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Crazy Dancer – Season 2 Episode 8

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Episode 8


By: Faith Lucky.


Maxine’s Pov:


I was done with my preparations and walked into the sitting room with my bag only to meet Noah standing in front of the door – like he was admiring something.


Suddenly, he turned around and I noticed it was a box he had with him – like a small jewelry box.




It looked like a…


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“Noah?” I called as he seemed a bit surprised.


“Maxine?” He scoffed instead.


“What’re you doing here? I mean…for how long have you been standing here?” He asked as he quickly inserted the box into his pocket and I could notice the twitch in his expression.


“Um….Good morning” I decided to cover everything up.


“Yeah – good morning. You’re um…set for school? Have you had breakfast yet?” He asked.


“Yes. Just had a cup of coffee, but I’m okay. I’ll just have something to eat when I get to school” I replied and adjusted my bag on my shoulder.


“Um…okay then. Hope you still remember the dinner.tonight?”




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“Oh! Of course, I do”.


“Alright then. See you by evening”.


“Okay, bye”.


And I left the house, heaving a huge sigh of relief.


Geez! Why was there so much suspense in the room?


But that box…it did look like a ring box..


Anyway , why am I even thinking about it? It’s possible he ordered a new ring for himself or something.


I blew air with my palms as I headed for my ride and got in.






Noah’s Pov:


The hell! I think that was a lucky escape.


Oh, manny!


I chuckled as I brought out the box from my pocket and smiled at it. Thank goodness she wasn’t inquisitive about it.


I went upstairs to my room to properly keep the box and after which, I called the delivery agency, to be sure they were still bringing the dress i ordered for.


They confirmed it and I sat comfortably on the chair and turned on the system, having a feeling to check up on Maxine’s recent activities.


I rewound the video and saw her in the room with Charlene.




I increased the volume so I could listen to their conversation and…it seems


Charlene was telling her something important right after she said:


*For now, there’s something important I need to tell you*






Rex’s Pov:


I decided to be a good boy that morning by making coffee for mum and dad.


I mixed the hot coffee and put them in a tray, then left for their room afterwards.


I hope I get to please them with this.


I had gotten close to the door and was about knocking on it when I overheard them discussing and made mention of Noah.


“But why did you really have to make it mandatory for him to get married before


gaining possession of the company?”


It was mum’s voice.


“I’ve explained this to you already, hon. I wouldn’t want him getting into relationship mess and lose focus on the company. So, that’s the reason I want him to get married first. Ladies can be dubious”


I heard dad reply and mum laughed afterwards.


“So…what if he’s unable to get a wife before then? Does it mean he’s gonna lose


the company?”


She asked.


“Well, he only has a few days left and after that, the company will be handed over to Rex who I’m pretty sure would get married within the twinkle of an eye.” Dad replied and my jaws dropped.




“Ouch. But Noah really loves the company. He has the passion for it”.


I heard mum say and felt anger eat me up.


“Anyway, you don’t have to worry. I actually wanted this to be a surprise but, let me just spill it out anyway. Noah gave me a hint yesterday, telling me he’d be coming home for dinner tomorrow – and guess what? He isn’t gonna be alone – but with his bride”.

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I heard mum gasp and the tray almost left my hand.


Oh my God!



I was stunned and muted and just listened helplessly.


“Are you kidding me? He’s found a wife?? Oh my Gaddd! Who’s she?” Mum exclaimed.


“Well, I’ve got no idea. But, we’re definitely gonna find out tomorrow”


Immediately, I turned around and left for the kitchen. I kept the worthless tray there and went for my room.


I breathed heavily as I paced around the room, sinking my fingers into my hair.


No; no.


This is not happening!








Maxine’s Pov:


I leaned my head on the window and enjoyed the beautiful sight as the car sped along to school.


And as I did, I thought of so many things – my parents, my plans, my life – everything.


What happens when I’m done with my revenge plan? What will my life be like afterwards?


And for how long will I continue living with Noah?


Hm. I wouldn’t deny it. Despite the anger and hate I felt, I still felt nervous. Would everything work out fine?


Although Noah sees it to be risky and wants me to follow the normal way, but I really want them to suffer. I want to drench them to nothing and watch them suffer.



Is it so difficult, huh?


I shook my head and tried waving it aside.


Suddenly, the car screeched to a halt and I jerked out of my thoughts and looked at the driver.


“Hey; what’s wrong?” I asked him, surprised but he didn’t stop to look at me.


“Philip?” I called him by his name, but he still didn’t make a move.


“I’m talking to you!” I said impatiently and tapped him and that was when he looked at me, holding a spray bottle.


“I’m so sorry, ma. But they have my family” he said with teary eyes and sprayed the bottle at me.


“What’re you…” I struggled to say but could barely finish up when I passed out.








Oh, no!






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