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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 32

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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I arrived at Dexter’s later than morning. I needed to tell him about his mom’s plan. I knew he definitely wouldn’t be happy about it and I wasn’t willing to go to Paris. I couldn’t face Daxton.


I knocked on the front door but Dexter was busy on a phone call.



… come on Lovetta, I’ve tried talking to him but you shouldn’t have cheated at first, you know Bryan doesn’t forgive easily… I’m still trying and I won’t stop anyway… This afternoon… You know where… Alright, see you then… You too


He ended the call and turned to the front door. I had already opened it and walked in.


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“Chloe?!” he called with a grin and yanked me into his arms


“Good morning”


“you didn’t call”


“I mustn’t always call whenever I want to visit must I?”


Dexter smiled “you mustn’t”


“There’s something we need to talk about” I said and we sat down “what is it?”


“your mom wants me to join Daxton on his vacation”


Dexter was stunned “Why would she want that?”


“for so many crazy reasons”


“Daxton didn’t even mention where he was going”


“Paris.. He’s in Paris”


“It’s just for seven days right?”


“yeah” I nodded


“alright.. We can’t fight her decision, I know the kind of person she is” “You want me to go?” I was astonished “do we have a choice?”



Oh no!


I didn’t want to.. I just didn’t want to.



“it’s alright Chloe, nothing is going to change between us and besides I’m going to LA and I wouldn’t be returning until a week or two and I wouldn’t want you to be alone”


“you’re going to LA? You didn’t tell me”


“it’s an emergency and I have to leave this afternoon”


I sighed and pushed my hair back “this can’t be”


“Chloe it’s not a big deal”


“you don’t understand” I yelled


“understand what?” Dexter sighed “alright.. Make me understand”


“Nothing” I said “it’s just a vacation anyway”


“you’ll be fine okay” Dexter caressed my cheek “when is your flight?”


“in an hour time”


“call me when you get to Paris”


I nodded and said nothing. We talked for a while then I left with Dexter telling me,


“having a wonderful vacation”
















“… Mom I’m serious, Chloe can’t come over” Daxton argued with Pauline over the phone “… I’m not cheating on her… We ain’t having issues either…”


He sighed and moved away from the window then sat on the bed “listen mom, Chloe and I are good, I just need a vacation… Mom?!”



Pauline ended the call and Daxton tossed the phone on the bed. He pushed his hair back and walked to the window.


Chloe can’t come here.. He said to himself then walked back to the bed and took his phone. He placed a call to me buy quickly ended the call.


Daxton dropped the phone on the bed and walked out of his room. He locked the door and made to ascend the stairs when he ran into a guy. “Hey! I’m sorry.. I wasn’t looking” Daxton apologized


“it’s okay” the guy smiled “it’s my fault.. I should’ve seen you coming”


Daxton said nothing else as he continued down the stairs. He walked to the beach with a surf board and stood on the sand with his feet in the water.


“Glad you finally decided to surf it out” that was Rex Daxton turned to him “Rex?!” “How you doing Daxton?”


“I’m good”


Rex smiled and gazed into the water “if there’s anything bothering you, you’re free to share”


“Thanks but I’m good”


Rex chuckled “I know you’re not. You’re a very handsome man and if you’re okay the you would’ve been with a dozen of women”


Daxton shook his head “I don’t enjoy spending my leisure in the company of women”




Daxton shook his head


“There are a lot of gays here in the Western world and its okay if you’re one” Rex said



“that’s not the case” Daxton said and looked at Rex “I’m not gay”


“then what’s the case? Someone ditched you?”


“I wouldn’t say that”


Rex heaved a sigh “It’s your choice if you don’t want to share.. I won’t force you”


Good.. Daxton said to himself


“I guess it’s surfing time then” Rex giggled and they headed into the water with


their boards.
















“Henry?! Henry?!” I trailed behind Henry as he walked to his office


Henry stopped and whirled around “Chloe?!” he called “what happened? You’re late”


“I’m not here to work” I walked up to him and we went into his office


“Chloe what’s wrong?” Henry asked when we were sitting in his office


“It’s Pauline.. She wants me to join Daxton on his vacation and she already prepared my flight to Paris”


“Why would she do that?”


“for so many crazy reasons”


“Then why are worried about it? It’s just a vacation anyway”


“Henry I don’t want to go. Can you help me talk Pauline out of it?”


