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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 11

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Daxton and I drove to work after taking few pictures. I did the uploading while


Daxton took the wheel. We got to work and went to our various offices.


I was busy with Daxton’s ledger when he walked in.


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“I don’t think I want to work today” Daxton said frustratingly




He sighed and ran his hand through his hair “I don’t know”



“you just need a little exercise” I was expecting his jaws to tighten at what I said but they didn’t


“what kind of exercise?” Daxton asked


“maybe you’re just nervous because your dad is coming today”


Daxton took three long strides to my table and leaned on it with his hands supporting him.


“I shouldn’t be nervous right?”


I smiled “you shouldn’t be”


A smile broke from his lips and I gasped. Daxton noticed I was surprised and the little smile disappeared, he tightened his jaws again.


“There’s a lot of things I’m not happy about” he said and brought his face to mine “if only I could kiss you”


My heart skipped a beat but I didn’t stop him. He brushed his lips on mine and threw his head back, laughing.


“Dexter?!” I shouted, realizing who he was but he was wearing the exact colour of tuxedo and dark pants Daxton was wearing.


“I just can’t keep it up” he laughed harder


I picked up a ledger and threw and him but he ducked. I was so embarrassed. Few moments ago I thought Daxton was going to kiss me.


“I’m sweating in this” Dexter took off his tuxedo, leaving only the shirt he was wearing inside.


“why did you do that?” I yelled


“I just wanted to know if you could differentiate between Daxton and I” Dexter replied and it dawned on me that I couldn’t tell their differences “and it seems like you don’t know who your boss really is” Dexter slumped into a chair



“Dexter you shouldn’t have done that, I….” I trialed off


Dexter arched a brow “you actually thought Daxton was going to kiss you. How possible is that?”


I felt embarrassed “how do I tell your difference?” I wanted to know


Dexter laughed “why would I tell you?”


“Come on Dexter”


“the only difference are our names: Daxton and Dexter” Dexter replied with a grin “dad will be coming back today so I plan on giving him a little quiz, just a little”


“I don’t think I fancy that quiz of yours”


“oh.. You’ll be seeing more of it everyday” Dexter said “gotta go”


“better, cause I need to work”


“I saw you and Daxton at the concert. You look good together” I could easily tell that he didn’t mean it


“Daxton wanted us to go to the concert after dinner”


Dexter smiled faintly “that was thoughtful of him”


“I’m sorry if I didn’t go with you”


Dexter laughed “you attended the concert, it doesn’t matter who you went with”


Dexter wasn’t happy about it at all. He only laughed to hide the fact that he didn’t like it.


“Have a good day” He added and walked out.





I breathed out in relief and went back to my work. Few minutes later, Dexter returned.


“Did you forget anything?” I asked


“have I been here before?” he replied with a question


I gasped. Daxton.


He shut the door and stood several inches from my table.


“Henry wants to host a welcome party for my dad tonight” Daxton informed


“that’s so sudden. We can’t plan a party within few hours”


“Henry already called an event planner, she’s in his office. All you have to do is send an invitation message to these numbers” he tossed a note book on my table


“what time?”


“7 pm” Daxton replied then asked “anything else”


That was typical of him, talking in few words. That should be a difference, Dexter


talks much.


Point noted.


“No” I replied and Daxton proceeded to leave


He got to the door and paused with his fingers already clasping the door handle “dad will definitely introduce us to the guests as a couple, dating or engaged, he’s just unpredictable so get ready for whatever choice he makes”


Daxton prompted and he walked gone with the door slamming shut behind him.


Dating or engaged?


How will I get married when everyone thinks I’m really with Daxton.


After work, Daxton and I drove home together. He was on a call through out the drive. He was busy planning the party all day.


Once he said in a call “… that would do, Dexter will get one…” then he glanced at me “turquoise and short… Yes”



He made so much calls that I couldn’t help but wonder if his ear wasn’t hurting him. We arrived home and walked inside the living room. That was when he spoke to me.


“The party is holding at The SBH mansion so we ought to be there before 7. It’s a 15 minutes drive”


“I’ll go freshen up and get dressed” I said then asked “should I prepare something for us to eat?”


