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Crazy Dancer – Season 2 Episode 20

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Episode 20



By: Faith Lucky.



Maxine’s Pov:


I dilated my eyes in shock as his lips crashed on mine.






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He’s kissing me??



I mean…smooching me?



I gasped and pulled away from the kiss, my heart thumping so fast.



I panted as I stared into his face and slowly, my eyes reached for his wet lips.



What am I doing? What’s happening??



If not for the sound of the rain, i was scared he’d be able to hear the sound of my heart beating.

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With an unexplained speed, we reached for each other’s lips again and smooched for a long time.



Oh my God!



A voice in my head kept ringing:



“Stop! Stop!”



But as he held me in his arms at that moment, I couldn’t seem to think straight.



What’s happening??



I thought I’d only asked him a question?And next, he kissed me?


What’s going on?



He pulled me close and slided his hand into my dress and I flinched.



“Noah…” I called in deep breaths and unlocked from the kiss, trying to stop his hand.


But he got hold of my lips again and pushed me gently to lie.






I tried resisting him this time around but couldn’t as he seemed to weigh me down.



I saw him unhook his belt and pinned his hands against my head afterwards.



He reached for my gown again and slipped his hand in and I gasped when I felt his cold hand touch my thighs.



“Wait…” I muttered and tried holding his hand, but couldn’t.



He forced it in and touched the tip of the p*nt and my fears increased.



Hold on; are we really doing this now?






Oh my God!




Suddenly, flashes of light hit at us and we stopped abruptly due to the inconvenience.



I breathed heavily as a sudden relief came upon me.



Noah left me and peeped through the window and I saw him groan after doing that.


He looked at me and the car from outside started honking.



“My driver’s here” he said in a cold voice and bit his lower lip.



Holy Christ! I could still see that hungry look In his eyes.



I stared into his gleamy eyes and gulped but didn’t say anything.



“We should get going” he added and finally left the car….. Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon buttons below



I sat up slowly and placed my hand on my chest, the whole image still replying in my head.



What the hell just happened? Did we actually…



Oh, God!



I buried my face in my palm but just then, the car honked again, awakening me from my thoughts and I sighed and left the car to join Noah. *




Audrey’s Pov:


I returned home, feeling a little weak.



I couldn’t find Ella in the sitting room and I sluggishly climbed the stairs to her room and there I found her, watching a cartoon.



“Mum!” She beamed and ran into my arms and I smiled and embraced her.



“Hey, baby. How’re you doing?” I cooed and touched her hair.



“I’m fine, mommy. Just feeding my eyes” she replied with a broad smile and I carried her to the bed and sat next to her.



She concentrated on the movie while I stared into her face, remembering her father.



Tonight’s dinner just brought back the memories and everything and I wouldn’t deny – seeing him with that lady ate me up.



The moment he had introduced her as his fiancee, I felt bittered and pained – yes. I wouldn’t deny it.



Perhaps, the feelings were still there.



I should probably go away – far away where I wouldn’t have to be hurt by all these.



“Mum” Ella’s tiny voice broke into my thoughts.


“Are you alright? You look kind of moody” she said and I smiled and stroke her hair.



“Don’t worry, baby. I’ll be fine, okay? Mummy’s okay” I replied and she smiled and turned back to the tele.




“Audrey” I called after a little pause and she looked back at me.



“I want you to get ready because…tomorrow, we’ll be leaving”.



She rose her brows at me.



“Leaving?” She asked.



“Yes, dear. We’ll be going back to Paris first thing in the morning. I…need to take care of some things over there” I said with a sniff and for a moment, she didn’t say a word.



“Okay, mum. If you’re fine with it, then I’m fine” she replied and I smiled


and kissed her.






Maxine’s Pov:


The drive to the house was overly quiet as Noah and I didn’t say a word despite the fact we were sitting next to each other.



I wrapped my hands around my shoulders, feeling so cold and after a long awaited while, we finally got home and I couldn’t be anymore glad.



Noah and I stepped out of the car as soon as it stopped and at that time, the rain had reduced to a drizzling pour.



I walked slowly into the house with Noah behind and at that moment, I couldn’t notice Tammy and Ruby who were sleeping beside the security house – on the floor.



I just didn’t notice them.



I walked into the house with Noah, feeling so uneasy and a little shy.




“Maxine” he called from behind and I turned to look at him, my entire systems spinning.



“I’ll…I’ll just freshen up” I told him and he nodded and I left.



As soon as I got into my room, I leaned on the door for a long while, trying to calm my nerves.



Gosh! I felt soooo






I itched my head and took off my clothes, going into the bathroom after for a very hot shower.



Yeah…I really needed something warm..



Throughout out my stand in the shower, I kept thinking about the car stuff.



What would’ve happened if his driver didn’t show up?



Would we really have…



Holy Crap!



I cogitated for a long time and as a result, spent longer time than usual in the shower.



I just couldn’t believe Noah made an attempt on me.



I mean….it was unexpected.




After a long while, I turned off the shower and tied a towel around my body, returning to the room.



And as soon as I opened the door to the room, I found him right there – leaning on the wall.



Oh God!








I just hope Noah isn’t here for an unfinished business








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