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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 10

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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“This is really hard for me” I told Henry when we were alone in his office “I know Chloe but you are our only chance”


“if only Daxton understood that” I sighed and rolled my eyes



“Chloe?!” Henry called softly and I peered into his face “don’t you think always hanging out with Dexter would ruin our plan”




“people will always see you with Dexter not Daxton. What would they think?”


I thought for a while then replied “that he’s my boyfriend’s twin brother”


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Henry smiled faintly and shook his head “they would think that you’re seeing Dexter and not Daxton”


“I won’t stop hanging out with Dexter” I stated


“I never said so”


“So what?”


“spend more time with Daxton”


“spend more time with someone who doesn’t want to spend time with me?”


Henry sighed “Daxton is the problem”


“exactly.. And I can’t force him”


“does he still worry about Colton?”


“no.. I’m surprise” I replied truthfully


“he said he wouldn’t date a man but he didn’t promise to quit and he also said that he’s willing to act but not ready to really date and marry a girl” There was pain in his voice when he spoke about it


“Give him time.. He’ll find someone”


Henry let out a small smile “I’ll leave that to you”


After work that day, Daxton and I drove home together without saying a word to each other. We arrived at Daxton’s house and went about our business. I was just coming out of the shower when Dexter called.





How are you doing Chloe?






Would you like to take the self-guided walking tour of the Salado Gardens .. Or you’re tired


I’m tired but I’d love to take the self-guided walking tour


I heard him chuckle from the other end



Then I’m outside



I hung up and quickly put on a dress and wore a sandal the hurried downstairs with my purse. Daxton wasn’t down yet so I hurries outside.


“when did you get here? We just arrived” I asked Dexter when I walked up to him


“I know. I got here few minutes ago” Dexter replied “is Daxton in?”


“yes.. Do you want to see him?”


Dexter shook his head “no”


“then let’s go” we got into his car and drove off to Salado Gardens. I’ve heard alot about the Salado Gardens where you’ll see works by local artists in the Sculpture Garden, native Texas plants in the demonstration garden and more.



After few hours, Dexter drove me back to Daxton’s house. The tour was super interesting and Dexter took his time to explain everything to me.


“Thanks for today” I said when we were outside the house


“You shouldn’t be thanking me.. I owe you a lot for sparing your time”


I chuckled “my time cost nothing”


“it does and if you can spare it tomorrow, I’d like us to attend a concert at Tablerock”


“I have a date with Daxton tomorrow”


Dexter faked a smile to hide the disappointment I had already seen in his face. “You two have fun together”


“it’s not gonna be fun.. Not like the fun I get when it’s with you”


Dexter smile widened “It’s a good thing you have fun when you’re with me”


“a lot of fun” I giggled “like I used to have with my older brother before he died”


Dexter’s jaws dropped “so it’s your older brother”


I smiled “My new older brother” then nudged him “don’t you like it?”


“Not at all.. I’ve got zero younger sisters and you’re not allowed to see me as an older brother. Don’t even think of it”


I laughed “Goodnight”


“I’ll call you or probably text you” He said and I got down from the car “You’ll come to the office tomorrow?”


“I wouldn’t want to ruin your date with Daxton”



“It’s not like a real date”


“And we never really went out on a real date”


“but we always hang out” I said with a grin


Dexter shrugged his shoulders “Goodnight” he turned on the ignition and drove off.


I took in a deep breath.


Now I have to face Daxton.


I walked inside and Daxton was sitting on a sofa, watching a movie as always. I didn’t say a word to him as I walked up to my room. Peeling off my clothes, I stared at my na.ked reflection in the mirror and thought of my life. Running away from trouble at home only to meet a bigger one. I sighed and remembered my dad. I hadn’t even called him.


I wore a white short and green-silk top then walked out with my phone as I placed a call to dad.


Good evening dad



oh Chloe?! I missed you, why haven’t you called? Dad was really scared? Are you okay?


I felt tears well up in my eyes. I shouldn’t have left him. He was worried about me why I should be the one worrying.


