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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 30

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“Dexter I—


“I’m not taking no for an answer” he grabbed my hand and dragged me to his car


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Daxton’s eyes followed us “Dexter please”


Dexter sighed and pushed me to the car “I’m not trying to force you but I might die if you say no to this”


The look on Dexter’s eyes were undeniably hurting me. I looked at Daxton’s car and he was already driving out. I heaved a deep sigh and shut my eyes.


“Chloe please. I’ll help you with whatever you have to do.. Just come with me and see this”


I swallowed hard “okay” Daxton was already gone anyway


“thank you” his face lit up “I’m not going to take your time I promise”


I nodded and we got into the car. Daxton would kill me but I’ll find a way to make it up to him. I couldn’t look Dexter in the face and say no to him and I know idea he would come to the office.



Dexter drove to the bridge and pulled the car to a halt. I moved my hand to the handle to open the door but he stopped me.


“we won’t be going down so we don’t spend too much time here”


“I can’t see anything” I said, I was getting really impatient


“you’ll see it.. Just look at the sunset”


I looked at the sun as it set but there was nothing.




“be patient woman” Dexter chuckled and we continued watching.


Soon the sun began to disappear and something that looked like a cloud appeared behind it with some words written on it. I couldn’t see the words clearly so I got down from the car and this time Dexter didn’t try stopping me. I slammed the door shut and read out the words on the cloud.




A smile curved in my lips and that cloud moved away, another one appeared.






I laughed and Dexter also got down from the car. That cloud also moved away and another one appeared.





Now that cloud remained. I was already laughing and Dexter moved to my side


and hugged me.


“Do you like it?”


“are you serious?” I giggled “I love it”



“I’ve been planning this ever since I met you that day on the street but then I didn’t know your name. When I finally saw you again, I spent my whole time planning this and I couldn’t let you disappoint it for anything today”


“You planned this all by yourself?”


“I actually told Daxton about it but I didn’t plan it alone– Daxton didn’t help either”


“you told Daxton?”


Was that why Daxton wanted to get away so badly?


No it couldn’t be. Why would Daxton possibly be bothered about Dexter and I. But then the condition not to see Dexter today. Did it have to do with this? No. It didn’t make any sense to me.


“what are you thinking about” Dexter snapped me out of my thoughts


I smiled “Dexter this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen”


He smiled too and we looked at the last cloud.. It was still there.


“you haven’t said anything yet” Dexter said


“about what?”


“about what the cloud is asking”


I smiled and read the words to myself again.




I held Dexter’s hand and said “you and I know I’m not letting you go for anything”


“that cloud is going to remain there for ever and after 24 hours the other two will return. They’ll be there for the next century telling the whole world.. I LOVE YOU CHLOE






I exploded “Wait! What?”



Dexter shrugged


“you can’t do that” I half yelled


“I’m not the one doing it.. You are”




“if you want it to go away, all you have to do is shout ‘I love you Dexter’ so loud that cloud records it and it will be for– forever”


“I never shouted anything for it to appear there”


“it’s not a real cloud. It’s actually a device and that’s how it’s made”


I heaved a sigh “I love you Dexter”


“No girl.. That wasn’t loud enough”


I took in a deep breath “I love you Dexter”


“Still not loud”


“I love you Dexter”


He shook his head, clicking his tongue “it’s definitely going to stay there forever with that voice of yours”


“I love you Dexter” I shouted


“not loud enough”


I drew forward “I love you Dexter”





“I love you Dexter” I shouted so loud that it echoed in the clouds and kept on repeating like a speaker. I was shocked. Dexter moved closer and hugged me from behind.


The cloud kept repeating my own words like there was a speaker in it. It was so loud for the whole world to hear. It moved and changed into the position I and Dexter were standing. Like we were there on the sky with Dexter hugging me from behind.




that was Dexter’s voice as it echoed in the clouds





And in the blink of an eye the clouds were gone.


“what happened to them?” I asked


“They’re gone but you’ll keep seeing them for the next one month. They’ll only appear when the sunsets…”


“and I have to keep shouting?” I interrupted


“they’ll go away in seconds” Dexter replied and pulled away then pinned me on his car “can you spend 30 minutes with me before going?”


I wasn’t even thinking of Daxton “sure”


He smiled and kissed me. We kissed for seconds then minutes and we could no longer stop. The feel of Dexter’s lips on mine was so passionate and I almost melted under his arms. We teased me with his tongue and made me open up to him.


For that moment, I felt complete and no other thing mattered. Not even Daxton.


Dexter finally broke the kiss, just when I thought he would never stop.


He smiled at me and fondles my cheek “don’t you ever think of leaving me”


“when are we going to have a kissing challenge?” I asked instead



“when you’re ready to make babies” Dexter smirked


I laughed and slapped his shoulder “I’m serious”


“I’m more serious” be wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me closer to his body. He leaned forward and kissed me on my neck.


My stomach tightened and there were butterflies all over as he ate into my neck.