“No.. We’ll eat when we get there”


I nodded and hurried to my room. After soaking myself in the tub for 20 minutes, I


wore a bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom. I walked to my wardrobe and


flung the door open.


I had nothing to wear.


A knock came on the door and I went to answer it. When I walked passed the mirror I realized I was wearing only a short bathrobe and Daxton was the only one I lived with. But what difference would it make? He’s a gay.


I tried the silver door knob and pushed the door open. There were two women and a man standing at my door. They were carrying a box with different bags.


“May we come in?” the man asked


I shook my head “no.. What business do I have with you? and how did you known my room? Who even let you in?”


“too much questions for a girl as young as you are” one of the women said “I’m Susan, and these are my co-workers Sam and Jade. We are from Sammy makeups and the president demanded for our service to get his girlfriend ready for the party”


“makeups? I don’t really like makeups, I can fix myself”


“that’s the president’s order” Jade stated and they brushed pass me into my room



“come sit we don’t have time” that was Sam as they stood around my makeup mirror. Why would Daxton demand for makeup artists? Henry said he hated makeups.


I reluctantly sat on the chair and they opened their bags. Different tools they called makeup were brought out. Like God didn’t complete my creation and they came to complete it.


“you’re going to be beautiful when we’re done” Susan giggled


“I’m scared of….” they brought out the first make up from their bag and I pushed it


away “what’s that?”


“it’s a Face primer it’s going to keep your skin looking smooth and your makeup looking fresh all night long.


I kept on shuddering as they applied different things on my face.


They brought out a little stick and I screamed at the top of my lungs.


“it’s just a highlighter” Sam explained, he was really frustrated at my screams.


The door flung open and Daxton barged in. The artists paused and we all turned to him. He gazed at all of us for a while the directed his question to Sam “why is she screaming?”


“She’s scared of makeups” Sam replied


Daxton shot me a murderous glare “Will you stay quiet?”


I nodded and he noticed the look on the artists face when he yelled at me.


They’ll definitely go home with stories.


Daxton heaved a deep sigh “it doesn’t hurt Chloe”


“we tried telling her….”


“one more scream from her and I’m locking you up” he interrupted Sam and stormed out



They all turned to me “you should stop screaming. We’re here to make you beautiful and not kill you”


“I’m sorry” I apologized


“she means a lot to the president. See the way he barged in just to make sure she’s okay” I heard Susan whisper to Jade




If only they knew he was just trying to cover up.. That it was all part of the plan.


They continued the makeup and I shuddered at everything they applied on my face.


Each time I tried screaming, they went into their knees. I felt like a queen.


They finished with the makeup and moved to my hair. Sam brushed my hair down my shoulders then the brought out different shapes and sizes of hair clips.


Few minutes later, they were done with the hair. I stared at my reflection on awe. I looked totally— different and BEAUTIFUL.


“The president wouldn’t stop professing his love for you tonight” Sam said gleefully and I just smiled.


Dexter would be the one telling me how beautiful I look, not Daxton.


Susan tried taking of my bathrobe and I held it tight.


“what are you trying to do?” I yelled


“help you get dressed” Susan replied “Jade get the dress”


Jade opened the box they had come with and brought out a gown.


A ‘wow!’ escaped my lips. It was the most beautiful gown I’ve ever seen.


“Daxton ordered this for me?” I asked in shock


“it’s worth a fortune, this is the only piece we designed and it’s the only design in the whole world. You must be really lucky Chloe.. You’ve got to a really caring boyfriend” Jade giggled



I wasn’t even paying attention to whatever they were saying. I couldn’t take my eyes off the dress.


“Take off the robe already” Sam yelled


“I can’t take off my robe in your presence” I argued


“why?” that was Susan “we’ll just help you wear the dress”






“no way” I screamed and Daxton barged again. This time he looked furious.


“what now?” he asked


“she wouldn’t let us help her dress” Sam explained


“I can’t take off my robe in front of them” I stated


Daxton frowned “let her be”


Susan got furious but didn’t say anything as they packed their things and walked out.


“Thank….” Daxton walked out before I could complete my statement. I sighed and


faced the mirror.


Despite my screams, the makeup was awesome. I picked the gown and hurriedly bolted the door then I took off my robe. The dress was s tight short dress. one of my favorite colors— turquoise.