“no one ever talks Pauline out of her decisions. Maybe you should call Daxton” Henry said


Call Daxton?


That definitely wasn’t an option.


“did you have a fight with Daxton?” Henry asked


“No” I shook my head


“Then why don’t you want to go to Paris?”


I heaved a deep sigh “I just don’t want to go”


“Chloe?!” he reached for my hand “are you hiding something?”


“it’s n-nothing” I stuttered “I’ll prepare for my flight then” I got up and made to to leave


Henry grabbed my hand “Chloe?!”




“let me call Daxton”


I sighed and sat back on the chair. Henry released my hand and dialed some digits in his landline. He placed the receiver on his ear for while then replaced it on the telephone.


“He’s not answering”


“You don’t have to worry” I got up and walked out


The driver drove me back to Daxton’s and I carried my bags. Then he drove me to the airport.

























I stood in front of them big hotel. Pauline had arranged a driver to bring me to the hotel Daxton was lodging. I just stood there, I couldn’t even call Daxton to inform him that I arrived and I wasn’t going to call him. We might have lived together in Salado but I couldn’t stay with him in the hotel.


I summoned up courage and carried my bag inside. I checked in and paid for another room. The receptionist gave me my key to room 586 and I went upstairs to find my room.


“Hey!” two girls walked up to me “you’re new aren’t you?”


“yeah.. I just checked in” I replied


“welcome to Miami” one of them said “I’m Jennifer and this is my friend Chrisella”


“Hi” Chrisella waved at me


“I’m Chloe”


“you came alone?” Jennifer asked


“uh.. Yea” I replied


“who comes to Miami alone?” Jennifer rolled her eyes “except you and that dude”



“Can you help me find my room?” I asked them cause I really needed help getting around the big hotel


“what’s the number?” Chrisella asked


“Room 586” I replied


“it’s not far from Chrisella’s.. She stays in 579” Jennifer said “come with us”


“let me help you with the bag” Chrisella volunteered


“thanks.. I can manage” I declined politely


I followed then until we stopped in from of a door with the door tag ‘ROOM 586’. I unlocked the door and the girls followed me inside.


“Cool room” Chrisella admired and dropped on the bed


“So how long will you be staying in Miami?” Jennifer asked me


“just one week” I replied


“where’s your husband or faince?” Chrisella asked me, noticing my ring


“I came alone, I only wear the ring as a camouflage” I lied


“that’s so cool.. I used to wear one told until I met Rex” Jennifer said


“It’s okay you’re alone, I also came alone” Chrisella said


“I’m kinda arranging her for this lonely dude here in Miami” Jennifer said and joined Chrisella on the bed “he’s always alone so I thought he could use a little company then I called Chrisella to come over since she’s single and needs to mingle”


Chrisella giggled “you know I’ve always wanted this hook up stuffs and blind dates and Jennifer said he’s cute”



“We could also hook you up.. What do you think Chloe?!” Jennifer suggested


“thanks.. I’m okay”


“You won’t be okay when we’ll all be together with our men” Jennifer said


I just wanted to get away from all of them. Who said I needed a man. “I need to shower” I said


“Alright.. We were actually going for a swim before we saw you, maybe we should go together” Jennifer said


“and keep you company” Chrisella added


I smiled and walked into the bathroom. I was grateful for their company though. I showered and joined them in the bedroom. I took out a new pair of undies and pulled a long dress over my head after wearing the undies. Then I combed my hair and we walked out together. Jennifer and Chrisella grabbed their bikinis but I wasn’t going to wear a bikini to swim in the beach. I took a swimsuit and the girls shot me a scowl.


“Seriously Chloe” Jennifer rolled her eyes and snatched the swimsuit from me. She took a pink bikini and gave to me “wear these instead”




“just shut up and take off you clothes.. You’re single after all and needs to hook up”


Chrisella dragged me out and they persuaded me to wear the bikini


“I can’t wear these” I said staring at my reflection on the mirror. Not with the way the panties curved out my shape and the little bra exposed my cleavage.


“Don’t be silly.. We’ll just swim” Chrisella hurled


“no one is gonna make out with you in the water” Jennifer added



I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body.




“don’t argue” I cut in “I’ll take it off when I’m in the water”


The girls rolled their eyes and we walked out. Chrisella jumped into the water first then Jennifer.


“What are you waiting for?” Jennifer asked when I wasn’t making any move to enter the water. I looked around and reluctantly pulled the towel the left it on the mat and joined them in the water.


