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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 28

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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That Sunday was one of my worst Sundays ever. Spending the day with both twins and their mom wasn’t my idea of a good time.


When it was finally evening and time to go, I couldn’t stop singing songs of praises in my heart. I saw them off to their car while Daxton remained inside.


“I talked to Geoffrey and we decided on fixing the wedding pretty soon” Pauline said when we were outside


Who’s talking of a wedding?



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I glanced at Dexter and his expression was just as blank as Daxton’s “Daxton and I aren’t planning for one yet”


“we know and that’s why we haven’t told Daxton yet” Pauline said “we wouldn’t want Daxton to take much time before wedding you”




“you don’t have to worry Chloe, Geoffrey will talk to Daxton.. It wouldn’t be difficult convincing him to fix the wedding soon”


I sighed.. She just doesn’t understand.


“Alright” I simply said and hugged her




“Take care of yourself” Pauline said


I placed at Dexter and he gave me a small smile. There were so much behind that smile. It wasn’t a smile at all. They got into the car and Dexter drove off.


“your parents are planning a wedding” I informed Daxton immediately I stepped into the house


“how’s your dad?” Daxton asked, ignoring what I said


“I haven’t even called to know how he is” the realization dawned on me


“bad daughter” Daxton chuckled and started up the stairs


“your parents are planning a wedding” I repeated and trailed behind him


Daxton stopped abruptly and turned to face me “I heard you before”


I swallowed hard as his breath lingered on my face “so what do we do?”


“sit and watch them” Daxton replied and continued up the stairs


“what? We can’t just sit and watch them” I hurled “we’re going to get married by mistake”


Daxton laughed but I couldn’t see him “Chloe there’s nothing I can do now. They haven’t informed me and it’s impossible to plan a wedding behind me. Who’s going to be the groom?”


“if we let them plan first then we can’t disappoint them later”


Daxton got to his room door and stopped to face me “I’m facing a lot of problems now Chloe and if you add yours, I might as well shoot into space” with that said, he walked into his room but left his door open. Guess he wanted me to follow him and I did.


“Daxton we can’t keep making mistakes”


“Maybe you should talk to my mom and tell her your mind” Daxton pulled his shirt from his head and I gasped at the sight of his bare chest


Daxton arched a brow “what?”


I shook my head “nothing” then I went on “We can’t get married”


“I know.. You’re my last choice of a woman”


Daxton walked to his wardrobe


I scoffed “you’ve got no choice for a woman”


“if you’d excuse me….” he sat on the bed and started taking off his trousers


“You don’t think this is serious do you?”


He pulled out the first leg “well I don’t”



“You won’t know until we’re standing on the altar and exchanging vows.. Are you even hearing yourself?”


“Chloe?!” he pulled out the second leg “I’m thinking okay.. It’s not like I’m enjoying any of these” he grabbed a towel and walked into the bathroom.


I heaved a deep sigh and sat on the bed. Daxton was taking everything too lightly like he didn’t care if we ended up together. Few minutes later, he walked out tying a towel.


“you’re still here”


“I’m serious about this”


“about what?” Daxton walked to his wardrobe “I think I need a break”


“a break? From what?”


“from you” he glanced at me “you talk too much”




He took off his towel and I looked away “Daxton?!”


“Guess you haven’t heard of privacy” I heard him chuckle


I kept my face turned until he walked out wearing a sweat pants, shirtless.


Only staring at how broad and bare his chest was made a lump swell in my throat.


He moved to his dresser and started combing his wet hair.


“what kind of break do you need?” I managed to ask


“I’m going on a vacation and I’m leaving the office to you” Daxton replied


“to me?”


“just for one week— you and Dexter could use it to settle your differences and come up with a plan before I get back because I can’t think of anything” he stopped combing his hair and moved to the other side of the bed.



“trust me, I’m going to sign everything the company has to the orphanage if you go on a vacation”


Daxton dropped on the pillow and burst into laughter “Why?”


