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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 19

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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hє’ѕ α gαч






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After work that day, Daxton and I walked out together. We walked to his car and just as I was about to get in, I saw Dexter leaning on his car at a distance. I paused and stared at him. Contemplating on whether to enter Daxton’s car or go to Dexter.


“Are you getting in?” I heard Daxton ask. He traced my gaze and saw Dexter then looked at him “you can join him if you want to”


“Thank you” I slammed the door shut and headed to Dexter’s car.


Few of the workers were left in the office so no one would really see me leaving Daxton’s car to join Dexter.


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Dexter saw me coming and smiled at me. I almost lost my steps.


I got to him and he reached for me. I was expecting a hug but instead he pulled me closer and kissed me. A kiss filled with so much yearning and passion. Like he was trying to tell me that he owned me.


“You’re not going to leave right?” Dexter asked when he finally broke from the kiss


My breathing was already heavy. Someone could’ve seen us. Maybe an employee. “Don’t you think someone saw us?”


“Does that matter?”



“Dexter it does”


“you should’ve stopped me”


“How could I?” I chuckled “I already promised that I won’t leave and I’m not breaking that promise”


“let’s go” Dexter held the car door open and I got in. He slammed the door shut and rounded the car to the driver’s side. I looked out the window and saw Daxton’s car still parked there. He hadn’t left. He was watching us the whole time and I could still feel his eyes on us.


I felt guilty. What was I even doing?


“Are you alright?” Dexter asked


“Daxton saw us”


Dexter looked out the window and saw Daxton “are you worried about that?” he asked


“not that I’m worried it’s….” I trailed off “let’s just go”


Dexter sighed and drove off.


“Did you talk with Henry?” I asked during the drive


“he told you didn’t he?”


“He’s against us. Everyone will definitely be against us” I said


“No one really matters Chloe, as long as we love each other. It doesn’t matter who is in support of us or who is against”


“What if they talk you out of it?”



Dexter chuckled “no one is going to talk me out of loving you Chloe” he glanced at me “no one talked me into loving you”


My cheeks went warm “Henry isn’t really against us you know, he just wants to help Daxton”


“Daxton really needs help, unless of course you’re willing to help him”


I shook my head “I’ve made my choice”


“and what’s your choice?” Dexter smirked


“I love Dexter Salvador” I laughed


“So we’re going to L.A together”


“Together and for ever”


Dexter smiled “I’ll always love you Chloe”


I just smiled back but didn’t say anything. Dexter and I went to the Salado legends.


We spent time there, listening to the story of American life at the 19th century.


When we returned to Daxton’s house, it was already late in the night. “Thank you for today” Dexter said, pulling the car to the halt


“I should be the way saying thank you” I grinned “you really made my night”


Dexter touched my cheek “I’m sorry for yesterday, I wasn’t taking your calls”


“I understand.. You must’ve been really busy” I said


Dexter leaned into his seat “I wasn’t busy”


“you just ignored my calls?” I was shocked at the realization


“you ignored mine first”



“I didn’t.. I didn’t hear it ring” I said


“I’m sorry.. I let my jealousy get the best of me”




“I was waiting for you outside when you left with Daxton and weren’t taking my calls”


“I’m sorry” I apologized “I didn’t know”


Dexter smiled “it’s okay”


“let’s go out tomorrow” I suggested “on a date”


“you shouldn’t be asking me out on our first real date” Dexter said “I’ve been waiting for you to ask but you haven’t”


He chuckled “I’m sorry.. Let’s go out on a date on Thursday”


“why not tomorrow”


“cause you already mentioned tomorrow”


I laughed “okay.. Where do we go?”


“it’s a surprise”


“I hate surprises”


“you just have to be patient” Dexter chuckled “it’s a big surprise” he leaned forward and kissed my cheek “Goodnight”


“I might die of curiosity” I giggled


Dexter smiled and pecked me on my lips “you won’t”


“Goodnight” I got down and slammed the door shut “drive safely”


“I’ll try.. If I don’t think of you until I get home”


“You better don’t stop thinking”


“then I won’t drive safely”




“I’ll call you when I get home”


“I’ll be waiting”


Dexter smiled and just stared at me.


“Go already” I laughed


He chuckled and turned on the ignition “Goodnight” then he drove off


I watched his car till it was out of sight. Dexter was just too amazing and I couldn’t stop smiling even after be left.


I walked inside and Daxton’s wasn’t in the living room not in the kitchen nor dinning room. I went upstairs and found his room door closed. He had probably gone to bed. I entered my room and showered then wore my night gown and sat on my bed, waiting for Dexter’s call.


He didn’t call but he texted me goodnight. I turned off the light and laid on my bed. The smiled hadn’t faded from my face. I kept thinking of Dexter and the time we spent together until I finally drifted to sleep. .




















It seemed like Thursday wouldn’t come but it finally did. I had waited impatiently for my date with Dexter. Our first real date.


I couldn’t concentrate in work that day. I was more cheerful than before and everyone, including Pearl noticed it.


