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Crazy Rich Asian – Episode 8

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Author Jenny


Not edited


Sub tittle: excape


Chapter 8


James pov


i starred at her as she lay peacefully on my laps


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Should i just tell her how i feel abot her or should i just run away maybe i will find someone else


soon she stood up and walked upstairs without uttering a word to me


This girl is really complicated


I heard the door opened anf it was the Doctor excorted by two guards


“Am Doctor Lee “she said to me


“Am james nice to meet you”i replied


“Let me see that “she said dropping her boxes and began working on my arm


“dont you look to young to be a doctor “i said starring at her and she smiled


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“am not”she replied and continued what she was doing


Soon i felt dizzy and slept off


I felt someone tapped me lightly and i was candy


Damn she look beautiful and hot


“Am going out do not try to cook anything and this house will be on lock down due to security purpose”she said and walked out while i starred at her


That was when i noticed it was already evening ,i was still feeling some pain but o have to still find a way out of this house


i draged myself to the kitchen and saw a


back door but it was locked


I ran walked to my room and entered my bathroom because i need to think and thats the only place in this house that had privacy


the keys to the back door must be in candy’s room ,there are cctv cameras at the passage that leads to her room and there will also be some in her room even if i end up running away she will still trace and find me


i need to leave no trace


that was when an idea popped into my head


I quickly took my laptop and hacked into computer and soon i was the one controlling the cameras


I entered her room and began searching then something caught my eye


Candy’s diary ,i was tempted to take a look at it but no way am on an escape mission i have to focus


Finally i found the keys ,i put her things back in order and left the room, I got to the sitting room and changed the direction of the cameras before running into the kitchen


i quickly opened the door and my jaw dropped




Candy pov


I got a warning alarm on My wrist watch and opened my laptop immediately before my phone started ringing



Ma’am someone hacked into the computer and is controlling the cctv camera “my guard


Put on the hidden camera i want to see what going on in my house “i yelled angrily


soon it came on my laptop and i began watching what has been happening immediately i left gosh i cant believe it james


i kept watching him closely and that was when i saw he is trying to escape


Smart James but next time do better ,this guy still has no idea who’s house he is in



What do i do with him ma “my guard asked



tie him up i will be there soon”i replied and hang up


But why will he want to escape ,i what i don’t understand


James is up to something i am very sure of that


How did he know how to hack into my computer system and even know how to control the cctv cameras ,i don’t know what his up to but am sure its bad


Soon i arrived at my house and stormed in angrily


James sat in the sitting room as he sat down while the guys pointed their guns at him


“you may leave “i said and they left leaving me with james


James pov


The moment i opened the door ,i saw three huge guys pointing at gun at me


I knew i was doomed and busted


“Who are you james and what are you up to”


candy yelled


At this point i knew i had to act fast or else my death day will be today


“Am sorry candy ,it seems it was the injection the nurse gave me,its making me act different and crazy i cant control myself ,i needed fresh air at that moment ,i just wanted to lay down outside and breath


I knew that idea was lame but trust me that not the only thing i got


I walked to candy ,wrapped my hands arround my waist and pressed my lips on hers ,she tried to free her self but i pinned her tightly


Soon i broke the kiss after devouring her lips and a hot slap landed on my face



“Am sorry candy i cant control it ,i feel different ,i dindnt know why i kissed you “i said and slumped on the floor like someone who fainted


well that was the plan i could think of at that moment


soon i heard candy panicking and yelling for help and that was when i knew my plan worked


To be continued










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