I’m sorry dad. I’ve got not excuse for not calling



how are you doing over there?



fine.. I got a job and a house


I walked into the kitchen and Daxton was already trying to fix something



Thank goodness.. Daddy was really worried



you don’t have to worry about me dad, I can take care of myself I sat on the breakfast table and watched Daxton


I shouldn’t have let my 20 year old daughter go out on her own, I should be caring for you



dad it’s not your fault, I can survive and I promise to make enough money for your surgery. You’ll definitely walk again


Daxton glanced at me like he was going to see something then he looked away.



make sure you don’t stress yourself okay? I’ll be fine without the surgery



How’s mom?



your mom is fine



and she didn’t ask about me



I’m sorry Chloe but she didn’t






I felt hurt. Why didn’t my mom care about me even when I’m her only child. Chloe are you there?


Goodnight dad, I’ll call you tomorrow






I ended the call and dropped the phone on the table. Daxton was trying to bake potato.


“If you plan on eating baked potatos for dinner then you’re cooking alone” I told him. I wasn’t in for baking.


“I can do it myself”


I rolled my eyes “you’ll end up baking the whole house”


Daxton frowned but said nothing


“let’s eat meatloaf instead” I said and moved beside him “you should continue with your movie while I cook”


Daxton dropped the potatoes in his hand and breathed out in relief then he walked out. I smiled through my pain. I needed time alone to cry without getting judged. I knew Daxton wouldn’t even bulge if he saw me cry, but I didn’t want him to ever see me cry. I sagged on the wall and let my tears roll uncontrollable.


I wished I could return home. I shouldn’t have left my dad with that wicked mother of mine. No one was going to care for him.


Seconds rolled into minutes and I couldn’t stop myself from crying.


“If we’re going to eat your tears for dinner then l’d rather bake the whole house” Daxton’s voice snapped me out


I wiped my tears and looked at him “I’d rather eat my tears”


“you’ve been crying for the past 23 minutes like you lost your child” Daxton said without concern and walked fully into the kitchen “Are you cooking or not?”


So less concerned about others


“maybe you should bake the house” I said and walked out to my room. I already lost my appetite.


I laid on my bed and cried until I drifted into sleep.




























I stirred on my bed and woke up. My stomach was rumbling and I had to find something to eat. I wonder if Daxton still baked the house.


I checked the time and it was just few minutes past one, we had missed our night pictures and I wouldn’t survive until morning if I didn’t eat. I pulled a jacket over my night gown and walked into the kitchen. Daxton didn’t cook anything or he probably cooked and ate alone. But the kitchen was exactly the same way I left it earlier.


I made cornbread for myself. My stomach had nothing to do with what I was passing through— so why punish it?


I ate my cornbread and returned to bed but not before checking on Daxton. I pushed his door slightly open and took a peek inside. I just hoped he didn’t sleep nu.de.


Daxton was still awake, sitting on his bed. I guessed he was hungry and my guess was right, when I heard his stomach rumble.


He felt my presence and looked up to see me peeping inside his room.


He tightened his jaws into a big frown that screamed ‘murder’.


“I was just passing” I tried explaining


He ignored me and looked away, that was when I noticed the picture in his hand. Colton



And here I was thinking he got over him already. Yet again, I felt guilty for causing him so much pain. What if he already stayed up at night, thinking about Colton then whenever he was with others he would pretend like he’s okay.


I walked in fully and closed the door behind me. I was afraid to walk to the bed so I just stood by the door. There were paintings of Colton hanging on the wall. His wallpaper was Colton. He spelt the word ‘Colton’ across the ceiling. Everything in his room had the letter ‘C’


How could a man love his fellow man so much?


“You’re not going to tell anyone are you?” Daxton’s voice was calm and soft


“I’m not” I said truthfully, trying hard to fight the tears that already welled up in my eyes “Do you always stay up at night?”


“I don’t know”


“you’re going to get sick Daxton”


“Don’t feel pity for me.. I’m fine” his voice was getting harsh


“you’re not, you can’t pretend to be fine when you’re not”


I looked at his full length mirror, there was a picture of him and Colton.


“I want to go to to bed” Daxton said


“Alright.. Goodnight” I wasn’t going to press on. But I knew he wasn’t going to bed. He just wanted to dismiss me.


I walked out of his room and slammed the door shut behind me.


Daxton was passing through a lot but no one really cared. Henry only care about ‘reputation’.


