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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 31

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙




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I was speechless


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Daxton couldn’t be serious. He just shouldn’t be.


Daxton sighed and pushed his hair back “Chloe I’m sorry— I shouldn’t have said that”


I swallowed hard. He’s sorry?


I still couldn’t say anything.


“it’s okay” I managed to say “I know you ain’t serious”


“yeah.. I couldn’t be serious” Daxton stepped back “but unfortunately, I am”


“Daxton” I stared at him in disbelief “Dexter and I are….”


“I know” he interrupted “but do you really know Dexter?”


“Know Dexter?” I was confused “what more should I know”


“I should’ve stopped myself but I couldn’t. I never knew it would come to this I just didn’t plan for all these but Chloe….” he trailed off “I’m sorry” then he walked past me and walked out of the door.



I stood rooted to the floor. Too baffled to go after him. I heard his car engine roar to life and he was gone.


Daxton loves me.. It’s unbelievable


I sagged on the wall and slumped to the floor. How could Daxton love me? He knows I can’t love him back.


I remained there for almost an hour then managed to go up to my room. Daxton was gone, probably wouldn’t return until his vacation was over. What did he mean by letting him see everything?


I didn’t even shower, just slumped on my bed and slept off.






















After work the next day, the driver drove me to Dexter’s house. I hadn’t called to inform him so he wasn’t expecting me. I asked the driver to go then I walked inside. When I got to the front door, I raised my hand to knock when I noticed that the door was left ajar. I slowly brought down my hand to my side and took a peek inside. Dexter was sitting on the couch in the living room, he was on a phone call. I smiled and decided to take him by surprise.


I leaned forward and listened to his phone call. I don’t usually eavesdrop but I did that day.



… What are you talking about? Surely you saw the tape and I need my money in full… You know that isn’t possible now but it certainly will be with time… No games man! No games! Just send me my money… What do you mean? I spent a lot getting that done and I need my money… Before 48 hours… Tell Lovetta I’ll be in LA before she knows it… Chloe? She’s okay….



Dexter laughed sardonically and ended the call. He got up and saw me standing by the door.


“Chloe?!” he called in shock


“hello Dex” I flashed him a grin and walked on fully “what are you doing here?” I arched a brow



“I mean.. You didn’t tell me you’re coming”


“I wanted to surprise you”


Dexter smiled and hugged me “I missed you– a lot”


I chuckled and sat down


“when did you get here?” Dexter asked and sat beside me “not too long”


“did you listen to my call?”


I shrugged “not much.. I couldn’t make out anything”


Dexter chuckled “what do I offer you?”


“your attention”


“you’ve got it all” he leaned into the couch “Daxton left last night” I informed “Did you two have a fight?”


“No” I replied after thinking for a while


“it’s unlike Daxton to travel at night and no one knows where he’s going”




I wanted to say but I stopped myself. Daxton didn’t want anyone to know where he was going and he said it out last night cause he was angry.


“How was work?” Dexter asked


“easier than I thought.. All thanks to Henry and Paul”


Dexter smiled and opened his mouth to talk when he phone rang. We glanced at the caller’s ID and he ended the call. The call came in again and he switched off his phone and tossed it on about couch.


“why aren’t you taking your calls?” I was getting suspicious cause the call was from Lovetta, the same person he mentioned during his call.


“It’s Lovetta— My buddies girl..


She cheated on him and now she wants me to talk to him to forgive her but isn’t working. The guy doesn’t want her anymore and she wouldn’t let me be. She wants me in LA every minute.. Pleading with him to take her back”


I breathed out in relive. What was I even thinking?


“Dexter?!” I suddenly called


He arched a brow and hummed a reply


“What are we?”




“The two of us.. What are we?” I wanted to know. It wasn’t like I was his girlfriend— he never even asked me out.



“Chloe?!” Dexter adjusted “Daxton is the only reason we aren’t anything yet. I can’t ask you to be my girlfriend when you’re his fake girlfriend.. But I love you and you know it”


I smiled.. I wasn’t satisfied with his answer.


