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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 2

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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hє’ѕ α gαч







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I stretched my cramped muscles and sluggishly opened her eyes with a loud yawn. Looking around the bedroom, I smiled when I realized I was in my own bedroom, in my own apartment, and not in my parents’ house.


I got out of the bed to get ready for work. I had woke up early that day so I had enough time to get ready.


Few minutes later, I walked out of the bathroom and searched my wardrobe for a smart dressed.


When I was done, I microwaved the food I had cooked the previous night and sat for breakfast.





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I walked into the elevator and took a glance at my wrist watch.


I had made it on time to work.


I got to Daxton’s office and knocked then waited for him to ask me in but there was no reply.


I knocked again, still no reply.


I took in a deep breath and moved my hand to the door handle and reluctantly pushed it down but it was locked. I sighed and turned to go then screamed and fell on my butt when I saw Daxton standing behind me.


Daxton gazed at me blankly. There was no expression on his face and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was really a human or a statue. I quickly got up and dusted my skirt.


“Good morning” I greeted with a nervous bow


Daxton muttered a reply then brushed past me. He unlocked the door and walked in, slamming the door shut at my face. I rolled my eyes skyward and opened the door then I walked in.



I stood in front of his desk and waited for him to address me as a new employer but instead, he kept himself busy with his system without sparing me a glance.


I cleared my throat to sought his attention and he looked up. Just as always, his stare was blank, different from the way he stared at me yesterday when he gave me a lift.


We held the stare for seconds that slowly rolled into minutes, no one was talking.


Maybe I should tell him I was the girl he gave a lift the previous day.


I thought but no.


Maybe he recognizes me but hates me now because I didn’t call him yesterday. I thought of explaining to him that a pick pocket stole the card but no.


And the staring challenge continued until he knocked on his desk then I realized I had spaced out.


“Did Henry bring you here to stare at me?” he asked sternly. His voice was really really grouchy.


“No” I snapped “you’re acting strange from yesterday”


He arched his brows, the first movement he was making on his face other than his






“yesterday, when you gave me a lift in town, you were acting nice and friendly”


“a lift? I didn’t give you a lift”


My jaws dropped, I got embarrassed.


“you don’t recognize me? You dropped me off at a hotel and asked me to give you a call when I’m free then you dropped your card and a pick pocket snatched it”


Daxton stared at me blankly like I had five heads. I felt stupid for even talking “I don’t recall miss” he stated “maybe someone else gave you a lift”


“It was you” I insisted



“there’s no difference, except you suddenly turned to a statue and stopped smiling” I blurted out before I could stop myself but his stare didn’t change.


He stared at me like he was searching for a reply on my face. Then he said “you talk too much”


I remembered Henry’s words and pressed my eyes closed.


Don’t talk too much when you’re with him.


“Your first day in town really got you dreaming, I didn’t see you yesterday and I don’t give people lifts” Daxton stated


“okay” I agreed “maybe it was someone else” I added but I was completely sure he was the same person.


He shifted his gaze back to his system and I turned to walk out. I was either quitting the job, or remolding him. Maybe God wasn’t down with his creation before he was born.


I was almost at the door when his phone rang and he answered the call with brief words. Made me understand that he was a man of few words.


Just 32 but he had achieved a lot and people respected him like he was King Neptune.


“And Chloe…” he prompted when I got to the door “don’t let anyone into my office till I give you my permission. Not even you or Henry”


“Okay” I replied and walked out.


Immediately I stepped


out of the office, I ran into a man who was going into Daxton’s office.


He made to walk past me but I stopped him.


“you’ll have to come back later, my boss doesn’t want to see anyone”


“your boss?”


“I’m Chloe Hastings.. His new secretary”



He frowned then brought out his phone and made a short call. Daxton walked out almost immediately and this time, his stare was scary, really scary.


“come in” he said to the man and they both walked into the office, slamming the door at my face.


I breathed out and slowly walked to the office Henry had shown me would be mine.


The door opened and Henry walked in. He smiled at me and took a seat. “How’s work going?”


I huffed loudly “I thought I was coming here to work for a human. How could you employ me to come work for the male version of The unsmiling Tsarevna?”


“Daxton isn’t the princess who never smiled” Henry argued


“He is her male version”


I scoffed “How do you expect me to survive this?”


“I expect you to try”


“he doesn’t want to talk to me. I reported at his office this morning and he must stared at me like a zombie”


Henry laughed but it wasn’t funny at all “you didn’t send him his morning coffee did you?”


“well he didn’t ask”


“and you’re not dressed in long skirts”


“Longs skirts?”


“That’s his rule– long skirts”


“you can’t be serious” I snapped “I don’t wear longs skirts”


“That’s why he stared at you that way, and you didn’t tie your hair”


“Tie my hair?”


“you should back it up in a ponytail or bun”


I scoffed “is the company a church?”