I walked into my room and heard a smashing sound from Daxton’s room. I wished I could comfort him but my presence alone would stir his anger.


As sad as I was, I still dozed off immediately my back touched the bed.


My eyes had nothing to do with what he was passing through— so why punish them?










I woke up early the next morning and prepared buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. Despite Daxton’s staying up late, he still wakes up early. We had breakfast together, but in total silence then I went up to shower and get ready for work.


I walked out minutes later and joined Daxton in the car. The atmosphere was tensed than ever. I was even scared to breathe.


We took few pictures and uploaded them then drove to work.


There was no argument as we walked inside, holding hands. Henry was already at Daxton’s door when we got to his office.


“Good morning” Daxton and I chorused


” ‘morning” Henry replied


“I’d like to be alone if you don’t mind” Daxton said and walked into his office, slamming the door at our face


“What’s wrong with Daxton?” Henry asked


“I don’t know” I replied. I couldn’t tell him that Daxton was still mourning his man lover, Henry would flare up.


“Did you get into a fight”


“you don’t have to worry.. He’s fine, he just need some alone time” I said but Henry wasn’t convinced


“how are you coping with him?” Henry asked as we walked out


“he says few words to me now”


“And he doesn’t argue about the pictures?”


“he’s always the one to remind me”


“That’s a better improvement.. You keep that up and he’s going to make a little change”


If only Henry knew Daxton wasn’t ready to let go of Colton even though he’s dead. We headed to our various offices and went about our duties.


After work, Daxton and I drove home. Still not saying any word to each other, we walked to our rooms to get ready for our date. It’s going to be the worst date ever.


I thought.


I wore a simple sunflower dress and neatly packed my hair up in a bun. When I was as done, I joined Daxton in the living room. Daxton was also dressed in his usually tuxedo.


He was really handsome. I just wished I could tell him that.


We walked outside and got into his car. But not the usual car he goes to work with.


“Where do we go now?” Daxton asked


“Anywhere of your choice”


“We could have dinner then attend a concert at Tablerock”




Dexter had plans on taking me to the concert.


“That’s okay with me” I said


Our dinner date was like a near suicide. People couldn’t take there eyes off us. I almost peed on myself cause of their stares.


“Are you okay?” Daxton noticed my uneasiness


“Everyone is watching us” I whispered to him


Daxton looked around then shrugged “that’s all they ever do— gossip”



I shoved my chair back and got up “I’ll visit the restroom” and I was out.


I heaved a deep sigh of relief when I got to the ladies.


It’s just fake.


I tried telling myself but it was hard to believe. How would I get married while


acting as Daxton’s fake girlfriend?


Dad will never forgive me.


I gazed at my reflection for a while the summoned up courage and returned to our table.


“So…” I started up a conversation to ease my nerves “What did you tell study.. Business?”


Daxton arched a brow.


I rolled my eyes “just play along.. Make it look real”


“Okay” he adjusted on his seat “yea.. Business”


“and you mould.. Did you also learn that?”


“No. My dad is a potter so I managed to inherit the gift”


I laughed hard, though he didn’t say anything funny, I just had to act.


“This is hard” Daxton said


“I know” I agreed


“So you’re a high school graduate”


Must he always refer me as that?


“I graduated from high school 3 years ago”


“any zeal of furthering your education?”



“No” I shook my head “I just want to get married to someone who’s caring”




“I need money Daxton, and not education”


Dexter would’ve laughed at that but Daxton didn’t instead he said “education is the only way to escape poverty”


“I know. But my dad needs surgery and if I don’t raise the money then he’s never going to walk again”


“and you chose getting married”


“I have no other choice. I can’t afford to further my education, raise the money for the surgery, and give my parents a better life with the little money I get paid. But if I should get married to someone who is caring then he’ll help me”


“What if he isn’t caring”


I laughed to lighten the atmosphere “then I quit”


Daxton didn’t say anything else, he just concentrated in his food. We ate little and left the restaurant.


“What next?” I asked Daxton when we were in his car


“the concert” Daxton replied and drove off.


Our date wasn’t as bad as I had thought earlier. We talked a little and pretend when people were around.


It was so not easy. But we did it.


We arrived home very late in the night and I dropped on my bed without even taking off my dress.


That night in my sleep, I had a more beautiful dream….






















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