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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 34

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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I was shocked and I froze at the spot. Daxton trailed his fingers down my cheek and broke from the kiss.


He took in his lips in his mouth and stepped back.



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“Chloe I’m sorry”


“You’re sorry?” I was baffled “how can you be sorry?”


“I’m sorry because I’m supposed to stop loving you but I can’t” Daxton spat out




Daxton moved closer “Chloe?!”


I stepped back but Daxton grabbed my hand and yanked me closer “Chloe.. Tell me you feel the same way”


I jerked away as if he had slapped me “Daxton?!”





I shook my head and ran out of the room. I got to my room and locked myself inside. I couldn’t tell how I was feeling then. I just laid on my bed and turned off the light like I was running away from a ghost.


I was confused.. More confused than when Daxton first confused his feelings. I thought of Dexter, then Daxton.. Something just wasn’t right in the way I was feeling.


I’m sorry because I’m supposed to stop loving you but I can’t


Those words kept echoing in my head. I couldn’t block out his words and the voice that was telling me that I was wrong to just walk out on him.


Daxton was trying to start all over but it shouldn’t have been me. My fingers moved to the ring I was wearing.


I just wanted to get away and return to Bears Creek.


A knock sounded on my door and my heart skipped a beat.. Thinking it was Daxton. I pretended to be asleep then I heard Jennifer’s voice.


“Hey! Open up”


I turned on the light and went to get the door.


“we apologize for interrupting your sleep” Jennifer said and Chrisella nodded “there’s something we want to show you”


Daxton walked past them and I averted my eyes so he wouldn’t see me and he


didn’t even take a glance at my door.


“Can’t it wait until tomorrow?” I asked


“No” Chrisella replied


“I can’t go out now” I said




“I’m really sorry girls but I can’t”



“it’s alright.. Goodnight”


I nodded and shut the door. I heard them muttered something before walking out. I heaved a sigh and went back to bed.


The next morning, I showered and got dressed but didn’t leave my room. I was scared to run into Daxton and even when I got hungry, I didn’t go out to eat. When it was 12 noon, I was completely famished. I opened my door and took a peek outside to be sure Daxton wasn’t around so I can sneak out without running into him. His door was left ajar and it meant he was inside or around.. Somewbere on the corridor. I went back inside and waited for him to leave then I dozed off.


When I woke up again, it was already past 1 O’clock. I peeped out again and there was a breakfast cart outside my room door. I was shocked. Someone must have brought up my breakfast cause I didn’t pay for room service.


I was too hungry too hungry to find out who it was so I pushed the cart inside and there was a note beside the dishes. I opened it and it read:



You don’t have to starve yourself because of what happened last night. Your stomach wasn’t responsible remember?




I stared at the food and I couldn’t refuse. Few minutes later, I had emptied the dishes. I belched out loudly and pushed the cart aside. I still wanted going out to return the cart. I walked to my window and looked aside. Jennifer and the others were relaxing under an umbrella on the beach and I was locking myself inside. I looked around but there wasn’t any sign of Daxton. I moved to my door and peeped outside. Daxton was just entering his room with that girl— Vivian.


I frowned as they slammed the door shut and locked it from inside. Whatever!


I shut my door and slumped on a chair, still thinking of Daxton and the girl. I paced about in my room then walked out. Daxton and the girl were still inside. I tip toed to his door and placed my ear on it for any STRANGE sound but I couldn’t hear anything. Not even their voices. I hissed and bent to the door knob. And strained my eye to see from the little hole but.. Nothing.



I sighed in frustration and placed my ear on the door again. I was still trying to eavesdrop when the door opened and I fell on my butt.


It was the blonde haired girl Vivian and she was wearing Daxton’s shirt and pair of shorts.


“uh.. How can I help you?” she asked


I swallowed hard and got up to my feet “is Daxton in?”


“No.. He left few minutes ago” she replied


“alright” that was nice to hear


“Who are you?”


“Never mind” I grinned and went back to my room. I looked out the window down again and was tempted to go join Jennifer and the others in playing Frisbee. I pushed the cart out and locked my door then headed downstairs. After returning the cart, I ran out to join the others on the beach. The air outside was warm and the sun wasn’t scourging hot like it looked.


“Hey!” Chrisella was the first to see me “I thought you were stuck inside”


I chuckled “hi guys”


“we haven’t seen anything of you and Daxton today” Rex said


“I was really tired and decided to sleep” I lied


“till afternoon?” Jennifer laughed


“did you work out last night?”


Chrisella laughed too. I ignored them and sat on the mat.


“Have you seen Daxton?” Drake asked me


“No” I replied with a frown



“Daxton is busy with your blonde girlfriend” Chrisella said to Drake


“She’s not my girlfriend.. Vivian is just a friend from school. I told you that before” Drake said in self defense


“yeah right” Chrisella rolled her eyes


“I think she’s into Daxton” Jennifer said


“I don’t think so” that was Drake


Well I thought so


“they were out here until midnight last night” Rex said “Vivian is getting over a breakup” Drake said With Daxton?


