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Cruel Billionaire – Episode 9

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Episode 9



by Authoress Simrah


Aza’s POV


I stared at Aidan who’s face changed into a surprised one .


a honeymoon ticket to San Francisco” he announced and looked at me then to his dad . A honeymoon ticket ? after six months into marriage? this man got to be kidding me right now.


what!” I blurted out surprisingly.


but dad (cuts in)

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I know it didn’t come early but a gift is a gift none of you is going to refuse and that’s final” at that we both sigh and stare at each other .


what about the company dad ” Aidan asked .


don’t worry son your PA will take good care of it before you are back in the next three months” he replied . I guess we are stuck . Staying with Aidan for three good months .



and when you are back, all I want to hear is good news ” my dad added while mum winked at me as my face flushed red . oh God! they won’t seize to embarrass me at any given moment.


mum look she’s blushing” Lily said . I quickly face palmed myself making everyone burst into a fist of laughter.


Aidan’s POV


the plane is ready sir ” my pilot announced as Aza and I dragged our luggages towards there .


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We entered into the plane which was about to take off but I looked at Aza who’s looking all fearful .Is she afraid of the plane ?


wifey what’s wrong? ” I queried .


nothing just that it’s my first time in the plane ” she said fidgeting with her fingers




its okay coffee bean I’m right here beside you , now come here ” I patted the space beside me and she sat . I wrapped my hands around her to give her comfort and whispered.


it’s gonna be me and you for three months, no mum not dad to disturb our peace and I will have you all to myself” I said and she turned crimson while I chuckled.. the plane took off and in no time Aza slept off.






Finally the plane landed .


wakey wakey sleeping beauty” I woke her up and we alighted from the plane..


welcome to San Francisco wifey ” I said and draw her cheeks .




“Aidan son it’s been a while ” Kyle my Dad’s friend said as he hugged me .


” how are you Kylie ” I asked when we disengaged from the hug .



except for the fact that my bones are getting weak , I’m perfectly fine ” he chuckled .


and who’s this beauty beside you? I guess she’s your wife?” he asked smilling at shying Aza .


yes Kyle meet my wife Aza and Aza meet Kyle my Dad’s very good friend” I introduced.


oh my bad ! I’m really sorry my daughter” he said and pulled her into a hug as Aza smiled at her .


I must say you have eyes for good things, she’s a beauty” he complimented and I passed him a smile .


now let’s go the driver is waiting for us , you have to stay with me for the night before you go to where it’s been booked for your honeymoon” he said .


behind you Kyle ” I replied while he walked off.


Aza let’s go ” I held her her and we started moving towards the car when someone yelled my name . We both turned to see who it was .


Kim ?” I beamed as I ran to hug her


Aidan is this you ” she and smiled .


I have missed you so much Kim look how you are all grown up” I said teasingly and hugged her again .


look who’s talking, you just ditch me for almost a year now ” she smacked my shoulder and we began laughing when someone stomped her feet . It was Aza , crap! I totally forgot she was here . She ran off in tears and anger .oh my God!


what have I caused again? I didn’t plan our honey Moon to start this way jeezz!


” Aza !” I called and ran after her ..





who is this new girl that’s making our Aza jealous







Cruel Billionaire


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