I checked myself out in the mirror and smiled. I’ve never looked this beautiful my whole life. I took the heels from the box and slid my feet into them. I got up to my feet and almost fell down. The heel was just to her. I did a little practice and grabbed my purse from the box and walked out.



I threw the first step and stopped. I needed a little more practice. I leaned on the wall for support and walked slowly.


It took me what seemed like ages to ascend the stairs. When I got to the landing, I stopped to rest a little. My feet were hurting already. I just wasn’t used to all these luxuries. I continued down the stairs and Daxton was just standing at the below the stairs and watching my struggle to walk.


He wasn’t gentleman enough to help me. I slowly got to him and he held out his hand to my shock.


“I think you’ll be needing it if you’re going to walk with those” He said


I smiled and slid my little palm into his large palm. He clasped my palm in his and we walked out to his car.


We got to the party and a sudden rush of nervousness filled me


“we’ll got see my dad first” Daxton said and we alighted from the car.


The press filed out and Daxton’s securities surrounded us.


They were taking pictures and asking questions. But the securities didn’t let them reach us.


We got to the main building and walked inside, holding hands.


Daxton led me to a room where there were few men drinking.


I counted them and the were 9 in number. Henry and Dexter were the only ones present that I knew.


We walked closer to the head of the table and Daxton stopped by a man who was smoking a pipe.


“welcome back dad” Daxton said politely but his voice was businesslike “how was your trip” he added and we sat on the two empty seats beside the man.


“It’s good to see you again son, my trip was successful” the man said ‘” you haven’t introduced my to the pretty woman beside you”


“forgive my manners” Daxton apologized “Dad, meet Chloe.. My girlfriend. Chloe, this my dad.. Geoffrey”


Geoffrey smiled and extended his hand for a handshake “it’s nice seeing you Chloe. I’ve always dreamed of that day Daxton would finally show a woman to me”



I accepted his hand in a warm shake “I think the pleasure is mine


Geoffrey went on to introduce me to everyone on the table. Dexter was sitting beside Geoffrey too, opposite Daxton.


He kept watching my every move and I could tell that Henry who was sitting beside him, wasn’t happy with him at all.


Daxton and Dexter shoved their chairs back and got up. They excused themselves and walked out. Geoffrey engaged in a conversation in me and I couldn’t help but notice his great sense of humor.


Dexter and Daxton walked in shortly and stood at the door together. Geoffrey laughed “you’re bigger than this boys”


“come on dad, tell who’s Daxton and who’s Dexter” one of them said


I looked at the.. it was impossible for me to differentiate between them. they both wore the same clothes and had their jaws tightened with a serious look. I none of them was smiling.


“I’ve always failed this test and I still haven’t learnt” Geoffrey said then looked at me “could you help me identify your boyfriend? ”


exploded what?


I the last person who could tell their differences. I glanced at Henry and he gave me a go ahead order. I looked at the twins, their was no difference I could tell.


“you don’t know your boyfriend?” one of the men on the table asked in shock


I faked smile “of course I know, I can


identify them even with my eyes closed


Geoffrey smiled “go on”



I shoved my chwith my air back and got up. I couldn’t even walk with my shoes. I slowly moved to them and stared at them in utter confusion. I they both had the same facial expression. I don’t I stood in between them and held the one of them.


He leaned towards me and whispered “if you still can’t differentiate us tonight then you’re doomed”


I looked at him.




he gave a small smile and I moved to the second person.


I slid my hand into his and whispered “if I’m going to walk with these shoes you got then you’re not lying go of my hand tonight”


Dexter burst into laughter and walked back to his seat. I smiled and Daxton and I returned to our seats too. ”


“she knows her boyfriend” one of the men on the table said and I smiled. if only they knew I wasn’t able to.


I looked up at Dexter and mouthed a thank you. he smiled and texted me.



you’re in trouble tonight dear


I looked up at him and he had a huge grin plastered on his face.





I texted back and his reply came in immediately.



what if we get missed up in the crowd.


I looked at Daxton. He looked like a statue, sitting there without smiling.


I glanced at Dexter. Despite he was smiling, they were just too identical.


Then the question struck me again.


What if they get missed up in the crowd?


Tonight would definitely be my doom.






























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