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Crazy Rich Asian – Episode 10

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Author Jenny


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Sub tittle:Jealousy




Chapter 10


Candy pov


i woke up the following day and head downstairs thinking of what to do about breakfast


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I heard noise int e kitchen and entered it was james and his already done cooking He really tried am sure his hands still hurt “Good morning”he greeted while i only nodded


I walked to the dining and sat down soon james came out and served me my food


He tasted it first before i started eating while he stood there and watch me


Like i care anyway


i walked to my room took my bath and dressed up because i will be going out



James pov


After the silent treatment candy gave me ,she later went out and i was left alone in the boring house


i started watching movie when i heard someone come in , I turned arround and it was rissa

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Gosh i really dislike this girl ,she walked in and sat down on the couch close to me wearing a scandalous outfit


“Hi “i said


“Hello james “she replied


“Errm candy is not at home”i said and she chuckled


“woah so candy didnt tell you i live here also “she said and i starred at her shocked


“Nope”i replied


she kept shifting close to me and smiling ,i quickly stood up and head to the kitchen


I was happy when i saw she left the sitting room and head upstairs


i ran back to the sitting room to continue the movie i was watching but it was already finished


I walked back to my room angrily only to find rissa half na.ked on my bed “Gosh rissa please put on some clothes”i yelled closing my eyes


“Like what you see”she said



“C’mon open your eyes am fully dressed now “she said and i opened my eyes and now she was fully na.ked


“I know you want me and i want you too “she said grabbing my d**k


“Can you get the hell out of my room”i yelled and pushed her away


“Even your na.ked body cant turn me on rissa as you can see so its better you leave to save yourself further embarrassment “i added and walked to my bed


“Dont worry you will come begging soon”she said grabbing her things and left


gosh this girl is so annoying and cheap,how can she be throwing herself to me like that


You know i kinda wish it was candy instead i wouldnt waste time in devouring her




It was evening already and candy isnt yet back ,i walked into the kitchen and began cooking dinner my hands hurts but not that much


i heard someone came in


Finally someone better is back ,i thought


I dont know why but i felt really happy within me


i came out of the kitchen to see candy in her bra and pantie and an unknown guy in his boxers making out


I quickly walked back to the kitchen angrily as their moans filled the whole house


Okay right now i think i prefare rissa ,i walked back to my room angrily pacing arround


candy has no matters ,no respect ,i am way better than that guy



The door opened and rissa came in wearing her nighties “do you need company “she asked


“You never give up right”i asked and she chuckled


I grabbed her waist close to me and began kissing her she was shocked at first but later returned the kiss


i dont know what i am doing right now ,if it is anger or jealousy but right now i dont care anymore


I placed her on the bed and started doing my maggi on her while she moaned loudly


And soon i was pounding in and out of her


She was tight than i expected ,am sure that stupid candy is not even close to tight she just open her legs to any random guy she sees on the street


Soon we were both exhausted and collapsed on the bed while she clinged into me I was lost in thought when tapped me


“james do you have any feelings for me”she asked softly “Am sorry rissa but i love someone else”i replied


“Its okay ,i also have a boyfriend”she said and my eyes widen “Then why did…She cut me off


“Yea i know,i love him so much but our sexual life is nothing to write home about “she said sadly


“so no string attached” i asked and she nodded


I was kinda happy she has no fellings for me and she love someone else ,i was already thinking on how apologize to her


She clinged onto me tightly and we slept off


Candy pov


Later at night


I went to rissa room and she wasnt there but her things were there and she told me she would be coming


walked downstairs and checked but she isnt still there,i walked passed james room and stopped there is no way she will be in there


I pushed the door knob and to my greatest suprise rissa and james na.ked clinged to each other


Anger and jealousy filled me ,i stormed out of the room angrily


How could james be so cheap ,i thought he said he dosent like rissa


Why am i even angry not like its my business anyway


Gosh see the way they cuddled each other ,it makes me want to puke Enjoy and share out more interesting stories from Topster Stories App




I cant believe he had sex with her and never made any attempt towards me


I am way more sexy and the best he could do was to have sex with her so annoying or are they in any sought of relationship


Naa no way ,they cant be in a relationship right?


Who am i even asking and why do i even care



Gosh am so restless



















Author Jenny

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