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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 21

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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hє’ѕ α gαч.







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I ran out, there was really a party going on but there was no sign of Dexter. “Dexter?! Dexter?!” I called searching around. I went to where he had parked his car earlier but he was gone.


I slumped on the ground as tears rolled down my cheeks. I ruined everything and now he was gone.


“Chloe?!” Daxton called softly and pulled me up to my feet “It wasn’t your fault”

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“I didn’t mean yes.. I was only answering her question, your mom misunderstood everything” I sniffed


“I know.. It was all Nikki’s fault, she should’ve crashed in but she didn’t”


I looked at Daxton and laughed. He was still wearing his old woman costume.


“I know I look funny in these” he laughed too “It was all mom’s idea for a surprise”


“Where’s Nikki?” I asked



“she isn’t taking our calls anymore” Daxton replied “I’ll talk to Dexter.. Nikki can still go to the media and tell everyone she’s….” he interrupted himself


“Dexter is going to take the first flight, I might never see him again” I broke down in tears again


“He’s not going to leave you here, he won’t leave without you”


“I hope so” I sobbed


“I’ll go change into something better then we’ll find out what happened to Nikki then go find Dexter”




“Don’t put the blame on yourself” Daxton looked at the ring in my finger and walked out. I raised my hand and stared at the ring. It was really beautiful and it fit in perfectly.


Henry walked up to me few minutes later. He wasn’t as cheerful as he was earlier. “I’m sorry for what happened. Pauline was just too excited she didn’t get the meaning of what you said” Henry said


“what happened to Nikki?” I asked


“her car broke down and she’s trying to fix it”


“why didn’t she just take a cab?”


“she did when she realize the car wouldn’t be fixed in a while but there was a heavy holdup”


Sounds like a plan.


“but there’s still going to be a way” Henry continued “she can always go to the media and make her announcement. It’s not going to cost much”



“What about Dexter?”


Henry sighed “I really don’t know. I’m afraid he’s going to take a late flight or leave early tomorrow morning”


“Take me to the airport”


“there are so many airports near Salado but we can’t be sure of which one he went”


Daxton joined us “You’re still crying over it”


It wasn’t a question, he was almost angry.


“so what do we do now? I have to talk to him” I urged


“We can’t be certain he’s leaving tonight.. You should call him on the phone” Henry said


“or go to his house” Daxton suggested


“his house” I made to run out then stopped “who’s going to drive me?”














“what do I tell him?” I asked Daxton during the drive to Dexter’s house


“You just tell him you didn’t mean yes as in yes to the proposal. You actually meant yes when my mom asked you if you said ‘no’ he was present there so he should know” Daxton replied


“what if he doesn’t want to listen to him? What if he already left?”


Daxton looked at me “will you go after him?”



“I don’t know Daxton.. If he left that means he doesn’t want to see me again.. I’m not used to forcing myself on people”


“so you’ll let him go?”


I shook my head “I don’t know.. I’ll just wait. Maybe he’s angry now but will still come back for me”


Daxton faced the steering “You could always go after him”


“he shouldn’t have left” I said “he can’t leave”


We arrived at Dexter’s house and he was.. “Gone” I broke down in tears “he left me”


Daxton pulled me into his arms “I’m sorry”


“Dexter left”


“I know” Daxton soothed “but it wasn’t your fault”


I took out my phone and tried calling Dexter but he switched off his phone. “He doesn’t want me anymore” I sobbed


“Dexter is going to come back”


“what if he doesn’t?”


Daxton swallowed hard “then you have to move on”


I couldn’t even imagine moving on without Dexter. Coming to love him within few weeks, I couldn’t imagine forgetting him.


Daxton led me to his car and we left Dexter’s house. We didn’t return to his parent’s house. We drove straight to Daxton’s house.


Nikki and Ty were waiting outside when we arrived..


