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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 26

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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hє’ѕ α gαч







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I returned to the hospital after going home to shower. Dad was sitting on the bed when I entered his ward.


“Good morning dad” I hugged him


“You’re looking pale” he observed


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“Dad I’m fine” I said then asked


“How you feeling?”


“better” he adjusted


I sat beside him “where’s mom?”


“she left for an appointment”dad replied


“I brought you food” I placed the food I had come with on the bed “the doctor will commence your medication today and you have to respond to treatment cause I’d be leaving tomorrow and you have to be strong for your surgery”




I heaved a sigh “Daxton paid for your surgery”


“Chloe?!” dad gave me that look


“dad there’s really nothing between us”


“he can’t keep spending so much on you.. What if he wants something in return?”


I arched a brow “what would Daxton possibly want from me?”


“Chloe?! I understand he’s a gay but I….”


“dad no buts” I interrupted “you should be thinking about getting better and walking again and not my fake relationship with Daxton”


Dad sighed resignedly and started eating. I watched him eat as I thought of everything he said about my relationship with Daxton. As much as I wanted to end everything, I couldn’t.


When he finished eating, I packed up the dishes while the nurses attended to him. I kept him company until afternoon when he fell asleep then I went home to arrange for my fight tomorrow. Daxton had called earlier to know how dad was. Henry had also called.


“how’s he?” Leslie asked me when I got home


“he’s getting better” I replied “I don’t know what to do now that I’d be returning tomorrow. Who’s going to take care of him?”


“isn’t there a way you can extend your stay until he’s fully recovered?”


I shook my head “No..


Daxton has done a lot already”


“Maybe you should talk to the doctor. He can help you get a nurse who would take care of him. Including his feeding and everything he needs as long as madam doesn’t provide those things” Leslie suggested


“if I can get a trustworthy nurse before my flight tomorrow then I could pay her to take care of my dad” the idea was just perfect “but the question is— how do we get a nurse we can trust? We can’t just trust anybody”


“the doctor will decide that. All you have to do is talk to him”


I nodded and Leslie helped me arrange my things, including few things my dad would be needing during his stay at the hospital.


I returned to the hospital in the evening to see the doctor.



“… there’s an old matron who has been here for years, I trust her to do that job” the doctor said when I told him about Leslie’s idea


“How much is her pay?”


“nothing.. She takes no pay”


I smiled. I didn’t even have enough money


“you’ll just talk to her”


“where can I find her?”


“I’ll call her”


“Thank you so much” I was really grateful “I’ll be in my dad’s ward”




I left his office to my dad’s ward and he was just lying on the bed, wide awake. I moved closer and sat on a chair beside his bed. “Dad I’ll be leaving tomorrow” I informed


“I know” he sat up “Your mom will be here anyway”


“dad I don’t want mom to take care of you. I already made arrangements for a nurse who would be taking care of you when I’m gone”


“Are you getting me a new wife?”


I laughed “no dad”


“then let your mom take care of me”


“dad we’re not going to argue about this. Until you start walking again, mom isn’t going to bring you food nor your drugs, not even water”


“Because of the acetaminophen shit?”


“because I don’t trust her”




“dad I don’t want to lose you.. Don’t be stubborn”


“you’re worried about your mom being around me?”




“that’s how worried I am about your relationship”




He drew in a deep breath “It’s okay.. I understand but you have to be careful”


“dad I promise— I’ll be fine”


“When are you leaving?”


“10 am”


“How’s Leslie?”


“she’s worried sick, you have to get better”


Dad just smiled


“has mom come to see you today?”


“No.. She must be really busy”


I scoffed.. Dad was just taking sides with her. The door pushed open and an old lady walked in. I hadn’t seen her before but one look at her, I knew she was the matron the doctor was talking about.


“Good afternoon ma” I greeted


“Good afternoon.. You must be Chloe Hastings”


“Yes.. And you must be the matron”


“I’m Deborah, Dr Hardy asked me to meet you here” she said


“this is my father.. Marco” I introduced “I’ll be travelling tomorrow and Dr Hardy told me you can take care of my dad while I’m away”


Deborah looked at my dad “he looks better than the doctor explained his condition”


“he could be worse as times but he has been fine today and he can’t walk”


“the doctor made mention of that too” Deborah said “if I’m right, then his surgery should be next week”


“once he gets to walk again and the doctor discharges him, he can take care of himself then you wouldn’t have to worry about him. But for now, no one is allowed to see him once the visiting hours are over, not even my mom” I didn’t spare my dad a glance cause I knew he would be glaring at me


“I understand.. Doc Hardy explained that too”


“and you have to be the only one to bring him food.. No one other person should. He should always have water beside him too in case he gets thirsty.. I’ll keep calling to know how he’s doing”


“Alright.. I’ll do my best”


“Thank you”


Deborah nodded and walked out.


“You just got me a second wife, except she’s too old for me” Dad said and I burst into laughter “I wish I could find someone to also take care of you over there”



“I can take good care of myself”


I spent the night at the hospital and mom didn’t come to see dad.


The next morning, I discussed with Deborah and paid for my dad’s food and also saw with the doctor before leaving.


When I got home. I showered and got dressed. It was already 8 am and I had less than two hours before my flight.


Mom hadn’t return yet. She didn’t return the previous day and I was glad she wouldn’t see me leave.


