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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 1

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ ͙H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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hє’ѕ α gαч





“… mom listen to me” I shouted as my mom headed to the door but as always, she wouldn’t listen


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“we’ve talked about this Chloe and I’m not reconsidering anything” mom yelled back


“fine” I spat out “I’m leaving”


“you’re leaving?” Mom scoffed


“sure.. You’re free to go anywhere you want, I’m not going to stop you” she shouted then stomped out, slamming the door hard behind her.


I slumped on a couch and broke down in tears with my head ducked in my palms. It hasn’t really been easy growing up with a drunk father and a crazy mom who only thinks about herself. I might be the only child, but they care little or less about me.


Dad used to work as a security guard for the president until he got badly injured while protecting the president. His right leg got damaged and he hasn’t been able to walk after then. Dad lost his job and resolved to drinking. That’s all he ever does– drink.


And mom, she’s psycho. Being forced to marry my father, she never really loved him and she hates me as much as she hates me. Mom never comes home early, all she does is hang out with friends, drink, gossip, and party. Most times, I suspect she’s a harlot.


Scaling through high school wasn’t really easy for me but I managed to graduate 3 years ago. But that isn’t the case now cause I haven’t been able to further my education.


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Dad used to promise me that I’ll become a successful lawyer someday but after he stopped working, that dream got shattered. Mom thinks going to school is a way of lavishing money.


She’ll always say “forget about education Chloe, go out there and make your own money like other girls do. I’m not gonna waste my money on you”


So that has been it for me. Giving up on my dreams and thinking of a way to go out and make money like other girls do.


These past few weeks has been hell for my mom and I. She wants to sell the house, dad’s only property. I’ve tried talking her out of it but she wouldn’t listen. She said she built the house with father and she wants back her money.


Dad has.been really devastated ever since the buyers came a night ago. We both are helpless on her decision cause dad can’t walk and I’m just 21.


“Chloe?!” dad called from his arm chair



I sigh and walk to him “what now dad?”


“come take me to my room”


“Dad you’ve got to learn to make use of your clutches or better still, push yourself on the wheelchair”


“just help me for today”


I rolled my eyes and helped him into his room.


“dad I’m leaving” I informed him when he was lying on his bed


“where are you going?”


“somewhere that isn’t here”


“Don’t tell me it’s because of your mother. I already called my lawyer– she’s not going to sell the mansion”


“it’s not just the mansion dad, I’m sick and tired of mother. And I think I’m grown enough to live independent”


Dad chuckled “you’re just 20”


“21” I corrected.


Even if my birthday is in 7 months time, I still see myself as 21.


“do you have enough money to take care of yourself?”


“I can manage dad, it’s better than here”


“I’m really sorry you had to go through all these. It had always being my intention to give you a better life but you see… Circumstances wouldn’t let me”


I forced a smile “it’s alright dad.. I understand”



“What about your dad? Who’s going to take care of me when you’re gone?” I sighed and looked away. I hadn’t even thought about that. “I’ll call grandma, she’ll take care of you”


Dad laughed “I’m too old to be taken care of by my aged mother”


“Then I’ll take you to the retirement home”


“I’m not an old man”




“okay Chloe, just forget about me and go, I’ll speak to my lawyer”


“sure you’ll be alright all by yourself?”


“i will” dad said then asked “when are you leaving?”


“as soon as I leave your room. I don’t want mom to see me when she gets back”


“promise me you will be fine”


“I will” I said “now promise me you’ll stop drinking”


Dad burst into laughter “you know that is almost impossible”


“promise me dad”


He hesitated before finally saying “I promise”











When I was done arranging my belongings, I brought all of them outside then went to inform the neighbors that I was leaving.


” … Talk shit and get hit” I heard voices from the garden “who sent you?”


I listened keenly and recognized the voice as Noor’s. She’s an Indian and she lives with her foster parents. Noor is one of the beautiful but unapproachable girl in the neighborhood. Rude and a bully.


I traced the voices and my guess was right, she was trying to beat up a guy with a baton.


“Noor?!” I called and snatched the baton from her




“I told you to stop beating people and besides, he’s older than you”


“I’m trying to stop but I can’t.. People just keep pushing me”


I rolled my eyes and faced the boy “what did you do?”


“nothing auntie” he quivered in fear


“Nothing?” Noor scoffed and tried snatching the baton from me


“Noor calm down” I pacified “now tell me what happened”


“I was singing and dancing and suddenly he showed up with a bucket of water and tried pouring it on me…. ”


“that’s a lie” the boy cut in “I was going to water the flowers”


“He’s lying Chloe, he’s not even from the neighborhood”


“what’s your name?” I asked the boy





“Aaron?!” I called “next time, don’t sneak up on her and don’t lie else she’s gonna beat you to death. Noor is a lion and your worst nightmare”


“Why are you telling him that? Let me show him” Noor tried snatching the baton again but I moved it far from her


“Now Aaron, run away and never return here” I concluded


“Thank you” Aaron giggled and took to his heels


“why did you do that?” Noor shouted


“we need to talk and I don’t have time”


Noor sighed. Despite her arrogance, I’m the only one in the neighborhood Noor listens to.


