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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 14

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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hє’ѕ α gαч







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I returned to my office after my little talk with Daxton. I had a lot of works for do and I was really exhausted after work that day. Dexter called earlier to check on me and know how I settled things with Daxton. When I told him, he just laughed and said nothing.


After work, Daxton and I walked to his car together but not really holding hands.


We just talked and he said a lot of things that made me laugh hard.


Whatever came over Daxton that day at work, I just prayed it never left.


We drove home and we went up to our rooms. Few minutes later, I walked out of the bathroom, towelling my damp hair when I received a message from Dexter.

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Are you busy?



Just reading the message sent a smile to my face. I sat down on my bed and replied.


Just got back from work. I just finished showering.



Showering? I’d love for see you on a robe.


My cheeks got warm. Was Dexter trying to flirt?



I look horrible



Lol! You look pretty in everything but I guess you’ll look more beautiful in nothing at all.


That was it.


The butterflies came up again.






Wild thoughts h-uh?


I chuckled and fell back on the bed with the phone still in my hands.



What are you doing now?



waiting for you outside so we can go out.



I jerked up and ran to the window. Dexter was leaning against his car. He looked up and saw me then flashed me a smile.


I’ll be down in a jiffy.



I’m waiting



I tossed the phone aside and rushed to my wardrobe. Selecting a pair of jeans and top, I slid into them and wore my boots. I hurriedly combed my damp hair and rushed out with my phone.


Daxton was in the kitchen and I just rushed passed him. When I got to the door, I thought it necessary to tell him I was going out. Even though he didn’t really care, I just felt like.


“I’ll be out with Dexter” I informed, standing by the kitchen door


Daxton turned to look at me “so you probably won’t be eating dinner”


I shook my head “we’ll eat out but you can cook for yourself”


Daxton nodded and faced the pot. I didn’t say anythyou else as I dashed for the door. Dexter picked me up in his broad arms and swung me around. I just giggled then he sat me on his car bonnet.


“Dexter you’re really dramatic” I giggled


“I always use your resting time.. I’m sorry”


I slapped him playfully “it’s nothing. I prefer spending it with you anyway”


Dexter chuckled “Let’s just stroll around town”




he carried down and took my hand “you don’t mind do you”


I looked down at our hands and clasped his fingers tighter “I don’t”


Dexter drew in a deep breath “People are going to talk when they see us together”


“why do rich people care so much about what people say?”


Dexter looked at me and chuckled “I care less. It’s just about Daxton. He already introduced you to everyone and if they should see us together.. They’ll think I’m betraying my brother and his girl is cheating”


“No one is going to think you ain’t Daxton. You can pretend to be Daxton”


“I’m Dexter”


“Daxton and I will announce a break up soon”


Dexter looked at me “why?”


“things are getting settled, there’s no need to continue with the act”


“Then they’ll think you broke up because of me if they see us often”


“I didn’t think of that”


“you shouldn’t think about it” Dexter smiled “I signed up for a music band in Los Angeles and got chosen”


“so you’ll be leaving” I stopped on my track and faced him


Dexter also stopped and looked at me “not without you if that’s what you’re thinking”


“I can’t go with you”


“and I’ve got a career to pursue in L A” He said “if you announce a break up the there will be need staying with him. You can’t continue working as his secretary”


“Henry promised to get me a job”


“why not come with me”


“I love it here in Salado”


Dexter smiled “I’ve still got two months here, you can think about it”


We continued out stroll, talking about virtually everything we walked passed. Once, a little girl pointed at us and was whispering something to her mom. Dexter and I walked back to Daxton’s house when it got late. We didn’t eat out but Dexter bought dinner for me.


“This is goodnight then” he said when we got to Daxton’s door step


“I guess so.. We’ll see tomorrow”


“I’ll be busy but I won’t fail to call. And don’t forget about what I told you earlier”


“I’ll think about it”


Dexter smiled and kissed me on my cheek “Good night”


“Good night” I watched Dexter walk to his and got in. He waved at me and drove off.


I heaved a deep sigh and walked inside.


Dexter was just an overdose.