“That’s Daxton’s rule”


“well you didn’t tell me”


“cause you’re free to break it”




“you’re free to break his rules. Daxton must not be obeyed all the time, it makes him full of himself.


Just a look at you, I can tell you’re stubborn”


“I’m not stubborn”


“you’re a young woman who claims to be a full grown woman, that makes you stubborn”


I chuckled “really?”


“yes” Henry replied


“you’re free to break his rules but never you disobey him”


“so what are the rules”


“Early coffee– bring it late


Long skirts– show him your thighs…”


“wouldn’t he think I’m trying to seduce him?” I cut in



“you’re free to seduce Daxton.. If you can”


I shuddered “go on”


“pack your hair– make it flow like a goddess Come to work 7:30– make it 8 Lunch at 12– make it 1


Heels– wear flats


No make ups– draw the map of Salado on your face…”


I chuckled at that one and he continued


“don’t touch him– never fail to make body contacts with him in the elevator, that really frustrates him


Don’t talk too much– obey that one


Wear a wrist watch– don’t wear any


No anklet– always put on one


No rings if you’re not married– wear a bangle on your finger… You’ll come to know the rest but do the opposite”


I was forced to laugh when he was done “won’t he get me fired?”


“he won’t but he’ll get totally frustrated”


“you should’ve told me earlier” I smirked















“Why are you dressed this way?” Daxton asked sternly when I showed up at his office the next day by 8.



I smiled at my outfit. A tight black gown that stopped below my butt and exposed my shoulders with a sandal, and my hair was flowing freely down my shoulders.


“How am I dressed?”


“didn’t Henry give you the rules?”


“what rules?”


“look behind you”


I whirled around to see a big board on the wall containing 23 meant to be broken rules.


Why didn’t I notice the board.


“Why don’t you have a tie?” I asked without turning to look at him “rule number 8, always wear a tie” I read out then turned to look at him “I feel comfortable dressed like this with sandals and I can’t possibly keep my hair packed all the time” I said and did a small dance


He huffed the took off his suit jacket and threw it to me and I caught it “wear it now”




“Wear it now”


I sighed and reluctantly wore it.


“it fits in well”


He sized me from head to toe and looked away.


“I’ll go get you your morning coffee” I said and walked out. I walked into the kitchen and all the workers turned their eyes to me. They started murmuring and pointing at me because of the stupid jacket. I ignored them and walked to the counter.


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“do you want coffee?” the chef asked but his eyes were on the jacket


“yes but I’ll make it myself” I said and hurriedly made a cup of coffee and left the kitchen.


I ran into Henry on my way to Daxton’s office.


“Good morning Henry” I greeted


“Good morning miss.. You’re looking good” he laughed


“This jacket got everyone talking” I mumbled


“Cause Daxton never shares”


“he was shocked at the way I showed up this morning” I laughed


“you didn’t wear any makeup?”


“it’s one step at a time” I said and we both laughed.


I got to Daxton’s office and he was with someone. The visitor had his back at me but I recognized him through his hair. He was the same man who visited yesterday. I kept the coffee on Daxton’s desk and stole a glance at the visitor. My guess was right.


“Don’t allow anyone into my office” Daxton instructed when I was about leaving “not even you nor Henry”


I nodded and walked out.












I walked past Daxton’s office severally cause I wanted to feed my curiosity on who that man was. I couldn’t hear a thing they were saying no matter how I strained my ears. I tip toed close to the door and the door suddenly opened. Daxton was standing behind the door with the man.


“What are you doing here Chloe?” he asked sternly


“I was just passing” I replied and hurried out



















I stood before Daxton’s office door and checked my makeup with a little mirror I had come with.


This doesn’t look like me.


I shuddered a bit and laughed. I had not only drawn the map of Salado on my face but the map of the entire.Bell country.


I dragged my already mini skirt and entered the office. Daxton was busy with his phone when I walked in. He heard the door open and close but he didn’t look up cause he knew I was the one.


“Good morning Sir”


He muttered a reply but still didn’t look up. I cleared my throat and he was forced to look up.


“Shit!” he cussed and fell off his chair when he saw me


“what’s wrong Sir?” I asked trying to


stop myself from laughing.



Daxton’s face turned blank and he tightened his jaws. He got up and adjusted his trousers.


“What’s that your mission Miss Hastings?” He asked sternly “To serve you Mr Daxton”


He scoffed and sat back on his seat “check rule number 12 behind you”


I turned majestically and gazed at the board without reading anything. I already knew the 23 rules.


I turned back to look at him then asked “should I get you your morning coffee?”


“you’ll have to wash your face before doing that”


“I don’t think so Sir.. I’m sorry”


“what do you mean?” he tightened his jaw the more “What I mean is that I can’t wash it out, it’s my makeup”


He rolled his eyes “I know you and Henry are up to something, but I definitely don’t care” he waved his hand in dismissal and continued with his phone.