“Go on. I’ll get him next time”


I smiled and led her to the front yard.


“I’m leaving”


She gasped “you’re leaving? Why?”


“cause I have to start a life of my own now, mom is really getting me pissed off and I’ve reached my tolerance limit”


“Can you survive on your own? The world out there is really wicked Chloe”


“I know but we can’t keep running from the outside, I can manage”


“You’re just too young and naive and brave, I wish I could be like you Chloe. I also want to leave home and see the world” Noor said dreamily


“maybe when you’re a bit older”


“you’re 20”


I frowned “I’ll be 21 in 7 months time, that makes me 21”


“it doesn’t” Noor disagreed “and I want to also leave home”


“leaving home isn’t my choice Noor, if I could stay back then I would and you’re just 16 so don’t you ever think of leaving home” “where are you going?”




“to the countryside. Life there is peaceful and lovely”


“you’ll get the chance to fall in love too”


I frowned “can you stop imagining things? I’m going out there to get a life for myself and not to fall in love”


“I know Chloe but I don’t want you to go”


I smiled and touched her hair “I have to go Noor. And I have to leave now before my mom returns”


Noor’s smile faded as she hugged me “I’ll really miss you”


“me too” I hugged her back “be a good girl and don’t fight so you can come out with good results”


“be careful Chloe, you’re really naive for the world out there”


“stop making me feel like a kid” I chuckled “I can make it”


“life in the countryside is quite rustic and low, with little technology”


“I didn’t tell anyone, not even my dad where I’m going so you shouldn’t tell anyone. This should be between us and anyone who asks you, tell them you have no idea”


“Alright” Noor nodded “make sure you don’t get into trouble”


“I won’t”


“you should be leaving now”


“I know” I forced a smile and carried up my bags. It was really hard for me but I had to go.


“Bye Noor”


“can I see you off to the train station?”


“No” I objected “I’ll rather go alone”


I took a cab to the train station and boarded a train to Salado.


You can do this Chloe


I tried telling myself but I wasn’t even sure of it. I touched my satchel to feel my money and I had really little to sustain me till I find a job. I had no house out there. No family. No money. No job.


I sighed and waited till the train was ready to go. When the train cruised into the r.ailway, I


was already dozing off to sleep










I read the big signboard.


The trained stopped at another train station in Salado and we got down after paying our fare.


I touched my satchel again to be sure my money was safe. It was little but enough to get me a room for a week and food for few days till I got a job. I carried my bag and trekked. The roads were nice and neat and the people looked friendly.



It wasn’t even like a rustic countryside at all. A car drove past me then paused and drove back to me. The window wind down and there was a guy behind the steering.


“you want a lift?” came his question “pretty girls don’t trek in this part of the country”


I just gazed at him. I couldn’t say ‘yes!


My bag was heavy and I don’t have enough money to take a taxi’ He noticed my plight and alighted from the car.


“here! Let me help” he offered and I let him carry my things into his car.


“Thank you” I said when he was done and we were in the car


“you’re welcome” he replied then asked “where do you live?”


“somewhere around”


He glanced at me and chuckled “you’re new here aren’t you?’


I nodded


“So you’ll probably lodge in a hotel”


I nodded again


“well I know a hotel that’s good and luxurious for pretty women” he said and took another turn


I didn’t argue. I knew certainly that I couldn’t afford a luxurious hotel but I didn’t argue.


The car came to a halt in front of a big hotel and he helped me bring out my things from his car.


“You’re gonna love it here” he said “I would’ve helped you check in but I’ve got somewhere I need to be”



“Thank you– but you’ve already done enough” I managed to say


“call me when you’re free, we could hang out” he said and handed me his card


“Alright.. Thank you once again”


He smiled and got into his car “you haven’t told me your name yet” he said as he turned on the ignition.


The engine of the car was so loud and noisy that I didn’t understand what he said at first.


He was already driving down the road when I understood what he said and shouted “it’s Chloe” but he was already gone.


I let out my breath slowly and made to look at the card when someone snatched it from me.


“hey! Give it back” I shouted as the boy ran away with it. He was carrying a leather satchel and I quickly checked mine– it was gone.


“Thief! Somebody stop him” I shouted as I ran after him.


No one made any move to chase the thief. They all stood watching me run after the thief that was already getting away.


“she’s new here. She thinks she can catch a thief in Salado “I heard some kids saying and I stopped running. I looked at them and they all scrambled away.


“my money” I cried out, staring at the direction he had taken.


I brought out the money in my pants pocket, just few coins was left. I preferred keeping all my money in the satchel and now I lost my money. I broke down in tears and sat on the road side.


The little coin I had left wasn’t enough to get a house and food.


I suddenly remembered my luggage and ran back to the hotel. It wasn’t really difficult locating the hotel and when I got there, my luggage were still the same way I left them.


