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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 17

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The car came to a stop in front of Geoffrey’s mansion. Dexter’s car was parked outside, that meant he already arrived.


“we arrived last” Daxton said when we alighted from the car. He moved closer to me and wrapped his hand around my waist “if you don’t mind”


“It’s part of the act” I said and chuckled nervously. We walked inside the mansion and Dexter welcomed us at the front door. He shook hands with Daxton and they exchanged pleasantries then he passed me a glance.


I just smiled and said “Hello Dexter”


“You look beautiful” he complimented and Daxton looked away. The three of us walked inside the living room and Geoffrey was sitting with a woman. Just one look at her told me she was Pauline.

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She looked up and saw us. With a broad smile, she got up and hugged Daxton “Daxton?!”


“Good evening mom” he greeted her and kissed her cheeks



My guess was right.


Pauline pulled from the hug and looked at me “you must be Chloe.. Geoffrey told me a lot about you”


I smiled “Good evening ma’am”


“Chloe, this is my mom, Pauline” Daxton introduced “mom, this is Chloe, my girlfriend”


Daxton never pronounced that word properly.


“you’re so beautiful” Pauline touched my hair “We’ve got a lot of talking to do…” She dragged me out “how do you manage to cope with my son? He has always been stubborn from birth”


I looked back at Daxton and the others as she dragged me out. Geoffrey was laughing real hard and Daxton was just staring at us. Pauline dragged me upstairs to her room and shut the door.


“come sit” she gestured and we sat on her bed “tell me everything.. How did you meet my son?”


“well…” I didn’t plan this at all “it was actually during last year’s fall”


Pauline giggled “what happened?”


“Daxton and I met during one of his trips to…”




“yes Canada” I continued “We were just friends at first then….”


“go on”


“Then we…” I groped for the right words “then he returned to Salado and we were out of contact for months. When I came to visit a friend here in Salado during



Christmas, Daxton and I started hanging out during the season and that was it.. We fell in love with each other and started dating”


Pauline smiled “Do you plan on getting married?”


“we aren’t talking about that now”


“Why? Daxton is old enough and he’s a responsible man, he’ll make a good husband and father”


“I know”


“If Daxton was seeing you all these while, why didn’t he let us know? We only found out when the rumour came up that he’s a gay”


“We didn’t really want the public to interfere in our relationship but when the rumour came up, I was really mad at the gossips cause my boyfriend isn’t a gay…”


Pauline smiled


“but we managed to clear everything” I concluded


“I really like you for my son”


“Daxton told me you’re a nice person”


“does he talk about me?”


“yes” I lied. Daxton had never mentioned his mother


“really? He doesn’t ever mention me to his friends”


“Daxton talks a lot about you”


Pauline opened her mouth to talk when a knock sounded on the door. “Who is it?” she hated the interruption



The door handle pressed down and the door pushed opened. Dexter appeared at the door way “Dad wants you two down for dinner” his eyes were on me. The look on his face wasn’t happy at all.


“we’ll be down in a minute” Pauline replied


Dexter nodded and walked out.


“I wonder when Dexter is also going to get a girl” Pauline sighed when the door closed “I want a girl like you for him”


I faked a smile. Everything was wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this.


What would the family think when I and Daxton announce a break up and Dexter and I suddenly show up dating. I just can’t do this. I can’t.




Pauline and I returned downstairs and joined the men in the dining room. Geoffrey was sitting at the top of the table and Pauline sat to his right. Dexter was sitting to Geoffrey’s left with Daxton beside him.


“Sit” Pauline gestured to the empty seat beside her which was opposite Daxton’s. I pulled out the seat and sat down, facing Dexter and Daxton. “what were you two doing upstairs?” Geofrrey asked


“having a little women talk” She nudged me


“Don’t let Pauline infect you with gossips” Geoffrey said and Pauline shot him a glare


“Chloe was telling the story of how she and Daxton met” Pauline said


“I forgot to ask that” Geoffrey said and looked at Daxton “tell us how it all started”


Daxton looked at me and I just faced my food. “I’m not good at telling stories, Chloe should do it instead” he said


“Chloe already said hers but I’d love to hear from you too” Pauline said



“maybe some other time” Daxton said


“Don’t disappoint your mother, it’s been ages we talked” Pauline stated


Daxton searched my eyes for answers but I just ignored him.


“Well, I can’t really remember” he said


“you can’t remember where you met?” Geoffrey asked


“we did meet in a lot of places before we started dating” Daxton said


“where did you first meet?” Geoffrey asked


“I think it was…” he looked at me and I mouthed Canada to him “Canada”


“Chloe said you met during a trip” Pauline put in


“yes” Daxton agreed


I looked up and caught Dexter staring at me. He was making things more difficult for me. We stared at each other for a while then I looked away.


“It was a wonderful summer’s day….” Daxton went on


“Summer?” Pauline interrupted


“I meant Spring” Daxton corrected


Pauline got confused “spring?”


“or was it autumn?” Daxton looked at me


“Daxton has a problem with keeping memories…” I chuckled nervously and looked at him “it was actually during the fall”


“yes.. Fall” Daxton sighed “I can’t recall what really happened”



“So Chloe…” Geoffrey turned to me “Have you been in Salado all these while?”


