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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 12

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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hє’ѕ α gαч







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“The party already started, I’ll go welcome some of my friends” Geoffrey got up and the others followed



“we’ll be out in no time” Daxton said


“You should introduce your girlfriend to the guests” Henry said and also got up


“Henry is right.. Most of the guests would want to see the to-be-wife of the president” Geoffrey agreed


Daxton tightened his jaws and said “we’ll be out in few minutes”


Dexter chuckled and also got up “they’ll need the privacy” He winked at me as they all walked out, leaving I and Daxton behind.


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“We should join the others” I said to Daxton


“do you want everyone thinking you’re my to-be-wife?”


I shook my head


“Then let’s stay in here?”




I exploded


How could I stay inside while such a big party was going on. We sat in silence, doing nothing. Just busy with our own thoughts.


Seconds rolled into minutes and the minutes were almost striking one hour.


I got bored, real bored of sitting at a place without someone to talk to or anything to do. Then I placed my head on the table and started sleeping.


Few minutes later, I was already awake. I just couldn’t sleep comfortably.


“Where’s the bathroom?” I asked Daxton


“would you like to use the guests room or mine?” Daxton asked


Use Daxton’s bathroom?


Tempting offer but I couldn’t.


“where’s the guests room?” I asked


“you’ll take the long corridor at you right.. use the second door” he explained


“thank you” I got up and walked out. I took the corridor and easily located the guests room. I didn’t really want to use the bathroom, I was looking for a way to sneak out. I walked to the window and looked outside. The party going on outside was lit. There were lots of people dancing. A whole lot of people had come despite the late invitation.




I really wanted to be outside. I opened the window and watched the crowd dance. The music was playing and I was so tempted to dance. I started dancing and twirling and twerking in the room. But it just wasn’t enough. I walked out of the room and took the


long corridor. I pa*ssed many doors and met a waitress who was carrying a tray of drinks.


“How do I get outside?” I asked her


“the back door is over there” she pointed to a door that was left ajar behind us


I smiled “thank you”


“you’re welcome” she proceeded to go


“wait!” I prompted and she paused “can I have a drink?”




I took a gla*ss of wine from her tray and hurried outside. The air felt cool outside, exactly what I wanted.


“Hey!” someone called me and I whirled around to see a group of men “where did you get that drink?” they looked threatening


“I’ve seen her before” one of them said


“cut it out Josh, there are no pretty girls in Salado, she’s new here” another one said


“Josh is right, she’s the girl from the news” said one of them men in fear


If there was something I found out, was that the citizens of Salado feared Daxton a great deal.


I took in a deep breath, trying to hide my fear. “I’m Chloe, Daxton’s girlfriend. And you can’t be threatening me in my boyfriend’s house”


They gasped “We had no idea. Don’t tell the president we stopped you. We’re really sorry” they stuttered and scrambled away.




I made my way to the party and mixed up in the crowd.


“wanna dance?” A guy walked up to me and asked


I flashed him a smile “sure”


He looped my hand through his and turned to the crowd.


“permit me to say that you’re that beautiful woman here tonight” he said


My cheeks turned red “Thank you”


“I’m James.. James Farmer”


“Chloe Hastings”


“you must be new here, I haven’t seen you anywhere in Salado”


“I arrived a week ago”


“Are you single?” he asked and the music ended just before I could answer.


What would I have said?


“Thanks for the dance” I said and hurried out


“Chloe?! Chloe?!” James called after me but I ignored him.


I walked pa*ssed some ladies chatting at the corner and they turned their gaze to me. Two out of the five of them were secretaries from SBH. The brought their voice to whispers and I could bet they were talking about me.


Geoffrey climbed up the stage and took the mic. Everywhere was silent like you could hear a pin drop. He


was just as tall and built as Daxton. Even though he looked old in his early sixties, he was a very handsome man.


I stood at a corner, not really paying attention to whatever he was saying until he called Dexter up to join him. Their were cheers and screams from the women and all I did was smile even though he wasn’t seeing me.


Dexter looked as good as Daxton in his tuxedo.