“So cool” Chrisella flapped her feet


“can you surf?” Jennifer asked me


“yeah.. But I’m not a pro” I giggled. I’ve always been scared of drowning when surfing”


“let’s swim to the deeper part of the water” Jennifer said “Rex and I used to surf over there and the sight out there is really cool”


“let’s go” Chrisella swam out first then we followed


“Look! That’s Rex” Jennifer shouted waving to two men who were surfing. We looked at the direction she pointed and I gasped when I recognized one of the men as Daxton.


“let’s go meet them” Chrisella said


“that’s the guy I’m arranging you for” Jennifer pointed to Daxton.




Chrisella grinned “he’s cute.. Let’s go”


“Chloe are you….” Jennifer was saying but she couldn’t see me again “Chloe?!


Chloe?!” they looked around but I was hiding under the water. I didn’t want Daxton to see me cause they were surfing towards our direction.


“Chloe?!” Chrisella went under water and dragged me up “what happened? You got us scared”


“I’m sorry but can we go back?” I asked hopefully


“why? That’s my boyfriend and the cute guy I was talking about” Jennifer said


“I’m cold.. Maybe I should go wait for you on the beach” I said and swam out before they could even protest. I got to the beach and tied my towel then ran to my room. I locked the door and sagged against it. My heart was throbbing like I had committed a crime. I gathered my feet and walked into the bathroom. I took off the bikini and wore a dress. I was actually feeling a little cold so I pulled a jacket over my dress.


An hour later, a loud bang sounded on my door. I had already dozed off on the bed. I swung my feet to the other side of the bed and wore my slippers then went to get the door.


Jennifer and Chrisella were staring at me, crossed arms, when I opened the door.


They had already changed into a pair of shorts and baggy sweaters.


“I’m sorry” I apologized


They pushed me aside and walked in.


“are you going to tell us what happened out there?” Jennifer asked when I shut the door and joined them


“I was cold” I replied and took of the jacket I was wearing


“it seemed like you were running from someone or something” Chrisella said


“I wasn’t running” I stated “I was just cold”



“whatever” Jennifer sighed with a wave of the hand “we’re having dinner downstairs and we came to call you”


“just the three of us?” I wanted to be sure Daxton wouldn’t be present




I followed them downstairs and we settled on a table after carrying our foods from the counter.


“This is what I love most about Miami” Jennifer giggled “there dishes”


“me too” Chrisella said


“the guys would be here soon” Jennifer said glancing at the entry


“what guys?” I asked


“my man and Chrisella’s blind date” Jennifer replied


Daxton is Chrisella’s blind date?


I stared at Chrisella and chuckled..


An impossible mission.


“what’s keeping then?” Jennifer watched the entrance impatiently


“here they come” Chrisella giggled and looked up to see Rex and Daxton approaching our table.


My heart skipped a beat and a lump swelled in my throat.


They got to our table then Rex pulled out a chair and sat down while DaXton remained standing with his tray in his hand.


“sit buddie” Rex said


Daxton looked at me and I averted my eyes to avoid his gaze. He sighed and placed the tray on the table.


“we need to talk” Daxton grabbed my my hand and dragged me out


“What are you doing here?”


“I didn’t come here for you. I paid for my own room” I said


“Mom asked you to come didn’t she?”


“and trust me I wasn’t willing to come here but she wouldn’t listen” I said “you don’t have to worry, I won’t be bothering you here.. I’ll just mind my business”


Daxton rolled his eyes “we can’t keep going around giving people the impression that we’re a couple when we’re not”


“let’s just act like we don’t know each other” I said


“after I dragged you out here? They’ll find out we know each other”


I heaved a sigh “Fine.. We’ll tell them that we’re siblings and I’m your younger sister. That should be better”


“Okay” Daxton agreed “as long as they don’t see the news” He added and walked out. He walked to our table and said something to Rex and the others then walked out.


I joined them and sat down.


“what happened?” Chrisella asked me


“do you know each other?” Jennifer asked


“he’s my grouchy older brother” I replied


“seriously?” Chrisella squealed “that’s awesome”


“Is he always.. Mean?” Jennifer wanted to know


“not really, he just doesn’t like seeing me in hotels” I replied



“if Daxton is your brother then we’re going to be best friends” Chrisella nudged me, giggling excitedly.















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