“Daxton wants to tell our parents the truth once he returns from his vacation” Dexter said


“but why? He’s going to be risking his reputation and the trust your parents have for him”


“Does that really matter to us?” Dexter held my hand and looked into my eyes “we’ve done a lot to help Daxton and what’s important now is that we’re going to be together”


“I know” I wasn’t satisfied “isn’t there any other way to do this without telling your parents the truth?”


“the only way to keep the truth from them is continuing with the relationship”


“That isn’t an option” I just wanted to be free from Daxton. After he confessed his feelings the previous night, I couldn’t think of facing him again.


“I really don’t want Daxton to tell our parents the truth” Dexter stated “I’ve being thinking if I can come up with something else before he returns”


“There was so many ways to end this without telling them the truth but it’s going to destroy what we two are trying to build up”


“I know and I’m really confused now”


“we shouldn’t have started this”


“Honestly Chloe, I had no idea I would fall in love with you when I asked you to fake as Daxton’s girlfriend and we barely knew each other. It just happened, even when I knew you were acting as a fake couple, I still wanted you badly”



I swallowed hard and recalled what Daxton had said the previous night. None of us planned any of the things happening around us.


“you know Henry tried warning me from you…” Dexter went on “he wanted you for Daxton. He thought that you two spending time together would make you fond of each other and Daxton might give you a chance. But I couldn’t let you go.. I already had a soft spot for you”


“and it worked” I whispered to myself but Dexter heard it


“what worked?”


“I said Henry’s plan didn’t work”


“maybe if I didn’t want you, I would’ve prayed it worked.. Daxton really needs someone he can trust, that’s the only way he can change and you’re just perfect for him” Dexter observed a pause and watched me, trying to weigh the look on my face “don’t even think of it” he warned


I laughed hysterically “think of what?”


“Giving Daxton a try. As much as he needs to change, I’m not going to let you be the medium”


“Daxton isn’t thinking of changing and I know he’s always comfortable around me but trust me— he doesn’t want me” who was I trying to deceive?


“I planned on arranging a girl for him wherever he’s going on his vacation but he wouldn’t mention it”


“surely Daxton will hate you if you arrange a girl for him”


“I arranged you for him and he doesn’t hate me”


“that is totally different.. He wanted to save his reputation and had no choice”


“It takes nothing to fall for a guy like Daxton, I’m surprised you didn’t”


I laughed “you don’t have to be surprised”


Dexter smiled and laid on the couch. Stretching his legs out and placing his head on my thigh.


“I want you forever Chloe”


“You don’t have to worry.. You got me”
















Daxton sat on the beach staring into space. He had a gla*ss of sherry in his hand and was sitting on a mat under an umbrella. The weather was nice and perfect to help him get his mind off everything. He reached for a pack of cigarettes beside him and took out a stick. He placed it in between his lips but couldn’t find his lighter.


“Here.. I can share” a girl appeared from behind him and proffered him with a match box


Daxton appraised the brunnet from head to toe in a yellow bikini and surf board she held in her hand.


“Thanks” he replaced the stick in the box “I don’t want to smoke anymore”


She smiled “I’m Jennifer.. Jennifer Littleton” she introduced herself


“Daxton” Daxton said and looked away


“you can’t enjoy Miami all by yourself.. Don’t tell me you came here alone”


“well I did” Daxton replied curtly



Jennifer pinned the board in the sand and drew in fresh air into her lungs “I love Miami and I always come here once in six months with my boyfriend Rex, and trust me.. Life in Miami is best in the water”


Daxton scoffed and lay back on the mat.


“Don’t be a boredom to yourself. Whatever your worries might be, surf it out” Jennifer giggled


“Bae?!” a man walked up to them with two gla*sses of lemonade “I’ve been looking for you everywhere”


“sorry boo” Jennifer collected a gla*ss of Lemonade and took a dainty sip “I was talking to a new friend”


“who is he?”