Jennifer looked at me “With Daxton?” she asked me my very own question “And that guy Daxton” Rex was saying “he’s totally unpredictable” “he was at the club yesterday with Vivian” Chrisella said


Why the topic? They weren’t talking about Daxton and Vivian until I got there. Did they plan this?


“Yeah and she was totally hot but she had to leave early” Jennifer said


“As much as I don’t like that Vivian girl, I think she’s cute” Chrisella said and looked at me “Haven’t you seen her Chloe?”


“I have— a few times” I replied


“and I think she and Daxton make a perfect couple” Rex said



Jennifer giggled “just like us”


“they are nothing compared to us bae” Rex said and kissed Jennifer


“Seriously?” Chrisella scoffed “get yourself a room”


“Don’t be jealous Chrisella.. You got Drake” Jennifer said and continued kissing Rex


Chrisella looked at Drake “can you imagine?”


Drake chuckled “come here baby” he pulled her to the sand and kissed her




I was the only one there with no one to kiss.


“you guys don’t necessarily have to do this to me” I just wanted to cry


“Go get yourself a boyfriend” Jennifer said and continued with Rex


I got up and walked around then a saw a pail buried half way into the sand. I dragged it out and filled it with and then walked back to the couples. I poured the sand on the four of them and they burst into laughter.


“That isn’t going to help Chloe” Jennifer guffawed


“you’ll need a truck” Chrisella added and pulled Drake over then they continued kissing


Rex lifted Jennifer’s blouse and cupped one of her breasts in his palm then continued kissing her. There was nothing else I could do than to move away from the crazy couples.


I found a sunlounger not too far from them and sat on it. There were a lot of couples around and I just wanted to stop taking note of them. I gazed at the water and caught sight of a boat approaching my direction. There were two persons on the boat and I recognized the one with a blonde hair as Vivian. Then the other was a guy.



“a guy?” I gasped and sat up to see who the second person was and it was— Daxton.


He was teaching her how to fish with his arms wrapped around her from behind as he thought her how to use a hook.


A part of me crumbled but then another part looked away like I didn’t care. I leaned into my chair and brought down my sunglasses then shut my eyes.














I felt someone peck me on my cheek and I fluttered my eyes open.


“Daxton?!” I removed the sunglasses


“I’ll go shower” Vivian took his room key and walked out


“What are you doing here all by yourself?” Daxton asked me


“I’ve got no one to keep me company” I replied as I watched Vivian head towards the hotel with Daxton’s room key


“what about the others?” Daxton asked


“They were having a couple time”


Daxton chuckled


“does she stay with you?” I asked




“then why is she going to shower in your room and she was here earlier”


“Vivian doesn’t have a room for now but she’s getting one today”


I frowned “she has been here for days. Does she sleep on the sand”


“no” Daxton replied “she was here with her boyfriend but she caught him cheating and left the room they shared”


“Did she stay with you last night?”


“No” Daxton replied “she stayed with a friend”


Then she should’ve showered in her friend’s room.


“alright” I said then asked “did you leave a cart outside my room?”


“you wouldn’t come out to eat” Daxton replied


I sighed and looked away.


“There’s nothing going on between Vi and I if that’s what you’re thinking”




He already gave her a pet name.


“I know”


Daxton sighed and leaned into his own sunlounger. I didn’t want him to raise the topic about last night cause I definitely wouldn’t be able to stand it.


We just sat there, each with his own thoughts as we gazed at different directions. I heard Jennifer’s giggle and turned to see Daxton staring at me.


A lump swelled up in my throat but I didn’t look away and neither did he.


“I’ll be in my room” Daxton broke the silence and walked out before I could even say anything.


I sighed as I watched his retreating steps. He would be in his room with Vivian. And still there was nothing going on between them when she was wearing his shirt earlier. Or she also didn’t have clothes yet.


My phone rang and I brought it out from my purse. It was Dexter calling.


I drew in a deep breath and answered the call.








I adjusted unconsciously



I’m good



I’ll be returning in three days time, I’m done with business here Alright.. Daxton’s vacation will end in four days time


Hope he isn’t causing you much troubles?



No.. We’re good



I’ve got a little surprise for you when you get back Until then


Have fun



I hung up with a sigh and went to join the others. “You finally decided to come back” Jennifer teased


“Seriously Chloe.. You got to get yourself a dude” Chrisella said “I’m not sure” I said and fell on the mat


Jennifer leaned forward and whispered something to Chrisella then they laughed.


“keep up with the gist.. Keep it up” I laid down and shut my eyes












I walked to the hotel and saw Daxton and Vivian talking outside. Daxton saw me and chuckled.


I huffed loudly and hurried inside. Daxton was making it seem like I was jealous of them. it wasn’t like I have a dime about them but he was definitely trying to make me feel jealous. I got to my room and shut the door then ran my bath and started taking of my clothes in my bedroom. I whirled at the sound of the door open. Daxton was standing at the open doorway, staring at my almost na.ked body.


I swallowed hard “I— I didn’t hear you knock















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