“Thank you.. Thank you all” he greeted the crowd with a broad smile. Something Daxton couldn’t do. Something I felt was very special about Dexter.


I kept admiring Dexter until I heard Geoffrey say “… and the other twin, Daxton Salvatore and his to-be-wife, Chloe Hastings” and I snapped out of my thoughts.




I wasn’t even with Daxton. The crowd started murmuring as they waited for Daxton and I to show up. I couldn’t go up without Daxton. I decided to check him in the building when someone grabbed my hand. I whirled around and gasped “Daxton?!”


“you’ll do the explanation later” Daxton’s expression was dark and murderous. He dragged me up the stage to join his dad and Dexter.


“what took you so long?” Geoffrey snarled at us and Daxton pa*ssed the glare to me.


Georfrrey continued his speech, welcoming and appreciating the crowd for their attendance. When he was done, Daxton spoke next, then Dexter. When they were done, we walked out and the mc came up again.


I wanted to follow Dexter so I could escape Daxton but as if he read my thought, Daxton dragged me to another corner.


“What were you doing outside?” He asked



“I actually went to the guests room”


“then what happened? someone pushed you out the window?”


I shook my head “I was tempted to go outside. You can’t keep me inside for hours without someone to talk to”


“The introduction is over, you can go on now, talk to everyone at the party” he hurled and stomped out, cursing under his breath


“what’s wrong?” Dexter asked when I joined him outside


“Daxton and I had a little misunderstanding and now he’s mad at me” I replied. The music had started


again and their were couples dancing and having fun


“can I steal your first dance?”


I chuckled “it’s actually my second”


“so you already danced. Who did you dance with? Daxton?”


“his name is James Farmer”


Dexter smiled “you made a new friend already”


“we just danced” I laughed


Dexter took my hand and led me to the dance floor.


“you look gorgeous tonight Chloe. Anyone would kill to have you tonight”


I blushed. Dexter sure knew how to flatter me. “would Dexter Salvatore also kill?”


“I’d do anything to have this beautiful woman”


I laughed and he laughed too.


“so tell me about your family” he demanded


“This isn’t the right time. It’s gonna ruin the moment”


“Okay.. Whenever you’re ready”


I looked over Dexter’s shoulder and caught James Farmer staring at us. He had a gla*ss of wine in one hand and a woman on his other hand.


“what are you looking at?” Dexter noticed my divided attention and looked over his shoulders


“it’s nothing” I dragged him forward and we mixed with the crowd


“are you running from someone?” Dexter asked


I smiled “no one. Just not comfortable with the stares”


We danced until the music ended then sat at a corner to a gla*ss of wine. “you didn’t come with anyone” I said


Dexter smiled “I already have you”


“I came with Daxton”


“but I knew you two wouldn’t be together. I wasn’t wrong about that”


I heaved a sigh “sure.. You weren’t wrong at all”


“I wonder where Daxton is”


“probably inside. He doesn’t want people seeing us together and making comments like ‘his to-be-wife’ so he decided to stay inside”


“Was that why you argued?”



“I couldn’t stay inside doing nothing with no one to talk to” I stated then looked away. I sighted James Farmer walking up to us and suddenly felt uncomfortable.


“Hey! Salvatore man” he called at Dexter


Dexter turned and saw James “Do I know you?”


“I’m James Farmer”


Dexter glanced at me then at James “Chloe mentioned you”


James flashed me a smile “I actually came to say hi”


I shifted my gaze to Dexter.


“You didn’t mention you are Daxton’s to-be-wife”


“Well she is” Dexter spoke up for me “and if you’ll excuse us….”


“sure” James chuckled “have fun” he walked out


“where did you meet him?” Dexter asked


“here” I asked


“I don’t like him”


“me neither”


“Good.. You should stay away from the crowd. Maybe join Daxton inside”


“No way am I staying inside with Daxton”


“Then we’ll just stay here till the party ends”


I nodded in approval and soon I was hungry. “is there something I can eat?” I asked Dexter



“let’s go inside. The cook prepared something” Dexter took my hand and we walked inside. He ordered our meal and we waited in the dining room.


