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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 4

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… Maybe tomorrow… We’ll be waiting but you have to hurry


Henry ended the call and sat back on his seat, facing me.


“What did he say?” I asked


“he said he’ll be here by tomorrow” came Henry’s reply


“Tomorrow? We still have to wait till tomorrow?”


Henry shrugged “I guess so”


“what if the press are here before he arrives?”


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“Then Daxton would have to sneak in from the back before we come up with something to tell the press”


“This is worse than I thought”


“Daxton is in a real mess”


We talked of other things then I left to my office. It wasn’t really easy working that day. There wasn’t much work to do but I had to avoid some of the secretaries that were glaring and scowling at me. I managed to cover Daxton at the office so no one knows he left. Henry was always busy, trying to track or find whoever wrote the news but whoever did it, was really smart in hiding himself.


I leaned in my chair and tried coming up with something we could tell the press when someone knocked on my door.


I paused and listened again and the knock repeated. I made necessary adjustments on my table and asked the person in.


The door opened and a man walked in all dressed in black. He was wearing a hoodie, probably trying to hide his face. He walked causally to my table and stood before me with his head bowed, I couldn’t even see his face.


“Good afternoon” I greeted and he replied with his head still bowed.


“how may I help you?” I asked, I was getting really scared at the sudden visitor in black.


What if you was an assassin or an armed robber?


But he wasn’t armed. Maybe he was a thief cause there are a lot of thieves in Salado.


He moved closer and slowly lifted his head. My heart was already pounding.


“I think you should take off your hoodie so I can see your face” I said in fear and he took off his hoodie


I gasped “Colton?!” and my fear suddenly changed to anger “what are you doing here?”


“don’t shout” he said calmly “I just want to talk”


That was the first time I was hearing him talk and there pain in his trembling voice. I heaved a deep sigh and offered him a seat. “what do you want to talk about?”


“it’s about Daxton”


“What about Daxton?”


“I’m here so we can resolve this together, I know I’m the reason why all these is happening but I wouldn’t want to be the reason why Daxton would have to live in unhappiness and shame for the rest of his life and have the people around him hate him”


I peered into his eyes and I could see the hurt in his eyes as he spoke “you really love him don’t you”


He forced a smile “it’s difficult for the world to understand”


“I do understand, trust me”


Colton smiled and I got a glimpse of his beautiful gap teeth. He was really a handsome man, tall but not as tall as Daxton. He wasn’t really as masculine as Daxton, he had a woman figure. Just like what a friend once told me in high school that one of the gay couple usually acts like a woman. He was timid and had a beautiful red hair. And he was handsome, just like Daxton.


“How’s Daxton?” Colton asked


“as worried as you are”



He sighed “I shouldn’t have come to the office”


“you really shouldn’t have, you guys should’ve been meeting outside, why come to the office?”


“Daxton wouldn’t listen. He said he couldn’t make it after work”


“that was a bad idea and I wonder what you’re going to do now”


I said then asked “how long have you being dating?”


“3 years”


“what?” I gasped “that’s too long for people of the same sex to the attracted to each other.. Ewwww”


“that’s what the world doesn’t understand”


“but it’s wrong what happened to the girls out there?”


“let’s say, Daxton caught my fancy when he first approached me that day at the cinema”


“Daxton approached you? And what did he say? Will you be my boyfriend?”


Colton chuckled “not actually, we just started hanging out and the feelings blossomed”


I shuddered irritatedly “and you have sex?”


“most of the time”




He laughed and this time it was genuine, he looked more handsome laughing. “that’s not why I’m here”



“I still have to interrogate you” I seethed “the best thing you’ll do for Daxton if you really love him is let him go”


“I can’t” came Colton’s reply “I’ve thought about it and I can’t let him go”




I exploded “then why are you here? You can’t continue to ruin Daxton”


“I’m sorry but three years… ” He shook his head “I’ve come to love him”


“How old are you?”




“you should be thinking of settling down and having children, you both can’t get married”


“but we could be happy together. A happiness children can’t bring”


I scoffed and leaned into my chair.


This guy got to be kidding me.


“Daxton needs children.. He’s the president and he needs a reputation”


Colton exhaled “Let’s try fixing the current situation”


“and after that, you’re staying away”


“have you ever been in love”


“not really.. But if I should fall in love then it’s definitely not going to be with a woman”


“That’s not the case here”


“did you come here to settle things or to argue and make it clear to me that you ain’t gonna quit the relationship?”




I huffed loudly “leave my office”




“I can handle this alone, just go”


“I want to help….”


“You can just go”


He sighed and just stared at me “what if I decide to quit and Daxton still wants me?” he asked softly


“then insist on quitting”


He gazed at me momentarily then made for the door and he was gone, putting on his hoodie again. I sighed and thought of everything he had said.


These two were really in love. Three years of abominable acts that was really no ones business.











“Colton visited” I informed Henry


“after everything he caused, he still came to see Daxton?”


“he didn’t come to see Daxton, he actually came to see me”


“to see you? Why?”



“he wanted to help settle the scandal but he isn’t ready to let go of Daxton, he doesn’t want to quit the relationship”


“By tomorrow, he wouldn’t have a choice” Henry said


“so what’s the plan?”


“We’ll have to tell the public that Daxton and Colton aren’t dating”


I laughed “with all those pictures, who would believe that?”


“That’s why Dexter came up with the idea of finding someone who’s going to act as Daxton’s fake girlfriend. The public will have to believe us if the see who he’s actually dating”


“hmm…” I gazed thoughtfully “maybe Pearl”


“She’s part of the gossip Chloe” Henry said “but Dexter found someone”


I wanted to ask who the Dexter was but I decided to wait till I see him.


“I’ll be at the office early tomorrow in case there’s a reason to sneak in” I said


“I’ll come with Dexter, Daxton, and the girl”




We said our goodbyes and I headed for my apartment. The new girl in question would be a problem to Pearl who’s trying really hard to attract Daxton.


Once I was in my bedroom, I kicked the door close with my foot and dropped on my bed. Covering up Daxton at the office wasn’t really easy. I had to do a lot of things and I was really exhausted.


“Chloe?! Chloe?!”


I sat up with a start and realized I had fallen asleep.


“Chloe?!” someone called from outside and I hurried out



“Henry?!” I called when I stepped outside “you look tensed”


“You have to come with me”


“what happened?” I asked as he dragged me to his car


“leaving Daxton with Dexter wasn’t a good idea after all, those two never get along”


“where are we going?”


“To Daxton’s house”


“I haven’t even locked my root yet”


“no one is going to break in” Henry said as we got into his car.











We arrived at Daxton’s house and headed for the front door. I could hear voices shouting, and arguing.


“What’s going on?” I asked Henry


“it’s Daxton and Dexter, they’re fighting”


We hurried inside and I paused when I saw Daxton yelling at himself. It was like he was staring at a mirror and yelling at his reflection but there was actually a second person yelling back. I stared at the two in shock, they were so identical except they wore different clothes but I couldn’t tell which of them was Daxton.



“What’s going on here?” I asked in utter astonishment “no one mentioned that Daxton is a set of twins”


Henry chuckled “Let’s say I didn’t really think it’s necesary”


I stood transfixed and just stared at them. This explained everything. Daxton’s twin was the one who gave me the ride and not Daxton. .












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