Immediately I stepped out of his office, I burst into laughter. I put up quite a show in there


“Chloe? Is that you?” Henry asked as he walked up to me “do I look like Bell’s country?” I asked sarcastically Henry laughed “you look gorgeous wearing makeup” I blushed “oh.. I’m flattered”


“so what was His first reaction?”


I laughed “he fell off his chair”



Henry burst into an outrageous laughter and I couldn’t stop myself from joining him.


“his coffee” I suddenly remembered


“go get it already” Henry guffawed then walked out


I returned to Daxton’s office with the coffee and placed it on the desk. “your coffee Sir”


He nodded and pushed it outside.


“brief me on my schedule” he demanded


“my clipboard” I dashed out of the office and returned almost immediately with my clipboard.


“What kind of a secretary are you?” Daxton asked with a snarl


“I’m sorry..


Now your schedule for today” I cleared my throat and began “You have an appoint with Mr Andrew by 10 am


Parkinson service will be coming by 2 pm


More artworks to be displayed by 3 pm


I’m free to go by 4 pm”


“Cancel my meeting with Mr Andrew, he left town this morning”


I nodded


“and you’ll take Parkinson service on the tour when they arrive”




your business Sir, you should tour with them so you can tell them more about the artworks and convince them to buy that piece”


“You’re my secretary right?”


I sighed and nodded


“then you have to convince them to buy the piece”




“I want to work” I stated and pointed to the door “make sure you’re not dressed like this and wearing that makeup when they arrive, I don’t want anyone going back to town and spreading rumors that Daxton has having an affair with his young girl secretary”


I frowned and walked out of his office.


Little girl secretary, h-uh?


I headed for the gallery to see the piece Daxton had auctioned for sale. When I walked passed the elevator, the elevator dinged open and the same guy from Daxton’s office walked out.


I stopped on my track and walked back to him.


“Good morning” I greeted and he nodded in reply “We haven’t formally introduced ourselves”


“that’s because you don’t have to know yourselves” that was Daxton, showing up at the wrong time.




He glared at me “Go”


I huffed loudly and glanced at the man, he was staring at Daxton.


“we’ll talk some other time” I whispered to him then walked to the gallery.


The piece was a vase, molded in the shape of a mother and child.


“it’s beautiful right?” I heard someone ask then turned to see Pearl. Pearl was in charge of everything that went on in the gallery.


“it really is” I agreed


“Daxton made it himself, he really is talented”


“Daxton is this useful?” I spat out and quickly closed my mouth with my palms


“what did you say?”


“I said that the piece is really beautiful”


Pearl smiled “he auctioned it for ten million US dollars”


My jaws dropped “just for a vase?”


“it’s not just a vase Chloe, you have to see it as more than a vase if you have to convince Parkinson to buy it”











“… you have to buy the piece” I blurted out to The Parkinson service


They were much than I expected. A crew of 26 people, both men and women. And I couldn’t possibly convince them to buy a piece I knew nothing about.


“it’s made of….” I was still talking when Henry entered


“Chloe?!” he shouted “get down there”


“uhm….” I looked at my audience who were already murmuring “it’s a solid piece,


could be kept anywhere…” I went on “this piece was made for 2 years of creativity by….”


Henry dragged me down and the crew broke into loud murmurings. “what are you doing?”


“Daxton said I should address them”



“Where’s Daxton? Daxton shouldn’t be joking with this business”


“He has a visitor”


“Visitor? A visitor more important than Parkinson service?”


“it’s a man visitor, he visits every morning”


Henry sighed then went to address the crew “We apologize for the inconveniences, Daxton will be here in a minute” he said and rushed out to get Daxton.


Henry barged into Daxton’s office and that was the first time I was seeing him angry, really really angry. He slammed the door shut and I couldn’t hear what they were talking inside.


I sighed and returned to the crew.


Henry and Daxton walked in minutes later when I had already convinced the crew about the piece.


“… We’ll have it delivered to you this evening after all payments has been made” I said and dismissed them.


“how did you manage to convince them?” Henry asked


I shrugged my shoulders “Nothing much– I just told them ‘buy the piece’ and they agreed”


I glanced at Daxton and he was just giving me that level blank stare that said nothing.


“I’m really happy you convinced them but next time, don’t address the buyers, the president of SBH should do that” Henry said and looked at Daxton




I just wanted to kill him with my mind












I arrived at the office and the office was quiet unlike other days. Everyone already arrived, guess I was the last person to arrive at work that day. I walked into the hallway and everyone were talking in groups and low whisper


I searched the room for Pearl or Henry, anyone who would tell me what was going on. I sighted Pearl standing alone in a corner. She was all gloomy and sad.




“hey! Pearl?!” I called waving my hand across her face


“Chloe?!” she heaved a deep sigh


“What happened? Did someone die?”


She shook her head “see for yourself” she proffered me with a newspaper. I read the headline on the first page and gasped.





“Others aren’t sad, they are gossiping about it” Pearl said


“I still don’t understand.. What secret?”


“Daxton is a gay”































































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