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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 25

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hє’ѕ α gαч







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left the hospital and went home to confront my mom. I would never forgive her if she was actually trying to kill my dad with those drugs.


I got home and met her sitting in the living room watching a movie.


“Mom?!” I called sternly. I wanted to call her by her name, Morris.


“Oh Chloe?!” she got up “how’s your dad?”

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I huffed loudly “Has dad been taking drugs?”


“Well, he has been sick lately so Leslie got him some drugs from the pharmacist” She stuttered


“Leslie?!” I said softly then shouted “Leslie?! Leslie?!”


She ran out immediately



“Did you get my dad drugs from the pharmacist?” I asked her


“Your mom sent me….”


“I didn’t write down the prescriptions did I?” Mom interrupted


“mom let her talk” I yelled “Tell me Leslie, was my dad sick when you bought those drugs?”


“No” she replied


“he was complaining of pains” Mom put in


“I need to see those drugs” I was getting impatient


“go get them Leslie” mom shot her a scowl and she hurried out. Leslie returned almost immediately with a bag and gave it to me. I brought out all the drugs and years filled my eyes.


“why do you want to kill my dad” I whimpered then raised my voice at my mom “you knew these drugs would kill him”


“what are you talking about? They were meant to relief his pains”


“mom don’t you dare lie to me” I yelled “I will never forgive you if anything happens to my dad.. I could even kill you”


“Chloe do you realize that I’m your mother? I gave birth to you”


“you’ve never been a mother to me” I rebuked “a mother would never try to kill her husband, my father”


“I’m not planning to kill your dad.. I only sent Leslie to get him drugs from the pharmacist to relief his pain”


I turned to Leslie, I was in tears and my eyes were murderous “did you get these drugs?”





“Did she pay you to kill my dad?” I was referring to my mom “Chloe no—


“and you dare call her Chloe” mom slapped Leslie and years trickled down her cheeks


“Mom?!” I shouted “you have no right to hit her”


“I employed her” Mom retorted and turned to Leslie “I want you out of my house this minute”


“she’s not going anywhere until I find the truth” I seethed “what other truth do you want?” mom yelled “Mom I don’t trust you and you know it”


She rolled her eye “I want to see my husband”


“you can’t see my father” I snarled and packed the drugs “Chloe he’s my husband”


“I don’t trust anyone now” I stated and walked out Mom glared at Leslie “what did you want to say?” “nothing” Leslie stuttered


“hope you know that you bought those drugs”


Leslie nodded


“Good” mom seethed and walked out








I returned to the living room shortly and met Leslie still standing there. “Leslie?!” I sought her attention “how long has he been taking those drugs?”


“2 weeks” she replied


“it hasn’t been long but it’s taking too much effect on him”


Leslie moved closer so that she talked in whispers “he was already taking those drugs when I came here. I only went to get him new ones two weeks ago”


“How did you know the exact drugs?”


“madam didn’t give me any prescriptions, she told me to go collect some drugs she ordered for from the pharmacist. The drugs were already packaged when I got there so I just paid and took them”


“I want to see the pharmacist”


“I can take you there”












We walked into the pharmacy and their was a man standing behind the counter on a phone call. He saw us come in the ended the call after saying ‘they’re here already’


“where you expecting us?” was the first question I threw at him


“not you in particular” he adjusted and glanced at Leslie “I’ve got so many customers in a day and you look new.. Haven’t seen you before”


“but you surely have seen her here before” I pointed to Leslie


He cleared his throat “not sure I remember her” he shrugged “my name is Sammy.. How may I help you?”




I raised the bag and poured out its contents on the counter “surely you recognize these drugs, she purchased them two weeks ago”


“yea.. These was normal OTC (over the counter) drugs”


I arched a brow “don’t make me believe you’re a quack”


“don’t insult me young woman”


“you can’t give someone so much drugs all containing acetaminophen. You know how dangerous the drug is”


“she came here with a prescription and I only gave her what she demanded for” Sammy said in self defense “acetaminophen can be taken with prescriptions and I assumed she must’ve gotten the prescription from a doctor”


“I didn’t come—”


I raised my hand and signaled Leslie to shut up. She paused and I faced the pharmacist “you don’t just assume things. You should’ve advised her on the effects of taking so much acetaminophen”


“she couldn’t have come up with the prescriptions. I assumed she saw a doctor so there was no need for that”


“you don’t just assume things” I slapped the counter in anger and everything fell off


“young woman you’re causing nuisance here”



“you know that I don’t trust you and I’m going to involve the police if you don’t tell me the truth”


“what truth are you talking about?” Sammy yelled back “you should be asking her where she got the prescription”


“she didn’t come here with any prescription” I stated


Sammy chuckled “do you think she walked in here and I gave her those drugs?”


“those drugs were already packaged and kept on the counter when I got here” Leslie said


“you can’t just walk in here and accuse me”


“tell me the damn truth” I yelled “my dad is dying and I want to know how long he has been taking these drugs”


“then you should ask her”


I heaved a deep sigh “I’ll be back” my voice was harsh this time, then I said to Leslie “let’s go”


She packed the drugs in the bag and we walked out.


“I didn’t go with prescriptions, you have to believe me” Leslie was saying


“I don’t know what to believe now Leslie” I sighed and paused on my track “I’ll return to the hospital now, I need to talk to my dad. The driver will take you home”


“Will you be returning today?”