“Daxton hasn’t eaten” I said


“if he’s hungry then he knows where to get food” Dexter said


Our food arrived and we ate in silence. When we were done, the servants cleared the table and we went back outside.


A girl walked up to us, she was a brunette and she wore a very short gown that stopped below her butt. She was really beautiful with so much makeup she looked like a porn star with her full bossom sagging from the cutting of her dress.


“Hi!” she flashed Dexter a smile


“Joanne?!” Dexter called in shock “what are you doing here?”


“I came with my boyfriend Lucas”


Dexter smiled “it’s nice to see you again”


“It really is” she glanced at me with a scowl “who is she?”


“Daxton’s to-be-wife” Dexter replied


“Chloe meet Joanne, my very good friend…” he paused and winked at Joanne “and Joanne, this is Chloe”


“it’s nice meeting you” I extended my hand for a handshake


“the pleasure is yours” she smirked but didn’t accept my hand. I brought down my hand as she turned to Dexter “see you around” and she walked off


“I don’t like her” I spat out


Dexter chuckled “Joanne could be like that most times but she’s sweet other times”



“she’s your ex right?”


Dexter laughed “how did you know?”


“I felt it” I shrugged then added ” she’s pretty” I wasn’t lying about that


“I’ll go get us something to drink” Dexter said and walked out


I waited for Dexter while I watched people move about. Dancing, talking, drinking, and having fun. I was the only one out of the list. I waited for long but Dexter didn’t return. It was getting cold and I just wasn’t comfortable staying out alone.


“Chloe?!” I sighted Tori, Miranda, and Zoe walking up to me




“Why are you alone? Where’s your boyfriend?” Tori asked “did he ditch you already?”


“what do you want?” I asked


They chuckled “just want to spend time with our co-worker”


I scoffed and looked away.


“You can’t stand here alone”


“I’m okay”


“no you’re not, let’s introduce you to our friends” Zoe said and before I could protested, they held both my hands and led me out. I just followed them, they meant no harm.


We got to a group of girls, the ones I had pa*ssed earlier.


“Girls!” Tori called out “look who we’ve got here”



“if it isn’t Daxton’s little girl” one of them smirked


“come one girls, she wants to keep us company, give her something to drink” Tori said


“I’ll get something” Miranda offered then walked out. They gave me a seat and we all sat in a circle. She returned shortly with a tray and served all of us. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to drink.


“is this alcohol?” I asked Miranda


“no.. I suspected you wouldn’t like alcohol so I got you a soft drink” Miranda replied. The rest of the girls were taking acohol and they were making fun of me.


“Get me alcohol instead” I didn’t really know when I said that and I regretted afterwards. I just wanted to be like the others. Miranda gulped down my drink and walked out then returned with another gla*ss of wine and three bottles. “here you go” she proffered me with the gla*ss


“thank you” I took a sip and almost spat it out. It tasted awful.


I heard the girls chuckled and to cover up, I emptied the gla*ss in one gulp.


“Wow!” Tori mouthed “so you drink”


My tongue was burning. The drink was hot and bitter.


“I drink.. A lot” I regretted ever saying that as they filled my gla*ss again. The other girls gulped down theirs and asked for more. Soon we had emptied the three bottles. Miranda got more and we


drank until I couldn’t see clearly again. The music wasn’t loud anymore and I could only see the girls in a blurry vision. I couldn’t even hear a word again.


I fell off my seat and started throwing up. Someone handed me a gla*ss of water and I gulped it down.


“I can’t see” I said “get me water”


They gave me a gla*ss and I drank from it and quickly spat it out.




From my blurred vision, I saw them cock bottles of alcohol and poured it’s content from my hair down to my feet.


I staggered back and fell into the pool. I could swim but in my state of stupor, I couldn’t move my hands of legs. I held my breath as I sank into the water. Suddenly, I felt someone carry me out of the water in his arms.


“Dexter?!” I called


“it’s alright.. You’ll be fine with me”


His voice wasn’t like Dexter’s but he smelt like him. I couldn’t see him clearly as he carried me out and I heard a car door open and I was dropped on them backseat. The car engine roared to life and the car drove off.


open and I was dropped on them backseat. The car engine roared to life and the


car drove off.














