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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 5

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Henry rolled his eyes and walked up to me “let’s give them time to fight” he said and led the way out while the twins continued yelling at each other


“are they always like this?” I asked


“they’ve never gotten along since they were little and I wonder if they ever will”


“But they’re twins”


“Identical ones but, their hearts are really different”


“Is Dexter his twin?”


“yes.. Dexter is a singer so he left the company”


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“I think they stopped arguing” I said when I could hear their shouts anymore


Henry smiled “whenever they get into a heated argument and wouldn’t calm down, I just let them argue till they get tired of shouting”


“let’s go in” I said and we headed for the front door. Immediately we stepped inside, they continued arguing.


“those two got no repentance at all” I said


“You both need to grow” Henry spat out and dragged Daxton, leaving me alone with Dexter.


I wanted to follow them but I understood he wanted to talk some sense into Daxton so I had to stay back.


Dexter wasn’t saying anything to me so it was kind if uncomfortable standing and staring at him. I got nervous and proceeded to walk out.


“Missy?!” he called





I stopped on my track and turned to face him “Hi Dexter?!” I sounded even more nervous than I felt


“We’ve met before” he said


I didn’t say anything.


What do I say? I was the girl you gave a lift?


What if it wasn’t also him? Then I’ll look like a fool again.



“You! Aren’t you the girl I gave a lift?”


I guess I wasn’t wrong after all “I don’t think so”


He heaved an elaborate sigh and sat on a couch “you should sit too. You’ve being standing all the while, watching I and my brother fight”


I sat on a couch too, pleased that Dexter noticed me watching them. “I’m Dexter”




“Daxton’s secretary?”




“how do you cope with my lunatic of a brother?”


I laughed “I’m actually a psychiatrist”


He smiled and stared at me for a moment then asked “why didn’t you give me a call? I expected it for days”


“a pick pocket snatched the card and my money. When I saw Daxton, I actually thought it was you and I tried explaining what happened to him but he said he never gave me a lift and I had no idea he’s a set of twins”


“Daxton doesn’t give lifts”


“I think I found out”


Dexter chuckled. Why is he always doing that even when no one says anything funny?


“We’re really different in everything, most times I wonder if he’s really my twin brother”


“Daxton might be mean and grouchy but he’s love life isn’t anybody’s business”


Dexter narrowed his brows and gave me a level stare “are you really saying this or someone else just said it through you”


“you’re just bothered about the reputation of your family and company” I pointed out




“But no one really cares about him, it’s just the family’s reputation”


Dexter sat back, I guess he was thinking about what I said.


“Daxton doesn’t really care about anyone”


“That makes your family divided.. No one cares about the other”


Dexter sighed “are your siding Daxton?”


“The dude hates me, why would I side with him” I replied and Dexter laughed


“I know we never get along, right from when we were little boys but I still want the best for him”


“you’re 32 year old little boys.. The both haven’t grown, you fight like toddlers” “You don’t say people’s age that way” Dexter said with a frown “sorry” I apologized “but you really have to stop fighting”


“Daxton would never accept that he’s wrong”


“That’s because he’s in love”


Dexter scoffed “with a man?”


“It’s his choice”



“what a sec…” Dexter paused and looked at me “are you a lesbian”


“Ewww!!!!” I spat out in disgust and Dexter laughed


“you need to see your face”


“How can I love a woman like me?”


“Now you see.. That’s what I think of Daxton”


“Do you have a date?”


“not a serious one” he shrugged “just life of a celebrity”


I frowned. Dexter was a womanizer from the way he talked, just like every other singer in Texas.


“I’m not a womanizer” he said as if reading my thoughts “I just have a fake figure, but not a serious datejust life of a celebrity”


I smiled, pleased with his explanation then asked “have you ever had a serious date?”


“we broke up, cause she said I was giving my career more time than I was giving her”


“That’s lame”


“really lame”


“How did you feel when you first broke up?”


Dexter shrugged his shoulders “nothing”


“Nothing? Then you didn’t really love her”


“I did but not deeply in love”


“and you call that a serious date?”


“cause that’s the longest I’ve gone”


“how long?”


“6 months”


My jaws dropped “6 months? Longest?”




“how long do you usually go?”


He tilted his head, thinking “usually 2 months or 3”


I collapsed into my couch and he roared with laughter “You don’t have a serious date at all, you’ve never taken a girl serious”


“That’s because I took a girl serious in high school but she chose Daxton”


“Daxton had a date in high school?”


Dexter shook his head “he has never dated a girl his whole life, she chose to crush on him and dumped our relationship of 8 months”


“what’s the difference between the two of you?”


“Daxton was the black leather clothing kid who played basketball very well and I wasn’t. She admired sports and not music”


“how did you feel when she left?”