“Wanna share?” Pearl asked when she saw me singing in the hallway “you’ve been happy all day”


I chuckled softly “I guess I met my fairygod mother last night”


“Tell me.. It’s about Daxton isn’t it?” She asked with a teasing smile


Daxton wouldn’t make me this happy.


“I’m just happy Pearl, it’s not about anyone” I replied


“okay” she shrugged and went on


I continued singing and dancing while arranging the works in the gallery. Daxton walked in and stopped at the door, watching me. I didn’t notice at first.


When I turned and saw him watching me, I dropped what I was holding and burst into laughter.


Daxton chuckled “What’s the secret?” he asked and walked in fully


“Nothing” I replied and continued with what I was doing


“Everyone noticed how happy you are today. They hall is full of gossips about you”


“I’m popular you know.. That’s what do— talk about popular people”



Daxton walked to my side and joined me I’m arranging the piece “I told my parents about the engagement and mom is really excited about it. She called all her friends to help her prepare the perfect surprise”


“she’s going to be really disappointed” I heaved a sigh


“I’ve tried convincing her not to put in too much effort but she wouldn’t listen”


“And saying ‘No’ at the end.. She’ll definitely hate me” and she won’t approve me for Dexter


“I’m going to come up with an idea so no one gets to hate you”


“What idea? Today is Thursday and the engagement is on Sunday”


“I’m trying Chloe, I’ll come up with something”


I nodded and faced my work.


“It’s impossible for your mom to keep loving me after all these” I said


Daxton knew I was saying the truth but said nothing. We finished arranged the piece and I followed him to his office to get a note.


“I called Sammy and….”


“don’t call them” I interrupted “it’s not real so you shouldn’t be spending much. And besides I wouldn’t want to use all the courage I’ll use to say no to scream”


Daxton’s lips curved in a smile “I understand”


“you know.. You look better when you’re not all angry, and mad, and tightening jaws”


“is that a compliment?”


I shrugged “I don’t know”


“why don’t we go out few times before all these are finally over.. Maybe today”



“actually.. I have a date with Dexter today, but we could leave it until tomorrow”


“or we just shouldn’t go on a date at all. Let’s just focus on the plan now”


“what’s your arrangement so far?” I demanded


“we arranged the venue to be my parents house. I only invited a few people so you don’t have a tough time saying no. Just my parents, Dexter, Henry, my cousin sister Noella, Henry’s brother Mark, three workers from the office, Jason, Reuben, and Gina. 9 person’s in all plus the two of us, that makes it 11” Daxton said “Gina and Jason will do the videoing and Reuben is going to make it go viral before 24 hours”


“Everything is set, all I have to do is say no”


Daxton nodded “all you have to do is say no” he wasn’t as excited as he was few weeks ago.


After work that day, I freshened up and got dressed for my date with Dexter. I had prepared dinner earlier and set Daxton’s food.


When I was done with everything, I sat on the front porch and waited for Dexter.


He arrived at exactly 6:00 and I joined him in his car.


“Good evening” I greeted and he leaned forward and kissed my cheek


“you looked beautiful” Dexter complimented


“Thank you” I giggled “I’ve waited impatiently for today. So where are you taking me”


“you’ll see” he turned on the engine and drove off.


Minutes later, we arrived at Dexter’s house.


“Seriously? Your house?” I was completely disappointed


“don’t you love it?” Dexter unfastened his seatbelt and got down “we’ll spend more time together”



“Dexter this is a total disappoint. You should’ve just told me that day instead of keeping my hopes high only to bring me to your house” I yelled and didn’t get down


“Where were you expecting I take you?”


“maybe Mercury or Venus but definitely not your house”


Dexter laughed and walked to the passenger side “get down” he held the door open


I didn’t bulge “I’m not going in there with you”


“Don’t let me drag you out Chloe.. I might trespass” he smirked


I rolled my eyes and got down “is this what you call a surprise? Your house?”


“it’s a surprise cause you weren’t expecting it at all” he slammed the door shut “now follow me”


I sighed and followed him inside


“you didn’t even decorate the inside for my arrival” I hurled


“what were you expecting? That I’ll ask you to marry me?”


Or ask me to be your girlfriend.


Dexter rolled his eyes “the surprise is upstairs”


“I’m not following upstairs” I yelled




“Chloe think straight”


“I’m thinking perfectly fine”



“You ain’t” Dexter said and moved closer to me. I stepped back, not sure of what he meant


“Dexter I’m not following you upstairs”




I hit the wall and stopped moving. Dexter placed his hands on the wall with me between his hands.


“why do you think I brought you here?” His voice was low and seductive. His breath was so close to my face that I couldn’t think straight. The smell of his cologne lingered in my nose and I couldn’t breathe with him so close to me.


“You left us waiting upstairs while you’re having fun with your little woman” I heard a female voice say


Dexter chuckled and stepped aside. I gasped at who I saw.


“Nikki Ryusdale” I squealed


A huge man walked out from behind her and I recognize him as her boyfriend, Cosmos TY.


“is this the surprise you had for me?” I asked Dexter


He shrugged “what were you thinking?”