“you can’t leave the office to me”


“Chloe I need to get away from some things— especially you”




“you’re getting on my neck with this engagement shit. It’s not like it was my idea”


“I’m sorry”


“I understand you want to end everything and be with Dexter so I’m giving you guys one week to spend together while you come up with a plan to completely end everything”


I was quiet for a while as we stared at each other speechlessly. Daxton was waiting for my reply and I was thinking of what to say. “okay” I managed to say “if that’s what you want”


“what I want? Seriously Chloe?” he furrowed his brows “that’s exactly what the two of us wants.. Especially you. You’re ready to kill me to end everything”


I laughed “am I that desperate?”


“no.. That’s how much you love Dexter”


I smiled “alright. When are you leaving?”




“tomorrow?” I exploded




“why tomorrow?”


“is that soon?”


“so soon.. You didn’t tell me on time”


“well I did– just now”


“Daxton you can’t leave tomorrow.. Make it the day after tomorrow”


“it’s actually nice starting a vacation on a Monday and tomorrow is Monday”


“Tuesday is nice for a trip”


“Monday is better”


“Where are you going anyway?”


“I think I should be the only one who knows that”


“you can’t leave tomorrow”


“you haven’t given me any reason why”


“cause I just returned yesterday and you have to put me through the last three days”


“Chloe I already arranged for my vacation and if I stay here one more day, I’ll be forced to do something”




“Shoot into space”


I laughed “staying one more day won’t make you shoot into space.. You just have to do it”



“I’ll think about it”


“I’ll be in my room” I got up and headed for the door. I was almost at the door when Dexter’s message came in. He wanted us to go to the beach. I paused and turned to Daxton “I’ll be going out today”


“with Dexter” Daxton guessed




Daxton didn’t say anything else as he shut his eyes and I walked out. I went into my room and placed a call to Deborah.



Good evening



Chloe?! How you doing?



I’m okay.. How’s my dad?



He’s having a speedy speedy recovery


I smiled to myself



And my mom?



She came earlier this morning but left almost immediately. Guess she was furious you left without informing her.


And my dad’s surgery?



It’s gonna be sooner cause he’s almost recovered. He sound now but there’s still a little quantity of drugs left in his system.


Can I talk to him?



He’s sleeping



Alright.. Tell him I called. I’ll call later in the night to talk to him



Alright.. Have a nice Sunday evening


I chuckled. Like she knew I was going to be spending it with Dexter.



You too











I joined Dexter outside in his car later in the evening. “Good evening” I greeted and Dexter just flashed me a smile


“Is Daxton in?” he asked while we drove out


“yes” I replied then asked “is there any problem?”


“not at all.. Henry told me Daxton would be going on a vacation and I’m curious to know why. Daxton doesn’t leave the business for anything”


“he says he needs a break”


“a break?” Dexter tilted his head then shrugged “if that’s the case”


We got to the beach and sat on the sand.


“let’s swim” I suggested


“I’m going to drown” Dexter replied and I laughed


“Why? Can’t you swim?”


“can you swim?” Dexter asked back




“then if you can, I’m a pro”


“Let’s see what you’ve got” I dared and got up to my feet


“I’m not taking up the challenge”




.”you don’t expect me to swim with my clothes on and drive home wet”


“we’ll leave them to dry before going home” I suggested “or we could swim without them”


Dexter scoffed “you’re testing my self control woman”


I laughed “let’s swim unless you’re a novice”


“a total novice.. That’s what I am”


“come on Dexter.. I know you can swim”


“I’m not swimming with my clothes on— I’ve got no extra”


I sighed and stood in front of him with my back to the water. I was wearing a pair of dark jean and a little black top with my boots. I took of the boots and started moving into the water with my back.


“Chloe don’t” Dexter warned


I ignored him and started singing as my feet touched the water.