Now the question is, what do I do and where do I go from here.


I thought for a while and settled with drinking.


I carried my luggage to a bar and ordered for drinks.


“Hey!” someone called and I looked up to see a man standing beside my table. He was tall and bulky with bald hair. Just a look at him would tell anyone that he was in his mid forties. The dark pants and long coat he wore made him look older like someone in his fifties.


“can I join you?” he asked


I looked at him then at the vacant seat before me “you’re free to”


“thank you” he pulled out the seat and sat down “I’m Henry”


“Chloe Hastings” I introduced myself


“I saw you enter the bar and from your luggage, I can tell you’re new here” he said and I just stared at him “you’re a prominent good looking woman and I’ll like you to work for me if you don’t mind”


“a job?’ I gasped in excitement


“You wouldn’t mind being a secretary would you?”


“as long as it’s going to fetch me a pay then I don’t mind”


“I’ll have to take you to the company tomorrow”


“Sure.. I’ll give you my contact so you can call me” I groped for my satchel then remembered the thief had stole it with her phone “I don’t have a phone”


“Where do you live?”


“I don’t have a house either”


“you’re new in town?”



“yes.. And I got robbed when I arrived. The thief stole all my money and my phone” I said sadly


“That’s what people do here– steal” Henry grunted “but anyway, the company provides accommodation for its workers”




“so if you don’t mind coming with me, I’ll take you there”


I laughed “are you for real? I don’t mind at all”













“… I found a secretary for Daxton” Henry told a woman over the front desk


“you can’t be serious” she stated in disbelief “who in Salado will agree to be Daxton’s secretary”


“someone who just got to town and doesn’t know him yet”


The woman laughed “So your plan actually worked.. To wait in the bar for those who come into town”


“I had to get a secretary, I can’t continue acting as Daxton’s secretary”


“Where’s the girl?”


“over there” Henry pointed to where I was standing, admiring the company’s artworks


“She looks smart” the woman complimented



“and I think she’s going to last cause she doesn’t talk much”


“Have you informed Daxton?”


“I already called him, he should be here in…” Henry paused when he sighted Daxton walking in “oh.. Here he comes”


Daxton strolled casually past Henry without sparing a glance. He was tall– really tall and masculine. He had a long brown hair and his face was grouchy– really grouchy and mean. There was something familiar about him, like I’ve seen him before.


I watched him till he disappeared into the elevator then I recalled where I had seen him. He was the same guy who gave me a lift earlier. I smiled to myself.


Daxton definitely wasn’t as bad as Henry and the woman were talking. He had given me a lift earlier and he wasn’t mean at all.


“Let’s go Chloe.. Daxton is here” I heard Henry say then I hurried to him.


He led me into another elevator and soon, we were in Daxton’s office.


“A young girl” that was Daxton’s first impression about me when we got to his office “how could you bring a little girl?”


Little girl?


I gazed at him. He didn’t look that old except he was almost ten years my senior.


“I’m….” I wanted to tell him I’m 21 but Henry signalled me to remain quiet. He had


told me earlier in the elevator not to say anything.


“and she talks too much” Daxton snarled


He was acting really different from earlier, making me doubt if he was really the one who gave me a lift earlier. Except I could recognize those long brown hair and rare blue eyes.


“my apologies” Henry pleaded


“Where did you pick her?” Daxton asked




And still, Henry signalled me to be quiet.


“she lives around” Henry replied


“We need competent hands Henry and not some high school kid”


High school kid?


I was forced to look at myself. I wasn’t that small at all.


“She’s not a high school kid.. She’s a woman, can’t you see that?”


Daxton just stared at me like he was a statue.


He never smiled.


His only movement was the movement of his jaws while he talked like someone who was being remoted from Jupiter.


“you should just continue with the job Henry” he said


“I can’t and you’re very lucky someone agreed to be your secretary” Henry blurted out before he could stop himself.


Daxton turned only his neck to look at him like a robot.


“she’s good for the job” Henry added


“if you say so” Daxton stated and shifted his gaze to me again, like he was trying to kill me with those haughty glares


“the company will provide her with accommodation” Henry said


“that’s up to you, I need to work” Daxton waved his hand in dismissal



“let’s go” Henry said to me and we left the office .


“What in Mecury’s hotness was that?” I asked when we were outside the office .


Henry heaved a sigh “you’ll soon find out. Daxton’s identity isn’t hidden”




“but you can’t quit. I’ll double whatever he pays you, just don’t quit”


I grinned at the offer “I won’t”


Henry forced a smile “I’ll take you to your apartment”




“follow me”


“How old is Daxton?” I asked as we headed for the apartment Henry stopped and turned to look at me “you can’t ask that” “why?”


He replied “he’s 32” and continued walking .


“he’s just 11 years my senior”


“that’s much”


“that doesn’t make me a little girl”


“don’t talk much when you’re with him” Henry warned




“you’ll find out yourself”














































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