“We’re really sorry” Ty apologized when we alighted from the car


“Chloe are you alright?” Nikki asked me


I shook my head “I’m not”


“I’m sorry I didn’t make it on time” Nikki replied “traffic was heavy”


“it’s alright.. Tonight is over, you’ll be going to the press tomorrow” Daxton said


“we saw the news.. You two make a great couple” Ty laughed “the look on Daxton’s face like he was going to puke when she said yes”


Nikki laughed “I actually thought he peed on his pants”


Daxton’s jaws tightened “it isn’t funny at all.. You ruined everything we planned”


“Until tomorrow.. I’ll still make the announcement” Nikki said then asked “what about Dexter?”


My countenance changed and Daxton replied “he left”


“oh my God!” Nikki gasped “Chloe I’m really sorry”


“this is all your fault” Ty accused Nikki “we should’ve used my car but you insisted on hiring a damned farmer’s car”


“if we had used our cars, we could’ve given ourselves in” Nikki said in self defense and she was right.


Everyone knew Nikki Ryusdale owned a pink Bentley.. One of a kind and Cosmos Ty cruised in a Ferrari.


“It already happened, you shouldn’t blame yourselves” Daxton said


“if we had ran to the place when the car broke down, we wouldn’t have gotten into the traffic but you insisted we took a cab” Nikki fired at Ty



“we were already late and you are wearing heels young woman” Ty retorted


“Enough the two of you” I yelled “you can’t change the fact that everyone thinks I said yes and Dexter is gone”


I was pained in the heart when I said that. Dexter shouldn’t have left me.


He promised.


“Chloe.. I’m really sorry” Nikki repeated


“you can always fix things tomorrow” I said “Goodnight” then I walked inside


“Daxton?!” Nikki called “we’re really sorry”


“Where’s Dexter now?” Ty asked


“probably on a flight to LA” Daxton replied


“poor couple” Nikki sighed “they looked really happy on Friday”


“I’m going to LA to get that dude. He shouldn’t have left her because of a small mistake, that girl really loves him” Ty seethed


“This will be goodnight” Daxton said


“alright.. Goodnight then” they chorused and walked to their car. Daxton watched them drive out before coming inside. He locked the front door and joined me in the living room.


I was just staring at the ring on my finger. I couldn’t even take it off.


“Are you hungry?” Daxton asked


“I’m fine”


“but you haven’t eaten anything”


I faked a smile “I’m really fine”



Daxton took in a deep breath and sat down “It wouldn’t be wise to punish your stomach you know?”


I chuckled “I’m not hungry” I unconsciously touched the ring


“You should take it off” Daxton said


“I should.. But I don’t want to” I replied “I’ll take it off tomorrow when Nikki makes the announcement so there’s nothing wrong if I wear it for now”


Daxton nodded and said nothing else. We just sat in silence. Each with his own thoughts but Daxton had his eyes on and I could feel it. What was he thinking?


I glanced at him and our eyes met. He didn’t look away, we just held the stare.






We laughed “you go first” Daxton said


“I want to ask for a favour from you” I said


“go on.. Ask of anything”


I drew in a breath “I want you and Dexter to settle your differences. You’re not just brothers but twins, there shouldn’t be differences between you two”


Daxton sighed “is that all you want?”


“yes” I nodded “what did you want to say”







“I didn’t want to say anything” Daxton insisted “and about Dexter, we used to be really close. Mom and dad never knew who was Daxton and who was Dexter”


“Then what happened?”


Daxton chuckled “Dexter fell in love with a girl in high school but she loved me instead. I didn’t want her, I’ve always been gay and I had a boyfriend. Dexter knew that but he took it out on me. He went ahead to tell her about my gay lifestyle and she freaked out. She told her friends about it and I became the talk of the school. It took me a lot to cover the rumour and not let it leave the walls of the school or get to the teachers…” Daxton observed a paused then continued “her name was Gina and she insisted I slept with her so she would protect my secret. I wouldn’t so I asked for transfer to another high school”


“Dexter didn’t tell me”


“he wouldn’t.. There’s more to it”


“what happened next?”


“He couldn’t get Gina even after I left but he he got a new girlfriend, Helene. I decided to get back at him so I asked her out on Valentine’s Day and she agreed. Dexter was furious and we fought that night. After then, we kept our distance till today. Our parents never knew why, no one ever did”


“He hates you because of Helene?”