“Chloe don’t—-



I fell into the water with my back and and then seized my breathed and remained under water.


Dexter shouted and dove into the water “Chloe?! Chloe?!”


“you got any extra clothes cause I think you’re soaked” I came up from behind him


“I’m going to smack your little ass today” Dexter cussed under is breath


“if you catch me” I giggled and swam off


“Chloe come back. The water is deep down there” Dexter shouted and swam after me. I ignored him and swam on until I got to a very small island in the middle of the sea. I swam ashore and lay on the sand on my back. Dexter swam up too and coughed out a large amount of water.


“Sorry” I chuckled


“you’re stubborn aren’t you?”


I smiled and got up.


“It’s already evening and there’s a little chance that the sunset is going to dry our clothes” I said and started taking off my clothes


“What are you doing?” Dexter’s eyes were appraising my body


“trying to dry my clothes” I kept my top and my jean on the grass to dry and sat back on the sand with only my sports bra and shorts on. I had planned to swim so I wore something nice enough to cover my body inside my clothes.


“you don’t ever listen do you?” Dexter pushed me to the sand and kissed me. He was lying partly on me with one of his hands supporting my head while he kept the other on my belly.


We kissed under the sunset and soon we were rolling over each other on the sand and giggling like kids. Dexter ended up taking off his clothes too and kept them on the sand to dry.


“we’re Adam and Eve on an island” I said as we lay faced up on the sand


“Really” Dexter laughed


“We should come here more often.. The island is beautiful” I said and suddenly sat up “let’s take a walk around”


“or we should probably go home”


“isn’t this island more beautiful than home?”


Dexter got up and yanked me up to my feet “get dressed.. We’re going home”




“it’s too late to get lost in an unknown island.. What if we don’t find our way back before dark?”


“you’re always optimistic about everything” I rolled my eyes


Dexter chuckled and pulled his shirt down his head. He wore his trousers and jumped into the water.


“now what’s the sense in all these? We’re still going to get wet” Dexter snarled


“guess you didn’t think of it earlier” I hurriedly got dressed and joined him in the water.


“I’ll race you to the beach” I said and proceeded to swim off.


Dexter grabbed my arm and yanked me closer to him. I placed my hand as on his chest as we kissed in the water. All the time we kissed, wasn’t enough for me. I just wanted us to remain on the island instead of going home where I had to act as Daxton’s girl.


“let’s go” Dexter pulled away and swam off. I swam after him and we raced until we got to the beach. Dexter managed to win me in that one. .










“I’m cold” I shivered when we were sitting on his car bonnet


“that’s good news” Dexter scowled


“let’s go already”


“we’re not entering that car soaked and dripping wet”


“I’m already catching a cold”


“then let’s swim more”




He glared and me and


helped me get down from the bonnet. We got into the car and wind up the glasses. Dexter and I drove him in silence— guess he was as cold as I was. It was already dark when we got home and we were too cold to talk. I waved him goodbye and he drove off.


Letting out my breath slowly, I wrapped my hands around my body and walked inside. Daxton was standing in the living room when I walked in and locked the door.


“Good evening” I greeted him


Daxton didn’t reply and he examined me from head to toe. I was dripping wet on the rug and I just wanted to run up to room and hide under my blanket.


“you’re cold aren’t you?” came Daxton cold question


I just shivered but didn’t say anything.


“If I’m going to suspend my vacation for tomorrow then you can’t see Dexter tomorrow” Daxton stated


I was shocked


“what has your vacation got to do with my seeing Dexter?”


“Are you doing it or not?”


I still didn’t get it “what has Dexter got to do with your vacation?”


“so you’re seeing him tomorrow”


“if he asks me to”


Daxton scoffed and looked away “fine” he let out his breath slowly and started up the stairs


“are you leaving tomorrow?” I prompted


“yes.. I might not be here when you wake up” he replied and went up the stairs









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