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Crazy Dancer – Episode 29

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Episode 29



By: Faith Lucky.



Maxine’s Pov:


I stared at them in surprise.


Huh? What could be wrong?



“Miss?” He called again and I blinked rapidly.

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“Sorry…but why exactly do you need me? What’s wrong?” I asked and he turned to look at his partner.



Few of the contestants were already sparing glances at us.



“You don’t have to worry about a thing ma’am, its nothing serious. We just…”


He was suddenly interrupted by the presence of one of the coordinators.



Thank goodness.


“Is there a problem?” She asked, looking at the two men.

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“Of course not, ma’am. We just wanted to have a word with…the veiled dancer. Its more like an interview” the second one replied and i flinched.



Huh? Just an interview? But the way they had approached me, it didn’t sound like they were coming for an interview.



“Oh! Is that so?” The coordinator exclaimed.


“So…what station are you from?” She asked and I noticed they twitched.



“Um…we’re from…”



“You know what? Never mind. We’ll just wait till she’s done dancing” the second man replied and before the coordinator could say any other thing, they left.



Huh? What the hell was that?



The coordinator looked at me.



“Are you alright?” She asked and I nodded lightly.



She stared into my face for a long time, probably imagining what I’d look like.



“Just be careful, okay?’ She said and I nodded and she left.




After a long while, it finally got to my turn to dance.






Rex’s Pov:



I sat at the VIP table and entertained my eyes as the different dancers performed incredibly.



Most of them were really great, but some were…quite unfortunate.



I looked around but couldn’t find any trace of Noah. Where could he be? I was pretty sure he wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world. So, why isn’t he here?



After a long while, the crazy dancer was called upon and it gladdened my heart.



The stage lights went dim as she came out of the curtains, her face halfly covered, but her appearance and physique completely killing.



Gosh! I pray the boys will be able to execute their plans. I really couldn’t wait to get this lady all to myself. Its gonna mean a lot to me.



There was an ovation at first as she entered, but the ovation cooled off after a while and a song came up for her – perfect enough.



It was just like magic – the way she danced to it. It was something I’d never seen.



Gosh! How did she get to be such a great dancer?






Noah’s Pov:


I sat in my car and watched the whole performance from my phone. No other dance interested me, but just Maxine. And when it had gotten to her turn, I couldn’t help but feel elated.



Geez! She’s got a great talent. In my whole life, I’ve never experienced a dancer like her.



She danced as tho it was ballet, but at some point, she’d put in a different step.



I smiled and leaned on the car seat.



Her talent was driving me nuts. Thank goodness I got to discover her identity in time. I can’t believe someone with such talent had been treated like a slave by her own family. No wonder she had to make use of a veil.



I shook my head and continued watching in amusement and suddenly, Father’s words replayed in my head. *




Maxine’s Pov:


As soon as I was done dancing, I left.



Well, that had been Noah’s instructions.


He didn’t want me to mingle with others in order to protect my identity.



Well, I guess I really like the idea of putting on a veil. It made me unique…



The men I had come with were already waiting for me at the entrance and they led me out to the car. As expected, all eyes were revolving around me but I tried as much as possible to avoid their gaze



Oh! And the “interview” men – funny I didn’t get to see them again.



We got into the car and as soon as we were all in, the driver took off *




After a short drive, I met Noah at the junction I had left him and I felt so relieved seeing him.



“Thank you” I muttered to the men as I left the car and went over to join Noah.



“Welcome” he said and I just smiled and sat next to him in the car.



Gosh! At last.



“You were awesome” he added and I flushed.



“Thank you sir” I replied shyly, playing with the tip of my shirt.



“Noah” he said.


“You call me Noah”.



Oh, geez!



And the driver took off.






Noah’s Pov:


As soon as we got home, I went straight to the room to shower so I could have some rest. I didn’t know of Maxine, but I wasn’t hungry.



I spent a long time in the bathroom, enjoying the cold water. And when I was done, I dried the water from my body and reached for my pyjamas.



I was about laying on the bed when I just decided to check up on Maxine from the computer and there I found her room empty. She wasn’t in.






I was about walking away when the door of her bathroom suddenly opened and I spotted her coming in, having a towel tied to her body.



Oh! So, she was taking her bath.



I fell on the chair behind me and watched her.



She was quite pretty, you know? Despite the fact she just finished wetting her body, the beauty was still there.






I smiled and watched her as she stood in front of the mirror and packed her hair.



And next, she held the tip of her towel and tried taking it off.











Can somebody tell me what the hell Noah thinks he’s doing?








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