Daxton had already gone to bed. I was surprised cause it was just few minutes past 8, and he never went to bed that early.


I checked the kitchen if he cooked but he didn’t. He must’ve stopped cooking when I left or he had no idea on what to cook. I served the food we bought in a plate and set it on a tray then carried it up to his room.


Just one knock on the door, Daxton appeared at the doorway.


“you didn’t eat before going to bed so i thought.. you must be hungry” I stuttered


“I’m fine” he said and made to close the door


“wait!” I prompted and he paused “you can have just a few bites”


“I’m not hungry” he stated and slammed the door at my face.


Back to Daxton.


I walked to the dining room and ate my food. I’m not really good at sharing my food, I just wanted to try.


After eating, I washed the dishes and returned to my room. Without thinking twice, I peeled out my clothes and slumped on the bed— na.ked.












I walked out of my room after dressing for work and Daxton was already in the dining room— eating.


“Good morning” I greeted and he barely murmured a reply


I entered the kitchen and served my food in a dish then joined Daxton. He finished eating and walked outside. I hurried with mine and joined him in the car.


The drive to the office wasn’t like yesterday. It was like every other day— silent.













Daxton pulled the car to a stop and we got down. I walked by his side as we walked inside. I haven’t really seen much of Pearl and her friends after that night at the party.


“Cancel all my appointments” Daxton told me when we got to his office.


“Why?” I asked


Daxton arched a brow “Do I owe you an explanation for that?”


I shook my head “No— you’ve got a presentation to make and the company can’t risk that presentation”


“Postpone it”


I sighed “I can’t.. What do I tell the committee?”


“whatever comes into your head”




“just do it Chloe, I’m not in the right state for a presentation”


“I’ll talk to Henry”


Daxton waved his hand in dismissal and I walked out. Henry was already in his office when I walked in.


“Good morning”


“How you doing?”


“Great” I managed to reply “Daxton doesn’t want to do the presentation”


“Did he say why?”


“he isn’t in the right state”


Henry chuckled “he’s going to come around. We can’t risk that presentation. Our rival company also signed up and we can’t lose”


“maybe you should talk to him.. Maybe he’ll change his mind”


“When is the presentation?”


“by 11”


“I’ll see him before then”


I nodded and walked to my office.








10:50 am


Daxton barged into my office and I got up with a start.


“What’s wrong?” I asked


“I can’t find my script for the presentation”


I chuckled “you’re kidding right?”


Daxton rolled his eyes “Chloe I’m serious and you’re my secretary, write out something else”


“you’re not serious”


Henry also walked in, looking really furious.


“The guests are here” he said


“Daxton lost his script” I blurted out


“What do you mean you lost your script?” Henry scolded


“I left it in my office then….”


“do you realize what this presentation means to SBH?” Henry cut in “and Geoffrey will be present, so will HxE, how could you be so careless?”



Daxton looked away. He wasn’t even showing any sign of remorse. “You’ve got 20 minutes to prepare a new script” Henry said


“I spent 2 days preparing that script, I couldn’t possibly write a new one in 20 minutes” Daxton said


“that’s up to you” Henry snarled and walked out


Daxton sighed and looked at me


“what?” I spread my hands in the air “I can’t help you”










11:05 am



“… don’t talk” Daxton sighed in frustration, trying to re-write his speech. I held back my suggestion and just watched him. He swelled his chair twice and went back to his writing.




“don’t tell me” he interrupted


I sighed “the presentation already started” I spat out


“I told you not to talk” he yelled “I can’t remember a thing I wanted to write”


I scoffed and folded my arms across my chest. He didn’t even have brain to write. Henry walked in and shut the door behind him “aren’t you done? Geoffrey is waiting”


Daxton slapped the table and got up. He went through whatever he had written down and walked out with the paper.


“Did he write anything?” Henry asked me



“I doubt.. He was just sighing the whole time” I replied


Henry laughed “here is his the script.. Give it to him when it’s time for the presentation”


I gasped “you had it the whole time?”


“don’t look at me like that.. He really did misplace it, I found it lying in the elevator”


“and you decided to punish him”


“Daxton really needed it”


I rolled my eyes “what do I tell him?”