I walked out of my room with my bag and met Leslie waiting for me in the living room.


“you’re leaving already” she drawled “I wish you can stay”


I smiled and hugged her “I wish I could”


“madam is going to bring back a load of trouble when she comes back”


“just ignore her and if she asks you to leave, just call me okay?”


Leslie nodded


“my dad will be fine.. He’s a strong man”


“are you going to to airport now?”


“I’ll stop at the hospital before leaving. I have to say goodbye to my dad”


“Journey mercies”


“Thank you”


Leslie saw me off to the car that was waiting for me. The same driver Henry had arranged here in Bears Creak.


She waved at me as the car cruised into the road.



We arrived at the hospital and I went to see the doctor first. When I was done with the doctor, I went to see my father.


“Dad?!” I sought his attention. He was looking pale and really sick than the way he


was when I left earlier.


“Dad are you okay?”


“I’m fine”




“Chloe I’m fine”


I didn’t have time for an argument “I’ll be leaving now”


“I’m really going to miss you”


I smiled through the tear that escaped my lid “I wish I didn’t have to go”


Dad pat my back “it’s okay.. Daddy is going to be fine”


I pulled from the hug “I know” I said then asked “mom hasn’t come yet?”


Dad shook his head “no”




Dad chuckled “take care of yourself”


“I will” I replied “Goodbye dad”


“your friend Noor, she have been here to see you twice”


“oh Noor.. I’ll go see her when next I come back”


“you have to go now”


“Get well soon” I hugged him for the last time and started for the door


“and my regards to your finance” dad prompted when I got to the door


I chuckled


“tell him his father-in-law says ‘hi’ ”


“alright” I laughed and walked out.


The driver drove me to the airport and soon I was on a plane back to Salado.











I dropped on my bed and shut my eyes close. The flight was tiring, more tiring than the first one. Daxton wasn’t at home when I arrived, he was probably at the office.


I laid on my bed until I dozed off and woke up after 3 hours.


I plodded into the kitchen to get something to eat. Daxton had cooked earlier and left my food on the table. I smiled in satisfaction and sat down to my plate of key


lime pie .


When I was done eating, I checked my phone and saw a text from Daxton.



Don’t come to the office when you arrive. Work on the documents I left on the table.


I was excited. I was too tired to go to the office.


I entered the living room and found some papers lying on the table. I hadn’t notice them when I first came in. I sat down on the floor and started going through the papers. The work wasn’t much, I just had to balance Daxton’s current record with that of the previous one before the mistakes on Louis Parker’s record were found. It wasn’t like I was an accountant, Daxton just enjoyed disturbing me with everything. I went up to my room to get my record but couldn’t find it.



Then I recalled I left it in the office. I placed a call to Daxton to tell him to bring me my records but he wasn’t answering. I called Pearl and she told me they were in a meeting so I had to get the records myself. I was really disappointed.


I took a cab to the office and Henry stopped me outside.


“Oh Chloe?!” he called excitedly “what are you doing here?”


“I arrived few hours ago” I replied


“but you don’t work on Saturdays”


“I know.. I forgot my records in the office so I came to get them”


“you should’ve called Daxton to get it for you”


“I did but he wasn’t answering”


“okay.. You’ll wait here while I go get them for ya” Henry volunteered


“you don’t have to worry, I can get them myself” I proceeded to go inside


Henry stopped me “let me do it”


I arched a brow “is there something I should know?”


Henry laughed “No.. Why would we be hiding anything from you?”


“Good.. Let me pass”


“Chloe No”


“Henry let me pass. I’ll just get the records and go, I’m not here to work”


“Daxton is in a meeting and his office is locked. Maybe you should go home, he’ll bring it for you”



I dipped my hand into my bag and brought out a key “I’ve got a spare.. So let me pass”


He didn’t bulge


“Henry what’s going on?”


“I don’t trust you Chloe, you’ll go in there start working, Daxton doesn’t want you to stress yourself”


“if only you knew how much I hate working”


Henry chuckled “but we don’t trust you on this one”


“fine.. I’ll wait here, you’ll go bring the records but hurry”


“@” Henry dashed inside and I let out my breath slowly. Henry was hiding something from me and I was so going to find out. I made to go inside but the men at the door stopped me.


“you can’t go in— The president’s order” they said


“Daxton ordered you not to let me in?”


They didn’t say anything. I sighed and walked out.


I’m going to go inside, through any means.. I vowed.


I walked to the back and there was no guard there. I found my way through the back door. Only few employees knew there was a door there and Daxton showed me last week. I took the stairs and headed upstairs. It wasn’t an easy task taking a flight of stairs up to the sixth floor. I saw Daxton coming and hid at a corner.


“Dexter?!” someone called him and my heart skipped a beat




I took a peek and he stopped and turned to the person who had called him. I watched them from my hiding place. He had his back to me but I recognized him



as Dexter. Then I understood why Henry didn’t want me in, Dexter was in the building.


Dexter finished talking to the man and walked out. He was heading to my direction. He wanted to use the backstairs that meant he didn’t want anyone to know he was in the building.


Dexter walked in a haste and started down the stairs.


I just watched him dumbfounded with my heart racing really hard.


He got to the first landing and I called out his name.




He froze but didn’t turn.


“Dexter?!” I called again and he slowly turned to my direction.


It was really him.








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