“Dexter doesn’t hate me” Daxton replied “he just doesn’t like me because he thinks I kissed Helene that night”


I laughed “you two never grow up”


“there’s no genuine reason to why we fight but you see this…” he spread his palm open. There was a little star mark on his right palm “he doesn’t have one and he gets jealous of mine”


“I’ve never seen a thing like this before”



“it’s rare but there’s nothing special about it. My parents loves it so much and Dexter hates it cause he doesn’t have one”


“that doesn’t mean he isn’t special”


“many a times, I tried making Dexter understand that the star meant nothing to me” Daxton closed his palm “it’s just a mark but my parents made a great deal out of it.. It was always Daxton, never Dexter and I was just too young to understand that I had to share with my brother. My parents never made me understand that. For mom, it was always my dearest Daxton. For dad, it was always the boy with the star. There was nothing special about the mark but Dexter never understood that until today”


I was gradually understanding everything. Both brothers loves each other but there was a little misunderstanding between them.


“What’s Dexter’s place in the company?” I don’t know why I asked that but I did. If Daxton is the president, then Dexter should also hold a position in the company. I just thought.


“Dexter backed out. He said he didn’t need the company. He gave up his inheritance and I still don’t know why until today”


“maybe he felt your parents were being biased and wouldn’t give him a fair inheritance” I said


“I don’t know” Daxton sighed “but we don’t hate each other. We just don’t really like each other”


I chuckled “what’s the difference?”


“hatred and dislike ain’t the same Chloe”


“Dexter’s dislike for you is going to increase now”


“I don’t blame him for this one.. But I blame him for leaving you behind”



I arched a brow and said nothing.


what was I going to say?


“I think it’s time we went to bed” I broke the silence that was beginning to become tensed.


Daxton got up to his feet “let’s go”


We walked upstairs and stopped in front of our doors.


“if things works out well tomorrow, what are you going to do?” Daxton asked


I was confused about everything. Since Dexter left, I had nowhere else to go cause I didn’t make plans. I should’ve left with him but now…. “maybe I’ll go back to Bear Creak”


“or we could just continue until Dexter returns.. If he ever returns”


Did Daxton really want us to go on with the fake relationship?


I looked down at the ring on my finger “what if he doesn’t return?” I asked


Daxton chuckled “Goodnight.. I wasn’t really serious”


I laughed “Goodnight then”


No one made any move to go inside.


After few seconds to standing there, Daxton cleared his throat and entered his room, slamming the door shut at my face. I still stood there, staring at the ring.


What if we continue with the act?


I could make more money and I didn’t have a find a husband again since SBH gave my parents money.


I could save up money to go to school and Daxton could have more time to change.


Everyone would benefit from it. And I’ll still be here, waiting for Dexter to return.


If he ever comes back for me, then we’ll still be together.


There’s a lot of benefit from it..





















Daxton and I walked out of the elevator and headed to his office. Henry was standing by the door and there were some men in Daxton’s office.


“What’s going on here?’ Daxton asked Henry


“your mom ordered Chloe’s desk be moved into your office” Henry replied


“What?” Daxton and I chorused


Daxton’s jaws tightened “where’s my mom?”


“right here dearest Daxton” Pauline walked in from behind “Chloe?!” she hugged me


“Good morning ma” I greeted


“It’s mom.. not ma” Pauline corrected “just call me mom”


“mom what’s going on here?” Daxton asked


“You and Chloe have to share the same office.. your dad and I used to share the same office remember?”


Daxton rolled his eyes “mom?!”


“I’m not seeking your opinion on this Dexter.. it’s my order” Pauline stated and touched my cheek “see you later” and she walked out


“Chloe I’m very sorry for my mom but….”


“it’s alright Daxton, we can manage.. it’s just for today”

















I had a lot of works to do at the office.. Mondays were always busy but I couldn’t concentrate. Not when I was in the same office with Daxton and he had his eyes on me.


I dropped my pen in frustration and looked at Daxton.




He arched a brow


“we can’t do this” I blurted out “I can’t work”


Daxton heaved a sigh and chuckled “I haven’t written as much as a full stop”


I laughed “we can’t do this”


“we can’t” Daxton agreed “not at all”










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