Dexter returned to the spot he had left me but I already left with the girls. “Chloe?! Chloe?!” he called, searching around. He ran into the building and found Daxton drinking.


“Daxton, did you see Chloe?”


“No” he replied


“I can’t find her anywhere and she’s not taking her calls”


“she’s somewhere” Daxton said


Just then, Tori, Miranda, and Zoe walked pa*ssed them and stopped. “are you looking for Chloe?” Tori asked


“have you seen her around?” Dexter asked back



“we saw her leaving with a man in his car, they talked about having fun in a hotel” Tori said


“She left with a man?” Dexter asked in disbelief


“They left few minutes ago” Zoe said


“did they mention the name of the hotel?” Dexter asked


“I overheard him say Zlet Hotel” that was Miranda


“Isn’t she supposed to be your girlfriend?” Tori asked Daxton “so bad she’s a cheat”


“That’s enough” Daxton seethed


“we’ll go back to the party” Tori said and they walked out, giggling.


“We have to find her before that man does something to her” Dexter said


“she left willingly with a man, why should I go after her?” Daxton thundered.


Dexter huffed loudly and ran out.














I felt myself being dropped on a bed and someone kissed my neck.


It wasn’t Daxton nor Dexter.


I tried pushing him but I was weak. He tore my dress, exposing my bare chest. I gasped and screamed but he covered my mouth with his hand. He fought to stay between my legs and I couldn’t even fight back. The drink was taking control of me. I pushed him weakly and pa*ssed out. I don’t know what happened next but next thing I heard were blows upon blows and fists thrown in the air. I struggled to open my eyes but couldn’t. The blows increased until someone ran out of the room. I felt a hand cover my body and opened my eyes.





Or maybe Dexter.


I just couldn’t tell.


He carried me out in his arms and I placed my head on his chest. Whatever


happened few minuets ago was just too much for me to recall. He carried me into


his car and I pa*ssed out.

















I fluttered my eyes open and found myself lying on a bed. I was no longer wearing the short gown I wore earlier. I was now wearing a blue flowing gown with my hair flowing down my shoulders. I looked around but couldn’t fathom where I was. I tried remembering what happened earlier but the memory was blur. I walked to the window and looked down. The party was still going on.




I whirled around as a woman walked in


“the president wants to see you” she informed


I nodded and followed her out of the room. She led me to another room and knocked on the door. The door opened shortly and Daxton stood behind it.




“Thank you” he said to the woman and she walked out


Daxton let out his breath slowly and stepped aside. I walked inside and he shut the door behind us.


“sit” he offered me a seat opposite he’s in his study and I sat down.


“here” he pa*ssed me a gla*ss of drink


“thanks.. I think I had enough already” I said and pushed it aside


he scoffed “so you really got yourself drunk and left with another man”


“Daxton I didn’t mean to. I don’t even know what happened”


“what happened is that you were so cheap that you couldn’t control your selfish desires” Daxton spat out


Without thinking twice, I tossed the wine in the gla*ss into his face and got up to my feet.


“I’m not cheap Daxton. I might not be as rich as you are but I’ve got more pride than your entire family”


Daxton smirked and wiped the wine off his face. “Pride?” he scoffed “you freely have yourself to that man”


“I didn’t”


“if you’ve got so much pride, then why did you accept being my girlfriend?”


I swallowed hard and tried to fight back tears “cause I need the money. my dad needs surgery and my parents deserve a better life..


you just won’t understand because you’re a rich, spoilt brat”


“That makes you even more cheap than I thought.. you accepted because of money.. money bought you”


Before I could stop myself, I drew back and slapped him hard across the face. when I realized what I had done, I whispered in fear “Oh, God”


Daxton rubbed a hand across his cheek and looked up at me. His gaze was murderous and I just wished the ground would open up and swallow me.



“I— I’m sorry— I didn’t mean to— I just lost control and let….” I trailed off when


his expression turned completely dark and furious.


Daxton reached for me but I stepped away, still uncertain what he meant to do.


what have I done?










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