He moved to my ear and nibbled on it.


“Daxton wants you to move in with me” he whispered but didn’t stop what he was doing


“yes” my voice wasn’t steady and it came out like a moan


Dexter chuckled and moved away “you know it won’t work right?”


I wasn’t happy he stopped but I wasn’t going to ask for it.


“Why isn’t it going to work?”


“are you hearing yourself?” Dexter chuckled “you and me alone in my house for one week— you’ll get a baby bump”


I threw my head back, laughing. I thought he was going to say something serious.


“you think it’s funny?”


“Dexter it’s funny” I guffawed


“you’re old enough to be a mom anyway” Dexter said “but with all these things happening, we can’t plan a wedding”


“You don’t have to worry.. I won’t be moving in”


“I could be tempted to spend a night at Daxton’s”


“you don’t have to worry about that..


I’ll lock you in the bathroom”



Dexter laughed “come here” he pinned me again and the kiss I had been waiting for followed. We kissed longer this time with Dexter’s hands busy with my lower body. I couldn’t ignore the sensation that was building in me. “our 30 minutes is officially over” Dexter broke the kiss


Oh God!


I hadn’t gotten enough yet.


“okay” I managed to say


Dexter moved me aside then held the car door open and I got in. He got into the driver’s seat and slammed the door shut.


“Did I make your evening?” he leaned forward and kissed me again


“you made my whole day” I said truthfully


Dexter smiled “I’m glad I did” he said, turning on the ignition. He slowly revised the car into the road and soon we were on our way back. That was when I recalled my promise to Daxton not to see Dexter.


My heart skipped a beat.


What do I tell him?


“can you drive?” Dexter asked




“wanna learn?”


“yeah buh it’s too late”


“I know.. Maybe during weekend”


I nodded and said nothing else. I was thinking of what to tell Daxton. What if he already left?


“Are you alright?” Dexter noticed my uneasiness



“I’m fine” I faked a smile


“are you sure?”


I nodded repeatedly “I’m fine”


Dexter turned on the stereo system “this should relief you”


“thank you” I leaned into my seat and shut my eyes as I listened to the song playing. I couldn’t sing it but the lyrics said a lot and I had to listen.



.. we always make that mistake in life Always making that mistake in love Falling for the wrong guy and Hurting the fight guy


That mistake that ends up hurting everyone we love


Oh this heart of mine I hope you never make such mistakes



’cause I’ve loved


Lived my whole life loving


now I’ve lost and I can’t try again


Shattered, there’s no way to pick the pieces of my heart so I’m letting go



We always make that mistake life


Always make that mistake in love


Falling twice but getting up once


That mistake


That one I’ve lived my whole life regretting.


I had no idea when the car stopped in front of Daxton’s house until the song ended


and I fluttered my eyes open.


Oh my God!



We already arrived. I looked up at Daxton’s window and the lights were off. Had he already gone to bed or he left?


“when did we get here?” I asked Dexter


“just now but you were so lost in the song and I didn’t want to interrupt”


“thanks for today”


“do you still need my help to….”


“it’s alright.. I’m good”


It wasn’t like I really had anything to do.


Dexter leaned forward and kissed me “Goodnight”


I got down, slamming the door shut then he drove out. My steps were heavy as I dragged my feet to the house. I was scared and my heart was racing at the same time. I placed my hand on my chest, trying to assure myself that everything was okay. But nothing was okay and my heart continued racing.


I got to the front door and stopped. What if he was standing right there behind the door. I sat on an arm chair outside. I couldn’t go in.


I was getting cold and summoned up courage to go inside. I held the cold door handle in my shaky hands. I couldn’t press it down so I added the second hand and pushed the door open. Daxton was standing in the middle of the living room with a glass of wine in his hand. Immediately our eyes met, I shut the door back and remained outside.


I heard his heavy footsteps approach the door. The door opened and Daxton dragged me inside. He pinned me on the wall with his hands and I trapped between the wall and his body.


“I.. I.. Thought.. I thought you… you were gone” I stuttered and my voice decided to give up on me


“I should’ve been in Paris” his voice was hostile “I should’ve been far away but you let me see everything”



“Daxton I’m sorry….”


“you should’ve let me go you bitch!” he shouted “why didn’t you keep to your side of the agreement”




“Don’t Daxton me”


His eyes were burning with anger. But not just anger, hatred and hurt.


“calm down and listen, you’re taking this too far. What’s wrong with you?” I yelled and pushed him away


“what’s wrong with me is that I get jealous whenever I see you with Dexter What’s wrong with me is that I can’t accept the fact that you two are in love What’s wrong with me is that you broke your promise.. The very first promise you ever made to me”


“Daxton you have no reason to be jealous” I half yelled “the two of us is just an arrangement, it’s not like I’m really your fiancée and I’m cheating on you.. There’s nothing to be jealous of”


Daxton licked his lips and ruffled his hair with one hand akimbo.


“don’t you get it?” he swallowed a lump and raised his voice “I’m jealous because I














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