Cosmos TY kissed Nikki and Ryusdale and they ascended the stairs together. “You kept us waiting” Cosmos TY told Dexter


“she wouldn’t follow me upstairs” Dexter said


Nikki chuckled and looked at me “You’ve never been up with a man?”


I felt embarrassed. What made her think so?


“She has.. A lot of times” Dexter replied and I just felt like spanking him


“I’ve always dreamt of seeing you Nikki Ryusdale” I said



“I guess Dexter made your dream come true” she said. She was just too beautiful and her skin glowed like a white goddess. She had her skin pierced with gold and she was damn hot in the short and tank top she was wearing.


One thing I admired about Nikki Ryusdale was her black, long hair that touched her waist.


“Meet Cosmos Ty.. my baby” she introduced


“just call me Ty” he said


“I’m really hungry let’s get going” Nikki said and walked out with Ty


“is she leaving already?” I asked Dexter


“you’ve never been this excited when you see me. But you’re so excited to see Nikki” he said


“I’m more than excited Dexter. This is the best surprise ever”


“but you wouldn’t follow me upstairs”


I rolled my eyes “I would’ve.. I just wanted to be sure of why”


Dexter laughed “let’s go already.. You’re a bad liar” he dragged me out


“they left already” I drawled, watching them drive out


“they aren’t.. It’s a double date” Dexter said


“really? With Ty and Nikki?”


Dexter nodded


I stood on my toes and kissed Dexter “did I ever mention that you’re the best?”


“you’re only saying that now because of Nikki”



“whatever! Let’s go” I tried dragging him but he didn’t bulge “fine! I’ll go alone” I snatched his car key and walked to the car


“you can’t drive” he reminded


I stopped on my track “then I’ll just trek” I turned to the road


“you don’t know the place” he reminded again























“… you’re going to choke if you keep looking at me” Nikki told me during the course of the meal. I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was just too beautiful and I wondered how Dexter managed to break up with her.


“No one is ever able to take their eyes off you baby” Ty said and kissed her cheek


“expect me of course” that was Dexter “a little woman managed to still my eyes” he glanced at me with a smirk


“you volunteered your girlfriend to act as your brother’s girl. That’s one sacrifice I can’t make. All my brothers got eyes on Nikki” Ty said


“I should’ve done the acting but I got a very important contract” Nikki said “the pay was fat so I couldn’t leave it.. I’m sorry”


“No one really knows Daxton and Chloe aren’t really couples” Dexter said



“Ty isn’t gonna say a thing if that’s what you’re scared of” Nikki said


“You’ve got a bad boy for a boyfriend.. Did you know?” Nikki asked me


I glanced at Dexter, then back to her.


Bad boy for a boyfriend?


Nikki chuckled “you haven’t found out have you?”


“don’t listen to her Chloe” Ty said “Nikki is just trying to pull your legs”


“look who we’ve got here” Nikki grinned and we traced her gaze to the door. Daxton and Henry just walked in. They looked around and saw us then walked to our table.


“you arrived earlier than I thought” Nikki said


She knew they were coming?


For some reason, my heart was racing than usual.


“Did we?” Henry asked with his usual grin then he turned to us “Chloe?! Dexter?! Nikki didn’t mention you two were here”


“You didn’t ask you we were with” Nikki stated matter of factly “hello Daxton”


Daxton murmured a reply and they sat on the two empty seats. I hadn’t noticed the two empty seats earlier. Nikki called the waiter and our table was cleared then we were served with wine.


“… It’s a good thing you’re present, though we weren’t expecting to see you” Henry started “Daxton and I came up with the idea of creating a scene during the engagement that wouldn’t make Chloe actually guilty of the break up”


“How?” Dexter asked


“Nikki crashes in once Daxton pops the question and tells everyone she’s Daxton’s secret wife or mistress whatever she decides to say and she’s pregnant for him.



Chloe will have no choice that saying ‘no’. But Nikki will be on disguise so no one knows she’s Nikki Ryusdale”


Ty chuckled “perfect plan. I could’ve said no if you hadn’t said she would be on disguise”


“I’ll be Clara Stockton then” Nikki said “3 months pregnant” she was really excited about everything


“Good” Henry said “Chloe, you’ll storm out really angry and that’s the end of your relationship, everyone is free to go”


I looked at Daxton and our eyes met. Exactly what he wanted.


I looked at Dexter.


The plan was fair enough to let us be together.


“What happens to me after then?” Nikki asks


“we’ll just tell everyone that Daxton paid you off and found a house for you anywhere in the country. No one knows Clara Stockton so no one is gonna find out if it’s true or false. There’s no Clara Stockton anyway” Henry looked at Dexter and I “everyone is gonna be happy then”


A lump swelled up in my throat.


Why does Henry hate I and Dexter’s togetherness?


Dexter reached for my hand and squeezed it lightly. Guess he noticed how tensed I was.


“it’s alright” he whispered to me. But he was staring at Daxton and Daxton was


staring back. They just sat there, staring or glaring at each other. I couldn’t even











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