“his name is Daxton” Jennifer replied the said to Daxton


“Daxton?! This is Rex— my boyfriend”


Daxton barely muttered a greeting and looked away.


“you wanna surf buddy?” Rex asked him


“No thanks” Daxton replied


“you can’t just sit there and watch everyone catching fun….”


“I’m good” Daxton stated.


“alright?” Rex shrugged and they grabbed their surf boards “let’s surf it all out bae”


“after you boo” Jennifer giggled and they headed to the water talking about Daxton.


“I think he needs company” Rex said to Jennifer



“he came alone. Doesn’t want company” Jennifer replied and glanced back at Daxton “he’s handsome though”


“true” Rex frowned “and I’m sure he isn’t single”


Jennifer laughed and they talked of other things until they got to the water. Daxton watched everyone from where he sat and when he couldn’t cope with the noise anymore, he got up and headed for his suit.


Daxton dropped on his bed and pressed his eyes closed. My words repeated in his head, a truth he was trying to fight.



Dexter and I….


Even though I hadn’t completed my statement, he understood what I was trying to


say. That Dexter and I were in love. Daxton walked under the shower and turned it


on. He let the cold water run down his body but it wasn’t enough to calm the


pressure that was building up in him.
















I arrived at Daxton’s house and went upstairs. I stopped at Daxton’s room door and tried the door knob. The door pushed open and I took a peek inside. Somehow, I just wished he was inside. I closed the door and returned to my room. After showering, I walked out of the bathroom and wore my pajamas the jumped into bed. I had dinner at Dexter’s so I wasn’t hungry.


I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing on the bed and sleep followed Daxton on his vacation.


I got up from the bed and walked to the window. There was a car parked outside and I suddenly wished it was Daxton’s or Dexter’s. Anyone to keep me company. But it was any of them. Whoever it was was staring right at my window. I got


scared and quickly turned of the light. I had heard so many stories of what men did


to women who were alone and I didn’t want it to be my fate. I laid on my bed and


prayed. A prayer I had not prayed for years. I pulled the duvet up to my chest and


slowly drifted into sleep.


















The next morning, I stretched and yawned on my bed and fluttered my lashes open.


I just wished morning never came. I was so lonely.


I slid my feet into my slippers and plodded downstairs.


There was a loud banging on the front door and someone shouting my name.


“Chloe?! Chloe?! Chloe?!”


I hurried to the front door and unlocked it. Pauline was standing on the front porch, clutching her handbag tight with two me beside her.


“mom?!” I was shocked to see her “Good morning”


“oh sweet heart” she touched my cheek and walked in “where is Daxton?”


“Daxton?!” I groped for the perfect lie


“did he really go on a vacation?” Pauline asked impatiently




“without you?” Pauline gasped “how could he go without you?”


I smiled nervously “it’s okay”


“it’s not okay” Pauline yelled “what if he’s with other women?”



“Daxton wouldn’t cheat on me”


“you can’t be sure” Pauline stated “all men cheat”


“does dad also cheat?”


“haven’t I told you?” she drew near and her voice fell to a whisper “he’s always hanging out with young girls so I follow him everywhere. Daxton can’t go to Paris without you and beside, Miami is a beautiful place with beautiful and s3xy women.. You can’t lose your husband to them”


I rolled my eyes “I trust Daxton and besides, I have to handle business here”


“forget the business.. Geoffrey and I will handle business here— you’re going to Paris”




“What if Daxton wants to make love? Then those pretty girls will seduce your husband?”




“Start packing up? The family airline is ready”


“I’m not going to Paris.. Daxton wants a bachelor’s week”


“that’s the point! He’s going to go about, making love to women”


“jeez.. Daxton isn’t a womanizer”


“but he’s a man”


Actually a gay.. I wanted to say


“I can’t….”



“I already called Daxton and just like you, he was objecting but I’m not going to listen to any of you.. If Daxton wants a vacation, then he’s spending it with you” .











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