“no— I’ll stay in the hospital with dad”


“I’ll bring you food”


Leslie volunteered “and clothes”



“you don’t have to worry” I was scared to even drink water from that house, I couldn’t trust anyone.


“okay.. Take care of him”


I nodded and walked out first. I took a cab to the hospital and went to the doctor’s office. He was sitting behind his desk.


“these are the drugs he has been taking” I poured out the drugs on the table


“too much of acetaminophen” The doctor clicked his tongue as he studied the drugs “We discovered that the drug has been in his system for too long, almost a year I presume”


“almost a year?” I gasped “don’t tell me his liver has a been damaged”


“he’s a lucky man. The damage isn’t much yet. The harmful effects can be lessened but there’s no possibility of removing all of them from his body. It’s been in his body for too long”


“do anything you can do to save him”


“SBH Salado, Texas…”


the doctor was saying and my heart skipped a beat. He looked at me “… sent money for his surgery and I also informed them about his condition and they sent money for that too”


“why didn’t you call me first?”


“I didn’t deem it necessary cause it’s your fiance’s company”




Everyone thinks we’re really getting married “when next SBH calls, inform me”





“I’ll go see my dad now” I got up and headed for the door “don’t allow anybody to see him.. Not even his wife” I prompted when I got to the door “no visitors please” I


entered my dad’s ward and found my mom sitting beside his bed. I was enraged at first but my dad signalled me to calm down.


“Oh Chloe?!” she called in tears “your dad condition is worse now.. I didn’t even know he’s sick”


I scoffed “you would’ve if only you took care of him”


“You can’t say that Chloe” that was dad


“Dad are you listening to yourself?” I half yelled “this woman almost killed you”


“Chloe I can’t kill you father” mom yelled back “he’s my husband”


“you’ve never seen him as a husband”


“Chloe that’s enough” dad bellowed “this is not the right place for an argument”


I rolled my eyes and moved to the other side of the bed “how’re you feeling dad?” I touched his head


“better.. The doctor said I would be fine” Dad replied


“What if I hadn’t come back?” I thought out loud then sighed “dad how long have you been on medications?”




“mom let him talk” I shouted “you can just get out of the hospital and let me take care of my father”


Both were shocked at the way I was talking. I’ve never been that harsh on my mom. But I had to be, she almost killed my dad.


“Chloe she’s your mother” dad defended



“how long have you been taking those drugs?” I repeated “I can’t really tell but it’s almost a year now” he replied


“why didn’t you tell me you were taking drugs? I was here wasn’t I?”


“your mom didn’t deem it necessary to tell you”


“that’s because she wants you dead”


Mom broke down in tears “Chloe I had no idea those drugs were dangerous to his health. I bought them to relief his pain”


“Chloe your mom would never want me dead”


I was really pissed at my dad “seriously dad?”


“I was actually having pains.. Severe ones and she got them for me”


“dad all those drugs contains acetaminophen.. And it’s dangerous to take multiple drugs that contains acetaminophen at a time”


“how should I have known? I’m not a doctor, I only got them for his pain” mom said


“then you should’ve stopped when his pains relieved” I retorted “Chloe enough!” Dad was stern this time around “I need to rest” I shot mom a scowl “you should go home already” “I can’t leave him here with you” she replied


“Why? You wouldn’t have brought him here if I hadn’t”


“Morris?!” dad sighed resignedly then looked at me “let your mother be”



I hissed and walked out. I needed some alone time. I had taken a break from work only to meet face to face with a bigger problem. I walked outside and sat beside the pool when Daxton’s call came in.





Good evening



How you enjoying?



Enjoying? There’s no enjoyment at all


Daxton chuckled from the other end



how’re your parents?



my mom is fine but my dad is sick


He should know. The doctor told him.



I’m really sorry, I wish I could extend your stay but I can’t



I know



is he getting better?



the doctor hasn’t commenced his treatment yet



He’s going to be fine..


I have to see my dad now, I’ll call you later to know how he’s doing.


Just when I was about to ask him about the money he sent for my dad’s treatment.



alright.. Goodnight



He ended the call and I kept my phone on my leg. I was really depressed. I needed to rest, take a break from the entire world.


A tear slid down my cheek. I was going through a lot now that my dad is sick. I couldn’t leave him behind. Daxton has done a lot already and it wouldn’t be nice taking dad along with me.


I needed to talk to someone.. Someone I could share my problems with. Someone who would hold me and tell me that everything is fine then kiss it better. And that someone was— Dexter.


My phone rang again and I hurriedly wiped my tears and answered the call without checking the caller’s ID.


Hello Chloe?!





are you done with your dad?


He was quiet at first then asked



Have you eaten or you want me to do the cooking?


I chuckled



You can’t cook



that’s what you think


I heard about your dad and I’m really sorry I’m not there with you



it’s okay Daxton


I heard him chuckle



you never learn do you?


Oh my God?!






don’t tell me you’re confused



Dexter is that you?



Chloe what’s wrong with you?


oh! it’s not Dexter after all. just my wishful thinking.



Daxton?! I thought it was Dexter


He was silent for a while then said






I ended the call myself and kept the phone beside me. I had to move on from Dexter.. I just had to.





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