushed his back in readiness for the saddle.


I noticed the simple navy-blue riding habit at the opposite end of the barn and a small matching narrow-brimmed navy-blue hat to complete the outfit. I hurriedly put on the riding habit and the jaunty little hat. Pulling on a soft leather riding gloves with short tugs, I saddled the horse and led it into the trees behind the stable before I mounted. Sky, edgy, and fighting a bit, danced and snorted.



I got scared cause I couldn’t guide his rein and I didn’t even want to think of falling.


“calm down” I begged in a soothing voice. Afraid that Daxton would hear the sound. I spoke to sky softly and soon had him gentler and ready to go.


Smiling in satisfaction, I lightly set my heels to Sky’s side, urging the stallion down the road, hooves thundering over the hard-parked earth.


After several minutes of riding beside the cane field, Sky pranced and whined and fought a but harder than earlier.


“calm down boy” I tried soothing him but instead, he bent his neck and stumbled me over the dirty, muddy, pond.


“you’re going to pay for this” I cussed, staggering to my feet. I moved carefully to the horse and mounted on it again but he threw me out. “ouch!” I yelped in pain “you have to take me back”


The horse whined and that was when I traced his gaze. I saw a rider coming


towards me. I didn’t recognize the tall gray horse at first, but the man who sat on


him, I knew in an instant.


Daxton reined is and dismounted.


“Darken did a good job in throwing you in pond before I arrived to do it myself” he was scowling at me, his words meant to sting.


Darken? Was that the horse’s name?


I had actually called him sky.


The animal’s ear pecked up and he whined like he was actually pleased with what Daxton had said.


I got up and brushed off mud from my body “did you and your horse plan this?”


“you should’ve told me you wanted to ride and I would’ve gotten you a cow”


I frowned “maybe next time, a bull would be better”


Daxton huffed and moved to Sky.. Actually Darken.


“Well done boy” he said, rubbing the horse’s sleek dark neck


“how did you know I was out here?”


“I noticed my favorite horse was missing and came to search for it. I wanted to be sure it’s okay cause I presumed you’d be dead by now”




“I thought Darken must’ve probably thrown you out and you’d have you neck broken and dead”


Was that his plan?


I glared at Daxton and the stupid Darken. The horse looked like his owner and the owner looked like the horse.


“I don’t expect you’ll want to ride Darken again” Daxton said


“so what do expect me to do? Trek?”


Daxton scoffed and mounted on the horse he had come with “crawl” he replied and rode off, leading Darken with him.


I had to trek, but Daxton isn’t going to escape being horse whipped. I’ll definitely fulfill that wish someday and that day was soon.








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