“you’ve never taken a girl serious”


Dexter sighed “I’ll take a girl serious when I get married”


“how do you get married when you’re not serious with women? Maybe you’re also a gay but you haven’t found out yet”


Dexter burst into laughter “I’m satisfied with seeing my own na.kedness woman, I need something from the opposite sex”


“I’ll tell you how it feels to have a broken heart…” I began “you feel depressed, broken inside out, sad, confused, devastated, you don’t eat for days, you can’t hang out with friends, old memories just keep coming back, everything reminds you of that person, you can’t move on, you want that person back, you just can’t let go, your friends talk about them, when you see couples together, you remember the good old days… It’s really horrible”


“and you’ve felt all of them?”


I bowed my head sadly “when my drone got broken”


Dexter threw his head back, laughing “We all are in the same both”


“I crushed on my senior once in junior high and I gave him flowers and sent him letters but he ended up disgracing me before everyone cause he had a hot, actress as a girlfriend”


“he could have doubled his pay, maybe he doesn’t know a beautiful woman when he sees one”


This guy is worse than Daxton.


Double the pay?


“I’m just trying to make you understand how Daxton must be feeling, we don’t understand but those guys are truly in love, and letting go is difficult for them”


“It could be difficult but it’s necessary they let go”



“so what’s your plan?”


“I paid a girl to act as Daxton’s girlfriend, she’s an actress, a really popular one and everyone is going to believe her”


“what’s her name?”


“Nikki Ryusdale”


“oh my gosh!!!” I exclaimed “Nikki Ryusdale is coming?”


He nodded “she has been hiding her boyfriend for months and fans are really eager to know who Nikki Ryusdale is dating so they’re going to believe her when she says Daxton is her boyfriend”


“I’m also eager to know.. Tell me who she’s dating”


Dexter laughed “you can’t tell anyone”


“I won’t”


“Cosmos Ty”


“The runner?”


He nodded “she’s my ex”


“then how come I never knew you before now?”


“cause you didn’t”


I chuckled “what about the pictures?”


“Nikki Ryusdale is an actress, all she has to say is ‘I’ve been working on this TV show and I asked my boyfriend to help me with gay pictures like the ones you saw



in the news. Though they weren’t really kissing and cuddling, I edited everything to make it look real for the movie’ and everyone is going to believe that”


“that is a smart idea” I commented


“but what about Colton? That guy isn’t ready to give up”


“he’ll definitely get tired cause Nikki Ryusdale is not going to give him a chance”


“Alright, great plan.. But where is Nikki?”


“somewhere in Salado, slaying off”


I opened my mouth to talk when Henry and Daxton walked in.


“guess you two are having a good time” that was Henry


“she’s a great company” Dexter replied with his eyes still on me and I looked away


“we have to go Chloe” Henry said


I was really disappointed and I looked at Dexter “maybe some other time”


“today is already over, how about we hang out tomorrow”


I opened my mouth to talk and Henry cleared his throat. Dexter took my phone and we exchanged digits.


“let’s go” Henry walked up to me and we walked out leaving the twins alone.


“why did you leave them alone?” I queried Henry when we got to his car


“they won’t fight, they just need to settle things before tomorrow”


I nodded and he turned on the engine and drove off. My phone beeped when we were in the cat and I checked it, it was a text message from Dexter.



I’ll call your after work tomorrow. We’ll definitely hang out, forget the old man.


I glanced at Henry and laughed. Dexter had left a heart at the end of the message. Henry drove me to my apartment and we talked about our plans for the next day before I finally went into my apartment.


It was already late when I finished showering and eating so I went straight to bed but not before receiving a good night text from Dexter.











I stretched on my bed and tossed to the other side. I didn’t want to get up. I took a pillow and covered my face and drifted back to sleep.


My alarm jerked me wide awake after few minutes and I turned it off. Today was going to be more stressful than yesterday so I needed more sleep.


I laid back on the bed and tossed about sleepily till I fell off the bed and landed on my butt.


I wasn’t sleepy anymore.


Dragging up my lazy self from the floor, I plodded into the kitchen. After making breakfast, I went into the bathroom and had a quick shower. When I was done, I got dressed for work and sat to breakfast in the dining room.


Daxton and Dexter.


I just couldn’t stop thinking about the identical twins far from heart.


After breakfast, I arranged my things in my bag and headed out.


Today would either begin a new life for Daxton or put an end to his life. I hadn’t gone far from the apartment when I got a message from Henry. I ignored it until I got to the taxi wait and boarded a taxi. When the taxi cruised into the road, I checked the message. I read through the message and my eyes widened in astonishment.


This can’t be serious.















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