“I lived at Bear Creek with my parents before I moved down to Salado”


“Why did you show up as Daxton’s secretary?” Geoffrey asked


“Daxton told me he was having a tough time getting a secretary so I volunteered. Since he’s my boyfriend, we wouldn’t be having problems” I explained and my gaze shifted to Dexter.


He had just been picking on his food and wasn’t saying anything.


“You know, I almost believed that Daxton is a gay” Geoffrey said “while he was growing up, he never showed interest in a woman” Pauline laughed “he was always talking about how nice boys are”


I smiled and looked at Daxton. He didn’t like the conversation.


“So Chloe…” Geoffrey turned to me again “tell us about your family”


My family?


What do I say about my family?


My dad used to be a security guard until he got shot and my mom is nagging wife that gambles. I never realized I had an annoying and embarrassing background until then.


“Chloe’s dad is a retired officer and her mom is an event planner. She runs a decoration company in Bear Creek” Daxton came to my rescue but everything he said was a lie. Still I was grateful cause I couldn’t come up with anything.


“That’s wonderful” Geoffrey was impressed “are you an only child?”


“yes” I replied


“I could use a daughter like you” Pauline giggled and leaned towards me then she said in a whisper “you see, I always wanted Dexter to be a girl”



Dexter heard that and shot his mother a glare. I just laughed but it wasn’t funny to Dexter.


“Now that I’m here in Salado, we’ll spend all the time together. Shopping, talking, seeing everywhere, I heard there are a lot of sight seeing here” Pauline was saying and I nodded “we’ll spend the whole time together and I’m definitely not going back. Geoffrey can return alone”


My jaws dropped and I turned to Daxton and Dexter.


“Chloe isn’t going to be chanced for all that” Daxton told her “she’s my secretary”


“I know but you’re getting yourself a new secretary cause she’s quitting” Pauline stated and looked at me “won’t you want to spend time with your future mother-in-law?”


“uh…” I looked at Daxton “why not”


“Then you’re quitting?”


“Pauline let Chloe continue wfh her work. She’s a great help to the company. You can leave your outings for Sundays” Geoffrey stated


“she shouldn’t be an employee in the company. She’s Daxton’s to-be-wife, she can’t be working and getting paid. SBH should be seeing to her needs without her working” Pauline spat out


I was already losing my appetite, Dexter and Daxton already lost theirs.


“Pauline is right on this one” Geoffrey supported “Chloe shouldn’t be an employee if she’s going to be your wife…”


“she’s already his wife” Pauline interrupted “forget the other formalities, we already accepted her by heart” she smiled at me


“what do you think Daxton?” Geoffrey asked Daxton



“Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. She’s my girlfriend and everyone knows it so it doesn’t matter what role she wants to play in my company. And besides, I wouldn’t want another woman to work with me” Daxton said


Pauline rolled her eyes “Then she’s not working everyday”


“mom leave Chloe alone” Daxton seethed


“But I want a little mother and daughter time with her” Pauline said in self defense


“it’s okay Daxton” I put in then turned to Pauline “I don’t work on Saturdays so we’ve got Saturdays and Sundays for our gossips”


Pauline’s smile widened “did I ever tell you you’re the best?”


I just smiled and said nothing. We finished up with our meal then Pauline and I cleared the table while the men went into the living room.


When we were done with the dishes, we joined them in the living room. Geoffrey and Pauline sat on a two-sitter sofa, Dexter and Daxton sat on another sofa, and I chose to sit alone on a three-sitter sofa.


They talked of so many things and laughed and cracked there ribs. Geoffrey and Pauline did most of the talking, Dexter and I just stared at each other, while Daxton acted like no one in the room mattered to him.


When it was time to go, Pauline begged we spent the night but Daxton declined. They saw us off then we got into our car and went home. Dexter and I didn’t get to talk. He left first and I could tell he was bothered about something. He was sober through out the dinner.


“did you enjoy the dinner?” Daxton asked during our drive home


“I did.. Your parents are awesome” I confessed


“they really love you and want you as their daughter-in-law…” Daxton paused and glanced at me “if things work out between you and Dexter then they wouldn’t lose you”


“you think they’ll still love me if we break up and boom.. I’m dating Dexter”


“it’s not going to be fair if you two don’t end up together because of this plan”


I sighed and gazed out the window. I just wanted to talk to Dexter. No body paid attention to him during the dinner. They just acted like he wasn’t there.


“What are you thinking about?”


I drew in a breath and looked at Daxton “do you think our plan is going to work?”


“Do you think it won’t?”


Even though it does, I couldn’t be with Dexter. Not with everyone thinking I just broke up with his twin brother.


“your mom is going to hate me”


“then I’ll tell her they truth. Tell her it was actually you and Dexter. We just came to with the idea of the fake date to cover the rumour”


“No.. They’ll hate you”


“we’ll just go on with the plan then you can leave for Los Angeles with Dexter and start a new life together”


Move to Los Angeles


Start a new life with Dexter. I glanced at Daxton.


I opened my mouth to talk but stopped myself. I’ll just talk to Dexter first.


There’s something I need to know.











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