“that I found it in the elevator and gave it to you”


“He’s going to be mad”


“He better be grateful I decided to return it”


I scoffed and walked out. Daxton was pacing up and down the corridor when I found him. I chuckled softly and walked up to him. “You look tensed”




“Dad is furious.. Henry told him already” Daxton said


“then you should be grateful I found this” I said and gave him the script


Daxton snatched it “where did you find it?”


“Henry found it in the elevator” I replied


Daxton breathed out in relief and rushed inside.


“I’m glad I could help” I said to myself









“Hey!” I whirled around to see Dexter walking towards me “Dexter?!” I smiled “what are you doing here?”


“dad asked me to come” he sighed “I hate business”


I chuckled “the presentation started almost a hour ago.. I think you’re late already” “see you later” Dexter hurried inside while I waited outside


I sat on a chair and was going through my phone when Pearl walked by and stood


in front of me.




I looked up at her and she had a smile on her face “Hey! Pearl?!”


“it’s been a while” she said “can I join you?”


“sure” I adjusted on the seat and she sat down beside me “How’s your job going?” she asked “I enjoy every moment of it”


Pearl smiled “it’s a surprise you’re getting along with Daxton”


“he’s my boyfriend” that sounded weird coming from me


Pearl chuckled “I forgot..


So you’ve been dating before you moved down to Salado?”





“That means Daxton wasn’t really a gay. Then what’s up with the Colton guy? Or is Daxton bi?”


“No.. He isn’t, it was a mere misunderstanding”


Pearl sighed “I wonder why Colton had to commit suicide if there was nothing between them”


“There really was nothing between them. I’ve known Daxton for the past 3 years and we’ve been dating ever since then. He’s straight”


Pearl smiled “That’s the thing with the rumours.. They’ll always tell fake stories with the slightest evidence they find”


“Yea” I wanted to say ‘you’re part of them’ but I stopped myself


“It must’ve been really hard for you when you first saw the news”


“I was furious at first. We almost broke up but the I found out it was all a lie” I wasn’t good at lying at all. Just the way Pearl looked at me proved she didn’t believe a word I said.


“That Colton almost created a big mess.. I’m glad he took his life”.


“Really?” I was visibly shocked. How could she be glad Colton took his own life?


“Don’t get me wrong. I’m just worried about the two of you— you had Daxton, and the company” Pearl went on


“I understand” I didn’t really understand. All I did know was that Pearl was out to get gossips from me.


“I’ve been seeing more of you and Dexter lately” she added with a small smile “anything I should know?”


“Dexter is my friend”


“I know”


I was getting irritated with her presence.


“I just remembered.. I’ve got something I have to finish before the presentation is over” I lied as an excuse to get away


“I could help you” Pearl volunteered


“you don’t have to. I can manage”


“Alright.. See you around” she got up and walked off


I breathed out in relief. Pearl was really something else.











The presentation came to an end and all the guests left in groups. I waited until the hall was empty then Dexter and Daxton walked out with Geoffrey.


“Good afternoon sir” I greeted Geoffrey


“Dad– just call me dad” Geoffrey corrected “that’s what women call their father-in-law right?”


I glanced at Daxton who was sweating profusely. He and Dexter looked like they were locked in a small cabin for hours. Both looked horrible. I never really knew Daxton hated business just like Dexter.


“alright” I said


“I told Daxton to prepare dinner with you and the rest of the family. His mom would be in town in few weeks time, she’s eager to see you” Geoffrey said and my heart skipped a beat


Daxton didn’t mention it to me and I certainly didn’t want to be part of the family.


What would they think when they find out it was all an act.


“Did Daxton tell you?” Geoffrey asked


“Yes” I lied “and we’re seeing to it”


Geoffrey smiled


“Daxton made a good choice when he chose you.. See you around” he tapped my shoulder and turned to the twins “you both are in big trouble” then he walked out


I faced them. They really looked horrible like they were going to pass out. What happened?


They exchanged glances and slumped on the floor.


So much from coming from a family that runs a company.


Geoffrey needs another heir.












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