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Crazy Dancer – Episode 39

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Episode 39



By: Faith Lucky.


Noah’s Pov:


Charlene – I pondered. Who could she be? Could it be Maxine’s friend?



But…I don’t think Maxine has a friend. And why did she say its important?



Anyway, I stood up and decided to check it out.

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With the maid in front, she took me to where the lady was – close to the gate.



Hmph. Why’s she dressed up like this? Like a slut?



“Good evening Mr Noah” she greeted as soon as I got close.


Her eyes were gleaming in the dark.



“Yeah – good evening.” I replied and paused.



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“Who are you and what do you want?” I further asked.



“I’m…I’m Charlene. And…I learnt Maxine’s staying here. I need to speak with her, please. I have an important information for her” she replied, making me more curious.



“Important information?” I repeated. “What information? And who sent you?”



“I’m sorry, but I can only spill it out in front of Maxine and nobody sent me. I’ve already been searched by your securities. So, you can be sure I’m not armed.



“Please, it’s very important. Its regarding her family.” She added and I rose my brows.



Regarding her family??


Who the f*”k is she?



I scrutinized her and confirmed she was right. She probably wasn’t armed and even if she had any ulterior motif, I’d make sure she doesn’t carry it out.



I turned to one of the guards at the gate.



“Go get Maxine. She’s in her room”.



“Yes sir” he replied and left.






Charlene’s Pov:


I stood and waited impatiently with beady eyes.



Oh! Maxine, the f**k, please come out of the house.



I just pray and hope Marcus doesn’t find me anytime soon. Else, I’m dead.



Definitely dead.



Noah kept staring suspiciously at me.



Well, it was normal not to believe me because I was a total stranger. But my major concern at that moment was Maxine – not anyone else.



After a long while, I finally spotted her coming out of the house and heaved


a huge sigh of relief.






Maxine’s Pov:


I followed the guard and met Noah standing by the gate with a strange lady.


Hm. I wonder who she is and why she wants to see me. I just hope this isn’t the handwork of my family.



I finally got to where they were and as I stood closer, the lady’s face became clearer to me.



Hold on;



Wait, wait, Wait.



This lady…



Isn’t she…the same person…Of course!!



‘You?” I pointed out.


Noah looked at me, surprised.



“You know her?” He asked.



She’s the same lady I had encountered on my way to school one morning.



She had boarded the same cab with me and dropped a note before leaving, asking me to meet her at a particular location because there was something I needed to know about my family



Of course, she’s the one! I definitely can’t forget.




“Hi Maxine” she said calmly and I shut her a stare from head to toe.



“Do you know her, Maxine?” Noah asked again.



“Y.. yes. I had seen her once on my way to school.” I replied and for a few seconds, we were silent.



“Okay; she’s here now. What do you have to say?” Noah asked, referring to the lady.



“Maxine” she started


“First, I wanna apologize for not showing up as agreed on that day because I’m sure you must’ve been waiting.



Well, the thing is, I got caught that very evening on my way out and since then, I’ve been locked up but just managed to escape today – luckily”



“You were caught?” Noah asked.



“Yes – by…my ex” she replied and swallowed down nothing.



“He’s been searching for me for a long time and unfortunately, he caught me that very evening and I was stuck.



“He had me locked up in his house because he didn’t want me to escape and have any contact with you”.



I furrowed my brows in confusion.



What’s she talking about?



She took in a deep breath before proceeding.



“Listen to me, Maxine. There’s something important you need to know. And that’s the reason every one has been after me



“Your parents…they didn’t die a natural death. They were murdered. They were murdered by the people you refer to as your guardians” she released the bombshell and I flinched and tottered backwards.






I scoffed and looked at Noah, then back at the lady. What’s she talking about?



“They were murdered?” Noah asked in place of me because at that moment, I couldn’t even find my tongue.



“Yes – your father’s own brother killed him because he wanted to accumulate his wealth. He killed him, took everything from him and still made you a slave.


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“Listen to me, Maxine. The company and wealth you see them flaunting around with, actually belongs to you. Your father willed everything he owned in your name. But his brother, after killing him, manipulated everything and made a fake will. He killed your parents and made you a slave.



“Else, haven’t you wondered? Do you really think your father would will everything to his brother when he knows he has a daughter? Didn’t you think about it? The entire thing was planned and fake!”



“How do you know about this?” Noah chipped in.



“Well…my ex who’s after me was part of the operation and that’s the reason he’s been hunting me because he doesn’t want me to spill the truth. Right now, He’s sure looking for me and I don’t even wanna imagine what would happen when he finally finds me.



“I just needed to tell Maxine rhe Truth because. I grew up in a similar condition and I know what it feels like. So, I couldn’t sit back and watch someone else pass through the same fate. What her family did is completely unfair and deserve to be punished. And that’s the reason I couldn’t keep shut about it.”



I placed my hand on my chest as I slowly turned around in shock. I could hear my heart thudding.



No; this can’t be true. There’s no way its true.



No, no.



“Maxine?” I heard my name but didn’t even know who it was.



My parents..they were killed? Killed all because of wealth??



Oh my God!



Tell me this is a dream, please.



Its just a dream.



I panted heavily as tears rushed down my cheeks. It was more than a shock to me.


“Maxine” I heard my name again and this time around, I fell on the floor


and passed out.






Marcus’ Pov:


“Nooo” I yelled and kicked the table.


“Why the hell haven’t you seen her??”



“I’m sorry boss, we’re searching. We’ve checked up her old apartment but she isn’t there” one of the boys replied.



Damn it! Charlene.





I groaned and fisted my hand.



“We need to look out for Maxine. Its possible she might want to reveal the truth like she’s always claimed. I want you to find her by all means and f**king bring her to me! Now!!” I said angrily and they nodded and left.

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Oh! Charlene, just pray I don’t get to find you. And God help you you reveal the truth, I’ll kill you. I swear, I’ll skin you alive, I thought angrily. *




Maxine’s Pov:


I sat weakly on the hospital bed with Noah and the lady – Charlene in front of me.



Since I regained consciousness, I’d been unable to speak even when the doctor kept asking little questions.



“The doctor said you’re fine and can go home now” Noah said but I still didn’t say a word or look at him.



I just stared into space, unable to get over it.



“Maxine” he called tenderly and placed his hand on mine.


“I’m sorry for what happened. But I promise you, I’ll make sure they pay for it. I’ll start working on it right away to ensure they’re arrested.



“Do you have any evidence that can help?” He turned to Charlene and asked.



“Erm…not really. But, if you give me time, I can…”



“I don’t want them arrested” I suddenly said with gritted teeth, my eyes still fixed into space.



“Not yet. I want to make them suffer – the same way they made me suffer after killing my parents and turning me into an orphan.



“I want to reduce them to nothing and make them kneel in front of me, begging for my mercy”.


I paused and looked at her – Charlene.



“I want revenge”. I added and for a moment, they were both speechless.



All I felt was anger and hate.



Suddenly, she smiled and replied:


“You can count on me”.








And who’s ready to welcome a new Maxine?




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