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Crazy Rich Asian – Episode 6

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Author Jenny


Not edited


Sub tittle: Danger ❌




Chapter 6


James pov


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I lay on my bed thinking of who to call and what to do when the landline rang “Get prepared lets go out”she said in a commanding tone


This girl is something else ,just because i work for her dosent mean she has to boss me arround like her servant ,i dont care if shes dangerous or not ,am a cook and not a boyguard


I freshen up and put on some clothes before walking downstairs “What took you so long”she asked


“You asked me to get prepared and thats what i did”i replied rudely while she starred at me


“Lets go “she said and i followed her behind


Soon we arrived at a place were i recognized as her, club 9 “What are we doing in a club “i asked


“I thought you wanted to take a walk “she said “Yea i said so but i didnt mean a club” i replied “I dont care “she said as we came down of the car


But i care am not like you”i replied rudely and she landed a hot slap on my face


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“What was that for” i yelled in anger


“You dare not talk to me that way “she replied “You know what i quit” i yelled trying to walk away



“If you move an inch james this bullet will pass through your head “she said and i stopped


“Now get your ass into that club and have fun before i blow your head” she added and i knew she ment every word ,i angrily walked into the club as she walked behind me


Gosh this is what they call epic fail


The only idea that came into my head was to be rude to candy or probably get on her nerve so she can maybe tell me to leave


I entered the club as usual ,the music was loud ,strippers and people getting wasted I spoted a perfect place and sat down ,i watched candy went to her friends and they began laughing drinking


I sat down admiring her when i sited a familiar face


Actually it was not only one face i sited they were many ,i recoginsed them all from the cops heatquaters in NY


I quickly walked to candy


“We need to leave “whishpered in her ears and she ignored me


“Candy please listen to me this place is not safe “i said and she started laughing I dragged her by her hand and her boys surrounded me immediately


Candy you have to listen to me”i pleaded “Why huh”she asked


Before i could reply i was a red dot on her chest that means a sniper gun was pointing at her



I quiclky pushed her and the bullet hit my arm ,and that was it the cops started shooting at us but candy men were able to cover us ,i quickly held her wrist and we ran to the exist and saw some cops outside waiting for candy already


We quickly hide behind her car while candy kept cursing under her breath


“give me your gun”i said and she handed me her gun immediately


“entre the car and make sure you dont lift your head up”i said and she nodded


She quickly entered the car and so did


“Put on your seatbelt “she said and i was able to put on my seat belt even though my hand hurt and i was bleeding


she drived out on high speed while the cops kept shooting at our car and followed behind


Candy is a crazy driver ,she was able make the cops loose us


We arrived close to the house while candy parked far away and pressed her hand band soon some armed guys came out of her house and walked towards our direction


I wonder where this guys stay in the house that i dont ever see them


They came close to us and we both came down of the car as they covered us to the house


We walked into the house in silence while candy went upstairs


She really something else she couldnt even ask me how i feel,i took a bullet for her and she cant even say thank you or find a way to treat me


I walked into my room angrily and pulled off my shirt and used it to clean the blood on my hand and it hurts as hell



Soon the door opened and candy walked in with a first aid box in and she starred at my me ,i looked and saw she was starring at me bare chest ,i had no shirt on


She kneeled down and opened the first aid box


“Hold on tight”she said as she i felt sharp pain in my arm and i yell in pain ,she removed the bullet and began treating my wound in an awkward silence


“Am sorry “she finally muttered while i kept mute


“Thanks for saving my life “she added and i still kept quiet ,i know she must be feeling guilty well thats what i wanted if she had listen to me in the first place all these wont have happened


“you will get a proper check up tomorrow,its to risky to go out tonight” she said and left after giving me some pain killers


I cant believe the same person i was asked to capture is the same person am saving her life ,i could just turn her in and be free but i cant






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